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The Quest to save the Queen- Adventure RP

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Three Fighters...

Three Friends...

A destiny is waiting for them...

Yet waiting to be revelaed...



It has been very nice in Sargonia lately...people are working, everyone is happy and doing their usual stuff happily...until one day...

The Queen of Sargonia was bitten by the most dangerous snake in the lands, and the only cure for her is a the Lotus Flower, which can be only found on the River Nile, acroos the mountians and beyond the forests...only three fighters can help.

The three loyal friends, and fighters, have their mission now, Lucy, Carmen and Celia, three friends, three fighters, they have their destiny waiting...where will their path lead them?


In this RP you have to choose one of the following girls to play with, of course you can create your own NPC, too, although it woud be more interesting to have one of the following three:



Celia Ducan

Age: 25

Celia is very kind, she is a cat girl and loves adventures, although she is usually cold, her heart is a big one.

Her powers are mystic, she uses dark magic most of time, but she also wields some minor healing spells.




Carmen Roland de boys

Age: 26

Carmen is a sorcreress who uses nearly all kinds of magic, she is very childish and very troublesome, but she is also a kind girl.



Lucy Henristic

Age: 18

Lucy only wields white magic and healing magic, also she can do some other spells like invisiblity and such.

Lucy can be called: "Queen of Angels", as she is very kind, very caring and very white hearted, even she kind to her enemies.




Your quest is to find the Lotus Flower before it's too late, although on your way, you can find riddles, find out secrets and meet others' NPCs.





Carmen was wandering around the castle, it looked like a nice day, but though, she wanted an adventure, where could she go to find such an adventure?

Carmen decided to visit her friend, Celia, and try to find any adventure that might be of an interest.

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((I don't get it. Have you assigned the roles? Or can just anyone take any of the characters at any time and post as them? Or as all of them? Is this a continuation story or of the kind? I'm confused...))

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((Still, isn't it a bit too little info of the characters there for someone to start playing them? And choose one? Like is it possible for someone to choose to continue Carmen's part? Or choose one for good? And how is it an NPC if someone's playing it? Wouldn't it be easier if people were to register to you? Have you ever been a DM before? Do you know what's involved in it? Still confused...))

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