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Aveyond iPod Project - REVIVED!

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Watch it HERE!

WARNING - This video does contain:
A cuss word that's repeated. It's all in good humor, but I figured I'd better state it.
Material that is likely to cause a "What the HECK did you DO to these characters?!" reaction.
Insane laughter.

NOTE: Though anyone would find the laughter at the end pretty creepy, you may not find it funny unless you've seen the anime Death Note. And if you haven't, =pushes you=, GO NOW. Great series.

Translations of Japanese songs used:


Please realize
I'm here waiting for you
even if the future awaiting us is unlike today
I'm here waiting for you
and I keep on screaming
I'm sure my heart is tugging on the string that binds us,
so that the me back then will open her eyes
No need to cry.


No one could stop them
the tears only we could forgive at our parting
The past promise we made to stop the mistakes
from repeating over again


My pain is taken away by the darkness
Because I can't return...
I embrace the torn rose to my chest
And fall into the crimson sea
I continue dancing upon
The piled bodies until I die

Saying At The End:

That's right. I am Kira.

I had a LOT of fun doing this, and I hope you all enjoy it. If you do not understand why a song was chosen for a certain character, please state your opinion. The majority of these songs were taken from Amaranthian's opinions, of who I have credited at the end of the video.

A BIG thanks to Amanda for giving me permission for this and for creating Aveyond in the first place ;)

Little side notes: During this video's creation, I cracked up every time I heard Elini's first song, Galahad's first song, and Lars's second song. (I love Lars, I really do, but I just had to do it X3) Some songs here are meant to make you go "Oh, yeah, that does fit him/her!" and some are meant for you to laugh at the character's expense XD

I'm a little upset about some of the song transitions (some are obviously not very smooth) but I tried my best.

Now I've rambled on enough.

Enjoy ^^

I'm still open to doing other Aveyond projects for 2 and 3, but I can only do this if I collect song suggestions~! If you're interested, just let me know, and I'll create another thread to start a new one.



aislingyngaio: Edited code to show video

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you took my advice and used soldiers of the wasteland!! and for tei'jal, no less. *loves it*


and wheel in the sky...and renegade...and he's a pirate! yay! (i really wanted to see that one in there ;) )


lars + linkin park = good idea


typed all that as i was listening, btw XD


it turned out so well, i love it!! all my friends are seeing this

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great clip. LOL at Galahad's songs! Some were very fitting. There were a few there I didn't recognize and couldn't make out the words to - maybe I need to listen to the radio more ;)

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Light's creepy laugh always freaks me out whenever it comes on. Crazy Death-Note-using light.


Hey look, I'm in the credits! (Although I didn't actually do anything, I don't think...)


I think I had something else to say, but I'll just leave it at "It's awesome. Yay!"

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@KTC: Thank you! I'm still cursing some of the transitions, though >>


@Tei: A lot of the songs you gave me fit ^^ Whee, yes, show more people! :D


@shaz: Glad you liked it~ If there are any specific songs that you couldn't understand and want to know about, feel free to ask me!


@Rena: Hey, you gave me a suggestion, I just wasn't able to find it ^^;; And to get in the credits, all you had to do was make a post of some sort. Comments are just as nice as suggestions!

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@Kiko Galahad cracked me up. The embedded script doesn't work here because there is no html enabled in this forum, but if we moved your thread to the clubhouse it would work there. ;)You could start a video making club*hint*(Just change the title and wording in your 1st post. Maybe there are others interested in making their own Aveyond related videos and sharing them there:)

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okay, just checked it out...cool, cool, cool...for some reason, it just hit me that i could hear teijal listening to kittie...but that's just me!...awesome, awesome...i want to put it on my other blog, but it wouldnt be appropriate...*sighs*...


love love love it!!


(i saw my name up there! :) )



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they're not DS cookies, are they?


I really like the images you've got for the characters too. They all really look "right". Did you draw them yourself, or get them from somewhere?


(Dameon STILL looks lean and handsome - even in silhouette :))

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