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Insurrection - An RP

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After the long horse ride Kyrus was just as happy to be walking. The village wasn't that big that they were likely to get lost. He swept the hair from his eyes, and glanced at the sun to gauge which way was north. Once he had his bearings, he looked to Allisa and Gerald. "I'm going to scout out the area and see if I can locate her cottage."


He hoped that it didn't seem rude, but he wanted some time to think. He wasn't really up to trying to make friends at the moment. He was in fact uncomfortable with the whole situation. Willaem's kindness had reminded him just how far from home he actually was. The prospect of possibly never seeing his parents again overwhelmed him. They may have directed every aspect of his life, but they were still his parents. How he longed for them...He just wanted to get away before the tears began, searching for the house was a good excuse.


Without another word he took off running up the street, turning north at the first opportunity. The snow had developed a crust and crunched delightfully with each lone footfall he made. He soon forgot his melancholy and enjoyed studying his new home. The cottages were not too far apart, nor were they too close together. Most were made of wood and some of the local mountain stone. Almost all had swirling smoke rising from their chimneys, drifting softly in the chilly afternoon wind.


His steady pace continued north till he ran out of streets. A bit undecided, he spotted a lone rider, traveling the opposite direction. The man stared at Kyrus, from under the brim of a fur hat, as if he were a fool. His bulbous nose sniffed as his wide full mustache twitched in curiosity, "What are you doing out in this cold weather boy? Only a fool would walk around out here dressed like that." His blue eyes twinkled as he nodded at Kyrus' attire.


"We only just arrived and I am looking for Allaphym's home. Do you perchance know where it is?"


The man only nodded and pointed up the road. "You'll find it that way, toward the end of the road. She's a private one, she is. I think she left though. I haven't seen a spark of movement from her home in days. If you're looking for her, you probably missed her."


"Thank you, sir. We met her on the road and she offered to let us stay." The chill was catching up to him again since he stopped walking. Nodding to the portly man. "Again, for your kindness. I'll be looking for her place now, begging your pardon." He turned and with a quickness of step journeyed down the road.

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Willaem led the others to Halen's house- the boys even more rambunctious than normal that they had someone to play with and tease. Arriving at the house, the five were greeted with a shrill, "Willaem! Could you not have at least send word you were coming? I do not have anything cooked and there are no pa-"

"Halen, love, I did not know until yesterday in the cave that I was coming and the boys attracted Brock's inner child. Jacob here, is my protege. His sister is like us. You should have met her- Alyssa and Trent's family."

Halen pulled herself up, "In that case, Jacob, I am proud to meet you. Rileigh will show you the way to your house. The fact remains that you still could have-"

"Dear, I would not have come without warning were it not necessary. Jacob with go to his family on his time. I will even go to the hovel if you wish. Trust me, I do not try to anger or discomfort you."

"No, you will stay here. We must talk. You- Brock is it? If you want to stay, you'll help. Leighton, show him where the beddings are or take him where he's staying. Protege, go to your family or help cook for mine. There are vegetables needing to be chopped in there." Without a word, Jacob slipped into the kitchen and found a knife. Halen nodded her head and turned her gaze to the others.

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((Is Chauncey still around? Celia was addressing her characters earlier...))




Nither he nor Jacob had demanded food or a bed, yet here this woman was already ordering them to sing for their supper! She seemed very pushy, and Brock wasn't willing to put up with it at them moment. He'd come play with the boys when they were alone, sometime. "Well it was nice meeting you, Hanna." He guessed at the name he hadn't quite heard. "I really only dropped in to say hi, so..." He turned to the boy, "You think you can find me Allaphym's house, Lei?"





"Kyrus!" She called after him, surprised by his sudden departure. It was true that this seemed like a safe town, but she still didn't like the idea of him wandering around alone... every town had it's nastier elements. Her father noted her discomfort.


"Not to worry, my dear, we'll find him where we find our lodgings." He assured her. Not knowing what else to do, she nodded and they set off to find the beds they'd been promised. A short while and an inquiry or two later, they were rewarded by the sight of a cozy looking little place. Kyrus had found it ahead of them.


"There he is." She gained some relief as that small bit of anxiety slipped away. "Kyrus, you must be more careful about moving around alone in a place you don't yet know very well!" She chided him from a distance as they approached.

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((Chauncey is in the hospital right now. They don't know when she'll be able to get back to the computer. Received the message last night... late.))


Leighton flushed bright scarlet and darted a glare at his mother but nodded, "Yeah, come one." Once they were outside, Leighton added, "But be careful... she's just as weird as my mom. Sorry about her... She's... not very happy that my dad doesn't stay around."


Inside, Rileigh ran for the hallway, "I'm gonna get the bed stuff set up for Dad and Jacob."

Halen nodded satisfactorily and glared at Willaem, "Go to the hovel? What kind of woman do you think I am? I may not come from such a background as you, great and mighty lord, but I am no simpleton either! You know what my wishes have been from the very start!"

"Yes, one less Zaddock in the world. That's why you did what you did in that cave. I know full well that you're no simpleton. You've tied me in knots so many times merely with your words to prove it. You can flourish your speech to match any of the high born... but you never seem to want me when I'm here."

"You never intend to stay."

"Halen, I've told you- it's safer and better that I work my way up through the Zaddock ranks. I am able to help those like us who have been caught up by the ultimatum our inane rulers have posed. If I were to stay, we might not have a chance in the coming conflict. I'm not saying that I'm going to be the turning point... but the rebels need every inside man they can get."

"Then you take the boys back when you leave. I'll not go any longer not knowing where they are."

"What do you mean, Halen? They've been with you. You know better here than you would with them there."

"Did they not tell you? They've tried running away to you four times now. Just in the last month."

Willaem turned smoldering eyes to the hallway, "I'd say the headquarters was no place for two young boys... but perhaps they could use a little hard work and training."


"Under me, of course. Officers with children are allowed to keep complete jurisdiction of those children until they come of age."

"And what about their abilities?"

"Children of mine having abilities will be... expected by the higher ups. They all know of my Healing... and they've always suspected I let a mage go... that I let you go. If the boys don't present abilities, they'll think something is wrong."

"Very well... but I come with you."

"Halen, it's not safe."

"Since when did I care about safe, Willaem?"

"Let it rest for now, Halen. Later, the boys will take Jacob to see his family and then visit the others. Then we can talk more, alright?" He motioned his head toward the boy standing in the doorway. Reluctantly, Halen nodded and spun to join Jacob in the kitchen.

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((*sigh* Poking, prodding, groaning... I want to, but at the same time I know not to give in to impulse anymore. You really have to make darn sure about the other person, ya know?


Anyhow, I think this one may be winding down for several of us, correct me if I'm wrong? I'll continue as long as others want to, but maybe we should start thinking about something new.))

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((Without One Feather this is going nowhere for me. My main char is waiting on a horse and nowhere to go. :( Anyone have any ideas? It looks like just the 3 of us for now. Thing kind off got turned around. The only reason I revived Kyrus was so he could travel with Allaphym. lol ))

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((yeah... with our DM gone... and four+ players out for who knows how long- I think we're stuck. I say Insurrection's dead. It's failed twice and Aet's lost interest. I guess it's time to look at other stuff

*sighs and marks another RP down for the count*

*rolls eyes* nice on, Ev.))

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