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Last Scenario

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I missed something in the forum, but I haven't looked through all 16 pages D:


I'm trying to play but there's no text on the homescreen. How do I remedy this?




^^^And besides that, when I select the first option (assuming it means play), I get this screen with an image on it, like this fire-red background. After a few minutes, a dark figure comes up. But there's nothing after that, it stays there until I close it.


Is that supposed to happen?



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No worries, here's the simplified version:


*Go to your control panel and select the option "Clock, Language, and Region"

*When this screen opens, select Region and Language

*NOW you can select the Administrative tab and you'll find the section labeled Language for non-Unicode programs

*Select Japanese as the language for non-Unicode programs, and you will be prompted to reboot your pc

*When rebooted, load up Last Scenario and it will be unable to find MS Gothic and will revert to Courier New. You are now able to see text when the game loads

*You can now set the language for non-Unicode programs back to the original language


Lemme know if it worked :)

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Don't know if this has been asked before but anyone know where I can find the party hat? >.> Looked through prof puppet's walk through but it wasn't mentioned there. Oh and the font issues can be dealt with in another way.


Quoting from SCF website:


"Don’t bother installing MS Gothic: you already have it. Don’t bother with changing the non-unicode language: it’s a temporary fix.


1. Search google for RGSS103J.dll, and download it to the Last Scenario directory

2. In the Game.ini file, also in that directory, replace the line that says ‘Library=RGSS102E.dll’ with ‘Library=RGSS103J.dll’

3. That’s it, you’re done, enjoy the game.


Credit goes to the kind german guy in the older comments found the solution, but had to use google translate to post it."


That's the fix you need for font issues. Most of the windows versions have the MS Gothic font already installed in them. I found out about this fix like yesterday. xD

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