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Last Scenario

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This is a very nice game. i'm still collecting all the tiles though. Also the song at the ending of the game is nice.


Can someone tell me where i can find throve's hex tile? also who's tile is the last one?

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guys where can i find the unique tiles (like characters) i have 93 hex tiles...i got all the monster hex tiles and hilbert,joanna,tazar,wolfram,felgorn,saraswati,ortas,castor,lorenza,ethan,randolf,zawu,alexander...

can you tell me how can i find the rest of the hex tiles.....




(soRRy for my eNglish)

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Hello people, this is my first post in this site =p


Sorry if I'm digging up this thread as it had no posts in in the last 45 days but yeah, it is the only forums about Last Scenario which I found via google so here it goes..


It all started when I found some game installer in my HD while I was browsing the files which I backuped from my old comp blah blah then I found out Last Scenario to be such a great game and finished every side-quest and collected all 100 tiles..





I had the very same walkthough from this site which I got from another source, and it had no info about how to defat the Planetary Consciousness, so after getting easily downed a few times + seeing that the biospheres do respawn, I got a little angry about that and started googling.. then I found this thread and I've been reading through it for quite a while and found info which gave me hope (mainly the fact that biospheres do NOT respawn after being killed by the second time and Infernal ashes helping doing a lot of damage to kill them)..


So yeah, I've managed to beat it without going through all the game again neither wasting all day capsule-stealing.. Not much of a problem for me, as I've avoided about all random encounters in the game and faced every boss with my party at 15-20 levels below the boss' level so coming up with strategies wasn't so hard for me (except for the last story-line boss, which took me over 2 hours just to kill the first 2 forms *sigh* then I trained and finished all side-quests - Alexander killed with level 80 party - and collected the 100 tiles, then got all my party to level 99).. Yup, I can post my stats, equipments and strategies for the Planetary Consciousness if you want to, but the matter of my post is just one question.






So, I finally beated it, got the reward and.. It has no use? I mean, it is just a "key" item, and key items usually open dungeons/let you go further inside a dungeon, or, as in other games, are modify the chat options for certain people or are traded for rare stuff.. Sorry if that's too obvious for me to notice, but I've been just facing the Planetary Conciousness for the last 6 hours and I'm kinda tired of burning my last brain resources to come up with strategies and standing up 2-3 hours of non-stop fighting per attempt..


Okay, back to the matter, is there any use for the Sign of Eternity?


Also, you can only get it after the game-end save, so sadly I couldn't even bring it to a new game+..


Yeah I know, key items can't be carried through a new game+ but, if there was some dungeon reward or such for it, then it could be carried to a new game+ (if it was obtained before the end game save) or at least be of some use to fight stuff around.. So, I presume that there is no use for it, except reminding me that I've beated an one million HP monster? Maybe it is just that, so it wouldn't frustrate all the people who can't beat that thing and get a super-duper reward.. Just the challenge to fight something "stronger" than Alexander and beating it is more than a reward for me, but I'm really intrigued if that is really no use for the Sign of Eternity.. Could someone answer me, please?



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