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RP: Aveyond: The Sword of Shadows

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I chased Lyzen to his present location. Luckily somebody blocked him. However, I still fear that he may be able to obtain the sword again. I must go to Eschaton first and try to find Nuha. How will I free you now?

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"Over here..." A slight breeze blew, and a leaf was blown and landed on a door. It had a large slot. "Put the sword in the slot, then the door will open. I am in here."

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Lundgrom then puts the Sword of Shadows and the door opens!

Lundgrom: Now that I have let you free, tell me, what does this note mean? Where is the druid who lives here? Please tell me!


Meanwhile, the Snow Queen Shiva went to Eschaton to have a meeting with the leaders of the elves, dwarves and the rulers of Shaenlir, Thais, Candar, and the rulers of the towns and villages.


Shiva: We have all gathered here to be warned. The sword of shadows is in danger of being stolen. The sword is safe...for now.

Ella VI: Who wields the sword now?

Shiva: A Psychic Mage from Sedona. He got the sword from the rogue mage who really stole it.

Squirrel Emperor: WHAT! Sedona?! But that place was...

Shiva: Invaded? Yes. But I feel that he is part of another prophecy. We must summon the Oracle.


The Oracle appears.

Oracle: Greetings fellow leaders! Its been a long time since I have seen leaders gather together in Eschaton.

Isulan: Shiva speaks of a prophecy. What does she mean?

Oracle: I cannot tell you for now. The mage she mentioned met with the Wind Spirit, who was trapped in the ruins of moon shrine, he must gather all the druids, nymphs, and all of the spirits. I tried contacting the spirits but I failed. I had the druids and the nymphs gathered in Heroism Temple. If ever he succeeds, he may chose to be either the king of this city, Eschaton.

Leora: Yes. For a long time, this city has no ruler...

Shiva: There was a successor to the throne but the prince was kidnapped. I have a strange feeling that it might be him.

Oracle: He must gather all of the spirits before he faces the rogue leader and his servant.

Malin De'Baron: Yes. But I worry if will he ever pass with Pluto,the king of the underworld...

Shiva: I know he will...I am sure of it!

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A white ball of energy floated behind the door. It immediately flew past Lungdrom and went behind a wall, were it could not be seen. A light of energy could be seen, and the ball never came back. Instead, a small girl, only 7, came from behind the wall. "Thank you for saving me. Now I will tell you about the druids and their location. The druid you are presently looking for...is not here. All the nymphs and druids are currently in the Heroism Temple. You cannot complete your quest without finding the spirits, though. They are my brothers and sisters, so wish to accompany you. I shall help you in your fights, and I will be able to heal you with my Wind Magic." She sat down and tried to contact the Oracle. "Oracle, Oracle...he has saved me. I have informed him that the nymphs and druids are at Heroism Temple, but that we must find the spirits. And I am fine, my body was not injured."

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By the time Lundgrom heard this, he remembered the List of Spirits his mother once gave him when he was at the age of 8.


Mom: Do you want a bedtime story?

Lundgrom: Yes please!things are being

Mom: The world is made up of many things. These guarded by the following spirits:

Kimmi, the wind spirit, can be found in the Lone Valley

Sucro Vatea, the earth spirit, can be found in Tellah mountains

Ifrit, the fire spirit can be found in Eiala Volcano

Undine and Suisha, the water spirit twins can be found in ice caverns at Shaenlir

The five spirits are under Lord Vondae, spirit of domination, can be found in Eredar


There are other spirits such as:

Luna, the moon spirit, can be found at Mysten Far

Australis and Borealis, the star spirits, can be found in the Dreamworld and in Happily Ever After.

Electrode, the lightning spirit, can be found in Ancient Cave of Thor

Aega, the light spirit, can be found in the Ylisfar

Leyrvo, the dark spirit, can be found in Ghed'ahre

Pluto, the spirit of time and space, also the ruler of the underworld, can be found in the Underworld Castle in the city of Marsuleum

All of the spirits are led by the source of all things...Earth Origin, who can be found at the depths of the great Heroism Temple once known as Stronghold Temple...

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Chapter 2 starts tomorrow! Our dear heroes return to Sedona to rescue Lundgrom's love! Who will await them in their return?! Who is Lundgrom's love? Lets find out!

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Chapter 2, Part 1- The Return to Sedona


Lundgrom and Kimmi went to the Western Isles and to the Penninsula, they witnessed how everything went in Sedona. It was full of slavery.

Lundgrom: How?! I can't forgive my brother! He shall pay for this, along with the rogue leader!


Lundgrom: I am Lundgrom, a Psychic Mage! Who would you be?

Man: I am the ranger around these parts. But I would also like to get away from here! The rogues are so strong! Oh yes, I am Rainey. I would like to join the resistance group against the rogue leader in either Shaenlir, Thais, or in Eschaton, which has the strongest military in the nations. I want to come with you! Please!

Lundgrom: Okay. But you must help me rescue my love. Her name is Hera.

Rainey: Hera... she is in the prison... wait! You want to set her free?

Lundgrom: Yep. I'll bust her out of there!

Rainey: Okay! Let's go!

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"Wait for me!" Kimmi yelled as the two ran off. She drew a fan, and whipped up a powerful wind. The wind surrouned her, and when it was gone, she was a large sky-blue eagle. She flew over them, catching them in her feet. Then she soared high in the sky. "You two aren't thinking straight. Remember, they are strong. We must sneak in if we are to survive. I will only agree to fighting your brother and the Rogue Leader after we have found the nessasary spirits. We need all the help we can get. But for now, we must be sneaky." She landed in a dark alley, very close to the prison. She set them down and turned back into her human form. "Ok. We HAVE to stay stealthy. Even if we get Hera, we still need to be sneaky. If they find us with her, they'll kill her for sure. Got that?!"

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Lundgrom: Yeah right!

Rainey: Look! Get down!!!

Lundgrom: Why?!

- They heard a loud shout from rogues.

Rogue Army General: Vi Mara Shaheh!

Lundgrom: Look! The gate opens! Lets sneak inside!

Rainey: Wait! Lets change into slave clothes first!

-Lundgrom, Rainey and Kimmi changed into the slave clothes.

Lundgrom: Let's go! Remember, be sneaky!

-They sneaked in the jail to see no one else, not even a guard, but only Hera.

Hera: Grom? Is that you?

Lundgrom: Yes. We will set you free.

Rainey: I feel a presence.

Hera, Rainey and Kimmi were surprised to see Lyzen.

Lundgrom: !! Lyzen!

Lyzen: Bwahahahaha! I knew I would find you fools here, brother!

Lundgrom: Hmph! I don't care! We will still escape!

Lyzen: Is that so? Then...take this! ASSASSI-

Lundgrom: PSYCHO STORM!!!!

-Then there was a noise outside.

Hera: What's going on?!

Rainey: Its the Sedona citizens! They're fighting against the rogues! Lets get the heck out of here!

Lyzen: Grrr... you can't escape from me! WESTERN CROSS!!!!

- They got out of the jail with Hera just in time befor the spell damages them. Lundgrom and the citizens of Sedona went away from the city and they all fled to the Hidden Village of the Ninjas in Tellah Mountains.

Lyzen: I haven't finish you yet! TRANSF-

Rogue Leader: Let them go. What is important is that we have two cities in our control now. Sedona and Serian.

Lyzen: (How dare you! Grrr...I curse you you will be defeated and I will take your place! I, the great demon Justona will rule the world!!!) Grrrr.... hehehehehehehehahahhahahahahaha!

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Okiyo: Hello. I am Okiyo, the village chief. The Oracle told me that the four of you will come here with Sedona citizens.

Rainey: Yes. Lundgrom, what should we do now?

Lundgrom: What place is this?

Okiyo: This is Tellah Village. Clearwater is just to the north and so is Agriculture Temple. The Tellah Earth Shrine is to the South.

Lundgrom: Then we must see Sucro Vatea. We need to gather all of the spirits to Heroism Temple.

Okiyo: Thats your mission. You are a part of the prophecy.

Lundgrom: What prophecy?! I don't want to be involved in one!!!

Okiyo: The Oracle will tell and CONVINCE you about this.

- Lundgrom's head fumes with anger, while Hera tries to calm him down...

Lundgrom: I...can't...believe...this!!! What did I do that made me a part of a prophecy?!

Hera: Don't worry, I know you can do it.

Rainey: Well yeah, it might be because you have red eyes...

Lundgrom: Grrr... this is madness!

Okiyo: Madness or not, you are still predicted to do it. I must warn you before you go! The Oracle sent me news that you must fight all of the guardians of the spirits.

Lundgrom: Fine!

Hera: I will go with you!...in case you get hurt.

-They went to the Cavern leading to Tellah Earth Shrine with Hera.

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Okiyo: Be careful.

-So they went into the caverns. They fought against the spirits and until they reached the shrine.

Lundgrom: Where is the guardian?

Guardian: Who dares to talk to the Earth Spirit?!

Lundgrom: !!! Who's there?!?!?!?!

Guardian: ....YOU!!!!

-The guardian started attacking.

Guardian: I am Gnome, Sucro Vatea's guardian! EARTH MISSILE!!!

Rainey: Hiya! (Slicing the earth bits into slices)

Lundgrom: TORNADO!!!


-Kimmi supports the tornado with her wind powers.

Gnome: Grrr...

-Gnome summons clay dolls!


Lundgrom: FLOAT!!!

Hera: TSUNAMI!!!!

Gnome: Oh! What business do you have with the Earth Spirit? I give up fighting against you.

Lundgrom: We need to bring him to Heroism Temple.

Gnome: Heroism eh? I'll leave everything in your hands. Hmmm...what does Earth Origin need with us?

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Sucro Vatea: Hmph! How about you Kimmi? Where is your Guardian?

Rainey: Oh maybe she just left it in her temple...

Hera: Or not...

Lundgrom: Earth Spirit Sucro Vatea, please come with us to Heroism Temple.

Sucro Vatea: Yes. I will come with you. Maybe you must now go to Ylisfar and find Aega, be careful now because the guardian Stardust is quite powerful. Now lets go!

Okiyo: I knew I'd find you here

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Okiyo: Who are you referring to? Quick! Lyzen is attacking our village!

Lundgrom: What?! That...alright let's go!

-Lundgrom used his teleportation and brought all of them to see all of the Sedona citizens and Ninjas being cornered.

Lyzen: Hahahahahhahaha!

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^.^ (( then i shall be Luna, i luv the moon! ))

She sits uptop a building, kicking her legs in the moonlight, admiring the shininess... she heard

some yelling down below...

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Oh my! Luna might still appear after Aega. Maybe you can do something in the story like sending your spirit guardian to my character and kidnapping someone(like Hera).

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((yay!!! *claps excitedly, jumping up and down!*))

She jumps down softly trying not to get anyone's attention but, she steped on a twig... then she mumbles, "stupid twig be quiet"... her apperance

is white hair, looks as if she's 10... and has bluish-white eyes. ((i thought O.O well, she

is in her spirit form still tho ))

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