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RP: Aveyond: The Sword of Shadows

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Hi this is May! I will now go on with the story.

Chapter 4. Part 3- A return to the past

-Lundgrom thinks of his past after he found out the inconvinient truth.

Lundgrom, Lyzen, Maria and Ellyn: Hhahahahahaha! Tag! You're it!

Father: Awww...I always get lost.

Lundgrom: Don't worry dad! You'll win soon!

Man: Denshi! Were attacked!

Father: NO! Kids! Hide!!

- Back in the Present -

Rainey: Wow! I heard you had an argument with Hera.

Lundgrom: Tsk. (sigh) I remember the time I escaped.

(to be continued)


sorry! I am feeling so sleepy! I'll continue this tomorrow.

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Hi there. May here. I'll continue the story now.


- back in the past -

Lundgrom: Lyzen!!! Where is Maria and Ellyn??!!!!

Lyzen: Oh no!!!

Maria: Lyzen!!! Help!! Ellyn is hurt!! Lets get the heck out of this place!!!

Lyzen: Okay! Lun-...Grom!!

Lundgrom: ...

-In the past, Lundgrom collapsed and the brothers and sisters went to the Village nearby. Little do they know that this village is the reason for their separation and would be the reason that Lundgrom and Lyzen would be mortal enemies.




Lyzen: Grrr.... The only way to finish this is by killing you! Radiation!!

Lundgrom: Nooo!!!

-But suddenly, he teleported to a serene place. He did not know it was him all along. Meanwhile, in the village...

Lyzen: Maria and Ellyn, will you take my hand to defeat Lundgrom?



-The girls died in action and the village was burned down by Lyzen alone. He became insane.


-He returned to his father, now a rogue, and Lyzen became the prince of Serian, the city of rogues.

- Back in the Present -

Rainey: Whoa. I never knew how insane your brother could be. But wait, who is the girl who you both loved and fought for?

Lundgrom: It was Hera. We loved each other. She escaped from the village by the time she knew I disappeared. We met once again back in Sedona.

Hera: Grom?

Lundgrom: Hera. (sob) Please forgive me for shouting at you earlier.

Hera: Its okay. The thing I was about to say a while ago,forget it. Its not the right time yet.

Gnome: Whats with you guys!!! GET BACK TO SLEEP!

Hera: Okay.


Meanwhile, back in Serian...

Lyzen: Father... you have done a lot of things for me.

Rogue Leader/ Father: Why are you saying this?

Lyzen: I will miss you father. NOW DIE!!!!!!

Father: WHAT??!!!! Guards!!!!

Lyzen: They all bow to me now. You're of no use for my dreams now! You are now known as a traitor to us now. NOW DIEEEEEEEE!!!!

Father: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

-Lyzen stabbed his father straight through his gut and took his life away.


-Darkness shrouded the place.

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Oracle: I hope you complete your quest. Farewell dears!

Chapter 5- The Light Spirit

The group reaches Ylisfar but suddenly...

Rainey: What the heck??

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Elf: Please help us! The banshees started attacking us and the light spirit is used as a hostage!!!

Lundgrom: Let's go!!

Elf: They are at the Rootwell...

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At the Rootwell...

Elf Girl: Release the Light Spirit now!

Banshee sister: Ha! Never!!!

Rainey: Let the spirit go!

Elf Girl: Hey thats my line!!!

Hera: Enough argument! CYCLONE!!!

Banshee sister: ACK! Grr....you'll pay for this!!!

-All of the banshees disappeared.

Elf Girl: (Wow! This ranger is such a handsome boy!) Hello. (blushing) I am Damma. I am a song mage. I would like to join you if you would please.

Hera and Lundgrom: No problem!

Rainey: (She's so pretty!) Okay...

Damma: Great! Let's go to my place for a while.

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"Thanks." She puts down her fan and looks at some of the damage to the village. A fire is burning at a house, and a woman is crying saying that her child is still inside. Kimmi runs to the house and whips up an incredible wind that puts the fire out. A child runs out and the woman picks up the child. Kimmi comes back, and happily whispers, "All in a days work..."

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This is my second to the last day. My cousin is going to come back on saturday. Thanks for the help!

- May


Rainey: Will you hurry up!!!

Damma: Hey! That's rude!!!

Rainey: Oh, shut your mouth or I'll make it close!

Damma: (blushing) WHATT!!!!


-Damma and Rainey were ashamed infront of the elves.

Lundgrom: Damma, lets go to your place.

Damma: Yes, its my pleasure.

- Suddenly, rain poured on Ylisfar.

(to be continued)

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The group hurriedly ran into the house.


Lyzen: I am getting bored!! I want another bloodshed!!!

Rogue: Which kingdom?

Lyzen: Hmmmm... so-so...Ylisfar!!! Prepare the army. We will invade the elven kingdom.

-Suddenly, Lyzen transformed into a dragon, which was a part of his powers now he is a king, rogue mage(human), and an imp! What will the group do? Will they ever find Aega and Adonis?

Back at Ylisfar, Damma tells the history of the elven kingdom.

Damma: The elven kingdom started over 200 years ago, led by Queen Vlissre. Then, after the destruction of the kingdoms, the light spirit Aega gathered all the elves and brought them here to Ylisfar. After Ahriman was defeated, a young, handsome elf named Adonis fell in love with Aega. Aega knew this and decided to make Adonis her guardian. After this, the elves splitted up into three, there was then Verashema , the Vale and Ylisfar. Now Prince Jairus and Princess Sillouhette invited all of the elves, night elves to Ylisfar and it grew as one large nation.

Hera: Where can we find Aega and Adonis?

Damma: Follow me tomorrow. Let us rest for its about sunset.

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Hello! This is May! My brother had an accident while at the stairs. He fell into the staircase. Luckily he is safe and there were no bone fractures. There is only a head injury.(not bleeding anymore) I will take charge of everything for him on this account.

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In the midnight...

Rainey: (stomach grumblig) I am sooo hungry...

-The others were asleep so Rainey plans to eat the fish on the table without permission from Damma. Then he eats it!!

Then in the morning...

Damma: HAAAAAAA!!!!

Others: Huh?!

Damma: Hey! Somebody ate my fish! Who must be the disgraceful person who just ate my fish?!!!!

Hera: NO! I did not even eat that! I want bread!

Lundgrom: Never. I hate fish!!

Stardust: We spirits ate at the tavern! Don't blame us!!

Damma: Sooo...(looks at Rainey with a sharp eye)

Rainey: Eh...Uh...Hahaha! Well, I was hungry las night and I wanted your fish so badly so I ate it. I must admit it was delicious!!!

Damma: I knew it! Didn't I ever warn you of stealing food from others without permission?!!!Now here I come! Hiyah!

-Rainey then evades the attack and runs.

Hera: They have been like that eversince, don't they?

Stardust: Yeah!

Rainey: Oh please wait, I can explain!!!

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Luna ran after Rainey and Damma, trying to break the fighting up. "Hey guys.. ill go get a fish for Damma then cook it, that okay? bcause if no one stops running after the other i'll make both of you run into each other.. whitch will make every1 else hurt eachother..." she looks at them spaced out... both of them were staring at her waiting for her to finish... she then said, "Well can we stop fighting?"

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Rainey and Damma then looks at the two spirits.

Rainey: Well, okay. I'm sorry.

-Then Damma punches Rainey in the face.

Damma: Okay, I forgive you...(stomach grumbling)

Stardust: Phew! Finally, the fight is over.

Lundgrom: Well, we'd better get ready.

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"You mortals...you never cease to amuse me..." Cyclonius sighed, then used her magic to conjure food. Damma tried to take it, but it floated away. "I want you to promise me that you will cease your fighting. Otherwise, NO ONE gets this food."

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"now this would get interesting..." Luna mutterd lightly under her breath.. although everyone thought they heard her talk then she would

reply 'i said nothing.. nothing at all'

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When Rainey and Damma are about to answer, Adonis suddenly appeared and took the food Cyclonius holds.

Adonis: Yummy! I hope Aega will like this!!! Its delicious!!!

Sucro Vatea: Hey!! That's our food!!!! Give it back!

Gnome: Yeah!!!

Adonis: COME TO SUNLIGHT TEMPLE!!!! (evil laugh)

-Then Adonis disappears with a flash of light.

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"Grr...Kimmi! Get on my back! Let's finish this!" Cyclonius growled. Kimmi got on, and they flew out of sight in an instant. They where at the sunlight temple within a minute.


Kimmi: Aega! I need your help! Let's not fight! We are supposed to protect this land! Together, we can!


Cyclonius: Adonus, listen to Kimmi! I know you wish to protect Aega, but we need both of your help! Please! The entire world's at stake! Like Kimmi said, it is our duty to protect this land! I will not allow you to cower away from destiny!

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