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RP: Aveyond: The Sword of Shadows

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Aega: What are you talking about?

-Stardust, Gnome and Sucro Vatea appeared

Stardust: We need to gather in Heroism Temple.

Aega: Why?

Gnome: We'll tell you soon. Come with us.

Aega: What in the world Earth Origin wants now?

Adonis: No my love!! This is a trap! They must be the spies the rogues sent to assassinate us all!

Aega: My, love...do not doubt them. They are also my friends. We must go with them.

Adonis: ....Fine! We'll go.

Then they got back in Ylisfar to see a war between the rogues and the elves.

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"hmm.. why was i left behind oh well hehe more flying" she smiled. Then she flew where the other ones were.. "hey.. why did you leave me behind?" she drops to the ground from the air, falling on her bahookie then getting back up to stand.

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"That's because you did not come with us!!!" Stardust said.

Elf King: Our enemies are on the gate. We must defend ourselves! Prepare the catapult!!

Gottos: Hahaha! We will be able to take over the elven kingdom! Fight in Lyzen's name!!!!

Lundgrom: Lyzen...what should we do?!!!

Damma: We cannot escape. We should fight!

Rainey: Yeah!

Elf boy: (screaming) WATCH OUT!!!!!

- A boulder hits a building.

Hera: GNOME!!!!!

Gnome: I'm okay. We can dig underground.

Hera: Phew.!

Elf Queen: All those who can fight must fight. Those who cannot, go into the Rootwell!!

Sucro Vatea: I'll go help and defend them!!

Lundgrom: Oh, my! Look at the army! There's so much!!!

Hera: If ever we die...

Lundgrom: NO! We will not die. I am sure of it!

Aega: Stop dawdling there!! The gate is about to be destroyed!!

Gottos: One Last Blow!!! EXPLODE!!!!!

-The gate suddenly explodes, then the rogues attack the elves.

Elf King: CHARGE!!!!

-Then the song magi order sang songs that belong to the nature.

Stardust: PILLAR JUDGMENT!!!!!


Adonis: I'll use my strength since I am the most powerful elf in Ylisfar. Hiyah!! AEN KA DURRI!!!

-A Light- smacks the rogues, but the invasion still continues.

Gnome: EARTH FURY!!!!

Then Lyzen appears as a dragon.

Lyzen(in dragon form): GRAHAHAHA! FEAR ME!!!

Lundgrom: WHA! Brother!! Stop it!!

-Then Lyzen transforms in to an imp-human form.

Lyzen: Hahaha! I'll stop the attack,...if you dethrone the king!!

Elf King: NEVER!!!

Lundgrom: NO!!!! THUNDER BLADE!!!

-Lyzen then evades the attack easily.

Lyzen: Hehehe. Weakling!!!

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((Uhm.. sorry it's been.. a looooooonnnnggg time since i posted.. hmm letme get caught up then i'll help in battle))


Luna watches the battle. She heard Stardust's remark to her own question. "Hrm." She managed to only say, then she dove into the battle, she kicked down atleast 6 enemy warriors, then she returned out of reach, watching Lundgrom and Lyzen fight.

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