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AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

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Ok. Here goes.


Talia woke up. She rubbed the dust out of her eyes. It was dark. Maybe they were at an inn?


Talia pushed back the moth-eaten covers and stepped out of bed. It was a surprisingly warm night.

Talia glanced at the other bed in the room. A snoring lump was hidden under the covers. She laughed at the thought of Devin being a snoring lump.

Devin blue-haired head popped out.


"Nothing, Devin. Go back to sleep." she whispered, pinching herself for waking him up.

Talia sighed. I feel restless. I can't sleep like this,

She slipped on her shoes and padded outside, hoping to see a full moon. It was a new moon.

"Hm.. we must have missed it yesterday.." she whispered to herself. Talia realised she had said "we" instead of "I" and blushed.

She kept on walking. A signpost told her she was in the town of Thais.

"Thais?? We're here! Just how long have I been asleep?"

She frowned. She remembered. That demon. He must have been a demon. Had Devin carried her all the way here?


Talia lay on the ground, letting her thoughts chase eachother around in her head.

Devin. I wonder, in spite of my attempts. do I still love him?

She sighed. A solitary leaf landed on her face. She brushed it away.

I wonder how grandmother is doing.. I hope she's managing fine without me...


Talia shivered and got up. This demon thing was very strange. She wondered why it had come to them.


Soft moonlight shone into her face. She stared up at the moon. Someone had once whispered to her that the moon had been made out of green cheese...who had it been? Her mother? She hoped so.


Talia smiled to herself and walked back inside the inn.

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Hi! I just finished reading this... And I like it!

But in that last update, it said it was a new moon, and then the moon showed on her face. Isn't a new moon when there isn't a moon? Or was the moon just hiding behind a cloud? yes, I like that idea. The moon was hiding. :D


Keep it coming...

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xD the moon was hiding


I don't really know actually. I think a when theres a new moon, all you see is a sliver of the actual moon. Heck, it's new moon tonight! I'm off to go check!

I'm back. Actually it's new moon tommorow, rats. Which means tonight is a full moon! I can feel the gravity pulling at me..ahhh....is that a werewolf yonder?


lol. I am, like, hyper. Usually happens when there's a full moon!

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Talia noticed a bead of sweat on Devin's forehead.

"You're not nervous, are you? We're only going to deliver the message and then go home!"

"I know. But..."

"What is it?"

"...Never mind."

Talia frowned. Devin was acting weird lately. He spent ages frowning into space, or mouthing words to himself. Once or twice she had turned around and seen him staring at her.

"Talia, you haven't been having any your weird fits lately. Or those dreams, have you?" said Devin, startling her out of her reverie.

"No," said Talia. "My grandmother told of something like this. It's called Funika Ci."

"Wh-what?? Fooneeka see?"

"It means Seeing Eye. Like, when great evil is meant to happen."

"Really? You think you're seeing the future?"

"No. Well. It's a gift that is only bestowed on fairy folk."laughed Talia. She caught Devin looking at her.

"You don't think...." he said cautiously, biting his lip.

She understood. Why wouldn't she?

"Devin, I'm not a fairy."

"Well, your great great great great great grandmother or something...she could have been a-"

"No Devin." she said a little sharply. She didn't know why the idea offended her so much.

He blinked. "You look a bit like one. A fairy, I mean."


"I mean...you're pretty."

Talia flushed. She felt her face burning. What had he said??

Devin coughed nervously. "Me and the lads back home had nicknames for all of the girls, you know." he said, changing the subject.

"Really? We did too!"

Devin smiled. " You know Gemma? Someone wanted her to be nicknamed Iced Gems, but he was outvoted."

"What? Who was it?"

"You know the way Billy always chose her for the Festival dance a while ago..?"

"You're joking! He likes her, does he? Well!"

Talia laughed. "We called you...let me see....it was...Blue something...Blue Sky, I think? No, it was ruder than that...."

Devin had an injured puppy look on his face. "People are always teasing me cos of my hair."

Talia laughed. She reached up and ruffled his hair.

"Nah, it's cute."

Did I just....guess I did. Ah well. I'm a growing girl. she thought, feeling reckless.

Devin smiled at her. "We're here."

They walked up the avenue towards The Thais College of Sword and Magick.


Is that the name of the college? Oh well. So much for research.


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War and Magick. War and Magick. War and Magick.


A well fed man trotted towards them. "Ah, hello. You must be the young ones that Avrail told me about."

"Good day, sir. You are Master Gerrith?"

"That I am."

"Avrail gave us a message-"

"Hmm? What message?"

Devin blinked. "My friend Talia had been told by Avrail-"

Gerrith frowned. "Hmm. Well. Anyway. Come and meet your new tutors, children."

At the word tutors, Talia felt like she was going to faint. The world zoomed out on her-she felt like she was watching everything from behind a sheet of thick glass.

"Our...our tutors??"

"Of course!" laughed the headmaster.

A beautiful woman glided around a corner. She had blonde hair and grey eyes that reminded Talia of the mist they got during the winter.

"You are Talia. You are also my new charge."

Talia blinked. This woman was very forward.

What was this? Tutors? Charges? They had only come here to deliver a message....

She looked at Devin. He looked like he couldn't take it in. Talia nearly laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. This could not happen.

Could it?

A man ran around the way the lady had come. He had brown-red hair and bright blue eyes.

"I'm sorry, headmaster. I was... occupied."

Talia saw Devin staring at the patches of fresh blood on the man's armour.

Gerrith tutted. "Hmm. Now then, Devor..."

"That's Devin."

"Sorry, Devon. Now. This respectable young man here, is going to teach you the ways of the sword."

Devin caught his breath. It was too good to be true!

Talia smiled. "Wow, Devin! It's what you wanted!"

Devin smiled at her. For the first time in ages he seemed genuinely happy.

"And you, young miss. This lady here is going to pass on to you the secrets of magic."

MAGIC??? Then...did that mean....





War and Magick.

God, I really am slipping, lol.

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Yeah. I should change the title. What will I call it?



Another thing...I don't wanna do all the years they spend in the collegium, I want to get on with the story. I was thinking of just putting in a few excerpts from a diary Talia keeps during that time, or something.

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What should I change the name of the title to?


Lord Zorom rubbed his forehead.

"So, the little brats got into the collegium. Hmm.."

The dark priest bit his lip.

"My lord, will we continue to send the rest of the demons?"

"No." said Lord Zorom thoughtfully. "They are weak. Most likely they will die during their training."

"Yes. Most likely."

"If they manage to survive the years at the college, we will send the rest of the demons."

"Yes, m'lord."




Devin parried the attack, panting. He had been training for two hours now. Ten minutes left of training.

He kept on fighting. The other chap was trying out all sorts of fancy feints, lefts, rights. They didn't work on Devin.

God..how long had it been? Almost a month now. He'd only seen Talia once in that time. She must be busy with her studies too.

His teacher had said he was a natural. And it was true. Devin felt at home with the sword in his hand. It seemed familiar to him. His thoughts drifted back to Talia.

So, Talia was doing magic, eh? She must have some sort of fairy blood in her after all. To be honest, he missed her. He wasn't used to not having her around all the time.

Devin was so immersed in his thoughts he didn't notice his opponent as he tackled him to the ground. Devin realised he was lying on the mat with a sword against his neck.


"Try harder next time, Blue Fingers!" said the boy, leering down at him.




Talia closed her eyes and concentrated. She felt a slight tingle of electricity through her fingers. She felt her way into her fingers and pushed it out, forcing it to take the form she wanted, willing it to flow smoothly out of her soul.

It had been ages since she had seen Devin. Well, a month, but it seemed like much longer. She was used to having his blueness around the place.

She opened her eyes. Instead of the loaf of bread she was trying to create with her magic, a few pitiful crumbs were lying on the floor.

Talia gritted her teeth and tried again. She sank deep into herself...


I opened my eyes. I was in a room. No, a hallway. There was a being standind there. I did not know whether it twas a man or a woman.

I stood up and walked towards the creature. I knew it would not harm me.

We started to walk down the hallway.

As we walked, I turned for a closer look at the thing. It was a small child, a tiny girl.

"Why have I been having strange fits?" I asked the child. She didn't look at me as she answered.

"You have fairy blood in you. You know that."

I took a breath. "I thought so. But how is this related to-"

"In these faints, you usually have dreams, where you think you see the future."

We were still walking.

"This is basically very much like humans. When a human child starts growing into an adult, they experience many changes. This is the same for fairy children. Usually it happens when they are around 50 years of age, but you are part human as well. That's all it is. A fairy child is simply adjusting to their new powers. You are too."

I nodded. " I see. What about that demon?"

The girl knew what I was talking about. Of course she did.

She sighed. A gust of steam blew out of her mouth. It froze into icicles, and then melted again before it hit the ground.

"That I do not know. And if I did decide to know, I would not tell you, for it would do you no good."

The child stopped walking. "You will awaken now."

I looked around. The was a glowing hole in the middle of the air.

"Will I remember this conversation?"

The girl closed her eyes. "You will remember what I want you to remember."

I nodded again. "Who are you?"

The girl stared at me. "Some call me the Oracle."

She pushed me into the hole.


Talia opened her eyes. She felt strangely calm. She was in power. She was strong.

"Well done, dear!"

Talia blinked. What?

"Children! Talia has managed to conjure three fresh loaves of bread! Well done, Talia!"

Talia stared at the plate. It was true. Three loaves of bread sat on the plate.

She frowned, trying to remember what she had done.

Somehow she knew that those strange fits were nothing serious. And she knew that she was not fully human.


But that was all she remembered. Talia sighed and set to work.




A good long chapter for yez! Merry Christmas!

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