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AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

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great update! merry Christmas! as for the heading i believe you once said "AP- feelings"? or is that me...XD not sure but it could go as a heading... :)

Edit: Yup i was correct! its your #18post^^

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Talia walked into the hall and looked around. She was late. All her friends had left long ago. She sighed. Only the masters and some other stragglers were still there.

There was a huge banner up on the wall. It said "Welcome to the Spring Festival!"

It had been six months now. Talia had been keeping track. She saw Devin about once a month. He had been impsroving steadily. She saw the muscles slowly rising in his arms.

And she wasn't too bad either. She definitely was improving too. It was getting easier and easier to do her magic. She was learning how to heal now. Right at this minute she could only heal a scratch or two, but hopefully, that would change.

Talia smiled. Yes, she didn't mind life at the Collegium at all. But there were still some mysteries to be solved. That strange demon from the bat cave. Talia had a feeling he might come back.

And she was doing magic. Did that mean Devin was right? That she was part fairy? The idea repulsed Talia. She had no idea why. She just... No. She was human. And that was that.

Talia looked around once more and walked out of the hall again.

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I can go again tommorow. The Spring Festival lasts a week,thought Talia as she pulled the covers up to her chin.




Talia opened her eyes, startled. She sat up and looked around. It was still early, by the looks of the darkness outside the window. The beds where empty, where where the other girls?


She heard a giggle. Talia got up and ran to the other room. There were a huge group of girls sitting there giggling.

"What are you doing? It's really early!" Talia scolded, sitting down next to the others.

"Sorry, Talia, did we wake you up?" said Mya, looking at her anxiously. Mya was one of Talia's friends. She was studying magic and had amazingly purple hair.

"Yes, you did. What are you doing anyway?" said Talia, rubbing her eyes. They had a bowl of water and a candle.

"We're deciding partners for the Festival Dance!" grinned Kathirine. She was very popular, with her blonde hair and blue eyes. "Here Talia, you have a go."

The candle was pushed into her hands. "What?" she said, confused.

Mya rolled her eyes. "Hold the candle over the water."

Talia did so. A drop of candle wax fell into the bowl and formed a perfect T.

The girls stared at it. "T for Tevard!"

"Talia! You have to ask Tevard to dance with you!" shrieked Alicia. Alicia was a pompous blonce princess who studied swordfighting.

Talia rolled her eyes in disgust. "No way! He picks his nose!"

Everyone laughed.

"Hey," voiced a tiny brunette with big green eyes, "you don't suppose the boys are doing this too, do you?"




"Now, children. Just because there is a feast tonight does not mean you get off doing your homework. I expect you to have perfected this spell by tommorow."

Talia kept her eyes on the teacher. What was the point of learning how to make birds sing? Why couldn't they learn how to heal wounds, something useful?

The students stood up and prepared to leave. Talia walked slowly to the lawn where the students had their lunch. She saw something blue flash by.

"Devin!" she yelled. The blue blur stopped. It was Devin.

He ran over. "Hey! Talia! I haven't seen you in ages."

"How are you with your sword..um..swordstuff, Devin?"

He smirked. "Pretty good actually. What about you with your magic...um...stuff?"

Talia furrowed her brow. "Hey. How do yo expect me to know what you call your fighting?"

Devin sighed. "I don't, I suppose. "

They sat down next to the fountain. Devin almost absent-mindedly reached into his pocket and scattered some soap into the fountain.

"Hey!" said Talia. "What are you doing?"

Devin grinned. "Oh, you care do you? By the way, Talia, what are you doing this evening?"

Talia went red. "Um...nothing..em..why?"

Devin blinked. "Do you want to train together?"

Talia cooled down immediately. "Um...sword vs.magic kind of thing?"


"But...the Festival?"

"You weren't actually going to go, were you?"

"Well...yeah, kind of..."

Devin laughed. "I didn't think it was your kind of thing."

Talia went hot again. "Don't be mean."

"OK, OK. Calm down Talia. You look so funny when you go red like that. Your face is the same colour as your hair." Devin laughed.

This caused Talia to get even hotter.

"I'll only go for an hour or so at the start, Devin. We'll train after, okay?"

"Sounds great! Talia, are you going to the dance? At the end of the week?"

Talia felt her face starting to get hot again and splashed some soapy water from the fountain on her face before Devin noticed.

Devin blinked. "Are you thirsty or something?"

Talia gritted her teeth. "NO. Carry on."

"Actually, I was asking you. "

Talia nearly died with embarrasment.

"Um...the girls and I were playing this game in the dormitory the other night where-"

"-you stick the wax in the bowl? That one?"

"Yeah, Devin. Were you doing that too?"

"Yeah! Who did you get?"

"Tevard. But no way am I asking him!"

Devin laughed. Talia felt like pushing him in the fountain.

"Well? Who did you get?" she challenged him.

"oh! I couldn't tell.." he smiled secretively.

"Devin! C'mon, I told. Is it Mya?"


At that moment, the bell rang. The students stood up and began to walk back to their classes.

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Fourth Day of the Festival

Spring Contests


Talia waited. It would be her go soon. All of her friends had already faced off their rivals. She didn't know if any of them had won.

"And the winner is... Katherine!" Talia cheered and clapped. Katherine's grumpy oponent got up and slouched towards the bench.

"Next up....Talia Maurva vs. Mya Zoren!"

Talia groaned and got up. She had been afraid that she would go against one of her friends.

"Good luck, Tal!" said Mya, smiling at her. They walked onto the battleground.

"Begin." the instructor commanded.

"Firefly Attack!" yelled both girls simultaneously.




"You idiot, why didn't you enter? You could have won the swordfighting competition!" said Talia crossly. It was about 6 o'clock. The lessons had finished early for the day.

Devin held up his hands in defeat.

"Sorry, sorry. I just couldn't be bothered, Talia."

Talia crossed her arms. "You're so lazy."

"Why do you care so much?"

"Why DON'T you care so much?"

Devin laughed. "You win. For now. By the way, Mya told me you won the magician thing."

"Devin! It is not a 'magician thing'!"

"Right, for god's sake. But did you win it, whatever it was?"

"Yes!" she told him proudly. "I even got a trophy."

"Well done! God, Talia, this whole thing is really weird isn't it? When do you say we'll get out of here?"

Talia sat down. "Master Gerrith said the average student stays in the college for about three to four years."

"Talia. Why do you want to go back to Elden anyway?"

"Devin, it's our home country. You have a sister there."

"Yeah, well. My sister count's as one of the cons."

"Is that why you wanted to get away? Because of Lidia?"

"No. Not really. But think, Talia! Stay here, in the modern world, or go back to that tiny godforsaken island in the middle of nowhere and just..well, live for a while and then die?"

"I'm not following you, Devin."

"We have much more to live for here. We can put our skills to use here!"

"I suppose. But we should still visit."

By now both of them had realised the amount of "we"'s that kept popping up.

"Talia, you're not doing anything tonight, are you?"said Devin, after a long silence.

"No, why?" said Talia in a bored voice. She wrapped her arms around her knees. Devin sat down across from her.

"Great! We could train tonight! If you met me at the fountain we could have a swords vs. magic sorta thing!"

"Sounds good, Devin. I'll see you there about nine o clock?"

"See you, Tal."


They got up and began walking their separate ways.

Talia realised that Devin had called her "Tal."


She smiled and kept on walking. Elden could wait.

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