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AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

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Two Days Previously


The dark priest rubbed his eyes and glared at the parchment again. This time he would get the spell right.

The Seven Demons Of Judgement

Should the spirits be deemed unworthy, The Demons Seven shall be sent by the Dreamer to test the soul of the spirit, and

He skipped a few lines.

The Demons Seven of Judgement

Laathan of Love

Taigite of Trust

Colin of Courage

Chaine of Charity

Kinine of Kindness

Paite of Purity

Tristan of Truth


He sighed. He had sent Tristan of truth to the kids, he thought that the demon of deception could fool them easily. But these kids...they were special. Not your average teenagers.

Which one would he send next? He looked over his options.

Taigite of Trust.

He pulled a rope and a curtain swept back, revealing six...beings, ever-changing, never staying in the same shape for a second. Yet you could always identify them, something in them never changed.

He looked around for the small black-haired youth who was cuddling a teddy bear.

"Taigite, go." The dark priest hit the demon on the arm and Taigite vanished.

He had already sent Tristan, demon of truth, but the mites had seen through his deception. Ah well. Young minds are fickle, he was sure that they didn't trust eachother enough. He would get them this time. And that would mean a...dare he say it?? Days off! Promotion to Dark Lord! Pay raise! Bigger budget!


The dark priest danced out of the room, thoughts like

If I get rich girls willl like me! and I could buy that beauty of a Curse Staff I'v had my eye on for MONTHS...

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Listen, I've been rereading over what I have wrote and I decided it might be a little hard to understand, so-

The Demons Seven of Judgement

Laathan of Love

Taigite of Trust

Colin of Courage

Chaine of Charity

Kinine of Kindness

Paite of Purity

Tristan of Truth


Tristan of Truth was the demon that was sent to them at the bat caves in Devenshire before college, remember?

But Talia saw the Truth and passed the test.

So now yer man the darkie priest has sent Taigite of Trust two days before the ball where the strange being crashed through the window. Make sense? I hope so!


OK! I hope that's all clear.

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"Stand back!" shouted Ikana, a senior mage, running forward with a few others. They fired spells at the demon who with a grin dispelled them immediately with a flick of his finger. He then threw his teddy at them - not much of an attack, but as it flew through the air the teddy got bigger and bigger...

It landed with a thump back next to Ikana. Several, including Devin ran to help.

Talia watched with horrified eyes. The demon was sending spells everywhere-they didn't do much harm, but people were running everywhere, falling, in their hste walking on other people - it was chaos.

Something dinged at the back of her head, a memory. She forced her way out of the hall and ran through the corridor. Somewhere...her feet were leading her of their own accord.

She stopped dead in front of a tapestry. Was this it?

There were pictures of Seven Beings.. actually, eight. They were all faint. Talia squinted at the moth-eaten script on the tapestry.

"TRUTH-see the TRUTH

TRUST-you must TRUST

LOVE-you must LOVE

COURAGE-you must have COURAGE


KINDNESS-you must be KIND

PURITY-you must be PURE"

She couldn't read anymore. Talia rubbed her eyes and glared at the writing. Suddenly it came to her. Trust? And Truth! She had seen the truth, back in the cave! That meant...

She ran back and bounced into Devin, who was running to find her.

"Oof! Talia, what a way to say hello!" he puffed. Talia grimaced. "Look, Devin, I know how to get rid of that demon thing! All you have to do is trust me, okay?"

Devin laughed. "Talia, you are only a first year! There are experienced wi-"

"Devin! Just trust in me! I can do it if you believe in me!"

Devin sighed. "Talia...fine then. I believe in you."

Nothing happened.

"You are lying!" Talia stamped her foot in frustration. How could she get him to TRUST in her?

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Talia stared into Devin's eyes. "Devin, do you remember the thing in the bat caves?"

Devin coughed awkwardly. "Um... yeah."

Talia pointed at the picture of Tristan of Truth. "He tried to trick me-but I saw the TRUTH." She pointed at Taigite. "You need to TRUST me! And we can get rid of him!" she pleaded. Devin sighed. "How do I know you're not crazy?"

"You don't! I have to be crazy, otherwise I would never believe this myself."

Devin laughed. "OK then. How do I know you are crazy?"

Talia took a deep breath. "If I was, I would be clever enough not to do this."

She leaned forward on her toes and kissed him quickly. He blinked. Talia quickly took his face in her hands.

"Now," she said quietly, "do you trust me?"

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Devin found that he did. "Yes,"he whispered.

Three things happened. The dark priest, who had been cringing behind the tapestry, had a temper tantrum.

"It's didn't work! GAAAAH! No promotion..."

Secondly, the demon disappeared, with a loud screech and a flash-

And thirdly, Talia let out a whoop but was silent when Devin started kissing her again.


The dark priest waved his staff and everyone froze in time. He giggled at the sight of Talia and Devin locked together.

"Heehee-they're kissing-heehee-" he stopped himself before the last ounce of dignity went down the drain.

"Hmmm...no point of them remembering any of this...they might see a pattern, or something, and figure it out, and then Lord Zorom would...not be nice to me." His bottom lip trembled.

The dark priest waved his staff again and the last five minutes were erased from everybody's mind.

He clicked his fingers and disapeared, not before muttering something about not getting any older. The hall was silent. Everyone was frozen in their own mind.

Two minutes later he came back, cursing at his forgetfulness, and waved his staff. Everyone unfroze. The dark priest quickly disappeared before anyone could notice him.


Talia shook her head. She could remember something-blurred images-but as soon as she thought about them they slipped from her mind. She turned around and saw Devin, looking just as confused as she felt. Looking at eachother, they both blushed, although neither of them could fathom why.

"Ummm....aren't we meant to be at the hall?" asked Devin, almost shyly. Talia frowned. "Yes...I suppose so."

They shuffled down the corridor and into the hall. People were picking themselves up and asking eachother what had happened.

I took ten minutes for everthing to get into order. There was no damage, although the students were all a bit shell-shocked.

Devin sidled up to Talia. "Erm..do you....ermmm..."

Niall materialized out of nowhere and handed Devin a slip of paper. Devin read it, and Niall disappeared as quick as he had come.

"Talia, do you want to dance?" he asked clearly.

Talia smiled.

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This is much later. I'm skipping ahead two years.



Talia had to stop herself from bouncing up and down. She was here! Finally here! Three years of hard work and finally paid off. Only a handful of them had made it through...it had been agonizingly hard to watch her friends go, but... well. She had to be optomistic. And Talia felt the rush all over again. She was graduating! She felt a poke in her back and spun around. No one was there. Talia frowned and turned back. Then she felt it again. She reached out a hand behind her and caught a handful of cloth. Mission accomplished. She turned around and put on her best silly-boy stare.

"Ow! Not so hard!" Devin complained. He shrugged her hand off. "We're graduating! We're graduating! Woohoo!" He began to do a silly dance. Talia laughed and joined in.

"Tal, it's our turn." said Devin, stopping his ridiculous dance and catching her arm. Talia coughed as everyone took their places.

The king stood up, looking rather bored. "I call Devin Perry and Talia Maurva to stand before me."

Talia and Devin walked up. Talia suppressed a grin. This was it!

The king started to speak, but at that moment a guard burst through the door. He ran up to the throne, panting heavily.

"What in the name of pie?" the king demanded.

"M'lord, the princess, Alicia, your majesty-she has been kidnapped-"

"Oh goodness!" The queen cried. She pressed her handkerchief to her mouth. How poetic.

The king pouted. "Ah janey mackers. She couldn't take care of herself for two seconds, could she now?"

The queen looked up in shock. "Tommy! Don't say that!"

"Don't call me that in public!" the king said in what he thought was an undertone. The guard spoke up again.

"Twas Lord Zorom, sir, and his priest. We spotted them fleeing amongst the-"

"Yes, yes...what are we going to do?"

Devin spoke up. "M'lord, I would go to rescue the princess."

Before she knew what she was doing, Talia said "I'll go too, m'lord."

Devin rolled his eyes and Talia felt like kicking him. The king looked at them. "Are you sure you are adept?" he said doubtfully. Gerrith stood up. "M'lord, these apprentices are as skiled as they come. They will safely rescue the princess."

"Well, okay." said the king. He slumped in his throne with a weary expression on his face. "Go."

Talia ran after Devin, who was already out the door.

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Heheh indeed....I need some more help for my next update. After you rescue Alicia, can you recruit her right away, or do you need to do something first?

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