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AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

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back to normal story, for now.


"Hang on," Devin whispered.

"They gave us a canoe?" He looked around.

"That's so random!"

Talia flapped her hand at him.

"Shush. What else could they do?" she said irritably.

"Well, anyway, we should use this to go up the river, see what's up there." Jack said, trying to distract them.

It worked.

"Lessgo! Lessggo!" Devin squealed.

Talia sighed.

They climbed into the canoe.

"Do we have to use the oars or something?" Devin asked apprehensively.

He tried to lift one and failed miserably.

Jack and Talia watched him in glee for a few moments.

Talia laughed.

"Well, we could. If you really want to. Or I could just do this."

She tapped the side of canoe and it took off at a leisurely pace.

"You could have told me that befooooooore!" moaned Devin.

Jack shrugged. "It was funnier to watch you struggle a bit."

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Yeah econjen, Jack is one of my favourites..well, I mean..they're all my favourites. xD I dunno!


I'm so sorry about the lack of updates for ages. I kept starting to write chapters, but they were so bad I got really discouraged. I've had more than enough time to get back on track though, so I deffo wil update soon!

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:o Holy bugarooney..has it really been that long? Wow, i feel terrible! Doesn't look like anyone's been suffering hugely :P 7 months....:o I'm so sorry!

I've been rereading everything, and I remembered how much I love writing , and how I loe this story...I'll set some time aside and see if I can come up with a new chapter. <3 I missed this story and this site so much!

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@ David12 -



'Good update, great history so far.'


Many of us don't speak Polish or have access to a good translator, so it is best to stick to English as a common language. But i had fun looking it up on the translator!

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Thank David12 for your words and thanks connielj001 for the translation ;P hurr hurr!





Devin warbled, shivering. Jack swayed his arms to the “beat” of the “song”. The canoe sped gaily (pshh) along the ice-cold river.

”926 bottles....BOTTLES...” Their breath came in mists in the freezing air.


“No...” Jack slurred. The tall trees around the river seemed to be glaring at him. “It comes...before...deh number...after itttt. I thiiink.” An icicle was slowly forming on his nose.


Talia sighed. She thought giving the boys some of her homemade “magic brew” would warm their insides up a bit, but obviously their alcohol tolerance was pathetically low. She should have known better after the last time.


Talia nudged Jack, who looked rather dazed.

“Whassat sound?”

“It appears Devin has surrended to the world of sleep.” Jack mumbled. It was true. A line of drool fluttered...alluringly...in the corner of Devin’s mouth as he slumped on the floor of the canoe. “He...sleepy...LIKE A BIG FAT...piece of...birdfeed....” He trailed off.

Talia raised an eyebrow and gave him a light slap on the face. No reaction.

“Grraarrghhh...” Jack attempted to stand up before proceeding to lose his balance and fall off the tiny bench. “Nice one there mate,” Talia smirked, bending over to inspect the damage.


She pulled out her crumpled world map and peered at it for several seconds.


“They should hurry up and invent glasses, I can’t see a bleddy thing,” she grumbled. Jack turned his head in her general direction. “Whut are glasses?” he asked.

“I actually don’t know...” Talia said thoughtfully. She looked at the map again.


“RIGHT. We should be coming close to...” She squinted. “...’Animalville’? The heck?”

At this stage of Jack’s inebriation, everything was hilarious. “LOL ANIMALVILLE!” he roared. “THAT...IS...SO...FUNNEH!!”


Talia ignored him. “It should be down that path there.” She tapped the side of the canoe and it stopped at the bank of the river. She turned to look at the rest of her team.


Devin was in another world, drooling like there was no tomorrow. He sounded vaguely like a lawnmower.


Jack was whispering nursery rhymes to himself and giggling weakly.


Not a good way to start the trip. She sighed. “Excito.” Devin opened his eyes and moaned.


“Sorry ‘bout this, sugar,” Talia said sweetly. In no less than 6 seconds, she gave Jack a firm shove, throwing him into the water, and heaved Devin up and over. Splash. Splash. And then the screams started.




“^%&* YOU ^$*#!”


Talia smirked and helped them get back on the bank of the river. “Well, at least you’re awake now. And sober,” she added. “Sorry. It was the only way.”


Jack looked up at her with an expression of true hatred. “You’re not sorry at all, you little *&^$#.”


Talia roared with laughter. Devin simply lay in a crumpled heap, whimpering.


Talia raised her hand. “Siccus,”

Jack wriggled as the warmth crept over him. “All warmed up now!” Talia said cheerfully. “Well, let us not dally!”


“Dally,” said Devin, speaking up for the first time since his...ordeal. “Dally....tally....Talia...hahaha....”

There was an awkward silence. Jack cleared his throat. “Er...let’s get on shall we?”


Talia sighed for the third time that day.

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Not much humour in this one, sorry! ;) Enjoy!




As they climbed further away from the river and higher up the path, the wind got stronger and the snow slowly disappeared.

The path was surrounded by tall trees and it was hard to see – but Talia wasn’t worried. She could hear birds singing faintly, which meant there was no negative energy or disturbances. They were safe, albeit visually impaired.


Talia let her mind wander. Over the past few weeks, the world had been slowly losing its light. Everywhere she looked she seemed to see signs of the darkness taking over.

Today was one of the few days where the sun shown itself.

The birds didn’t fly anymore, simply sat in their nests and guarded their young –as if afraid of what was coming. The cats in the villages they passed didn’t play anymore, just curled up with eachother – as if to make the best of the little time they had left. The dogs had stopped eating, stopped exploring – as if they had given up hope.


Animals were more in tune than humans to the earth, and knew what was slowly eating the earth’s energy. Even some children could sense it. The world’s balance was gradually worsening.


Talia fidgeted with her hair as she walked. What was the point? She couldn’t see any light left in the world. Had Ahriman already won? She just wanted to give up, go home, see her grandmother again.


Jack sighed.


“Why’s it so dark?” he grumbled, after nearly tripping over a tree root for the third time.

Talia looked around. “The only light is coming from through the tree trunks over there. There’s barely any sunlight coming from above.” She pointed to the sides of the path.


“But where’s the sunlight coming from?” Devin asked suspiciously. “If there are trees all around us.” He walked briskly to the edge of the path and disappeared through the trees to the light. “Surely the sunlight should be – AAAAAGH!”


“Oh for god’s sake,” Jack moaned, running to see what his problem. “Devin always manages to - WHOOP!”


Talia gritted her teeth. Enough bull. She cautiously poked her head out through the trees.

“Ugh,” she groaned, shielding her eyes with her hand. The ferociously strong sunlight blinded her eyes that had been so accustomed to the darkness.


She squinted ahead and squealed. They were standing on a huge cliff! And Devin appeared to hanging off the edge. That explained the screaming.


Jack was lying on the ground, moaning, hands over his eyes. “The..light...oww...”

“HELP ME YOU WITCH!” Devin roared, kicking his legs wildly. Talia spared a moment to laugh at his bad luck and pulled him up.


For the second time in many minutes, Devin had landed in a near death situation and been rescued by Talia. There went any of Devin’s anti-feminist arguments for the next couple of years. Awkward.


“Why did you laugh?? I could have died!” Devin grouched, lowering himself to the ground. Talia shook her staff. “I could have saved your ass in seconds with this. Powers of flight you know. I’m just that awesome. And it’s not my fault you’re an idiot.”

Devin smiled at her. “Oh yeah. Sorry.” Talia’s heart jumped.


“Guys,” Jack said reverently. They turned to look at him. He raised an arm and pointed beyond the cliff. They followed his hand. Talia gasped.

“Wow,” Devin said, eyes wide.


The view...the view! Talia couldn’t take it in. She could see everything...she could see, far below and away from her, the river sparkling in the bright sunlight.

Past the huge forest sprawled over the land, she could make out tiny angular grey shapes. Buildings? A town? Thais!

The land stretched on and on. And over to the north east...she could see a light blue. The sea!

She feasted her eyes greedily on the beauty of it. This was the first time she had seen the world from such a great height.


Devin nudged her. “It’s so beautiful,” he murmured, slowly taking her hand. She nodded, smiled, squeezed his fingers gently. Jack pretended not to notice. They soaked it in for a few more minutes.


“Come on,” Jack said slowly. “We should....keep going...”



They reluctantly dropped hands and walked back to the path. It was unbearably dark after the bright sunlight. “We have to keep that,” Jack said.


“You know. What we just saw. It was so pure. And beautiful. And if we let Ahriman come back, all this...it will be ruined. All the light will disappear from the world. We have to protect it.”


Talia stopped as the realisation hit her. He was right. Ahriman would only truly win when she gave up. And she could see clearly again – she was not going to give up.

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