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Children of the Moon [Discussion Thread]

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There is a legacy that said that once of every ten years on the night of the blessed festival of the moon goddess Aphelia, she would send down children born of the darkness and the moon. Some say these children were to destroy the world and the children were demons. Others say they were to save the world and were the fallen angels. And many others thought of it as just a fairy tale. Now either side could be right...no one really knows for sure. But one night of the festival, several stars fell from the darkened sky. These were the children. The children ended up in different parts of the kingdoms. As they grew, Aphelia watched over them and protected them.


But now a war had broke out over the land and many went out to search for the children. Some want the children to help conquer the world for their own enjoyment. Some want them for war and others want them to stop the war. And many others want them dead. Their is one in particular, a demon only known as Caedmon. He wants the children to himself, but what he plans to do is unknown. Aphiela had known of these actions from the humans and the demon and worried for the children. Therefore she had chose the best warriors, priests and priestesses that had faith in her to guard the children. Even though the children had grown up. But what the children wish to do will be up to them. Will they conquer the world? Will they stop the war? Or will they join the war, and even find love?


~RP Rules~


I. No Godmodding, autohitting, mary-sues, gary-sues etc.

II. No Cybering.

III. Romance is encouraged, including Yaoi and Yuri.

IV. Violence and Swearing is allowed but don't go overboard.

V. script talk is allowed, use quotations for speech, and italics for thoughts.

VI. Please make it an equal amount of guys and girls.

VII. Have fun!


You can choose to have a bad character or a Guardian. you can also have two characters if you want.




(User Name)

(Character Name)




(Attracted to)


(powers, no more than 3)

(no more than 2)


(appearance, anime pic or detailed description)

(moon child)


~Children of the Moon~


(User Name)

(Character Name)



(Evolves up to 3)

(powers, lvl 1[3], lvl 2[5] lvl 3[7])

(appearance, anime pic or detailed description)




Bad Characters

[meaning they work for Caedmon]


(User Name)

(Character Name)




(Attracted to)


(powers, no more than 3)

(no more than 2)


(appearance, anime pic or detailed description)

(Moon Child)





Nobel Land




[Eviest Kingdom]


Eviest Kingdom is the most successful and largest kingdom in the noble lands, after the death of king zuko the kingdom fall, but was revived by the mages that came from the enchanted lands. after a three years of the revival the exiled son of the king came back to reclaim his kingdom. after his death his present son will be crowned king.




[Telem] the largest and most successful city in eviest kingdom.


[Mai] a water city that only woman's lives in. named after the guardian of the water. (fact the gaurdian of the water is the moon princess sister. )


[Eco] a medium sized city, but fertilized with good. main district of farming at the eviest kingdom.




[seline] a mining village of gold and copper. also famous for the entrance of the great large maze of bones called catacombs.


[uz] a farming village also located near the Ember forest.


[Yore]another farming village near the city of Eco.


[Autumn]a warriors village known for its great workers for making great weapons.


here is the first kigdom, the others will be updated later.


Laine Kingdom - Laine is a big island at the center of the noble lands, Laine kingdom is named after the goddess Menalaine only females live here and is very fertile with the rare heaven Rose


Mythan (City) - one of the richest cities in Laine were only the higher one's live.


Vistia (City) - a good fertile city of copper and metal also famouse for staff making for Mages.


Estell (City) - a pleasant city were many of the priestess live.


Mangetsu (Village)

Olin (Village)

Uzlam (Village)

Cap (Village)



Himse - a very great kingdom famous for Inventors and Intelligent people.


Linen (city)

Vieth (City)


Vallie (Village)

Dieth (Village)

Spring (Village)


Terrane - is the fashion district of the noble lands, many of the cloths all over comes here.


Siavall (City)

Misty (City)

Loison (City)


Taven (Village)

Holes (Village)

Puzs (Village)

Michel (Village)


Forgotten Land



















Main Land




















Death Land




















Enchanted Land




















*Anybody that wants to play Caedmon just tell me.

* Just a little side note, the setting is in fantasy times, and as you can see my character sheet is also diffrent just please follow it,and also post on your character sheet what RP your signing up for.







~Oasis Village





~Rilneahs (reverse of Shaenlir)

~Australi, the star colony

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Sounds interesting and I'd love to join, but just a few questions first.


What's the role of the Guardian?

What are the levels for the Moon Children? What do those numbers mean?

And under Guardians and bad characters, the last line of the application says "(Moon Child)". Does this mean they are "assigned" a Moon Child or something?

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lets say its like pokemon. and the guardian is the pokemon trainers. the moon child are creatures can also take a form of human. the numbers means their evolve powers. as you can see lvl 1 can only have 3 powers. the bad characters are members of Caedmon's moon child collecting group. and each of them aslo can have one. i hope i helped you.

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Ummm...welll. I really love RPs, and this idea's fantastic. Can I be a Moon Child? Here's the character:


Username: PokeGal

Character Name: Kitsuna

Gender: Female

Element: Dark

Powers (attacks): Mind Attack, Shadow Stab, Soul Switch, Summoning, Death Stare, Darkness Hold

Appearance: (I don't wanna go through with explaining, just look in the Collegium or go look at one through my profile.)

Likes: Darkness, strange things, staring at the moon, prays quite often

Dislikes: Light, the sun, demons (even though she is a switch-demon, but that's for other RPs.)

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Ok. I can make a second char, my guardian.


Sry to all who had a male char who might be interested in Susana, but I've decided that I won't use her in this RP. Sry.

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hehehehe. i like your advertising of being single. anyway im going to turn this into the RP's chat forum. because its becoming one already. i will just post the IC thread if we get 5 members to join. that will be a good amount to start the RP. and your approved...

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cool. i'll make a guardian myself.


moon child:

user name: lady_Selena

character name: Soul

gender: female

element: stars and moon

powers (attacks): brning star, moon healing, cresent moonblade, shining star, moonlight beam

appearance: short, silver hair that sparkles like it was sprinkled with diamond dust, big tourquise eyes, fair complex skin, and sharp minded

likes: takeing care of injured living beeings, sound of harph, and singing songs to tranquilize

dislikes: injustice, too much violence that is unnecessary, beeing watched like she was a baby



user name: lady_Selena

character name: Phillip

age: 21

gender: male

personality: he pretends to be cold blood on evereything, but he has a good heart

atracted to: no one yet, becouse he thinks of his job of guardian first

occupation: warrior

powers: blade of light, Hurricane slash, last words

bio: he begun to guard moon child after a tragic death of the last guardian that watched his protege (thi moon child he takes care of), his skill is still rough edged, but he tries to give his best

appearance: dark hair, and deep blue eyes as sharp as eagels look, tall and wellshaped (not too much)

moon child: Soul


is that ok?

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Here's some village names. I don't really care where you put it. They're Romanji (a type of Chinese) names, I have their meaning in parentheses. Also, anyone can use these as names for a character.


Inochi (Life)

Yuri (Lily)

Hasu (Lotus)

Kohaku (Amber)

Shigatsu (April)

Kuro (Black)

Onkei (Blessed)

Kaika (Bloom)

Suishou (Crystal)

Tsuchi (Earth)

Kitsune (Fox)


Aya_lyka, I recommend these for the village names, as they have to do with the Moon.


Mangetsu (Full Moon)

Eikyuu (Eternal)

Kagayaki (Shining)

Koboshi (Little Star)

Hikari (Light)


That's all for now, anyone who wants anymore names, ask me via PM.

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Thnx. I have a friend who speaks English and Romanji, so she helped me with this. And the first section is for names of people who want to join, but have no idea what to name their character. The second section is for village names.

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may i make a moon child? i don't really have an urge to play two characters at once.. u can PM me

or i can be the guardian hehe it's fine if im the guardian it's not like i would die if i was the

guardian :lol:

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Username: demonoula

Character's name: Marina

Age: 23

Gender: female

Personality: she can be nice if she wants to but usually she 's not. She likes doing things her way, she doesn't trust people easily, she's tough but when you get to know her she's a really nice person. For the few friends she has she would do anything to please them or help them.

Attracted to: noone atm

Occupation: she used to be a priestess, now she does nothing

powers: Major Heal, Wind Vortex, Light Vortex

bio: She was a priestess in a temple of the Sun that no longer exists. She was trained mainly as a healer and she was very good at it. When the temple was destroyed and she was betrayed by her lover she fell into melancholy. After that she decided to train for battle, hence the vortex skills.

appearance: medium height and slim. her eyes are brown and her hair too. She's pretty in her own way.


Moonchild: Alaine



is that good enough?

i want her to be a guardian.

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