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Children of the Moon [Discussion Thread]

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here is my character. as you can see this is a complete character sheet. it will be more great if you followed some of it. and please put your appearance to.




User Name: Aya_Lyka

Character Name: Christella (Ella) Sphinx

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Kind, Caring, a little bit noisy sometimes.

Attracted to: no one for now.

Occupation: Princess

powers: can control all water Elements, can be Invisible, she hypnotize the opposite sex when she sings.

bio: Ella is a loving and caring daughter. but when her mother died her father married another woman and was cruel to her. the cruelness of her step-mother made her strong. when the kingdom is almost falling her step mother decided to let Ella marry another noble so the kingdom would rise again. but Ella didn't like the plan so she ran away from the kingdom.



~Children of the Moon~


User Name: Aya_Lyka

Character Name: Nyuu

Gender: Female

Element: Water



Lvl 1: aisha_baby_happy.gif


Lvl 2: acara_baby_happy.gif


Lvl 3: acara_cloud_happy.gif


powers: lvl 1[ice blow, Freez, Water ball], lvl 2[ice blow lvl 2, Freez lvl 2, Water ball lvl2, frozen arrows, Elemental] lvl 3[to be added soon])

Likes: cakes, Milkshake, coffee, marshmallow, green grass, clear water, the sky

Dislikes: everything bad.

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yeay i have a guardian ^.^ letme type the character sheet...

~Moon Child~


User Name: Speedy

Character Name: Alaine

Gender: female

Element: Fire

Evolves: lvl 1 baby fire dragon, lvl 2 baby phinox, lvl 3 adult pheniox


Lvl 1 Tackle hug, silent sleep, campfire

Lvl 2 tackle hug, short circut, silent sleep, campfire, fire bolt

Lvl 3: fire bolt, fire breath, fire whip, fire tornado, Silent sleep, tackle hug, campfire

Appearance: Her long, blonde hair is heald up with a clip, or ribbon, and is very neat, she has light violet eyes.

Likes: making friends, all the ice cream in the

world, her guardian

Dislikes: getting hurt, anyone yelling, strawberry icecream, opra

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(Random question/request: can you rearrange the place names? I can't tell where which city belongs to which kingdom, etc. It's too confusing the way it's laid out now.)


I've created two "bad characters" (seriously, can't we come up with a better name for them? XD). They're twins and they work together at all times, so they only have one Moon Child (still to be decided ^^)


Username: Aeternus

Character name: Maeve (a.k.a. Queen)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Cold-hearted and somewhat sadistic, Maeve is a bit of a wild card. The only one she seems to listen to or care for is her twin brother Adonis. Everyone else she treats either with disdain and apathy or as a toy for her amusement if they catch her interest long enough. She enjoys doing things on a whim and only for pleasure and fun rather than honour or loyalty.

Attracted to: n/a

Occupation: Apothecary


1. Power augmentation – can augment/increase one individual’s superhuman powers.

2. Solar flare – a high-energy beam for an offensive attack.

3. Demon summon – can summon demons from the Underworld.

Appearance: Clicky!




Username: Aeternus

Character name: Adonis (a.k.a. King)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Adonis is the level-headed one between himself and his twin sister Maeve, and he does his best to keep his sister in control. However, he does have a rather cool personality, and although he may act gentlemanly and kind on the outside, he rarely becomes personal with anyone and can be manipulative and cunning, especially using his good looks to his advantage.

Attracted to: n/a

Occupation: Apothecary


1. Power suppression – suppresses the superhuman powers of one individual at a time.

2. Erase – can erase any form of matter within a 200m radius or a person’s memories on physical contact.

3. Psychometry – can relate details about the past or future condition of an object, person or location, usually by being in close contact with it.

Appearance: Clicky!




Combined bio: Maeve and Adonis were born as fraternal twins (Maeve being the older of the two) and were raised by a merchant and his wife. However, when the twins were about six-years-old, their parents were killed in a fire (which was caused by a demon sent by Caedmon but was blamed on an accident – no one except Caedmon knows this aspect of the story), leaving the twins as orphans. Maeve and Adonis were picked up by a pair of dark priests serving Caedmon and continued to raise and train them in the dark arts, honing the twins’ natural latent abilities and teaching them to fight together to complement each other’s powers. In addition to these powers, Maeve became adept with a staff and Adonis learned how to wield a sword. Both gained quick reflexes and strength. When they were seventeen, the twins became of age to live on their own. They set up an apothecary shop, working as everyday citizens, though secretly answering to Caedmon’s calls when needed.


Moon Child: ??

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I like to join and be the antagonist, Cadmeon!



User Name: Heimdall

Character Name: Cadmeon

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: A demon of evil intentions. Cold-blooded, Intense, many get attracted to him most often because of his handsome look, never gives up. He uses his human form in terms of fooling or creating chaos as a reaper. He uses his normal demon form when he is calm. He uses his true demon form when he is overcomed by anger.


Attracted to:

Occupation: Demonlord of evil and power.


- Eschaton (Intellectuality): Knows all kinds of spells.

- Reality Change- Enemies turn on his side

- Transformation- can turn into anything of which he desires.


bio: He was actually a friend of Aphelia when he was still mortal. His real name was Sardonis Until Aphelia became the goddess, he became jealous and angry. He then discovered his powers and went to the dark place where a great demon lives. He asked the demon to destroy her, the demon did not respond but he sacrificed his life. Suddenly, Sardonis felt odd and his eyes became red and he roared loudly which can be heard anywhere. Darkness shrouded upon him and saw his different self. He had no horns but he has wings. His soul became his power, which made him souless. He had forgetten his own self. From that day, he called himself Cadmeon. He is known for his power of Reversal. He is the youngest and the most powerful demon in Pandemonium.



Likes: Darkness, Blood, and Power

Dislikes: Getting defeated, Hope



-In his normal demon form

Proceed to: http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20demon/Grimwulf001/Anime-Vampire.jpg?o=146


-In his human form

Proceed to: http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20evil/crazyfreak909/other%20pictures%20for%20my%20stories/Not%20anime/Reaper_IV_by_ReaperIV_Fanclub.jpg


-In his true demon form

Proceed to: http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20evil/killer_light/anime/Evil.jpg

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Qusetion, my char I wanna use is the moon princess and therefore gains it power, so what kind of plot should it be for my char?




YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Rai Muun (Lightning Moon), Nickname: Chioske



YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Apprentice of Magic, Moon Princess




a)Physical: Curve Bladed Spear (weapon made of steel and bamboo)

knockdown hits - does knockdown every smash


Summon Moon Pentagon - five point pentagon technique

Lightning Destruction - destroys anything in its caster's path

Summon Moonlight Shield - A shield created by moonlight

c)Other: Has powerful white wings, strength, mana (energy), defense, and magic increased 30% whenever the moon shines in the sky


YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: VS. INNOCENT Soldiers and during an eclipse


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@Heimdall: I have a really good idea for the story! Since my moon child is the one of Darkness, I think it would be cool if Caedmon would use Reality Change on Kitsuna! Could that be possible, Heimdall and Aya_Lyka?

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((I need help someone with placing cause my char is just going to help the children. I don't really have an aime pic unless you would want me to alter one?))




Rai Muun (Lightning Moon) Nickname: Chioske

9 yrs. old


Protective, most of the time- happy

(Attracted to)????

Apprentice, moon princess

listed above - uses the lightning and the moon for power; and her staff for physical power



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~Children of the moon~

User Name:phoenixalia

Character name:Chinu





Lv 1:



Lv 2:



Lv 3:



POWERS: a)Lv 1:leaf throw,grassy hug,leaf wind.

b)Lv 2:leaf blow,sharp leaf attack,flowery

leaf confusion.

c)Lv 3.sunny leaf paralysing,leaf whirlwind, leaf vine whip,poison leaf,tree punch.


Likes:gardens,leaf milkshake,anything that's green or leafy.

Dislikes:Anyone who hurts the calm of a garden or destroys a garden.

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