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yummy no recipes

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so i finished story mode and tried fredom mode.

I have no recipes in my book and cant add any but people keep coming up and have blank orders .

I got my game from big fish under a month ago .

do i trash the game i have and download from them again? Thanx Niria


whops wrong forum :0



Edit: so i found out its my bad on this one . You have to create the recipes even though " create recipes " is an option under neath freedom mode and freedom mode does not prompt you to do so.



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I thought Freedom Mode asked you whether you want to use your own recipes or those from the game, and if you start to play with "own recipes" and you haven't created any, you get a message.


You threw me when you said you "can't add any" because I assumed you were trying to add them in the "Create Recipes" area, and I'd never heard of anyone having troubles with that before.


However, glad to hear you figured out the problem and are now able to concoct your own glorious beverages :)

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