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Do you remember the guy in the house to the west of Seafall Shrine? He wants to move

to the big city, finding the country life too quiet. Hop a broomstick to Candar and you’ll

notice that a pirate is standing there. Talk to him and he wants to settle down and move

into a nice, quiet house by the sea. We know where a house like that is! Head back over

to the house by Seafall Shrine, and the guy’s gone. He’s place applications to purchase

his house on the table. Pick one up. Head back to Candar (you’ll appreciate the services

offered by the Mule/Broomstick Express very quick, if not already). Give the pirate the

application. He’ll thank you. Head back to the house by Seafall Shrine. The pirate’s

there, having got there before you (how did he do that?) and buying the house. He

offers his pirate ship for a mere 10,000 gold.

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Go back outside, and go west. The woman in a green dress and apron is Mildrea, who’s

waiting for the ferry to come back from the mainland for an “important package”. The

black-haired boy with a yellow shirt is Devy. He misses his friend Ralphie. Both of them

usually chase the chickens around. Just to the north, on a ledge, are two houses. The

first (from the left) is empty. The second is Genna’s, your best friend. She’s already been

named as a seamstress (read the letter on the table).Go back down and go west. You’ll

come to a bridge. Cross it, and go northeast. Don’t go past the wooden sign, which says

that you’re in Elden.Instead, go north, then northeast. Across another bridge is a little girl in a white dress –

Tamma. She wants to play with Devy, but he won’t let her. Keep going northwest, and

you’ll come to a set of stairs. To the south is the town’s graveyard. Climb the stairs and

read the sign. It says that the graveyard is to the south, and the Smithery is to the east.

Go north to the well, and then go all the way west (past the shed). You should find

yourself in a “secret” tunnel inside of the forest. Follow it southwest, then south. You’ll

come to a clearing with a man with a purple hat lying in the middle. He’s “Whiskey Jack”,

the town drunk.


I put it all incase you didnt know where I was talking about.



Have you found the house in Seafall Shrine it is all the way left. there the guy wants to sell his house then go back to the pirate who should be standing just south of the Mule Express in Candar.


Let me know

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On the other side of the bridge, head all the way south, to the next area. Where is this 'Titan's Trident'? Examine the switch to the east, and it will flip. The screen

will shake, indicating that something happened. Head back north, and into the next area.

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