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You could type in %APPDATA% into your Windows Explorer and see if you can find an "Amaranth Games" folder... in which, you'll find a "Grimm's Hatchery" folder.

Once opened, you'll see the saved game files named "SaveXX.DSO" (where 'XX' is an integer representing the slot that it was saved in). You may simply delete the file, or rename it to something else to remove it from your list (renaming will enable you the opportunity to restore your game at some later point, if you choose).

This method could also be of service if you were wanting to take your saved game to your friends machine to play it there!

Additionally, you may simply delete a slot be starting a new game, then saving over the top of the slot you'd like deleted. Please be aware that this will overwrite the existing saved game in that slot so... no turning back after you've overwritten it. :)

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