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lot of question

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where can i find the key in mayors house?

find goose for dirkon...

find king lionel for elves....

uncurse the city of ejindro

find alchemist new kettle

find a ghost........


and where can i find danny?



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1. The key to the mayors house is a reward for bringing King Lionel back to the elves.

2. Talk to the fairies in Memory Caverns and finish the quest "Find Tini"

3. After finishing the Kings Attempted Association quest head to Veniara Islands and buy back the statue.

4. Look at question 1.

5. The kettle is in a chest in Blasted Lands.

6. Uncurse the city of Ejindro and talk to the ghost left.

7. Danny is in the house next to the church in Ghe'dhare.


It's been a while since I played it so everything may not be right, but hopefully some are.

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