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Color corruption

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The colors are degrading when I save my original autotile graphics, the one on the left is a PNG save and the one on the right is a JPEG (dreadful). Both are fading, and 'bleeding' color onto other pixels, (I pasted them together to show it)this is very frustrating, I spent alot of time on these. What is the best format to save my work without a huge file size? Paint Shop Pro has 32 different formats, I figure someone in here might know right off what I should do to effectively WYSIWYG my artwork.





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I know the problem, and I've had it happen to me too.


When you save your image, you are probably saving it with too few colors. To fix this:


When the save window comes up, make sure that your color settings are 256 colors ( not 32, 64, or 128 ).


Also, don't save as JPG, always save as PNG.


Are you using PhotoShop or something else?

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I bought Paint Shop Pro 7 for myself on Ebay last week, I landed the anniversary edition, after trying all the other versions.


It has the magic wand and lasso selection tools I use all the time, and handles Plugins that I like to play with.


I was getting along with Paint Shop Pro 4.12 freeware until now, but I lost it with my laptops' harddrive and couldn't get another download of it for free.


The prob is that the PNG's seem to be degrading, too. This REALLY bugs me, sorry, but RGPMaker's files are SOOO small there is no excuse for any loss of color during compression...even if every pixel was an entirely different shade, the files are not that large, I'm not anywhere close to using the 16 million colors these programs claim to handle, and each tile(1024 pixels)is duplicated several times....I don't think any space is even being saved when my work comes back smeared and dull and drab!! *sigh*


Very frustrated, don't wanna do anything else until I figure out how to get this thing to gimme 'what you see is what you get', I tried TIF files, but RPGMAker won't take 'em....


When I first made this canal I could see every single diamond tile along the rolled edge next to the water, all different subtley blended pastel shades, very clear and distinct.

Robert thinks it looks good anyway, but to me it looks like someone with cataracts going colorblind *EEK*!!


If you look at the center of the screen shot, the larger version still has the tiling visible, but it used to be brighter, and the small one was a match. Now the smaller tiles are barely there, 'cause the colors are gone. I'm gettin' redneck and threatening to put them all back in, one pixel at a time....*silly growl*, just the way I want it.....



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Do you know if you're saving your PNGs as 8-bit or 24-bit? There is definitely color-reduction here. Can you double-check your settings to make sure that you are saving as either:


-24-bit PNG

-8-bit PNG with 256 colors


If this doesn't work, can you take a screen cap of the save image screen for PaintShop Pro and post it here? I might be able to help.


Out of curiosity, does this problem occur when you open the PNG in PaintShop Pro or only when you save it after you have opened it in PaintShop Pro?



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Don't know yet, it just happened two days ago after I got my new Paint Shop Pro installed, I never noticed it before with the 4.0 version, so I'm prob doing some dumb thing or other, *whew* it comes with 32 save formats....honestly, I didn't even look at what it was saving as until the colors were wrong....


I'll play with it this weekend and find out the answers to your questions about what it's doing, I want to get some more work done without having this difficulty.


BTW....Ara Fell looks awesome, is Stephen gonna be another year on it? He doesn't update much, but he's gotten so far with it.....*bouncing up and down in chair* you and him are my biggest inspirations!!! *wagging mental tail* :D


Aveyond 3 has theives!! I LOVE theives....*looks around for Robert, the tall handsome heart thief*

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