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`~*Dreamworld*~` [updated: April 6]

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(sorry but the update would be short. I have an affair starting now. I would post next time Chapters 6, 7 and 8...sorry) :)


EDIT: Deleted the content here because I had an idea for the next updates. :D

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Ok.. twins theory is out then...hmmm... brothers separated at birth? It doesnt seem probable, as Saim seem to know him, but how does Alon NOT know him? Or does he and it just isnt mentioned yet? Has it been??

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...continuation of Chapter 6

"Tell me, Liri. Who is this human you brought here?" Aidan speaks to Laird as they watched Alon carefully as he slept.


"That is the person believed to save us from Saimanu, the dark emperor of nightmares. He is here in the Dreamworld because of the Bluebird."


"So the prophecy....is true...."


"Yes...this means the start of a brighter future for Dreamworld..."


"Yes....it will be."

Aidan and Laird left the room and went to the tavern and drank their ale along with the citizens.



Meanwhile, in Alon's sleep, he dreams of something unclear to him. He sweats and starts moaning.


"An eye for an eye, Saira. Give us one of the twins or we shall claim your life as our own!"


"Never! You will not take my sons away from me, you mongrel!"


"My wife...you were so beautiful as ever...too bad...you are a bastard!"


Right in that instance in Alon's dream, he saw the man stab the woman through her guts. He sees himself and a boy, the same age as he is shout out.



Then the man, who appeared as his father took the person beside Alon in his dream. He suddenly shouted out their names.


"Alon! Help me!"


"Rano! Wait for me!"

The man suddenly looked back and raised his hand. It began to rain. He shot a lightning blot at him. In his dream, Alon fell on the ground, seeing his father take away the other boy.


Alon sweats and moans louder and suddenly woke up.

"Having a bad dream?"




"Stay in bed. You are still hurt."


"Ouch! The wound still hurt."


"Alon, at first light tomorrow morning, we leave for Kianse. Make sure you get plenty of rest. We do not want more casualties along the journey."


"Ugh...I feel pain."


"Do not worry. That dream will not haunt you much longer."


Alon lay down his back to the bed. He closes his eyes and fell asleep. Janice, the dreamer, looked at Alon's face and kneels on the floor. She grew closer to Alon. Her heart suddenly beats rapidly. She closes her eyes. She thought in herself...

"I cannot tell him about Sai...I just cannot."



Meanwhile, back in the walls of Vadon, the capital of the nightmare empire, Reian and Rayen has called forth the army to assemble at the open grounds.


"Today, we shall spread fear and darkness across the land!"


"Today, we shall also end all those who oppose our wrath!"


The soldiers shout as they thump their spears. Then Reian and Rayen held out their hands and points to the horizon.


"Now...march to Kianse!"


The army starts their march towards Kianse. Reian and Rayen rode on their horses and led the army to Kianse.



Saimanu and the snake girl reached the Alvian Epire at midnight. The streets were very, very silent as ever.


"Time to give my friend a lesson she'll never forget!"

Saimanu and the snake sneaks into the city until they found the place they were looking for. Saimanu went into the house with the snake. He saw the person he is searching for. A woman sleeping in her bed soundly. Saimanu carefully reaches for her and starts feeling her body and kisses her lips.


The snake looks towards the other direction.

"Eck! What a pervert..."


The girl starts doing the same to Saimanu as well until she sensed a terrible aura and woke up. She was about to scream. Saimanu covered her mouth and points a knife to her stomach.


"You'd better not lie to me, Kira! Tell me what happened to my brother!"


Kira looked surprised.


"Rano? What in the world?!"


"Rano? Was that your name, Lord Saimanu?"


Saimanu ignores the snake's question and points the knife at Kira.



"Shut up, mongrel!"


"Rano! What in the world is wrong with you?!"


"I am Saimanu!"


He slams Kira to the floor. Kira starts to weep for his friend.


"Kira...you'd better tell me. Where is Alon?"


"He...has gone missing! What are you going to do, monster!?"



Saimanu, using his powers, released a dark energy unto Kira.


"....is that all you can say, huh?!"


Saimanu growls with all his might and roars as he changes in his dark form. The snake hangs on his shoulder and hisses. Saimanu took the key of the portal to the Dreamworld.


"Kira, you foolish liar! You will be my prisoner from this day forth.....hahahahaha!"




"Axiaron Vaisou....open thy gateway to the Dreamworld!"


Saimanu and the snake abducts Kira as they venture back to the Dreamworld.


"Hahahahahahahaha! Alon! Come on to me! Lets see if you can save this friend of yours!"


"You are not Rano! YOU Demon!"




The snake bites Kira and she fell on the ground.


"That is just sleep bite. She will wake up after sunset."


Saimanu brings the snake and Kira back to Vadon Castle through teleportation.


"Dreamworld....your time grows near....."





next chapter:

Chapter 7: The Dance

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Chapter 7 - The Dance


Alon, Laird, Janice and Aidan set out from Dashae and went straight to the east. They crossed through wild forests and plains with caution. The breeze of the wind made their exhaustion go away.


"Guys, how much farther is our next destination?"


"About two days, we will be traveling through this road until we reach the Mountain Ranges of Qul'Paharo."


"Will there be towns on the road?"


"According to this map, there is. I am pretty sure we could take a horse from there after we spend the night."


They walked for hours. The breeze blew softly as they walked through the grassy plains. At sunset, they arrived in a town named Haija. They went into the town and saw people decorating and cooking. They walked straight towards the inn.


"Excuse me?"


"Yes, handsome?"


"Are you the proprietress of this inn?"


"Why yes, yes it is! Welcome!"


"We would like to have an accommodation here."


"Okay. Here is the key to your room. Enjoy, dears!"


Suddenly, they heard two boys talking about some kind of ball that is to take place in the town plaza.


"Hey Rook! You comin' to the ball at the plaza this midnight?"


"You bet I am! I wanna dance and woo at the ladies around here."


"Hahaha. This our opportunity! Lets go!"


Alon thought in his mind that it is time. He looked at Janice's glimmering face as she goes into the room.


Around midnight, Alon took out all of his white robes given by Laird. He chose the robe made of pure white silk which conceals his armor made of light but strong mythril. He brushed his hair and groomed himself up and walked towards the plaza. There was a festive music and a lot of food, but he cannot seem to find the one he fell in love secretly, none other than Janice. Instead, he found Laird and Aidan dancing with the other women.


All alone, Alon sulks towards the riverside. The music can still be heard from the plaza. He sat down on the ground until suddenly, someone touched his shoulder. He heard a voice.


"Alon...would you like to dance?"


Alon looked at the person and saw a beautiful lady dressed in white, glittery gown, who is none other than Janice herself. Alon was amazed at her beauty and fell in love the more. Janice laid out her hand and Alon stood up. They danced away from the others as the music continues to play. The piano, violins, harps and the other instruments used by the orchestra makes a good harmony which made obvious that Alon and Janice are starting to fall in love with each other. They stared with each other. They grew closer to each other and Alon forced himself to show his feelings for Janice. He kissed Janice under the stars all in a sudden. Janice, who also has secret deep feelings for Alon, does the same until suddenly...


"Alon, stop. This is not right."


"What is...not right of my actions?"


"Alon...I have to admit it...I-"


"-and so do I. I love you ever since I saw your kind face..."


"But that is not right! I...I...I just cannot!"




"Because I am the Dreamer!"


"Janice, do not let that keep you from loving."


"Alon...I would give you this ring. Let this be a proof...that I also love you."


"Janice...I want you to have this flower as-"


"-a sign of your love...but I cannot..."


"Is there no other way?"


"Well...there is one way...I sacrifice my immortality and become...what I was before."


"Then go do so!"


"DON'T YOU REALIZE ALON! I JUST CANNOT LOVE YOU! Why? Saimanu...tsk Saimanu is causing chaos. Yes, that is one reason! Another is that there is no one to replace me if I were to respite!! UNDERSTAND ALON! UNDERSTAND!"

Alon trembles. Tears suddenly flows from his eyes.

"J-J-J-Janice? Am....I-? Have...I....become?"


"Hush, my dear sweet prince."


"Pardon me....I just cannot resist....this feeling! Back at home, my family...being slain to death. My wife, my children...all of them...my brother and mother....they are gone...I feel terrible of myself from this loneliness!"


"Alon, we passed through the same agony. Once this is finished...I tell of you....you will see."


"They held each others' hands and looked out to the starry night. They lay themselves on the ground and gazed through the stars.


"Look! A shooting star! Let us make thy wishes!"


Silently, they wished upon the star. The night continued on.





Chapter 8: Siege of Kianse

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