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`~*Dreamworld*~` [updated: April 6]

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Chapter 8 - The Siege of Kianse

"March you fools!" Reian screams into the air with her eternal anger to her enemies. She extends her hand and struck lightning to the ground.


"Feel...the power and the might of the Nightmare Kingdom!" Rayen screams unto the air. He and Reian led the army and stopped in front of the gates.

"Warriors of the dark! Heed my call! Today...you shall pour out thy anger! Remember what these people do to you! They treated all of you as mere pests and banished you from your own homes. Now is the time to reclaim it! By the authority beset upon me and my brother, Rayen, we proclaim this city, Kianse to war! Death to all who resists the power of the nightmare!"


"Death!" The soldiers shouted all at once.

The commanders of the army approached Reian and Rayen for their final orders.


"Your highness, what are your last orders?"


"Siege the gate first then move into the city. Kill all who resists the invasion. Do not stop the attack until the city is taken."


"I hear of this Lady Airian. What of her?"


"We shall give her her own destruction."


Alon woke up at first light around dawn. He looked upon to his right and saw himself in the bedroom. He also saw Aidan, Laird and Janice sleeping.


"Ugh. You sleepyheads. Best wake up now!"


But they would not budge. Alon checked if they were not breathing.


"It appears they are breathing. Hey guys! WAKE UP!"


"Argh! Alon! Quiet down! Its still early in the morning!"


"Huh....fine then."


He walked and sat down by the window. He looked at the horizon and saw the Mountain Ranges of Qul'Paharo.


"Its just a days journey...just need to find a horse for us to use...thats all."


Suddenly, he felt something dark flowing through his veins. He felt something at his arm. He suddenly felt a voice in his head.

"O mur de ita, Alon! O mur de ita!"




Meanwhile, at Kianse Palace...

"What possible cause could we have to lay hand on our dear Lady Airian?"


"A deception and an outrage! The council of Fa shall not stand for this!"


"A viper amongst our councilors!"


"With Minister Di as its head, with the dignity left in him, he confessed his doing and passed his own sentence."


"A viper with many tails! Much of the council is culpable!"


"We have no choice but to strip the council of authority and assign powers of autocracy to myself until such time as orders-"


"Spare me your lies! I see the serpent coiled here before me!"


"Shemhazai! You speak too freely!"


"Garabarth! Do not tell me you join this....mummer's farce!"


"With Vadon poised to invade at any moment, our leader must have a free hand."




"The once great Kianse kingdom is reduced to me alone."


"Oh, surely you would no go so far!!"


Shemhazai took his sword and pointed at Lord Ganser, Lady Airian's brother.


"Ganser de Vailiti! As High judge of Kianse and the upholder of the law., I hereby place you under arrest!"


"Heheh...arrest him!"


"Fools! This man is not suitable for any of you to call as "King"!"


...to be continued.

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Oh nooo... Missed out two chapters!! >.<


I love the romantic scence of dance between Alon and Janice. However, it was disrupted by Janice's saying "I'm a dreamer!". :D


Awww... Next chapter is full of chaos... I wonder what's "O mur de ita, Alon! O mur de ita!" :D


Oh that picture of real antogonist, I think more like a guy because he is Saimanu??? If he's Saimanu, then he is a guy because identical twins will always be the same gender. ^_^


Waiting for update soon! Good job! :)

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Hmmm...if I had to guess...I would say, girl. Long hair, hood over head to conceal identity.


I am sooo sorry for Alon,but Janice makes a good point. Drat it!


*waits for next update with caramel popcorn*

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Alon and the others galloped out of the town towards the Mountain Ranges of Qul'Paharo. They faced a windy weather as they went through the open plains. Suddenly, Laird stops galloping his horse. The others why he stops.


"Laird? What the heck is wrong?"


"I feel something strange on the other side of the mountain range...as if my powers are taken away."


"We should continue on...but we ride carefully."


"Alon, your decision?"


"My decision? We go forward to Kianse."

Alon felt something aching through his scar. He presses the scar hardly.


"Alon? Is there a problem?"


"Janice, are you sure that I am completely healed? The wound from that cursed arrow really made something out of me."


"Alon. I healed you physically. We cannot be sure unless you-"


"Argh! You are not sure?! Are you a healer, Aidan?! Are you?! Answer me!"


"Alon! This is no time to pick a quarrel!"


"Argh! A-A- It pains me well! Yaargh!"


"What is going on with you?!"

Everybody stepped down from their horses and tries to calm down Alon.


"Alon...tell us what is wrong with you."


Alon hears a voice in his mind.


"O mur de ita, Alon. De siger te miua ta! Hahahaha!"

Alon lies on the ground. His eyes change color. Janice took a gem from her pocket. The gem that will tell the situation of anyone she knows.


"The gem says that....oh no..."


"What! Tell us, Janice!"


"Look at Alon! He is freaking me out!"


Laird points his hand at Alon. Janice, Aidan and Laird gathers together.



"Aidan...dispel the curse!"


"I cannot! Only his soul can actually allow him to control his transformation!"


"We have to get out of here!"


There was a lightning flash and suddenly, Alon starts chasing the three.


"Mi vesne Aidan! So iher de soli kai gan!"


Janice, on the other hand, had no choice.


"Hold my hand, Aidan, Laird!"


They held each others' hand and Janice disappears along with Aidan and Laird.


"Get back here, Janice! You'll never get away from me! Never!"


He roared as he ripped his clothes and transformed like a demon. He came back to his senses, being surprised by his new self.

"What...happened to me? Why have I become such monstrosity?!"




In Kianse, hours have passed after the kingdom fell into enemy hands. The soldiers took all those who resisted as slaves. Reian and Rayen looked from the top of the palace.

"The great city of Kianse....IS UNDER OUR LEADERSHIP!"


"Long live the empire!"


The soldiers responded.



Saimanu looks through the orb of dreams, a sacred relic which he stole from Janice.


"Hehehehehe....my plans are working perfectly now...Janice...it is payback time!"



Note: Alon, from this chapter, is now an antagonist. Do not worry, he'll be back at the good side soon, with someone else.

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Chapter 9 - Ill Hearts


Janice, Laird and Aidan arrived in Kianse. They were quite surprised to see the great devastation that they saw. They also saw the flag bearing the insignia of the nightmares.


"How do we get in?"


"Aidan, that is why we can go through the sewers."


"Erk! Why should I go through the sewers, Janice?"


"Well....if you do not want to come, then fine. Stay here."


"No! No no no no no no no no no! I'll be coming along with ye!"


"Then come fast! Somebody is approaching!"


They went around a destroyed wall. They hear footsteps. Then they started hearing the conversation of two soldiers.


"Hey. Is it true we are to invade Hyen next?"


"Well, according to Lady Reian, yes....we are."


"Ugh. I hate taking up orders for that lady brat! She thinks she is powerful enough to rule the whole world!"


"Take it easy there, man!"


"Oh well, there are somethings to do. Lord Rayen is appointed as the minister for Kianse. We should prepare the city for his visit."


"Good. Knowing Sir Rayen, he is much more of a gentleman. Someone who understands very well."


"Yes...he is wise indeed."

Janice knew that time is running out. She feels something is about to happen.


"Guys....we have to go!"


Janice, Laird and Aidan went through the sewer and covers their noses.


"Lets go!"


Janice and the others walks in the sewers. Janice still has hope of finding and turning Alon back on their side.


"Alon...I will come for you. I swear it!"



"Now I walk alone in the field of darkness and despair. I have endured so much pain....so much suffering on my back....hrrr....so much grief...my eyes can see....! I become...different! I need....revenge! I shall do whatever it takes to have my vengeance! Even...if I have to betray my friends!"


Alon stood firm on the top of the mountains, looking at the horizon.


"Janice....how could you...."


Tears came down through his eyes. He opened his eyes.

"Saimanu....tu vra dir lesir!"


He jumps off the mountain and flew with his wings.


Later, he arrived at Saimanu's castle. It was dark and lifeless. No soldiers were around as well. All that was there were lighted torches. He shouts.

"Saimanu! Where are you! Come out where ever you are!"


Suddenly, a masked person, who is in white appeared in front of Alon. Alon asked the man and looked straight through his glittering eyes.

"Who...who are you?"


"Look into my eyes....Alon."


"What is wrong....? Why do I feel...-"


"You will fall under my spell from this day forth! You will be mine now, Alon!"


Alon was hypnotized by the masked person and fell asleep. The man revealed his form.

"Alon, my brother....you are mine now! Bwahahahahaha!"




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