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Eternal: Once Upon a Time (Demo V 1.30 Released!)

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Eternal: Once Upon a Time



Latest Developments!


Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 5:52 OM


Demo Version 1.30 released!





Mitsuki Hayama was just an ordinary girl, except maybe a little more clumsy than most, until that one day. She wakes up one morning in the middle of a forest! Her childhood friend Yoriki Nagano (also lost in the forest) finds her in the forest. They make their way to a town which is soon raided by zombies! But before the attack, Mitsuki somehow finds herself back in her own world! She goes to Yoriki's house wondering if what she just experienced was real. When she gets to his house, she find an odd book titled Eternal. When she begins to read it, she's startled to find out that the book's story oddly matches what she had just went through. Now she has to somehow travel back and forth between the book and reality, find a missing prince, run away from an evil syndicate, find a way to save the world, forge friendships, and deal with the occasional band of kindergartener-size imps.




Friendship/Relationship Points-

Certain choices that the player makes can effect what people say and if certain sidequests appear in the game.


Over 16 characters!-

There are OVER 16 characters that will join your group throughout the game's story. If you look in the right places, you might just find others that are willing to help you.


Sideview battles-

The battles are now viewed from the side and the battle backrounds will no longer make anyone dizzy!


Party-switcher: Now we have an active and reserve party. Four characters will fight while the others just sit there. You can switch party members in the menu. And yes, reserve party members do get exp.


16 Endings!!! - Currently, there are 16 different endings to the game. This ties into the Friendship/Relationship Points Feature. If you manage to forge a strong bond with someone before the story is over, you might just unlock their ending. (Note: Most characters have 2 endings with only 2 or 3 characters having 1)


Battle Results - After battle, a battle results window pops up showing you all you ever would want to know about your victory.


Minigames - Currently... there's only one. (Not in the demo) There will be more, however.






Screenshots: (NOTE: Check the thread for screenies as well.)




Demo: (ATTENTION. There have been two slight errors on my part in the demo. Before playing, copy the Battle4ace.ogg file in the Audio folder so you have two of them, and rename one to "Omen.ogg" Also, do not talk to the cat being chased by the boy in the Meliara Business District or the game will crash. Sorry.)


Version 1.30.rar:(RTP not included)



Version 1.30.zip:(RTP not included)







Ryo's not good at doing credits! They're in the game anyway. Or rather... they will be in it. x3


Notes: It'll get done soon enough. >o> Don't worry.

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Arg, I must resist the urge to tinker with RMVX. I know once I do, then my other projects will start collecting dust x_x


Anyway, it looks nice so far. I like the face-sets :)

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Ok, for what i seen so far of ur work (don't get offended i just want to help u with this critic)i think for starters, the story seems interesting and good and i like the features.

Secondly, i like the characters and the way how u developted them.


Now to the critics:

-the character faces, the main character's face doesn't fit with the style of the other characters, and that isn't good for the game visual, u should think about changing it.

The rest of the faces are fine.


-The pic u use for the title is too small, u should think about finding one bigger.


-the maps:

-the interior map of the house is just perfect, but u should think about making the walls alil smaller.


-all of the forest maps need some changing, too geometrical, remember, this is very important: nature isn't simetrical, only man made creations.

don't make everything in the forest so straight, make some circles and some senseless curves, and put more deatails, a small river there, a flower somewhere else, be completly random when doing forests. You don't see square shaped forests or gardens or even citys in our reality.


- the small town in the second screenshot has the houses to big, noone lives in houses that big, and i'm sure even u have windows on ur house. plus ad a phew gardens to some of the houses.


- in the third screenshot... is that a room? don't make open spaces so wide. put walls, and stuff in the middle. if that's a class, u should have added desks.

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Finally, the website loads!

Anyway, I think the face sets are great, except for Mitsuki's. Like what NightMelody said, she doesn't match the style of the other characters.

All other things about the screenshots, NightMelody already enumerated them.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! Ryo's glad the website loaded for you puppis. It might've been the music that was making the website load slowly. <(^_^)> Also, thanks for the critics, NightMelody.



-Ryo's planning on using a different picture for the title screen, but Ryo hasn't found one yet.


-Most of the maps Ryo's been redoing since those maps were from when Ryo had just started using the program. Ryo's detailed up the forest maps with flowers and stuff, now Ryo just has to reshape the little clearings.


-The map for the house that isn't extremely bad is actually an inn, but the walls do look a little high, don't they?


-Mitsuki's picture got blurry when Ryo enlarged it a little. Ryo'll fix that and see if Ryo still needs to change the pictre. If anyone happens to find a good faceset for her, tell Ryo and he might change it.


-The really large, extremely bad room was supposed to be more of a gym sort of thing. Ryo plans on redoing it, but Ryo's not sure how he plans to do it.


-The town with the gigantic houses was supposed to be a city (Tokyo perhaps?) It was Ryo's first ever map so Ryo's gotta get around to redoing it.


Ryo's glad he didn't post a Screenshot of Sheena's house. It looks like the inside of a gigantic castle with extremely tall rooms and high ceilings. However, Ryo already put like 7 cutscenes in there already so he's wondering how to fix that.

Now that Ryo looks at the town maps, his buildings are pretty tall. Also, he'll have to make a party-changing event or character since the party changer script doesn't work with the side view battle

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Ryo started adding in the villains. Ryo didn't put in there descriptions, but at least you get some pictures of them. Ryo found a better picture for Futeki so he looks a little more girlish now. Also, Ryo's thinking about changing Yoriki's face, but that's not really important right now. Ryo hasn't found a better Mitsuki face though...

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Ryo updated the topic with a Latest Development section! Hopefully, he'll remember to edit it whenever he works on the game.


The villains do look evil, don't they? But are they really evil...? Not all of them will be villains throughout the entire game...or will they.

(That was a horrible attempt at being mysterious wasn't it? XD)

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The villains look good, in the meaning of looking bad :P, as well as the other characters. Some of the screenies are better, still too many trees though... looks like the forest is made just of trees...

i like the battle system.

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Zombies! This one never dies. ;)


It's always interesting to follow up on a game project development. Though, it's somehow disappointing to see another game having a title with "Eternal"; Eternal Eden recently came out!

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Thanks for the comments! ^_^ Ryo'll have to go back and make the forest paths a little wider, Maybe he'll change some of the trees to dead trees, a couple of extra clearings would help too right?

Oh, you know, while he's in the working-on-the-game-mood he might as well write down what kind of weapon each character uses.

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Hey, to give u a help with the maps, check out these ones, those are maps used on my game:






More wide spaces, not too many trees. small details around.





Houses aren't tiny, but aren't huge either, with windows.


These aren't perfect, but i think they can help u with the mapping.

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