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Eternal: Once Upon a Time (Demo V 1.30 Released!)

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Ok, so Ryo's sure everyone's been wanting an update made in the thread and not just in the Kingdom Chat, right? Well here it is. Ryo's been working on something special for christmas... but... yeah... Ryo didn't get it done it time so just consider it a gift for the holidays. >.>


Anyway, it'll be done soon............. hopefully. >.>


So here's some nice screenshots! :3


Friara, the Town Basked in White.


















So yes, enjoy.


And yes, Mitsuki does have a santa hat. :3

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Ryo, when is the Christmas game going to come out? Is there any progress?


Also, how's the real game going? You said a demo by Halloween, but...


I just want to know if progress is being made... I love this game so much... :)


Also, I'll try to work on voice lines. :)

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owo... Well... It'll come out eventually... >.>...


And the real game's coming along well. :3 Ryo's been making sprites for NPCs and stuff as well as touching up old maps and working with character development. *points at the height stuff in hte collegium*


So yeah, the games being worked on, just slower than Ryo originally planned. Currently, Ryo's working on a cutscene involving a... "crash." Ryo'll let everyone ponder that thought while he goes off to work. Tata~! x3

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Sooo~~ Ryo's assuming everyone's wondering when the next demo shall be coming out. WELP! Ryo CAN say that everyone will be excited becaaaauuuuse~~ The answer is soon. Like... really soon. You see, Ryo's on break. Ryo doesn't back to school till Monday, not including play practice on Thursday and Saturday. So, Ryo's had and will have a lot of free time. If you've been on Kingdom Chat, you should know that Ryo's been doing A LOT of work on Eternal.


Anyway, the main thing Ryo's here to announce is when the next demo comes out as well as show off a few new screenies.


Ryo'll show off the screenies first.




Mitsuki's angry at the horse, wonder why?



The grand unveiling of Terra, the newest character in Eternal (Not including characters from the non-existant sequel) NOTE: There IS a period there, just Ryo took the screenshot before it popped up.



Terra's house out on the plains:



Hey look! It's TEA! x3333



O.o Um... Mitsuki?



Aaaaand the new battle aftermath system at work. Notice how it doesn't crash when Sheena learns a new jutsu. x3



And now for the great unveiling of when the next demo shall be out.


Highlight to see: (Some time by Monday!! : DDD)

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I'm SOOO EXCITED!!! First TLO, now Eternal... my fave games!!! :)


The screenshots look cool, I can't wait to learn more about Terra! :)

What's Mitsuki trying to do...?


BTW, I'm making progress on the sprite... :)

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Thanks Elly~chan! :3


What Mitsuki's trying to do shall... stay a secret so it doesn't ruin the funny-ness of the moment. x3


As for the sprite, Ryo can't wait to see it! If it gets done soon enough, It can be in the next demo! : DDD

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I would like to point out that that horse is WAAAAY tiny. And that it is spelled "sequel."


...I'm not really sure what else to say. Um, hurry up with the new demo so I will be inspired to finish the current one? XD

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Ok, everyone, sorry it's two days late, but there was some... technical difficulties. Anyway, the new demo should be out later on today. Ryo's finished everything in the demo except the last scene. This includes: 2 new side-quests, 2 new bosses, 2 dungeons (One being for a sidequest later on), the grasslands, Meliara, a new character, updated graphics in Miko village, typo fixes, and THE CASTLE!


Ryo's sure everyone will enjoy it. x3 Lots of laughs, lot's of fun.



If anyone's wondering if the save files from the last demo will work in the new demo, Ryo's not sure. Ryo wouldn't try it, though. There's been some script changes.



The demo isn't out juuuuuuuuuuuust yet, later today after Ryo's done with play practice, Ryo'll announce it.

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FINALLY A NEW DEMO!!! Gosh, I'm so excited! Too bad I only have half an hour... DDDDD= I'll play more tomorrow, I promise!!! :)


OH! Yays, I can do lines now...



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