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Adventure at school

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Adventure at school

Shani 97




"Haley wake up,Haley"said Mrs. Van Hook trying to wake up Haley.

"Is it time for school already" said Haley in a sleepy voice and towards the clock''mom it's still 4:00 or is it 7:00 ?"Haley asked " No it's 6:00 but u don't wanna be late for you're first day at your."

new school,right ? " her mom replied

" Mom the school is near-it takes-10 to 15 minutes,i guess"

"Get up now or a whole bucket of water is going to be poured on you young miss."her mom countered


Haley sat up straight " You won't " "Oh yes she will" said her brother zack peeping from the door and all wet,after seeing her brother she got straight out of bed.



Let me describe Haley she has bright brown hair and brown-black hair.She is daring,naughty,smart 11 year old girl.She likes sports,singing,drawing.Her brother Zack has blue eyes and dark curly brown hair.He too is daring, smart,and naughty 12 year old boy.He likes sports,balling,video games and way into being cool.Haley's dad works in the police department and Haley's Mom is a scientist.


Haley got dressed and came down for breakfast.As she was sitting she asked her mom

"What's for breakfast Mum.""Milk with Sandwithces filled with -"


"Mayones,salad,brocalie,and carrots which are good for health,AGAIN " both Haley and Zack told together cutting in mom.

"So any one has a problem with that?"Mom asked " No but we Don't want to eat the same thing,we ate the yesturday and day before yerturday and the day before that and-u get the point, right Mom?" Haley said "Yeah" Zack agreed.


"Okay fine i will make something different,Alright?" Mom said "Alright" Haley said "yeah-whooo" zack said falling backward. Haley leaned to Zack and said "U better start practising on exictment zack."


"So Mom who are our new neighbours?" Haley asked her Mom."I don't know Haley i was so busy un packing.Oh look at time ! school for u guys now."




"whoo this school is so big!" Haley said "u said it sis.I wonder who is the cooliest kid in 7th grade."Zack said."Zack! why do you have to always worry who is the cooliest kid? Dad said if you don't get more than 90 in Maths this year he will not only change your school he will also change mine and i know we both want to study in the same school so will stop it worrying about who is the cooliest kid?" Haley said with a flash of little anger "Okay,but-" The bell rang before Zack could finsh what he was trying to say "Bye sis." Zack said "Bye Bro." said Haley.


After 2 minutes she found her locker.She opend the lock but the door of the locker won't open.Then a girl with green eyes and black hair next to her banged the locker 2 times and it opened."Thank's" Haley said "Anytime,by the way I am Alex." the girl said."Hi i am Haley and I am kind of new here" Haley said smiling " I noticed that" Alex said laughing.


"So are we friends?" Haley asked "Best friends" Alex said smiling."Like the sound of that."


"so what's your next class?"


"History too!"

"Awesome -"


"Well,Well what do we have here? a new kid in school?" a girl said behind Haley. Haley turned around and saw 3 girls marching towards her.


" This is so not good, is it?" Haley asked.

"Not anymore because your bad days in this school starts now." the girl said.


Haley and Alex exchanged puzzeld looks. " Okay doesn't matter what i said what i meant was I am going to embarass you in this school as long as you stay." and saying with that the girl went and the other 2 followed her.


" Ookkaay, this my first day at school and I have already have an enemy,this is definatly not good."

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“Don’t worry Haley u also have a friend don’t forget.” Alex said smiling “Yeah, by the way what’s her name?” Haley asked “Lily Ver Mutt.” Alex said. The bell rang. “Time for some natural world history.” Haley said giving a hi 5 to Alex “U bet.” Alex said Laughing.


“Um, Alex would u tell me the names of the kids in our class?” Haley asked standing near the class door.


“Sure, why not? So u know me and lily already, so the 2 girls over there who Lily is talking to are Dana and Brooke they are both sister and best friends with Lily-” Alex said.


“Why would someone want to be friends with her?” Haley asked. “They think she is cool.” Alex replied “Yeah she will be cool if she knew how to treat people nicely.” Haley said “Okay never mind her, so the girl behind Lily is Merlin and the girl behind her is Dana and girl near the board she is Shelly she is the shiest girl in class. The two girls in the corner are Campbell and Elizabeth and the girl near the banner is Sabrina and the girl she is talking to is Lizzie. And now the boys so the boy with green eyes and Light brown hair is Dylan Burke, the 7th graders think he is cool u know kind of popular u know?” Alex said “Yeah, I get it.” Haley said.


“So the guy behind Dylan is Jake and behind him is Cody they both are best friends they both love maths, see they are still doing maths that also in history class.” Alex said “Total nerds.” Both said together.


“So behind Cody is George and the guy he is talking to is Jordan and look there is Blake!” Alex said “Hi Alex.” Blake said “Hi meet my new friend Haley, Haley meet my twin Blake.” Alex said “Hi.” Haley said “Hi.” Blake said “Hey u are new around here, Right?” “Yeah.” Haley said “Yo! Blake come on over here.” Dylan said “Well I guess I have to go and welcome to Martin Mathews’s Middle School.” Blake said shaking hands with Haley “Thanks, bye.” Haley said “Bye.” Alex said “Bye Haley, Bye Alex.” Blake said. “Let’s get back, so where were we? Oh yeah, so the guy behind George is Max and the guy he is talking to is Mark His identical twin brother and the guy in the corner is James. We call him James Bond because he acts like him and the guy near the recycle bin is Bryan.” Alex said “Thanks a lot Alex, now I know a little about the other kids in our class.” Haley said. “ No problem.” Alex said.


The class started. They were writing down notes about Queen Elizabeth 1. As they were writing Haley’s pen Stopped working .She gave some jerks and accidentally all the ink went on Lily dress. “Opps, sorry about that.” Haley said. “Agggh, u will be sorry for doing this.” Lily said. “Hey! I said I am sorry I didn’t mean to-” Haley said but no use Lily had marched out of the class.


“Oh great! I am going to pay for something I didn’t do.” Haley said to herself.

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“Um, she is a little cracked inside, she takes anything done by a new kid school to her by mistake also against her even if someone drops a drop of ink she will take it as if it’s a plot against her.” Alex said leaning from her table. “Yeah I saw that she really likes to be a mean girl but I am ready for anything too.” Haley said. “Good you’ll be, needing it.” Alex said supporting her friend.


After class Haley went to her locker organize it as it was recess. “Well hi there Haley I have a present for u.” Lily came with her gang. “Oh hi it’s you again go ahead have your revenge I don’t care.” Haley said. “How did u know?” Lily asked. “Duh! Come on u told me at the starting u are my enemy from now on.” Haley said in a oh come on u know it voice. “Aggh.” Lily went frustrated. Haley smiled to herself. Alex came running to her and said “I can’t believe it u did it. No one has ever seen Lily that frustrated.” Alex said in disbelieve. “Really I did?” Haley asked. “Yeah u did she really got embarrassed.” Alex said. “Well then she has all rights to be enemy with me.” Haley said smiling and closing her locker.


As Alex and Haley were about to leave someone from behind said “Hey Alex and Haley wait for us.” “Huh?” They both said and turned around and saw Blake and Dylan.

“Hey Blake, Hey Dylan.” Alex said. “Hi Alex and Haley.” Blake said. “Hi.” Haley said

“Hi.” Dylan said.


“So what did Lily do?” Blake asked. “Not much got angry on what I said and walked away.” Haley said. “NO WAY!” both the boys said in shock “Why are you all shocked when lily just walked away on what I said?” Haley asked. “Lily may look dumb outside but inside she is mean really mean.” Dylan said. “And never walked away when some one said to her something especially something said by a new kid in school.” Alex said.


“Yeah.” Blake said. “Weird.” Haley said. “Forget Lily let’s show her our gym what do guys say?” Dylan said. “Absolutely.” Blake said “Hey I forget about that, that’s the main thing anybody will want to see.” Alex said. “Why?” Haley asked. “You’ll see.” The other three told together. “This is a weird school.” Haley said to herself and followed them.


As they entered the gym Haley said “Whoa this gym is so big!” Haley said “Yup it also has a secret.” Alex said. “Really?” Haley said. “Yeah but no one knows for sure is it real because the creator of the school himself made a secret passage to some where and lot’s of people tried to find the passage after his death but no one found it yet.” Dylan said. “But they say the passage is in here.” Blake said. “And how do they know?” Haley asked. “Because he only told one person 50 years ago where it is and the next principal found out who it was but he wouldn’t tell and all he told was it was in here and died the same day so that they could not make him tell.” Blake said. “It also seems that the place where the passage leads has something really important.” Alex said. “Important than gold?” Haley asked. “Oh yeah.” Dylan said.


“Come on it’s not true.” Haley said. “It is, let me show you a picture that I took from the principal’s office today.” Blake said. “Blake u didn’t!” Alex said in shock. “I had to or else the bullies were about to hit me badly does the inscription image matter to u more or your brother?” Blake asked “Well I don’t know.” Alex said. “I can’t believe it-” “Stop it u two.” Haley and Dylan said together. Blake and Alex looked at each other than at Haley and Dylan. “Well, um sorry about that ah we sometimes get carried away in our fight.” Blake said. “Yeah, show her the picture and then give it back to the principal office quietly, okay?” Alex said. “Okay so here is the picture.” Blake said. “Oh thanks.” Haley said and every one looked in the picture. It was about an inscription which said “I have made a passage to the place where the most powerful thing in the world lies. It can only be revealed to only that person who is pure in faith and not greedy like others. I won’t tell where the passage is because I don’t want that power go into wrong hands.” “ That’s it that all there is they only have is this picture?” Haley asked. “Yeah, I guess and now I have to keep it in the principal’s office.” Blake said taking the picture from Haley’s hand. But it flew away from Blake’s hand and got stuck in the reindeer’s upper antler wall decoration. “How are we going to get up there?” Alex asked. “If I don’t get the picture the principal will kill me.” Blake said.


“Okay, give a chair or something I think can reach it.” Haley said. “Okay.” Dylan said. Blake got the chair and Haley climbed the chair she reached the antler of the reindeer she looked at the deer’s eyes and it looked back at her. “Hey that looked back at me!” Haley said. “Oh come on, Haley how can that thing look at you it isn’t real, Remember?” Dylan said. “Maybe it’s just in my mind I guess.” Haley said and tried getting the picture down she hold the lower part of the antler and asked “Can I have a stick or something little big so that I can reach it?” “Okay” Blake said and gave her the stick to remove the picture. Haley was so busy removing the picture she even didn’t even realize that she was holding the lower part of the antler so hard that it came down and went up again and there was cracking sound.


After they had removed the picture Haley turned to give the picture to Blake and then she saw something couldn’t talk. The other followed her gaze and they also couldn’t believe it ether what they saw.




Well actually this is where the Adventure really starts.

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The kids couldn’t believe their eyes, the saw a staircase in the middle of the gym which lead downwards, “How did u do that?” Blake asked Haley in shock. “I don’t know maybe the antler of the reindeer is the key to the hidden passage I guess.” Haley said looking at the reindeer and went closer to the opening and was about to go down “Don’t.” Alex shouted.

“Why not?” Haley asked. “Because maybe something dangerous might be down there.” Alex said in a trembling voice. “Come on what can possible be down there?” Haley asked. “I don’t know.” Alex said. “Yeah we won’t know it until we don’t check it out.” Haley said. “I agree with her.” Dylan said. “Thank you.” Haley said. “Fine u both go and we will stay here.” Alex said. “Yeah someone has to watch over here, u know see if someone is coming.” Blake said. “Good thinking.” Alex said.

“Oh and don’t tell anyone, okay? You never know we may even get into lot of trouble.” Haley said as she was going down with Dylan. “Okay we won’t tell anyone.” Alex and Blake told together.


Haley and Dylan were walking down the stairs and then enter a tunnel and then came another staircase which lead up. “Looks like we have to climb all the way up.” Haley said. “Yeah” Dylan said “So does this school have anymore secrets?” Haley said climbing the stairs. “I don’t know it is has only been 2 months since I joined this school.” Dylan said. “You’re kidding right.” Haley said. “No” Dylan said. “Come on it can’t be it seems like u have been in this school forever.” Haley said. “Well it is your first day here and if someone new comes tomorrow he will say the same thing what u said.” Dylan said smiling and went ahead of Haley.

“Hey what do you mean?” Haley said running to catch up with him. “U weren’t even shy at your first day of school, come on how many kids especially girls just walk in class, make a stubborn girl just walk away by something said to them?” Dylan said.

“I am used to it so is my brother. We keep moving from one place to another I did my kindergarten in Los Angles, my preschool in California, my elementary in New York, and now my middle school in Chicago.” Haley said in a sad tone and climbed ahead. “But isn’t it good, I mean meet other people?”Dylan asked behind Haley. “No it isn’t all my childhood I kept making new friends for once I want to stay at one place make friends over there and so is my brother wishing the same thing.”Haley said looking down. “I think I know what it feels like, my childhood went the same way as yours and I wish the same thing.” Dylan said. “Really?” Haley said “Really.” Dylan said. As they were talking the end of the stairs came. “Looks like the end of the stairs came at last.” Haley said. “Yeah” Dylan said. They were walking straight suddenly, fog started coming and nothing could be seen. “Dylan where are you?” Haley said tiring to look through the fog. “I am here where are u Haley?” Dylan said.

“I am here, try to catch my hand.” Haley said putting her in the fog. Dylan caught it her hand and said “Let’s stay close, so we don’t get lost.” Dylan said. “Yeah” Haley said. They came out of it, Dylan looked behind and saw the fog was gone and said “Um, Haley where did that big giant fog go?”

Haley turned around and said “I don’t know.” And turned back in the front and then she saw something and couldn’t believe her eyes. Dylan turned around it and saw it and said “Wow I never saw anything like it even in the storybooks.”

“Yeah it seems like I came in a whole new world.” Haley said. What they saw was a beautiful land where the grass was greener than ever and the sky was so blue that no one has ever seen and air was clear and the mountains were just beautiful.

“I don’t want to know what the most powerful thing is, This is just so beautiful I can live here forever.”Haley said.

“Yeah, no wonder why he didn’t tell them where it was he wanted to protect this place not that most powerful thing.”Dylan said

“I guess.”

“It feels like we are in the book called Bridge to Terabithia.”

“Or Narnia.”


“Let’s go explore."

“Hmmm, let me think.”

“Come on, please."


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I'm gonna like it shani!


Chappie 1:

I wonder how's the gals will embarass Haley...


Chappie 2:

I'm glad that Haley met Alex!

Damn, Haley tainted Lily's shirt... I wonder what's Haley's next danger...


Chappie 3:

- Fresh idea that a gym holds a secret passage.

- Kinda magical since the passage only opens for a true faithful heart person.

- Why would that picture flew to that antler. The principal would livid...

- Why Haley's holding the antler's lower part. Jeez XD. Looks like its the key to...


Chappie 4:

- Yeah, thanks to that picture flew over to that secret antler!

- Yeah, fairytales come true at last! I wish I could be there... I got weak lung and I need fresh air. XD



The only problem is, I need to clarify who's the speakers and who's the replier... Anyways, it's interesting to read a teenage story! XD

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Well i kind of thought it was like that oh btw they are novels turned into movies by disney. Prince Nicols you are so funny i was laughing out so much. Btw can anyone suggest what name should i keep for the place?

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Am I funny? I don't think so. I'm funnier in FB actually (jk). The title "Adventure at School" is nice and sweet. May I suggest you to add the name of Haley somewhere in the title cuz she's the main character. :D

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