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Ean and Iya's Return Chapters 1-8 (updated 7/2/2009 4:55pm EST)

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Chapter 1


Ean and Iya were standing in front of the elder oak in the Land of Man. After their travels and adventures away from home, they were tired. They had been in the Land of Man for over a month. Ean had saved Iya from the snow queen, and Iya had saved her from Heptitus, the nymph of wickedness. Iya had regained her full spirit, and now they were returning home.

As Iya sang to the great tree, a passage opened up. Together, the two young elves steped into the tree, and back into the Vale. They were relieved to see everything peaceful and to the way it should be, but one thing upset them, the trampled path. About a week ago, Ean had heard the Vale had been attacked by Shaenlir soilders from a resident in the snowy city after the final battle. After the terrible news, Ean and Iya both rushed back home, and in their haste, forgot to go to Candar, the city of love, and be married like they had agreed upon. It was not until now that Iya had realized this.


"Yes my love?"

"I just realized, we have forgotten to go to Candar."

There was an uncomfortable scilence for a moment.

"That's ok, we had to return home. It's probably better anyway; getting married and having a big, happy wedding in the Vale than it is in Candar with a small wedding all alone." Ean said thoughtfuly.

Changing the subject, "It's almost midnight now." Iya whispered, looking up at the sky. "We should probably wait until dawn to return home and get some rest now."

"I think you're right, waking up everyone in the town in the middle of the night and getting everyone excited now is no use. They might think we are from Shaenlir attacking again. We can wait until tomorrow."

"Plus, we have to think of our young one. A fight now wouldn't be a good idea." Iya added.

Ean smiled with pride at Iya. As he held her close, he looked down into her violet eyes. As she smiled bck at him, he gently kissed her. To them, time seemed to stand still and that moment felt an eternity.

"I love you Ean. You are my first love; my only love. If we were reborn into another life, we'd still find each other, and we'd fall in love all over again." Iya whispered.

"I love you too Iya, more than anything in this universe. You mean more to me than everything."

With those words, Ean walked over to a Weeping Willow with low branches. He took off his magic cloak and hung it from the lowest branches of the tree to make a small shelter for the night. Iya layed in the soft grass under the tree. As Ean layed down beside his fiance, he noticed her belly getting plump. He put his hand softly on her belly and she looked up at him shyly. She put her hand over his and gazed into his eyes. As he looked back at her, she lifted her head and genlty kissed Ean. They held on to each other so tenderly, they both sighed in happiness. They delicately smiled at each other. Iya layed her head against Ean's chest and within moments, was fast asleep. As he held her close, Ean felt so happy and soon drifted off into a deep sleep.




Chapter 2


As dawn was approaching, Ean woke up and immediately noticed Iya wasn't in the makeshift tent. He rubbed his tired eyes and stood up clumsily. He stepped out into the cool, crisp air and saw Iya, kneeling in the stream nearby. He walked to where she was and knelt down behind her.

He whispered, "We should get going; It's almost sunrise."


Ean carefully stood up, trying not to slip, and started to shove everything away into their pack. Iya got up to, and headed toward Ean, grabbing him in a big, warm hug. The elves stood there gazing into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever. Finally Iya motioned for them to start heading back home.

"I can't wait until we get back, Ean"

"Neither can I, I just hope everyone is alright after the attack." Ean replied.

"All we can do is hope."

After walking along tthe path for a while, they were standing at the entrance to Elfwood. They both took a deep breath and walked into the village hand in hand.

"Ean, is that you?" his mother exclaimed, as if she was looking at a ghost.

Everyone standing in the clearing suddenly got quiet and turned to face the two elves. They blushed from all of the attention. Suddenly lia, Iya's mother, rushed up to her daughter and hugged her, acting like she never wanted to let go.

"Oh Iya! My daughter! What happened to you!" Lia happily said trying to hold back tears.

Ean and Iya were both speechless.

"It's kinda a long story." Ean finally said.

"Awww, aren't they just so adorable?" Ean's mother teased when she noticed the elves holding hands.

"Well, um... we..." Iya started to say but Ean interupted her "We'll tell you later"

A knowing smile crossed both their mother's faces.

"Mom, where's dad?" Ean asked.

"He's inside now; he's very sick and hurt; some soilders from the Land of Man attacked. The snow also made him very sick." his mother told him.

Ean's eyes flashed with alarm and he dashed to the house, Iya still holding his hand. When they were at the door, they heard his father coughing. Ean and Iya both looked worried as they stepped into the house. Ean led the way inside.

When he noticed movement in the room, he looked up and saw his son and Iya standing in the doorway.

"Is that you son?"

"Yes, me and Iya dad"

"We just heard that you were sick and hurt, so we came to help you." Iya said suddenly.

"But how can you help me? Neither of you have powers."

Ean and Iya looked at each other and smiled.

"Actually, Iya is more powerful than you think or showed before."

"And Ean has a special power too."

"But, how?"

"Iya's and my powers came to us when we needed them most." Ean told his father. "Iya can do a lot of magic and I can shape-shift into other creatures."

"Wow, I never would have thought..."

There was a scilence among everyone. Just then, Ean's and Iya's mothers walked inside.

His mother gently embraced her son and said, "I'm so happy to have you both back."

She then turned to Iya. "Welcome home. I hope you're good to my son, young one."

Iya was surprised that Ean's mom had said that, It was like she knew about the elves plans of getting married already.

"Iya, we need to help my father now."

"Yes, we should"

"What are you two talking about?" Lia asked.

"Just watch. Come on, Ean."

Ean and Iya both stood over Ean's father on each side of his bed. Iya extended her hands over his dad. A flash of white light danced from Iya's fingertips to her fiance's father. Lia gasped in amazement. Ean's dad blinked his eyes shut and after a moment, opened them up again.

"Wow, I feel... stronger, and so much different than I have these past few days..."

"Can you stand up Mr. Okho?" Iya asked.

"I'm not sure; I'll try."

Ean's father squirmed where he was. He akwardly swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. He took a deep breath and touched his feet to the floor. He slid off of the bed and a huge grin formed on his face.

"Well done young one! I can actually stand, and walk; I feel so free now! That was amazing!" Ean's father exclaimed.

"Why, thank you, It was nothing really." Iya shyly said.

"Ah, but it is. You used your powers to heal me. I should be the one thanking you. I thought I would be crippled..."

"Father, mother, Lia, Iya and I have to ask you all something." Ean said nervously.

Ean and Iya looked at each other. "Well, we thought about this a lot and we really think we are making the right choice with this." Ean started. "Ean and I have been waiting to tell you all for a few weeks now, since after Ean and I escaped the Snow Queen." Iya added. "We want to say... well... we are going to get married and we wanted to see what you say about this first." Ean said. "We were going to get married in the Land of Man in a city called Candar, but we heard about the Shaenlir attack and hurried home instead." Iya whispered.

"But, you both aren't even 18 yet; you're only 16 and Ean's only 17. Are you sure you want to make that kind of commitment?" Iya's mother queried.

"Iya and I have thought about this a lot. We both realized we wouldn't be able to live without each other." Ean said.

"Oh, I just remembered, we built a new cottage just a little farther in the village. If you both are getting married, I can ask the elders if you can have it, that is, if you want it." Ean's father suddenly said.

Ean and Iya both smiled at each other with excitement. They held each other close and felt so happy at this news.

"Sure, we'd like that. That would be nice, don't you agree Ean?"

"It would be nice. That is a good idea." Ean replied.

Ean and Iya both were excited at the idea of starting their own life together. Iya's mother, though she liked Ean, was skeptical about her daughter and him getting married at such a young age. She thought it was foolish of them to make such a commitment, being so young still. She didn't show these feelings though; she just smiled and went along with it.

"Ean, Iya, why don't you come outside and let everyone know you have returned. I bet they are just dying to see you two after so long." Ean's mom suggested.

"Sure mom."

The two young elves walked out of the house.

"I just hope they make the right choice and know what they are getting into." Lia sadly said.




Chapter 3


A few days later, Ean and Iya were standing on their back porch, his arms wrapped around her. They were looking out into the forest at the Japanese Weeping Willow in sprouting up from the ground.

"It looks beautiful, doesn't it?" Iya asked.

"It's nice, but not as beautiful as you." Ean replied.

Iya blushed at these words. She leaned her head against him and turned around to face him. He smiled at her. They stood there for what seemed like forever. Iya kissed her fiance on the cheek and walked inside. Ean just stood there, like he was under a trance for a moment and then walked off the porch into the forest.

He didn't know why he was in the forest; it felt like his feet were forcing him to walk to an unseen, unknown place. He had to dodge branches and he was tripping over underbrush, but he kept on walking on a straight, unwavering path unable to be seen.

After a while, Ean started to get tired and collapsed on the ground right there. Everything went black.


Ean woke up and saw nothing but blackness. Am I in a cave? Is it night? he asked himself. He tried to get up, but he felt like he was being held down by some unseen force. He didn't have the strenght to fight back at the moment, so he just layed there, at least he thought he was laying down. He was so dizzy and tired and it was so dark, he couldn't tell though. Where am I? he thought. With alarm, he realized Iya wasn't anywhere around this place. He vaguely remembered walking in the forest, but he couldn't remember why. Is Iya alright, wherever she was? A sickning thought came to his mind. He remembered going into the forest unwillingly; what is someone, or something, was after Iya. He shivered at the thought of it.

A flame suddenly burst up and white light suddenly filled up the whole room. He saw a face, but it flashed away as fast as it had come. He felt like he was being watched.

"After all this time, you have finally come. I have been waiting for you, Ean Okho."

Ean looked around everywhere for where the voice came from. He realized, to his horror, he wasn't in a room or a even cave. He was floating among blackness and a source of white light was revolving around him. It wasn't clear at first, but he saw an image of Iya sleeping beside him. That image started to materialize until he could feel her next to him. He could hear her softly breathing, showing she was unaware of anything going on at the moment. She started to stir, and instantly blinked her eyes open. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Ean beside her.


"Oh Ean, I was so worried when you disappeared;I went searching for you, got knocked out, and ended up here."

"Now that you both are here, I will tell you why you are here in the first place." the voice from earlier said.

The glowing white light slowly stopped spinning and ended up right in front of them about twenty feet. The blackness around the elves faded away and the room became oddly familiar, it felt like the Thias castle, but it seemed a century older. The glowing light slowly faded away, like the blackness had, and it reavealed two people sitting on thrones. The woman, which he thinks is the voice he heard before was sitting on the left. She was quite tall and thin and had light purple hair braided off to the side. She looked like a true warrior and leader. The person on the right, a man, was also tall and thin with unusual green hair. He didn't look like as much of a fighter as the woman, but he had a staff at hand containing an orb, one so powerful it is only used by the greatest magicians in the Land of Man. They both must be powerful and important people, he thought to himself. He could tell that Iya was thinking the same thing at that moment, he wasn't sure how, he just could.

"Greetings, Ean, Iya. My name is Rhen. This is Lars. We have been waiting for you."




Chapter 4


Ean gaped at the former king and queen of Thais. He looked over at Iya, and by the expression on her face, and could tell she was thinking the same thing. 'They must have come for something important' Ean thought.

Suddenly Ean said, "What is this place? Why have you brought us here?"

"We have come to tell you about an important matter. We have to discuss something with you and you must help in fufilling the prophecy." Rhen replied.

"We already have though. What more can there be?" Iya asked, surprised.

"It is not your prophecy, but you must help fufill it." explained Rhen.

Ean and Iya looked at each other, confused. Rhen and Lars noticed this.

"The prophecy might not be for you, but you play a big role in it. You must teach your children all of your skills. They must be prepared in 10 years. They must be prepared to fight the great darkness by then. If they are not, te whole world will perish. Once your children ae born, you must take your village out of the Vale, or else the Darkness will destroy everyone and everything. It will hit the Vale before it goes anywhere else.Once you leave, you cannot turn back. You cannot return until the Darkness has been defeated." Lars told the young elves.

Ean thought for a second and then asked, "What do you mean children? There will be more than one?"

"There will be twins, a girl and a boy." Rhen laughed for a moment, "They will be quite a handfull."

Ean looked at Iya with an expressionless face. She looked back and smiled weakly, trying to hide her true feelings of shock and and surprise.

"If this darkness that you speak of is hitting the Vale soon, why will it attack the rest of the world years from now?" Iya asked worriedly.

Lars sighed. "The Darkness will take it's time destroying the place where your children are to live. It will try to completely destroy the place where your children are to be born. It will try it's hardest to kill them."

"What is the darkness?" Ean queried. "You've told us it will cause great destruction, but you never told us what it was."

Rhen looked at Lars. They both frowned.

"We hoped you wouldn't ask that..." Rhen started. "The Darkness is all of our enemies brought back for revenge. A young boy, about 14, found a scroll that could bring them back from the dead. He didn't know any better..." Rhen looked nervous and upset at the same time. "All of them know that the power your children will posses is great enough to bring them back to the Land of the Dead. They are going to plan where the Vale is and after those 10 years, they will search for them. If your children cannot fight them off, they will come after you both next. Talia, Devin, Lars, and I have already lived our lives and died. Talia and Devin both tried to defeat Ahriman, but he arose again. That was Lars and my duty, to finish him for good. Your duty was to save Ishtar and annihilate the demon in her and Heptitus. They have returned, and they are coming. There is a new one too, her name is Leanda. She was defeated many centuies ago, by who though, we don't know." Lars finished for her.

"Lars, we must go. Now." Rhen said frightened.

"Oh my, the time sure went fast..." Lars said half to himself.

"Remember what we have told you and be safe. Have faith." Rhen said. "Goodbye."

Lars moved his hand around slowly in a circular motion. His arm gradually got faster as dust started to spin around him and his wife. Before either of the elves could protest, Rhen and Lars were both gone.

The whole castle started to rumble. The mosaic on the floor started to fall down into and unseen world. The walls cracked, and you could see that there was no outside. It was just a blackness with a glowing red rippling through the black nothingness. The floor started to crumble more quickly and the ceiling started to fall. Soon, there were no walls and only a little bit of floor left, the area they were standing on. A large chunk of granite ceiling above Ean and Iya fell and struck them both. Everything went black.




I hope everyone likes it! Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while though... I'll try to update more often!

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I'm sorry I haven't been able to update in forever, it's just I'm really tied up w/ school and I have 25 days left to make a game . I've been wrighting a lot in my notebook here at home, I have up to the 10th chapter done, but I just have to type it all. Also, since I made a mistake in Chapter 4, I'm gonna fit it into the story and make it more exciting *Hint: It has to do with Talia, Devin, Rhen, Lars, and Dameon. It'll be revealed in the 7th chapter.* I'll try to update ASAP.



I added something at the end of chapter 5, and now that part isn't possivlelt able to fit in the story line :( sry...

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I just can't win!!!!


I typed out everything I had in my notebook, ch 5-11, I was gonna press submit, and my internet went out!!!!!!!! I lost everything and have to type it ALL OVER AGAIN! Nothing has been going right this whole week. ugh. Ch 5 will be up very soon, I can't keep everyone waiting any loger. I'm sooooooooo sorry!!!!

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I have a ?, What does the neromancer's gown look like for Iya? I'm tryin 2 play aveyond again 2 find out, but i think it will take longer than I want, i need it for ch. 6.



Nevermind, I got to the part where I made Iya a neromancer. I have the gown and I know what it looks like now.

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Chapter 5


With a start, Iya's eyes bliked open. She felt safe and warm in Ean's arms. 'What happened?' she asked herself. The memories of Rhen and Lars started to flood back. Then she remembered the ceiling falling. Just thinking about it made her dizzy. She looked over at Ean. He was asleep beside her. Instantly, she noticed there was a huge red mark across his face. She slipped her hand out from under the blanket her and Ean were wrapped up cozily in, and placed it gently on the redness. She breathed in deeply and closed her eyes and concentrated. Her hand started to feel cold. As Iya opened her eyes and lifted her hand away from him, Ean shifted and groaned in his sleep.

"I love you." Iya whispered in her fiance's ear, even though he couldn't hear her. Yet, he smiled in his sleep as if he had heard Iya's softly spoken words.

As she wrapped her arms around him,he blinked his eyes open. He felt weak, laying in bed. When Iya lifted her head and they gazed into each others eyes though, he felt warm and happy inside and strong enough to conquer anything. Iya layed her head next to his and closed her eyes. As he stared up at the ceiling of the cottage, he thought about what had happened before he and Iya woke up. The news that Rhen and Lars had brought still haunted him like a ghost in Ghed'ahre. He was excited and nervous at the same time. He couldn't wait until he could meet his children. However, he didn't want them to get hurt. His thoughts started to scramble when Iya kissed him on his cheek.

"Good morning, sleepy." She said sweetly to him.

Ean smiled affectionately at Iya. As he stretched his his arms outward and yawned lazily, Iya sat up in the bed. She pushed her legs over the side of the bed and noiselessly slipped out onto the floor.

"I'm going to start a fire for the living room and get some water for today, okay?" Iya asked.

"Alright. I'll be up in a few minutes." Ean replied.

Iya smiled at him from the doorway and turned around and walked out of the room. She noticed the clock said noon, but it was dim in the hallway.

"It must be rainy today." She said, half to herself.She tried to cover up her feeling scared. She picked up a large white vase with a green leaf carved into it and glanced out a window.

As he heard glas smashing and Iya scream in terror, Ean jumped out of bed and ran out of the room and down the hallway. Even though the splinters of glass cut his bare feet, he ignored it and went to Iya and held her tight.

"It's alright." he murmered. "Everythings okay."he said reasurringly.

Iya put her arms around Ean and started to cry.

"Oh Ean, what's going on? The sun's gone. All that's there is a black circle. There's an ecliipse, what if it means something? What if it's-" Iya started to say.

"Don't say that! Everything will be fine, it's just an eclipse." Ean said doubtfully, pretending to be strong about the situation.

Iya still cried uncontrolably. Ean peered out a window nearby and looked at the sky. It was dark, and darkness covered the sun.

Just then, both elves mnoticed movement on the table next to them. Iya instantly was quiet and Ean held his breath. The vase full of growing Zinnia's started to shake back and forth. The two gasped as it fell over and dirt covered the whole table. Leters strted to form, and soon words in the dirt, like a child writing in the sand.

It spelled out: "Get out of here. NOW."

Rhen and Lars's faces gleamed on the small part of the table uncovered with dirt. They looked nervous. Ean looked at Iya.

"Grab what we'll need. Take the things that will be most important and put them in the pack. I'll go warn everyone in the village and tell them to hurry too. I'll meet you at the Eldar Oak. Be safe." Ean directed. He kissed her on the cheek. "Please be safe." he whispered as he turned and dashed out the door.

Iya quickly grabbed the large pack Ean had carried on the last journey and looked around. She went into the bedroom and saw her magic orbs and Ean's shapeling figurines on a high shelf above the dresser. She couldn't reach it, so she stood on the dresser and realized she needed cloth to wrap the delicate items in.

She jumped off the dresser and looked for a cloth. She looked on the bed, and she took off the sheet. She ripped it into pieces and held it firmly as she got on the dresser again.

Iya lifted the obs and wrapped them up. One by one, she placed them in the pack. Next, she held the cloth in her hands as she wrapped the figurines, careful not to touch them. Like the orbs, she placed them in the pack and stepped off the dresser again.

She opened each drawer in the dresser. She took out Ean's travel clothes, her neromancer gown, and their money out of the bottom drawer. She put the money in first, the the clothes.

On the bed, she took off the crochet blanket that Ean and her mother had taken the time to carefully make. She hastily folded the blanket and stuffed it in the pack.

She glanced over to the closet. hers and Ean's cloaks were hanging on the inside of the door. As she set the pack down, she put her cloak around her shoulders and held Ean's in her arm.

At the bottom of the closet, was a small locked chest. Hurriedly, she tried to remember where the key was. She then realized it was in a notch that was carved into the one leg of the bed to conceal it without being seen or obvious. She knelt on the ground next to the bed and ran her fingersalong the wooden leg. Her fingers hit something small and metalic. With a little bit of tugging and a click, the key was free from the leg and in Iya's hand.

Once she had the key, she dashed back to the locked chest. She opened it up. First, she took out Ean's Ice Claw that Ean had found in the Ice Caves. She placed it in the pack, careful not to cut herself on the nevermelting ice.

The next thing she saw was her orb staff, already equipped with her strongest orb, the love orb. She firmly held it in her one hand while she digged through the chest.

Iya's hand hit something smooth and glittering. She held on to it and pulled it out of the chest. It was her white gold Snow Princess tiara with blue snowflake shaped diamonds, which was blessed by a Chaos Master, a Mage, an Enchantress, and a Neromancer. The tiara brought protection and strength to her. She set down the staff and placed the tiara on her head. Then she continued digging in the chest.

As she felt a small, delicate box, memories flooded over her. She pushed them away and pulled the small music box out. As she opened the box up, she heard a gracefull tinkling. She lifted a little flap on the inside of the box to see her engagement ring, the necklace that Ean had made in Happily Ever After, and the necklace Ean gave her when she turned nine were still there. She put the flap back in place and closed the box. The tinkling stopped. She stuffed the last item in the pack and latched it shut. She picked up her orb staff and dashed out of the house.

She noticed that eveyone else in the village was heading toward the Elder Oak as well. Thunder started to roll overhead. Just at that moment, an unstable bolt of lightning struck a large Maple tree on the other side of the clearing. Iya heard a sickning snap as the treetoppled down. With a loud crash,m it landed nearly a foot away from her, covering her in ashes. The fire spred from the tree to the ground quickly, leaving the ground it passed charred.

She leapt back in surprise that the tree had come so close to striking her. She breathed deeply to clear her mind and hurried on to the great oak tree.

Once she left Elfwood for the very last time, she remmbered being young and playing with Ean, Row, and Yeni. It was always the four of them. She grew sad that those days of tormenting the talking tree and chasing each other in the village square would never come back.

As she hurried through Oldwoods, she remembered the first time Yeni introduced her to Ean. A smile formed on her face as she remembered that day. She was six years old. Whenever Iya looked at him, he was to shy to look back and looked down instead to hide him blushing, although Iya still noticed it.

Whenever Row and Ean were talking to each other, he always gazed across the clearing at her while daydreaming. She caught him a few times, and his cheeks were redder than ever. She thought it was actually kinda cute though. And now they were getting married soon, she hoped.

She remembered when she turned nine. Yeni and Row were over her house for the party already and Ean was at the door. She answered the door and Ean handed her a small box wrapped in a silver paper with a gold bow wrapped around it. She smiled and blushed when she took it.

"Thanks, Ean."She said shyly.

Ean just smiled at her. She hugged him warmly and by now, the were both redder than Yeni's dress.

After everyone was settled down to watch Iya open her presents, she first took Yeni's. She carefully unwrapped it so she wouldn't seem like a little girl anymore. 'I'm nine. I to act like it.' she said in her mind. When Iya dinished un wrapping it, she saw it was an exquisite sky blue dress made by Yeni and her mom.

"Thank you Yeni! It's beautiful!" Iya remarked.

"I hope it fits, my mom and I tried our best!" Yeni replied.

Next, she started to unwrap Row's present. She noticed it was a book; white with silver lettering the one she liked. It was a long fairytale about song mages and the four Deities.

"Thanks Row!" Iya said to him. "I can't wait to read it!"

Row smiled in acknowledgment.

Lastly, she picked up Ean's present. She carefully untied the ribbon bow and lifted the top off the box, since the box was decorated. Inside was a painted music box. She lifted it out and held it in her hands. It was intricately designed with a world unlike the Vale. She saw tall mountains, some covered in ice and...snow. Then she saw cities with enchanting castles, of one which caught her eye, it was charming, with hearts everywhere. She could feel a strong magical presence when she ran her fingers over it.

There was a mighty desert with sand that looked like gold. She was shocked when she saw a presence of death near the icy mountains. She noticed mighty oceans washing against the shores. In the middle of the ocean was a volcano with big things flying around it; they couldn't be dragons...could they? There was an island of fairytales and magic too.

An island to the right made her confused. There was a village, and it had, yes...elves. Then another sight made her lose her breath. It was a massive stretch of land with gray mountains and dangerous cliffs and monsters lurking behind every shrub and rock. In the center was a city of broken rocks. then she looked back to the biggest stretch of land and when she looked close enough, she saw a great oak tree. It looked hauntingly familiar.

Iya opened the music box and heard a gentle and graceful tinkling like little chimes and bells. She smiled as the wonderful sound filled the air. In the one corner of the box, a piece of cloth was unattached to the box, unlike the other corners. Curious, she lifted the cloth and there was a necklacewith a small golden heart with a tiny heart shapped saphire in the middle. Iya gasped as she lifted it out of the box. Ean smiled, patiently awaiting her response next to her.

"I...I don't know what to say, Ean." she stammered. "I...thank you, so much." she reached over to him and held him close.

"It was nothing, really." He whispered to her.

"Ean..." she started to say when her mom came in the room and interupted her.

"Row, your dad wants you to go home and help him with something."

"Okay, Mrs. Tiki. Bye! Happy birthday, Iya!" Row told Iya.

"Bye, Row." Iya, Yeni, and Ean said.

Yeni sat next to Iya an whispered something in her ear Ean couldn't hear.

"Ean's so sweet to you. He's so in love with you, Iya, you know that right?" her friend quietly asked. Iya blushed and smiled, showing she could tell.

After Yeni left, Iya and Ean sat on the swing in the backyard and looked out at the woods. Iya had her head on Ean's shoulder and her feet on the wooden swing while he had his arm around her. It was a chilly night to be outside, but Iya felt warm, despite the cold breeze.

Iya's mom came out of the house after a while and told Ean his mother wanted him to go home because it was time for bed, then went back inside.

Iya had looked at him. He looked back and smiled and said goodbye to her as they both stood up. He was about to turn around to go home when Iya grabbed his han. They gazed into each other's eyes for a few moments and then Iya leaned over to him and kissed him. Afterwards, he looked speechless and happy at the same time.

"Goodbye. I'll see you tomorrow." Iya told him, breaking the silence.

As they got older, they started to be a little closer. Iya soon reaized she loved him. And he loved her too. Their parents thought it was so adorable and cute back then, but they never thought they would get as close as they are now.

Iya as forced back into the present when she heard a little girl scream. She saw Nisa being pulled into the thick of the woods. She saw piercing red eyes and heard a snarl in the trees. Iya dashed as fast as she could over to her and grabbed the little girl's outstretched hand. Claws gripped Iya's arm and she screamed in pain. Nisa and her were both being dragged into the darkness.

Just then, Iya saw a glimmer, like ice, slicing across the unseen monster that had grabbed the two girls. She heard it scream in pain as it fled away. She looked closer into the darkness as it started to pour rain that prickled like needles where the monster had dissapeared. Then she heard someonne speaking.

"Iya, are you alright!" The voice queried in the darkness.

"Ean! Where are you! I can't see anything. It's too dark." Iya replied while holding Nisa, even though she was starting to get heavy, since she was seven now.

"I'm right here." he answered Iya gasped as he held her arm. "Don't worry, It's just me. Come on, we have to get out of here. Everyone else is already waiting in the Land of Man."

"Alright." Iya said. Together, the three left the thick trees and tried to walk along the path in the pitch black. Soon, they could see the Elder Oak outlined against the black sky.

They dashed up to it and Iya started to sing immediately. The glowing portal opened up as Iya stopped singing. Ean pushed Iya and Nisa in as a person slowly walked up to the tree. It gripped him as he tried to escape into the Land of Man. Ean slashed it across the face and it let go yowling in pain. He took this opprotunity and stepped into the portal. It closed behind him. Three more figures stalked up to the tree.

"How could you let them go you fool! They are safe until we figure out a way into the world now!" one of them snapped.

"You're a failure. You should just leave and never come back" a second snarled.

"Enough!" the third person spoke. "Poawn is staying with us and thats final!"

"Yes, Leanda." The two growled.

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I just found the perfect names for some elves!!!! (so expect them soon)


Elfrida(elf & strength)[ehl-FREE-dah]{russian}




Anielka(little angel)[an-EL-kah]{russian}


Alla(the only one)[AH-la]{russian}


I know I'm obsessed w/ russian names.

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