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Brycej - Seasonal Game: Holiday Break-a-way!

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Yes, it's about time I provide a new free holiday game... and what better time than... well... NOW!


So, here it is "Holiday Break-A-Way!"




No "Rocket Science" here... it's the standard "Breakout" game... but spruced up (if you don't mind my saying) for the season.


To start, simply click... to end, just press ESC... or ALT+F4, or course :)


There are two alterative backgrounds, and two alternative soundtracks that play on game completion.


The game is slighly different than your standard "Breakout" because this one doesn't end 'till the ball passes your skates... the candy just keeps comming from the sky (sounds like a great place now doesn't it)!


To install, simply download from the link above into a directory, unzip it (retaining the directory structure), and run HBreak.exe (no crazy installer, sorry).


Enjoy... and have a great holiday!

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So... anyone break 1000 points yet? ;)


As for reviewing for the next news paper... well, perhaps the next game will have to be better synchronized with the paper release... and I've already started on a new game so... ;)


As for the "Alert" game... well... still working on that one... but it's almost ready!

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would be cooler if you added christmas themed point bonuses or items that allow for more effective block destroying. Also, having a shooter that shoots snow balls would be more in theme. Thanks for the game!

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