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Nick's Funny Time Travel (UPDATE: Jan28, pg 3) Silly humors, READ this! XD

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"“I know! I better ‘cause me no MP but you no MP, HP (very hungry and feeble), and of course GP (gold point) too! How dare you trick me last night!”


“I don’t get what you mean, sir. Oops you’re no sir! You’re scum!” (Damn that noble accent) (-_-``)


“I’m coming…”


“I’ll swear I’ll cast ‘Sunshine’ on you if you touch me and make you sleep! Oh yes, the sun ray will help to disinfect the germs from your body! You should thank me haha!”


“Hehe… Go ahead. I’m waiting!”


(Casting ‘Sunshine’ towards the beggar, but turned out nothing!) “What!?!? I forgot I’m magic-less! Damn!” (-_-``)


“Ahahahahaha… You’re not just stupid and silly, but also arrogant! YOU ARE THE SCUM! Hahahahaha…” (>. O .<


I ran away immediately while his eyes shut when laughing. I’m SMART! (^_^)V […peace out…]



Pure genious. i bet i dont see this in every story! Has me hurting on me sides!


Lol xD

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THANK YOU iyaemma34! I got your first comment! WOOHOO! :D :D


Thank you for Sana and puppis for keeping up with me too! :D :D


I won't let you all disappointed and let the world filled with laughter and greens. Laughter makes life healthy! :D :D


However, I'll update my story after New Year ok? Because many thing to do, first guild then cottage... ^_^

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aah i've missed two chapters!


love them both, but my favorite scene is Nick at Wilbur's. Chocolates! brownies! XD


and then in the second update, where Nick wants a toothbrush, and realizes he has none, was hilarious! references to the 'chocolates' at Wilbur's made me laugh!!!


great updates, overall! ^_^

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@puppis: Forgot to say that I purposely make the beggar to speak broken language. It is supposedly: “I’m better” instead of “Me better”. Thank you for quoting that mistake in that “Thais people” sentence. ^_^




Chapter 3 (Getting Employed III: Nick as Beggar or Baker?)


Aww… Me forgot how many I’ve been starved with my tummy of emptiness. Let see my status, HP, MP, bla bla bla…


Oh no! This is crazy! My HP is 0.5 (IMPOSSIBLE!), MP is -80 (Maybe used Sunshine even though not work out), status is Job-seeking Fever??? Talia must be ridiculous!


Talia spoke: “Oh yes, be a good boy, Nick, your HP is 0.5 today, tomorrow will be halved, so-”


I interfered in no time: “Hey Talia! I’m no boy! I’m a handsome man (ER-HEM!). Why you fool me so like a clown or a toy of Druids??”


“You don’t have a chick with you. So you’re still a BOY! And your mission is not finding a chick you silly! Yeah don’t be rude with Dreamer, and is not daydreamer lol, let me continue with your weirdy status. Your HP will be 0.25 tomorrow, yes no mistakes, it’s two decimal points. Should I explain that theory like your math teacher?”


“No need, my math Dreamer…”


“No matter what, find a job! Oh yeah, you’ll find it today. See? I’m a god of yours haha. Oops should be funny and helpful god lol!”


“Well, I would want to be beggar, not going to let you be a god.”


“That will make your tummy sing song a lot. Goodbye!”




Well, I beg at there, waiting for money… After few hours under hot sun… still no earning, not even a penny yet!


Then, I voiced out to the citizen: “Oh pity me, have a kindness to contribute a penny for me please.”


He replied: “Are you stupid or trying to fool me? Your clothes are more beautiful and pricier than mine! NO! Not having a penny for ya! Get outta my way moron!”


Oh no… there comes that mushroom-ish beggar again… He’ll hunt me… (Run Nick and his empty tummy of hungry singer!)


Dang, I’m in pursuit and he ran way faster than me! Then…


“Caught cha boy! Hehe… Want some mushrooms from my head?”


“Err… No thanks… How can I help you sir? Ah yes you’re a sir, I’m at cha service here… hehehehe…”


“Ahhh… I saw you’re acting to be a beggar just now…”


“Eh! How did you know that?”


“Well, lotsa ears and mouths around, you know what I mean. Hm?!”


“Ehehe… Easy sir, it’s painful by grabbing hair. You know, I did lotsa hair treatment and-”


“Well, I should cut your golden hair. Then, I’ll sew it into golden underwear and sell it to nobles. Now that could be priceless and rare! Who told you to tell me! Wahaha! I’ll be a renowned tailor of beggar who sells special cloth materials! Wahaha!”


“Nooo… I beg you… please.”


“Oh beg… Well, if you want me to let you go, so let’s have a begging competition! If who got the most pennies then he’ll be the winner and free to go! So what did you say?”


“Are you trying to make me lose instead of being fair and square?”


“I would like to suggest you to be stark naked. Then people will toss ya pennies, not the girl’s name Penny for goodness’s sake! Oh yeah, remember to give me your clothes. I’ll ‘take care’ for it hehehehe…”


Suddenly a woman came to me and: “FFFEEEEETTT!!! Heah! Taste my “Whip of Diligence” from Maya!”


“Ouch! What ya trying to do!” I shouted.


“You’re welcome. My instinct tells me, from your accent, you’re noble. I haven’t seen you before; where you from?” (^_^)


I replied with small stammers. “Err... How…did you know? I’m peasant, you know? Hehehe… (~_~) ”


“Eh, need not to pretend, oh sweet looking! Gentleman! First, is your ‘unnatural’ accent. Second, your clothing; told the answer! (0_0) ”


“You’re smart… (-_-``) ”


“STOOOP! Stop changing the topic! STOOOOOPP!!!” the beggar yelled impatiently as if he was gone mad. His voice is loud with his smelly mouth and mucous saliva fired out towards my direction like a machine gun when uttering the ‘P’s of “stop”. EWW!!


“I’m going to let him go, you can’t expect someone to play with your madness huh? Everyone in Thais knows you’re crazy beggar. Let’s go golden-hair boy.”


“You!!! You!!!” the beggar responded as if he can’t do anything because he might get caught by the authorities.




Well, kudos to Maya, I presume that’s her name, she brought me to her bakery. Oh hey, that’s the job I wanted to seek! What a coincidence and luck!


“You should thank me too silly!” Talia said with annoyance.


In the meantime, Maya spoke: “Although you’re a little foolish boy, to be frank. Sorry to say that ‘cause I’m your employer now.” (^_~)


“You’re going to hire me?” (O_O)


“Haha. Really, you’re kinda an idiot. Oops, sorry again… (^_^’)\

Yes, do I need to repeat? YES, repeat once more? YESSSS, repeat once again? YEEESSSSSS, repeat again and again?”


“OK, OK! I’ve already knew you always say I’m idiot. Thanks. By the way, are you going to hire me anyway?” (^_^``)\


“AHHH!!! Oh Goddess, please help this man of extreme stupidity!!! His foolishness couldn’t match with pig and moron! Okay, YOU, ‘I dunno your name’ are HIRED by this bakery owner, ME! UNDERSTAND?”


“Oh thank you, Maya!”


“Well, you knew my name. So, what’s yours?”


“It’s Nip, oops Nick” (Searching for the profile paper from my backpack to make sure my name, but it’s too late! Dang, I should’ve been neater next time. My backpack is disarrayed.)


“Alrighty then! You’re Nip oops Nick, my cute handsome baker and cashier. Girls would come for a nice-looking but stupid guy like you. You know, most Thais chicks’ favorite dream guy is you. And-”


“Hey, my name is not Nip oops Nick, it’s Nicol, oops Nick.”


“Alright, update from my employee’s profile, I shall call you Nicol oops Nick!”


“AHHH!!!! It’s Nick!”


“Oh whatever, I feel better to call you the first one, Nip oops Nick. Now learn from me to make dough, Nip oops Nick.”


“I give up…”


“What? You want to give up from this job???”


“No, it’s nothing. Let’s go to learn from you Maya.”


“Hmm… You’re weird, Nip oops Nick. No matter, I’m attracted by your look. Heehee. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a crush on you! I just want you to be my stepson.” (You’re weirder; I GAVE UP ON CLARIFYING MY NAME!)




“Whatever? If I caught you lazy, I’ll give you a reward.”


“Yes! What’s that? Prince should be showered by gifts!” (Short-termed memory again, like a computer’s ROM I guess… Wish to have a hard disk in my brain…)


“You’re no prince. But that will have you taste on my ‘Whip of Diligence’.”


“Oh…well… Get to work…”


“Very well. Please come this way.”




(So, Nick finally had his first job on Thais. So what will happen next? So catch the next chapter!)



…to be con’d (Chapter 4)…




Thank you. I would like you say out what do you think this time OK? =3

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Thank you everyone for the comment and readings! Sorry for the late update. I got school already and don't have much mood to write. ^_^. Here's the Chapter 4.




Chapter 4 (Nick’s Domination in the Bakery? Will he?)


Today is my first official day to work in the bakery… Maya is good but she’s quite silly when stressing her “Whip of Diligence” when I’m working on the dough.


She blurted: “Now quick Nip oops Nick! Use force to beat it!”


I wonder how she blurts “Nip oops Nick” so coherently, as it’s quite hard to say it out in a fast pace! (O_O)


That isn’t matter, I’ve already get used to it. \(^o^)/


“FFEEEETTT!!! Ha! Catch cha sit idly again!” Maya exclaimed after gave me a whip. (-_-``)


“Oucha oucha ou!” I responded with pain.


“WHAT!?!? You demanded me to out!?!?”


“No, ma’am. I’m just saying-”


“You’re mean and hurtful… I’m going to cry… Wait, you called me ma’am some more… WAAHHHAHA”


“Oh nooo, don’t cry. I promise you that I’ll work harder kay? Oh hey, your ‘wahaha’ sounds like laughing.”


“You’re an idiot! I’m crying, see? My tears are here! But, I’m still single. I want you to call me m’lady, hun…”


“Ergh. Hun?!”


“AHH!! Whoops, not hun, sorry… I was thinking my ex-lover. I thought we could marry but erm…”


“I’m sorry…”


“Well, your ‘sorry’ refers to?”


“My sorry is for your love failure…”


“FFEEEETT! Ha! I knew it! Dang Nip oops Nick! You’re not sorry to your laziness. I’m just testing you by saying I had a love and wept for that. Now you’re taking advantage huh!”


“Oucha ou! No, it’s ouch! Silly old me! Forgot that-”


“Ha! FFEEEET!! Calling me out again!”


“Ahahaha… Sorry please, I beg you… You’re making scars on my skin. You know, I did many skin treatment and-”


“I don’t care!”


“Oh! No wonder you don’t have a lover, I mean male lover. It’s you and Mira doing something more than a friendship!”


“WHAT!?!? Grrr… I’ll kill ya! I’ll kill ya! Nope, I’ll torture you. My heart is reluctant to allow me to heart a seemly guy like you. My heart hurts! Oh hey, I’m not interested to guys, I’m les! Whoops, it’s… it’s…nothing… hehe.”


“Oh I see.”


“You saw what? You can’t prove anything!”


“No, I mean I understood. Not seeing you’re les.”


“WHAT!?!? Okay, I’m sorry. Please don’t tell Wilbur, he’s wooing me. Such a nuisance…”


“Hehe. It’s time for Nick to play evil plans… Hehehehe… I’ll force you and Wilbur to together. Then, you’ll taste his ‘chocolate’ LOL!”


“Please don’t… I beg you Nick. What can I convince you…”


“Oh the first condition, I’ll be the boss around here okay?”


“Yes, not a problem.”




Meanwhile, the bakery door banged loudly, making my speech interrupted and stopped. Dang I wonder why who’s the villain spoilt my plan. I want Maya to call me Nick, not silly Nip oops Nick. Thank goodness I said the most important condition first ROFL… Oh noo… It’s the chubby nutty greedy piggy Wilbur…


“Oh MAYA! Come to my embrace! Let me sniff your hair…”


“Heh! Dodged from ya embrace lol.”


Wilbur fell down on the floor with a “Park!!” sounds. I think I can feel the ground trembled a little…


“Silly Nick! It’s the bakery trembled.” Talia blurted.


“Oh Maya, I don’t mind you dodge ‘cause you’re still beautiful as always and- what the heck of that guy doing?!”


“Well, he’s Nip oops Nick, my newest employee. Does he look cute?”


“Wait, I should be the boss here right?” I said with annoyed tone.


“Oh… yeah-” Maya replied with a stammer.


“You give me your whip! FFEEEETT!!! OUCH! How is this whip doing? I whipped myself, silly!”


“Nope, you used it wrongly.”


“NOW! STOOP! Maya is mine! You get lost! You’re just lucky to have this job. Or else you’ll taste my chocolate!” Wilbur shouted with his saliva out… (- O -)


Again, when mentioning chocolates, his mouth will be widely opened…


“Oh Nip oops Nick, help me… Me and somebody, ya know?”


“Wait, I’ll force you and Wilbur to get married together! HAHAHA!” I said evilly.


“NOOO… You’re my sweetest hun!”


“Oh Maya, you called me hun! *kisses*”


“Ahhh… You-”


“Thanks. Although I hate you but, you helped me. Thanks! Tata!”


“You ungrateful son! You will know someday! SOMEDAY!!”




“FFEEEETT! You! Why you’re sleeping huh?” Maya whipped me while I accidentally took a snooze.


“Oucha oucha ou!” I exclaimed


Oh noo… It’s the same in my dream… I’ll stop it! I realized how important and nice Maya is.


“WHAT!?!? You demanded me to out!?!?”


I shouldn’t explain now… I must say this before she interferes: “I’ll go work.”


“Good. Good Nick oops Nick.”


Phew! Thank goodness! Well, I think Wilbur will come soon. I’d get prepare by now.




Thank you. I would like you say out what do you think this time OK? =3

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