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Nick's Funny Time Travel (UPDATE: Jan28, pg 3) Silly humors, READ this! XD

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:lol: :laughing: :lol: :laughing: (My first time to use many of laughing smileys lol!) XD


Thank you very much guys. Hikari_rekka, I'm sorry for the conversation confusion that caused here. ^_^


I hope I can update a little bit faster because my school is starting to be hectic for me now LOL! :)

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I have returned!


The chapter was great. Not funny enough to make me laugh, but it made me smile :) But like Hikari_rekka, it was quite hard for me to know who was speaking..

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i read all the chapters continously and its the best comedy story ive read so far... my god you are truly a genius.. wish you could update your stories a little faster by studying at the same time.. ill keep my eyes wide open for your next update .... Keep up the great work...

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@all: Thank you for the compliments. ^_^


I’m sorry for the late update. I’m running out of the funny ideas, so that the recent updates ain’t funny as usual. It’s much like cliché already. :)




Chapter 4 (Silly Argument with Wilbur Again…)


After a while, making the batter and dough, preparing to put them in oven, then…


“BANG!!!” the bakery door banged loudly as far as my ears in the kitchen could almost be deaf LOL!


Yes it’s Wilbur, as I expected!


“Oh MAYA! Come to my embrace! Let me sniff your hair…” said Wilbur.


“Heh! Dodged ya embrace lol.” Maya said.


“COME HERE! To my embrace lol!” I said to Wilbur.


“PARKKK!!!” Big silly piggy Wilbur is sooo chubby and heavy, making me fell onto the floor. OUCH!


“ARGH! Not you silly, I ain’t gay!” Wilbur blurted.


My short argument with Wilbur starts here:


“Get outta here!” I shouted.


“Ah… It’s you, Charlie!”


“Stop calling me Charlie, you silly piggy!”


“You called me silly piggy!?!?”


Ended by Maya’s “Whip of Silence” for Wilbur… (Huh? NEW VERSION? I’m afraid she’ll use it when I’m whining…)


“FFEEEEETT!!!”Maya whip sound cracked.


“Yack! Yah! Whoo! Shoot! I don’t mind, keep doing. The more you whip, the more love you gave me! HAHA!” Wilbur said.


“GRRRR…” Maya grunted and glared at Wilbur.


“YESS!!! So happy right now!” I exclaimed joyfully.


“FFEEEEETT!!! It’s for you too, Nip oops Nick, don’t shout in my bakery!!! OK?” Maya yelled at me…


“Come for more, Maya! I’m waiting lol!” Wilbur pestered.


Maya murmured “What a masochistic guy… I thought that whip will keep his mouth shut. Oh hey, that’s just the name for my whip and it’ll cause psychological effect from that. OOPS, I shouldn’t say-”


“Ha! I heard that!” I said with an evil grin. (# _,#)


Maya shushed me… (I can’t speak out my condition!).


Meanwhile she shooed Wilbur by shouting: “GET OUT FROM MY BAKERY!! SHOO!!!”


“I’ll be visit you soon! *waving kisses*” Wilbur said.


“Eww… Get off from my sight!” Maya annoyed.




“Thank you for the trouble, Nip oops Nick. I hope I can be with Mira.”


“Can you stop shushing me already?” I complained.


“You silly! I took off my hand 10 seconds ago…”


“Oh yeah! Hehe… I should get back to work.”


Talia voiced out: “Nick, you gain one merit point for helping Maya out from the pervert Wilbur. Although lesbianism is illegal, we can’t control and force for a love. I shall see your good deeds in the future and help more people. See you!”


“Wait! When I’ll be back?” I blurted.


“You’ll have new quests after having 2000 pennies. Bye.”


“Ah, okay…”


“Whom are you talking to? Do you want my new ‘Whip of Silence’?” Maya interfered into my thoughts of Talia’s words.


“Oh nothing. I thought your silence power is merely psychological?”


“Oh yeah. Now, you shut up! Go to work! I’ll be setting new wicked rules here in bakery now!”


Hmm? New wicked rules? I’m trembling here… She’s getting more like Heptitus for me already…




Thank you. I would like you say out what do you think this time OK? =3

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yay another update.. i get to comment on your story first.. :D ok firstly its fine overall.. ya you must be a little dry right now but i suggest you to take a break and try the next chapters.. but overall it was funny.. i really liked it..

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