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A guardian is never guarded

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So here it finally is.

This story is very related to Magic written with dragon scales, another story of mine.

Happy reading~


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Avenyond/its places/ its characters. The only things I own are the characters that play the role of the guardians in this story (Wolfgang Marina Gabriela, Rajah Ahjem, Kia Breight, David Danboe, Samuel Poltrick, Liilan Slane) and some other characters and places that don't appear in the original storyline. All other places/characters are owned by Amaranth Games.


Chapter 1


My name is Marine Wolfgang. My job is to guard Daena, the druid of wisdom. Why am I guarding her? Because ‘the evil is free in the world and the demons can attack the shrines anytime’, or so said the Oracle. It’s a pretty easy task since I have to stay all day in an ice cave, at the entrance of the shrine (which is also invisible to confuse the demons). Don’t think that my druid is the only one guarded. There is a guardian for each druid. And they...

Umm, let’s start with the beginning, okay?


I watched in horror as the flames rose to the sky. It was burning. My house was burning. What happened? I didn’t know. The only thing that I knew was that my parents were inside. Burning along with the house. My dad suffered an accident two years ago and his entire body remained paralyzed since then. Mom was healthy but after dad’s accident, she suffered a shock and she couldn’t be able to talk anymore. None of them could be saved.


“Mommy! Daddy!” I screamed, watching horrified....


Mom’s brother was my only relative alive. I had to stay with him since that day. He was a pretty nice guy but he was also involved with the thieves. I knew it and I didn’t like it. The other thing that was annoying about him was that he hadn’t got one single book in that huge house of his. That was pure craziness. Thank God I had to live with him only a month.


“Marine” He said one day, opening the door of my room. I threw him a bitter look. “Can I have a word with you?” I shrugged my shoulders and followed him. We never talked in my room. I never allowed anybody in my room. I don’t know why but it annoyed me terribly to have someone wander around my room.

He leaded me to the living room. I didn’t wait to be invited and I sat on the leather armchair, waiting for him to start talking. He wandered around the room for a couple of seconds.


“Marine, you are a smart kid. You started reading a year ago, tough you were four” ’Yeah, and I’d continue reading if you had some books ‘ I thought. I didn’t know where this conversation was leading to but I decided to let him do the talking. He looked like he forgot how to talk. I sighed mentally and opened a subject.


“Uncle, I know that you are involved with the thieves.” He looked at me in shock to see my usual, emotionless face.


“Those aren’t...” He started, hesitating. I rolled my eyes.


“You can’t lie to me” I said, captivating his attention. “ Nobody can” I said as he looked away. That seemed to make him want to change the subject.


“Your parents died...” He started. ’Thanks but I already knew that’. “You always wanted to cure your dad from paralysis, didn’t you?” He asked.


“Y–yeah...” I said hesitantly.


“That’s why you read so much...” he said softly. Another annoying pause. “And that’s why I will send you somewhere where you can study in peace” He said. For the first time in this conversation, my attention was captivated. I looked at him, with curiosity and shock at the same time. He was sending me away? I think my face was screaming “Where? Where?” as he continued. “I will send you to the Lowlands to Gentle Children’s School.” For the first few moments, I couldn’t react. That was the snobbiest school I ever heard of! I saw how two ladies were shaking their fans, enthusiastically talking how their sons got to that school. Though I was shocked and my mind was yelling at me, I swallowed before asking him a question.


“When am I leaving?”


“Tomorrow” He said simply. Are you kidding me?” No way, this was not going to happen.


“I’m not going” I said bitterly. Uncle looked at me with a not so nice look.


“What?” He asked irritated.


“I’m not going!” I said with more determination. Uncle smirked before talking in a superior tone which I absolutely hated.


“Yes you are. You’re not the one making the rules in this house.” I didn’t bother to protest, as it was obvious that it’ll be useless. I just went to my room and waited for the next day to come. It was easy: I was going to run away after I get there....


“Ready to go?” Uncle asked as he knocked in my door. I picked up the few bags and left the house. In front of the house was a shay, waiting for us. I rolled my eyes and entered it.


The inside was all so luxuriant and lacey with lots of flower appliqués and other things like this. I always hated these things. Everybody in the city was so proud that they’re Sedonian. But I hated this city. I knew exactly what the outsiders were thinking when they were coming in this town. “Wow, so luxurious” This was to be the first thought but then, they had to meet the rich people before thinking again about the city that “It’s full of snobby rich people”. And that was before they had to find out about the thieves that were robbing the city day and night before changing once again their opinions about the city which was now “A town full of thieves”. Well, I hated being one of the thieves and actually, I’ll never understand this city. The thieves rob and rob the people but the money keeps on coming back.


“You’ll have fun there, don’t worry” My uncle said, interrupting me from my thoughts. “There will be lots of children and–“


“It’s not the fun and the children I’m looking for.” I said, interrupting him. He made a pause before talking



“You know that your attitude must change once you get there, right?” He asked in a different tone. Again, I gave up on arguing with him. I knew that I was annoying when I was doing that and that’s exactly the reason I was doing it.


“We’re here” He said, enthusiastically as he looked around. ’Finally We walked trough an annoyingly big garden, before finally arriving in front of a big building. We entered only to meet an old man with a funny hat on his head.


“Welcome to Gentle Children’s School. May I help you?” He asked with an extremely annoying accent.


“Yes, I would like to enroll this young lady at your school” My uncle said


“Of course, everyone wants to enroll their children to our school. May I ask where you are from?” The old man said, snobby-ish.


“Sedona” My uncle said. The old guy seemed happy


“It will be a pleasure for us to have you in our school.” I looked at him, raising an eyebrow. I watched them as uncle slipped some money in the guy’s hand before whispering something in his ear. Something about that

I’m very stubborn and I will probably try to escape. I frowned and crossed my arms. Thanks for making my life harder, uncle.


After my uncle left (finally!), a girl leaded me to a small, fancy room. It had two beds and the conclusion was that I’m not the only one that I’m sleeping in this room. I just threw my bags on the bed and turned around to face the girl.


“Bye!” I said directly, pushing her out of my room and closing the door shut behind me. I made sure the door was locked and then I threw myself on the bed, thinking of a way to escape from this fancy prison. A lot of thoughts came to me the next five minutes. I felt bad for treating people like this but I couldn’t do anything about it. I started being like this after my dad’s accident. I never really knew what happened to my dad but I was certain it happened because of someone’s fault. Since then I started thinking the world is a horrible place where everyone is greedy enough to kill you, hurt you, make you suffer in any possible way. A place where you must wear stupid laced dresses because ‘the society asks it’ and to go to idiotic snobby schools where everyone wants everything. Well, this everyone surely hasn’t thought even a little bit that you can’t have everything. I mean, where would you put it, let’s be serious!


I leaned my back on one of the walls, hugging my knees. Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? My whole future was a mess. I was stuck in a stupid school with no way of return. Okay, everybody said I was smart and all, but how did that helped me? I knew that my health was very weak and I couldn’t run 5 meters without gasping for air or fainting because of the exhaustion. I wasn’t supposed to have shocks or get scared in any way. In that case, I could lose consciousness as well. I was often called the smart, rich, sensitive type of kid and I didn’t like it. Smart? Give me a break. There were lots of people smarter than me in this huge world. And rich? No thanks, all my parents’ money was sent to my uncle as he was the closest relative to the Wolfgang family tree.


I heard a knock in the door that made me wake up from my thoughts before hearing some noises that sounded like the person was hardly trying to open the door by pushing into it. I slowly stood up and turned the key into the keyhole. As I opened the door, I saw a blonde blue-eyed girl stand in front of the door, frowning. She was the same age as I was.


“What are you doing?” She asked irritated. I remained inert at her tone before speaking.


“You must be my roommate. Nice to meet you, I’m Marine Wolfgang.” The girl started boiling in front of the door.


“Let me in right in this instant” She yelled attracting attention of the ones who were walking along the hallways. I didn’t react or even change my face expression. She got really pissed off and tried to push the door open. As I was stopping its movement with one of my feet, she couldn’t do much change to that door. After a few seconds, she gave up and I kicked the door closed, locking it once again. I heard a growl followed by the yells “Nobody messes with Castelle Behinghton and gets away” before hearing a few footsteps.

I smirked and sat again on the bed, continuing with my thoughts.


Confusing, I know... You will get it later. ^_~. What do you think of it till know? ‘~’ please, comment! I need opinions.

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The ending confrontation was interesting, but is the heroine really supposed to be five? The dialogue just seems more mature than this.


I have to agree that a house without books, is not a house worth living in.

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Hmm.. so Marine is actually five years old? Well she must be.. really mature. The spacing between paragraphs is kinda small, and it made it harder for me to distinguish them. But the plot is really interesting, so I'll continue reading it :D

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I love the name with "Wolfgang". Reminds me of Mozart, who is a classical musician with a name Wolfgang too! :)


Yes, there are some interesting similarities with AV1 stuffs (eg. Gentle Children's School) :).


Thank goodness Marine is from Sedona. :)


Well, I've post a comment already. Updates please? :)

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ooh...Marine encounters a spoiled brat! Go Marine! Show her that attitude of yours!


cool, i like this story! so this one explores Marine's past, huh? when does this get 'linked' with 'Magic written with Dragon Scales'?

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OMG OMG, comments~ *goes comment insane*

@sana90, brokenmind & puppis: thanks a lot :awww:

@mikasalla:yeah, I know about Mozart and I hate him since my last trip to Vienna and thanks ^_^

@gabriela: hmm, a little bit later...I am currently working on chapter 3. Oh and thanks :awww:


OK, here's Ch2 Happy Reading~ ^__^


Chapter 2


Castelle or whatever her name is, tried to do anything to expel me from the academy. Unfortunately for her and her health, I wasn’t leaving until I was ready.


The next day we were supposed to go in a one day excursion. That excursion could mean a chance for me. I didn’t take with me anything as a lot of kids asked me. We roamed a not–so–long way to the nearest village. It seemed pretty nice. I soon noticed that everywhere was corn. The name of the village was Brumwich, I think. However, we didn’t go there to visit some monument or something like that. We went there to learn how the poor people were living. I don’t know about them, but if I was in their place, I would have gone crazy after seeing people treat me like some primitive animal.


We walked fifty centimeters away from some corn growing on one side of the road. That was my chance. I knew very well that I couldn’t run like that, someone could see me. Suddenly, a girl passed me. As fast and quiet as I could, I kicked a rock towards her feet. She tripped over it, falling in the dust and starting screaming. Everybody came around her, helping her up. As the diversion was created, I retreated slowly in the corn field. I walked until I thought I reached the center of the field and remained there until it started getting darker. I will never do that again! Walking trough a corn field is horrible. The corn leaves are callous and sharp at the same time. And besides that, lots of insects live in the corn field, including mosquitoes.

I think I wandered around the corn field, searching for an exit for more than three hours. When I finally found a way out, it was already night and dark. I couldn’t see the hand in front of my eyes. I wanted to go back home in Sedona so badly. I sighed before heading towards the exit of the village. Maybe it was better I couldn’t see well, or else I would have been scared by all the bugs in the forest. I started walking trough the forest, hoping this will end soon.


When the sun rose, I was able to see that I was in the Ashwood forest. Yay! Almost home. I walked along the small path and I looked to my left and right, seeing the same thing: water. In a couple of minutes, I was in Sedona.


The first thing that popped in my mind was: Why was I here? Why did I come back? Only then I realized that I walked all the night for nothing. My house has been burnt and my uncle would send me back at that damned school. My home wasn’t here. No, I had no home. Suddenly, I heard some people screaming:


“The thieves, get them!” I turned around to find myself stuck in the middle of the crowd that surrounded a group of five thieves. “We got you now, you bastards!” One of the guards said. For some strange reason, I started pushing the guards out of my way. After a couple of seconds, I reached the middle of the circle, seeing all the thieves. I don’t know what was in my mind when I started pushing. “We’ll tell you one more time: Give the money back” The guard said again. I wanted to turn around and leave the crowd, but I felt grabbed by the wrist when I was about to. One of the thieves dragged me in the middle of the circle, holding my both wrists behind my back with one of his hands. I couldn’t move an inch.


“If you don’t let us go, the girl dies” The thief threatened, taking a knife from he knows where and holding it under my chin, one inch away from my neck. I was shocked and all my muscles seemed to paralyze. I wasn’t feeling anything but fear. The guards seemed to hesitate. Hey, what was more important? My life or the damned money? They weren’t going to chose me. That thought made me even more scared.


“Well?” The thief asked again, approaching the knife even more. I couldn’t take it anymore and because of too much pressure, I fainted.


When I woke up I found myself in something that seemed like a cave. I popped up and looked around, scared. I found out that the “bed” I have been sleeping in was just a pile of straws with a cloth over them and a blanket.


“Boss, she’s awake” A male voice said. I turned to my left to see one of the thieves. He wore a brown cloak with a brown hood on his head. Seconds later, the “boss” entered the room as I stood up from the “bed”. His clothes were nothing different from the other thief, only that he wore a purple cloak. “So what do you say? Do you think we can do anything with her?” The thief in brown cloak asked.


“I don’t know... Maybe we can give her back... with a price, of course.” The boss said, turning around to leave.


“Don’t bother, no one will pay for me” I said, making him turn back around.


“What do you mean? You’re not from Sedona?” He asked.


“Yes, I am. I’m just telling you that no one wants me back. But if you want to waste your time and get arrested, go ahead” Maybe my tone annoyed the boss as he seemed irritated.


“Tie her. We’ll think what we will do with her later. For now, we are going to strike again” The thief in brown cloak grabbed me by my arm. I remained calm and continued talking to the boss.


“Like you did earlier?” I asked as the thief in brown cloak stopped.


“Is there a problem with that?” The boss asked, approaching.


“No...It’s just that it won’t work.” I said as the thief in brown cloak let me go.


“Why not?” the boss asked as I crossed my arms.


“Because if you go like that again, the citizens will be ready for your attack and you will surely get arrested this time”


“Do you have a better plan?”


“Of course I do! And it’s just one of the lots of ways to get out of these situations.” I said, not knowing what I was getting myself into.


“You seem to really know what you’re saying. This, or you just try to fool us, gain our trust and then run to the first guard” He said, crossing his arms. “Let’s make a deal” he said, kneeling in front of me so his head was at the same level with mine. “We will listen to your plan. But if you intent of fooling us and betray us, we will kill you” I felt my knees shivering as I gulped. “If the plan is good and it works, you will become our plan–maker and everyone will be friends.” He said, holding out his hand.


“But what if you just try to fool me and kill me after I tell you the plan?” I said, hesitantly.


“If you are as smart as you say, I swear no one will lay a finger on you” He said as I looked somehow assured.


“I accept” I said, shaking his hand.


”It’s a deal” He said, standing up. “Now you are a temporary member. If your plan works, you will be considered one of us. Don’t forget, we trust you. If you betray us, you die.” The boss said, taking the hood off his head. His hair was black and his eyes dark brown. He didn’t seem older than eighteen. “I’m Martin, by the way” He said, holding out his hand, once again and smiling.


“Marine” I said, shaking his hand.


“Nice to meet you, he is ol’ Jim” Martin said, pointing at the thief in brown cloak that took off his hood as well. His eyes and hair were both brown. He smiled at me and waved his hand. I smiled back, thinking that they both seemed nice. That’s when I learned that people shouldn’t judge other people before knowing them.


We left the room and went to another one. The next room had lots of chairs, a few tables and some big rocks that replaced the some chairs. The room was also full of over fifteen thieves that weren’t wearing their hoods anymore. They all turned their heads towards the hole in the wall where was supposed to be a door.


“Hey, I thought you said you’ll kill her. She will cause us problems” A pink–haired girl said, standing up. I ignored the girl, starting to count the thieves in the room.


“Her name is Marine and she thinks that she has a plan that will help us. Why not listen to her?” Martin said, looking at me. “Let’s hear it” He said as I nodded and went on the middle of the room, sitting on one of the chairs. The thieves surrounded me, waiting for me to start.


I started talking and explaining the plan as well as I could. For the first time in my life, I felt like someone was really listening to me. After I finished, the thieves remained looking at me. I could almost say that they looked at me with admiration... no, amazement.


“It’s...” Martin started “It’s brilliant!” he said, looking at me and smiling. After more than and half an hour, both teams were ready. We left the hideout and walked a while until we got to Sedona. Team one followed the way discreetly to the centre and I, with the seven thieves, went to the Jewelry shop. We stopped in the space between two houses and waited. I told the other thieves to be silent. After a few minutes, team one came and stopped in front of the Jewelry shop, attracting the attention of the two guards. The shopkeeper was curious what was happening as well, and he left the shop to see what was happening. I silently made a sign to the thieves that the way was clear. After a few minutes, they were back. I felt kinda bad for helping them do bad things, but I didn’t have a choice.


We returned to the hideout as I received at least a ‘thank you very much for helping us’ from every thief. I got to know all the thieves. They were all really nice people, so nice you could hardly believe they were actually thieves. I found out that the pink–haired girl’s name was Nasako and she was by far, one of the greatest people there.


“I still have a question” I said, while I was talking to her.


“What?” She asked, smiling.


“Why are you guys stealing?” She seemed a bit shocked as her smile faded and she looked down. I waited patiently for her to answer.


“We...we are the ones that haven’t been accepted by Sedona.” I raised my eyebrow in confusion. “As you may know very well, Sedona is the richest city of all. There are rich merchants and “noble blood” living in it. But, as every city, Sedona has a not–so–rich part. That is the portion near the shore. There are living the poor people from Sedona. The king still doesn’t know anything about them at all. But if he finds out, those people will be surely arrested.” Nasako said in a grave tone, making a pause.


“But...why?” I asked.


“Because Sedona has its own rich city pride. And if the other cities found out that poor people live in Sedona, they won’t have the same respect for it. And I’ll tell you what the idea between us and poor people is. We all had the bad luck to be born in that poor area. Our parents didn’t want to go and work, and we didn’t know why. We, the children, gathered all and left to northern Sedona with the intent of finding some jobs. But in every shop we went, we got the same response: NO! And we were booted out. Seeing that doesn’t work, we intended on starting begging. But I’m glad we didn’t have the chance. We saw a boy, the same age as us, as he was being arrested by the guards because he begged. One day, after we haven’t ate anything for some time, Martin got really pissed off and called us all out. He said that this wasn’t working anymore and we had to find a better way to live. He suggested trying stealing. At first, I was totally against the idea, but eventually, I was convinced that we weren’t going to live if we remain in this state. The first five–six times we got caught. But we eventually learned how to take objects without being noticed. People soon realized that objects were missing and we couldn’t stay in the town too much time. So we left the town as soon as possible and we got here. And that’s what happened.” Nasako said, finishing. Now I really understood that people REALLY shouldn’t judge people before they knew them.


I continued living with them for the next nine months. I was already six and my plans were getting more complicated. The life was kinda fun but it was missing something. I soon left them, while they were sleeping, leaving them a note on my bed. It was really great and interesting to be one of the thieves, but I had something to do. I didn’t know what, but I had to do it. And quick.



–gulp– How is it until now? Please! I need opinions. And comments!

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Drat Castelle who tends to expel Marine...


Oh Brunwich! A peaceful farming village...


Oh, the corn field seems horrible after you described it with full of insects. (I hate mosquitoes especially)...


Oh thieves' evil plans and intentions...


It's kinda long chapter... But nice work! :)

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Nice! Except for there wasnt really that much of Marine kicking that snotty girl's butt. And just like Heimdall said, you should try double-spacing your paragraphs. It hurts my eyes to lean close to the monitor.

But great update though! :goodjob:

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Thank you all for the comments :D Here's chapter 3 *whew* Finally done!

Happy reading~


Chapter 3


I stared in utter shock at the two ladies in front of me that had just finished explaining why I...we were here.


All my memories from the past month were blurry. I just knew that I ended up in a lighted, funny-looking place that looked somewhat like a temple. There were these two ladies that I first seen after I started remembering things. One of them was old with long white hair and a wise look in her eyes and the other was a young redhead with shy brown eyes and she was wearing this weird nun-like clothing that was snow white.


There were five more children that seemed a bit older than me: two girls and three boys. They were as shocked as I was after hearing all the story come out of the old lady’s mouth. None of them let out a word in the past 5 minutes and the silence was pissing me off. I still had lots of questions running trough my head. No one’s gonna eat me if I ask a few things, right?...Right?


“Soooo.....what do we do now?” I asked matter-of-factly. “I mean... okay, you told us...so? You do realize that I am only six and they are only a bit older than me. What are we supposed to do now?” I asked. The two ladies looked at eachother and smiled.


“You’re talking like an adult” The redhead said, with a giggle. “If you are as smart as it seems, you’ll figure out what to do next” She said as she and the older lady left the room, closing the massive door. I let out a long sigh. Once again, I was locked in a foreign room with some people I don’t know.


I just went to one of the chairs in the room, sat on it and for the first time since I got here, I started examining the five children that happened to be in the same situation as me. I watched them as they all went to different corners of the room, sitting, apparently thinking of what they have been trough.


One of the boys seemed to be the youngest of them, five or six months older than me. His hair was dark red and straight and his eyes, though they were brown, they also seemed to have a tint of red. Judging by his clothing, I would have said that he was from a southern city. Plus, his skin was slightly tanned. He seemed like the normal, nice and calm type. He just seemed to be deep in his thoughts. I thought that I will go pretty well with this guy as he didn’t seem to be the one that argues over everything.


One of the girls’ clothing got my attention. It seemed ridiculously familiar. But I had no idea where I saw that clothing before. Her hair was rather weird. It was light brown but it had green strands from place to place. And it was tied in two high ponytails. At first I couldn’t realize what colors her eyes were because they were soaked in tears. But after a while, she wiped all her tears and I could see her eyes were viper green. Weird shade of green, indeed. She seemed rather annoyed and frustrated. I had a feeling that we won’t be too good friends in the future as she seemed like the easily annoyed, big mouthed type. Two of my defects as well. Yep, she is indeed the door to future fights.


Light blue hair....Light blue hair?! Okay, Miss annoyingly-green seemed weird enough. But let’s be serious...light blue hair? AND gray eyes. I was already sure I won’t go to well with this guy, as well. I closed the window because I was freezing, but no, he just had to re-open it again and again. After a while I just gave up and left him be. Maybe he just needed the wind go trough his light blue hair, that light blue, very slightly curled hair that annoyed me so much. I had no idea where he was from. Eastern Empire, probably. Never seen such clothes before. The window incident made me understand that he is an extremely insistent person. The list of people I won’t stand starts filling up...


Now the last guy was rather interesting. Some sort of mask covered his face, letting only his eyes visible. I couldn’t find out what his hair color was but I think it was white or something. He had yellow eyes... Who the hell has ever seen yellow eyes before? I could guess that he was from the Northern empire. He had an animal fur cloak on him. Definitely a northerner. He kept quiet all the time and never moved an inch from that place. This guy kinda freaked me out. Acting mysterious...cool....whatever he wanted it to seem. Not a future friend, that’s for sure.


Last but not least. The one that seemed to be the oldest. She seemed like being eight or so. The others weren’t older than seven, I’m sure of it. She seemed nice and quiet. But again, her appearance was weird enough. She had short, straight dark blue hair. Her eyes’ color was an incredibly light shade of blue. I couldn’t guess where she was from, but though she seemed nice, I didn’t like how she stared at me for the past two minutes. Maybe the little things that we don’t have in common will create short arguments.


As I analyzed everyone by their appearance, I just needed to confirm it by getting to know them. But as none of them seemed too willing to speak, I just thought I’d let them so more time as I couldn’t stop a flashback run through my head.



“What the-...?” I started but didn’t get the chance to finish the sentence as I found myself in this weird looking place. Two ladies were in front of me and five more children that I barely noticed. The older lady smiled.


“Glad you could make it here, children” she said, examining each of us. “Now to tell you why I brought you here” Everyone waited for her to start. “It will be shocking, though.” She said, making another pause. “You children aren’t like the ordinary people. You were chosen to be the ones that guard the druids. These are though times, my children. I wished I could leave you be. Living your lives without worries. But there is nothing else we can do. The evil is running free in the world, taking different appearances, tricking the eyes of humans. You must guard the druids with the risk of losing your lives.” Silence.


“Umm,” I started, breaking the silence and making everyone look at me. “and when do you say we finish guarding these druids?” What? All of my questions had to be answered.


“Maybe after ten years, maybe after twenty years, or maybe never......”




I let out a frustrated groan as I remembered how the old lady explained us what were exactly the druids. I looked around the room. The others were still standing in the places I last saw them, being dead silent. I jumped off the chair and walked in front of the mirror nearby. I was exactly the same as the last time. Very dark brown hair, tied in a high ponytail with those two bangs nearly covering my eyes, with orange eyes and too short for my age. Wait, orange eyes? Well, yeah, the others kind of have a reason to comment on my appearance as well, now. I hated mirrors. They remembered me of myself, which I was not really fond of. But this time the mirror remembered me that I am a big-mouthed brat that always manages to get in trouble but also get out of them easily. I turned around and looked at the others once more. Hey, we were together in this, right? With the risk of being threw out of the window or being hit by a flower vase by the short-tempered people in the room, I just had to try talk to them.


“Hey” I started, getting everyone’s attention. Original, Wolfgang, very original’ I said to myself realizing how awkward it seemed. “Okay, I know how you all feel, I’m in the same situation, you know. But retreating in a dark corner of the room won’t make things better. We should talk and get to know eachother if we want this to work”


“You sound like my mother” The green-eyed girl said. I sweatdropped.


“But she is right.” The blue-haired girl said looking at the others as they nodded and gathered all, sitting in a circle with only one place left. I went over and sat down, completing the circle.


I sat there and started smiling as everyone started telling their names.


“I’m Kia Breight” the blue-haired girl said.


“Lillian Slane” The green-eyed girl said bitterly.


“Da name’s David Danboe” The blue-haired boy said with a grin.


“Samuel Poltrick” The mask dude said in monotone.


“Okay, hang on for a really weird name” The redhead said with a smile on his face “Rajah Ahjem”


“Southerner, huh?” I asked him, his smile getting contagious.


”Yeah” He said, returning the smile. Everyone looked at me as I was the last one to say my name.


“Wolfgang Marina Gabriela. But just call me Marine”


I watched as everyone started talking eagerly about their selves, almost like the shock before never came. As everyone started talking about their lives until now, their hometowns and the hard lives they’ve been living, I started feeling kinda embarrassed.


“I come from the Veniara Islands.” Kia started. “My dad was a traveler. But the loss of money started showing itself and my dad wasn’t gaining anything... I got on a ship and was forced to keep an eye out for land or other ships as my sight was very good”


“I was a street-performer back in Veldt” The redhead started. “I had to get locked in cages with lots of creatures that the people found scary to earn a living. The one that hired me said I had an uncommonly courage”


“Dishwasher in Brumwich” Lillian said, as I widened my eyes. That’s why her clothing seemed familiar. “The dirty dishes were forming mountains in those kitchens. The people that hired me said that I was the only one that could handle the dishes with enough care. I never broke one plate or glass before”


“Hired as a wood cutter in Ghalarah.” David started “I had to do the way from Ghalarah to the Wild Woods and back everyday. I also had to watch out for the beasts. I had the luck of not being attacked by any beast because I could hear them and run away before they got to me”


“I was supposed to take care of the sled dogs in Thornkeep.” Samuel said “It was slightly difficult as the leaders were very territorial and were bitting like hell. You had to move fast in order to get away alive with all your limbs intact”


Again, I was the last one to speak. I looked at everyone with a hesitant expression. Lillian shot me a bitter glare. I frowned in return. If she wanted to feel inferior, then so be it.


“I am a veritable Sedonian, born in one of the richest families in Sedona.” Lillian looked down, embarrassed. Now I sounded really snobby and somehow, I felt sorry for this. Wh-why would I care anyway? “But due to an accident, I lost my closest relatives and had to go to a school, run away and live with the thieves for a couple of time” I continued, half-unintentionally.


“Do you think the old lady brought us here because we had something special or because we needed to train?” Rajah asked, all of a sudden as my eyes widened.



YAAAAAAAAAYY!! Finally DONE!! Believe it or not, I have been working on this one for the whole week!! Well, mostly because it's nearly the end of the semester and I needed more grades at certain subjects (hint, hint * math *) Oh, and I took your advices for double-spacing the paragraphs. Hope its better this way '~'

Anyway, I'm off~ * goes to start writing chapter 4 *

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Yay! Comments! (hey, the last two posts started with "Hey!" I just tad to continue!~ XD)

Thanks for the comments, and though I finished ch4 like three days ago, I was waaay to busy to post it. Anyway, here is it, finally. Enjoy~


Chapter 4


“Well?” Rajah grinned in front of my face as I was still thinking. “Hello, still there?” He asked again as he received no answer.


“I don't really know.... “ I said, still undecided.


“You don't have a place to go to, right?” I sighed.


“I guess you're right...Tough the idea of coming to a place where you can't breathe because of the heat isn't exactly appealing” I said as we both headed over for the exit of the shrine. The others were getting ready to leave as well. I looked once more at the big room of the shrine. I was adventuring in the world again. A long sigh escaped my lungs as I waved to the others and turned around, exiting the great white building followed by Rajah.


“You made the right choice by coming with me” Rajah said with a smugly proud tone.


“Oh yeah, why?” I asked as we started descending the stairs that led to the Shrine.


“Once we get to Veldt, I can teach you how to fight your fears and stop being such a scared cat” He said with a grin. I glared at him before protesting.


“I am not a scared cat!” I yelled frustrated. He nodded sarcastically with an ironic smile and sped up. I found myself forced to speed up as well.


We wandered for about three or four hours in the Northern Woods. We were aware that we could be attacked by wolves, lynxes, mountain lions and even an angry moose would represent a threat for two six and seven-year-old children. A huge threat. Nonetheless, this was the only way to get to the shore. Although I knew very well that there were no direct ships to the Southern Isle. We just had to take the first ship to wherever it was going and then embark on another one that took us to the Southern Isle.


I sighed mumbling annoyed about the hard days we were living in. Rajah heard me but I guess he decided not to press the matter. Then he suddenly stopped.


“What happened?” I asked


“I think I heard something” He whispered, looking around. I started looking around nervously as well. I saw some animal feet pressing against the snow in the distance. Covering my mouth to stop a hiss from coming out, I grabbed his sleeve and started pulling then pointing towards the animal that was certainly approaching. “What's that?” He asked in an uncommonly calm tone.


“I-it's a lion mountain....I-it's s-said that it's blind b-but i-it has a-an extremely s-sharp h-hearing” I barely managed to whisper terrified by the creature that was approaching.


“Then it will leave if we don't move and keep quiet” He whispered back with the same calm tone as I nodded weakly.


The feline jumped from behind a bush and started sniffing around. Its fur was coal black and its eyes, which had no pupils, were ash gray. The mountain lion approached us and continued sniffing the ground. It was inches away from us when it blew in front of my face making me sneeze. The animal let out a feline-like growl, backing off as like it was about to jump and strike. I felt Rajah grab my wrist, and lead me towards the nearest fir, climbing it and then helping me up. The mountain lion stopped at the base of the tree and looked around.


“Wh-..” I started but was silences by Rajah's hand over my mouth and his shush. The mountain lion left shortly afterwards.


I started breathing heavily from the shock as we both jumped down from the branch we were seated on. My breaths got more heavy as my legs started feeling numb and things were getting blurry in front of my eyes.


“Are you okay?” Rajah asked me instantly, seeing that my eyes were only halfway open.


“N-not really...... I.....I'm gonna faint” I breathed out, falling on my back. I'm so glad that I take much time to go unconscious.


“Hey, HEY!” I heard Rajah say as he grabbed my wrists and pulled me to my legs immediately. “Get a hold of yourself, we're nearly there” He said as I nodded weakly, waking up from the dizziness.


After an half an hour of walking and me getting fully conscious again, we finally reached the shore. We both smiled relieved as we saw three ships near the shore. We asked about each of them. One of them was going to the Veniara Islands, another to the Western Empire and the third to the Eastern Empire. Wait, Western Empire? There were going the most of the ships as they needed to provide Sedona with lots of stupid things “imported from all the corners of the world”. After telling Rajah our next destination, we went to talk with the captain of the ship going to the Western Empire, which happened to be named Henrietta. Stupid names these sailors give to their ships...


“No way! There's no way I'm gonna take two children on my Henrietta. Why did you you get here in first place if you couldn't go back?” The captain said bitterly, turning his back to us.


Rajah let out a sigh and was about to turn around and go to one of the other ships. And I was about to start yelling obscenities at the captain but an idea came to me as neither of us had the chance to do what we were about to. I grabbed Rajah's arm and whispered in his ear a fast “Do as I say and leave the rest to me!” with a grin. We were going to go to Sedona no matter what the stupid captain said. No one was refusing Marine Wolfgang like this!


“Please!...” I said as tears started going down my cheeks and I started sobbing, attracting the captain's attention as he turned around. “Please take us with you! We need to go back home...” I said as I continued crying. “Me and Nii-san need to... Need to go home to mother.....she-she...she is extremely sick and we need to.....” I stopped talking as I continued sobbing and hiccuping occasionally letting out a whispered “please!...”. The captain looked at me and then at Rajah, who was looking confused at me, not knowing what to believe.


The captain sighed defeated as I could hardly stop a smirk.


“If you really need to....Then I'll take you.” He said, mumbling the last part. “But only this once”


“Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!” I said, happily, tears continuing to roll down my cheeks. “Come on, Nii-san!” I said, grabbing Rajah's arm and dragging him after me to some barrels on the ship. As I was sure the captain wasn't seeing us anymore, I wiped my tears to replace them with a mischievous grin.


“Fool!” I said as I let out a short laugh. “He really did BELIEVE me! What a fool!”


“Actually, I nearly believed you too” Rajah said sitting on one of the barrels.


“But that's the truth I was saying back there, right, Nii-san?” I said, noticing one of the sailors approach us.


“Hey, you are the children going to Sedona, right? The captain asked for your names” The sailor asked.


“I'm Maria Denise Themerson and this is my brother, Jonathan Themerson” I said, transforming some names I knew back from Gentle Children's School. The sailor looked suspicious at us and left us alone.


The trip was fine. Four long hours of watching the sea and occasionally feeling sick ended soon. To my disgust, Sedona was unchanged since I last remembered it. But to our despair, there were dozens of ships going to lots of different locations. We didn't have time to spend on asking every captain. While I was thinking of a way out, something that had wings, flapped them above our heads , shading all the Sedona trading point. I looked up to notice that a dragon was just landing in Sedona's trading point.


“What the-.... A dragon? I thought they didn't exist” I said, receiving a rather bitter look from Rajah.


“They do exist as you can see. They are original from the Southern Isle” He said as the owner got off the dragon, tied its bridle to a wooden pole.


The dragon didn't seem happy at all as it started moving around, struggling to get free. The owner was away... I once heard that the dragons were the fastest transport way... I grinned as I got an idea again.


“Raj, come over here” I said as I went over to the dragon pulling out a small knife.


“What did you call me...Hey, what are you doing?” Rajah asked as he saw me try to cut the leather strings that were tying the dragon to the pole.


“Keep an eye out for curious people! And you don't mind me calling you Raj, don't you?” I asked, managing to cut one of the strings.


“No, I don't mind at all...and...WE'RE GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE!” He said, looking around.


“Shut up and do as I tell you” I said, cutting the second string as well. As the dragon saw himself free, it started flying above happily, not getting away, though. I hid my knife as people started clearing the Sedona trade point. I ran to where the owner of the dragon went and immediately made up a lie about the dragon getting away. The owner called for his dragon as the creature landed slowly on the ground, like a humiliated dog.


“Thank you for warning me, children. Five more minutes and he'd been away. Do you have any place you want me to get you to?” The man asked us.


“Actually, we do...” I said smiling


I never though flying on a dragon was that fun. I examined the way the man was riding the dragon, a tip that could be useful in the future.


“So what are your names?” The man asked suddenly, waking me up from my daydreaming. Oh crap! He must have noticed that Raj looked like a southerner. “Well?” He asked once again.


“My name's Alexandra and this is Jack but we can't give you our full names” I said, grinning.


“Oh, it's okay.” He said, making a pause. “You are a southerner, right, boy?” The man started, surely noticing that the name I came up with didn't sound too southern.


“I...uh....” Rajah started, not sure what to say


“He was adopted by a family that was from the Western Isle.” I added for him. He just nodded sheepishly.


“And you? You seem like you're from the Western Isle too” He said, taking a short look at me. Great! We just encountered a traveler!


“Me? You insult me, traveler. I am coming from the Eastern Isle. Veldarah is the name of the town I used to live in” I said, immediately acting smug. That's how I made the traveler keep his mouth shut for the rest of the flight.


As I got off the dragon, I started looking around curiously. The traveler landed in the middle of the city of Veldt. So that's why people started looking at us so curiously. It was a crowded city, like nothing I've seen before. The people were wearing weird things on their heads. Maybe to protect them from the sun. I didn't get the point of wrapping your head in cloth in the middle of the desert until my head started burning as my dark-brown hair was attracting the sunlight. (if you remember from physics class, darker things attract the sunlight and heat more than lighter things)


The traveler soon left with a short “hope we'll meet again”. We were left there, in the middle of the crowd. And the people were still starring at me. What? They've never seen a northerner before? Raj was perfectly fine and this was annoying me. He didn't mind the heat and people weren't staring at him. We started walking through the crowd. It was like a nightmare. Breathing was herder by the second and my dark clothes weren't helping at all. Neither did the people.


“Umm, can we go a little faster? I'm suffocating, I have a headache and my skin gets burned very fast in the sun because of its paleness” I started complaining but I received no answer. “ Raj?” I asked looking to my left, where Raj used to be. He wasn't there. Great! Now I was lost in this ocean of people.


“Here” I heard Raj saying as he threw something that looked like a large piece of cloth in my arms.


“What am I supposed to do with this? It looks like a sheet” I asked, looking confused at the cloth.


“You don't wanna get sun-struck, right?” He asked as I sighed and wrapped the sheet-cloth around me. That was actually a hooded cloak but the sedonian blood that run trough my veins made me be smug and proud. Even though I wasn't proud of being sedonian, I was acting smug whenever I got the chance.


“So why do you keep changing the names and stories?” Raj suddenly asked.




“You know, the fact that you never tell the true names and that you change them every time.” He added.


“Oh, that. Well, I learned that coincidences always appear from places we'd never think of. That's why” Raj looked puzzled at me, not really getting my point. “For example: let's say that, by coincidence, the traveler that took us here and the captain of Henrietta met in the Sedona trading point. They would start talking by coincidence and the captain would have told the traveler that he took two children on his ship and give him those fake names. If the traveler asked for our names and we would have told him the same names we used for the captain, what would have happened to us? Busted, in the middle of the ocean.” I said as we both continued walking.


“It makes more sense, now that you put it that way” Raj said “But what if the captain and the traveler never met?” He continued.


“You never know...” I said shrugging as Raj stopped in front of a not-too-good-looking small house. “Is this...” I started, pointing at the house.


“Yep, this is where I live. I know it's not much... But it's all my master could give to me.” A lot of criticism words that were running through my head could describe this... thing perfectly but I decided not to start commenting.


Raj pulled out a key and unlocked the door, revealing the inside...





It's done...... * sigh * finally!

Oh and as a note:

Onii means bigger brother. So you can figure the Nii-san over there


Just thought that some people may not know these stuff...

Anyway, see ya~

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The ship named "Henrietta" very funny! I also liked the idea of angry moose attacks. I have to say that they dizzy - being scared sick all day thing was a bit too much for me (flashbacks to Twilight).

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Thankies, everyone. And here's chapter 5, finally!!!

Happy reading~


Chapter 5


I sighed and looked around. I was in a dusty, ugly storage room, that was also full of spiders, mice and even rats were passing by to say hi from time to time. I sighed as I was sitting down, on the cold floor, hugging my knees and leaning my back against the door. How did I get myself into this? Although I knew the answer, I kept asking the question for no particular reason.


It already passed five minutes since I was there, in the storage room. And I was already going insane at the thought that I will spend my night there. I almost laughed while thinking why I got here. But somehow, I was glad I wasn't supposed to sleep in that dusty, dirty thing that Raj called a house.


“Are you still there...awake?” I asked, waiting for a response from the other side of the door.


“I guess so...” Raj replied lazily.”What?” He then added, knowing that I was going to ask something again.


“Tell me again why am I in a dirty, ugly, horrifyingly full of rats storage room and NOT in your dirty, ugly, horrifyingly dusted little house?” I asked, not really being able to choose between the two places. Raj sighed from the other side of the door.


“Because my master came over and asked me to come and spend the night here because he needed me for a street performance tomorrow.” He said in a bored tone. I kinda understand him, I would have the same tone if someone asked me the same question for the past half an hour like three times per minute.


“Yes, but why am I here?” I asked, rolling my eyes.


“Because you hadn't got a choice. You had to come with me”


“You don't get it. Why am I here?” I asked once again, intentionally rising my voice at 'here'. Raj sighed before letting out the bored, sleepy response.


“Because my master doesn't have to see you or else I get in trouble” He said, pausing. “Well, at least he doesn't have to see you tonight because he is in a bad mood. Maybe tomorrow, after the performance.”


“And why did your master know you were back home?”


“Lucky guess?” I rolled my eyes at his response and turned silent again. “And why do you think the old lady called us to the temple?” He asked, abruptly changing the subject.


“Well, maybe because each of us had some unusual quality or something like that”


“Oh yeah? And which do you think is yours?” He asked, in a somewhat irritated tone.


“Umm, I don't really know. Many people say I'm smart, that's all”


“Then, if you are so smart, why aren't you answering instead of asking?” He asked, in a tone that kinda pissed me off. I didn't respond, concentrating my attention on the sounds that came from the room. There were definitely rats in there. And they were freaking me out because they were approaching annoyingly slow...


{----next morning----}


I slept like five minutes last night. And the next morning, Raj's master came saying that he canceled the performance this morning. Instead, he gave him the freedom to go and waste his time in the city. Neither of us was overjoyed at hearing that, but it was a way to come out of the house and walk a bit.


“You must promise me something” He said after I got the white cloak on me and we left the house.




“That you won't steal anything”


“Oh, come on, who do you think I am?”




“Okay, okay, I promise” I said, rolling my eyes


{----5 minutes later----}


“You promised!” Raj yelled at me as we ran trough the crowds, in search of a hiding place. People were looking at us, dumbstruck as we were running like two lunatics, twenty meters behind us followed by two guards.


“Law number one in life: NEVER EVER trust me.” I said, as we continued running. We eventually hid between two buildings and started regaining our breath.


“What am I going to tell master now? He will eventually find out what I did. The rumors are running fast in Veldt.” He complained as neither of us moved out of our hiding spot. I was about to respond when my head started aching horribly. I put my palms on my temples in order to cease the pain, but it was still insupportable. I thought it was because of the heat and the running. If those were the causes, we needed to leave Veldt before my head exploded.


“Raj, how much do we need to stay here?” I asked, waking him up from his thoughts


“I don't know, maybe a week or so, before my master leaves for his other house.” He replied as I let out a groan. “Why? What's wrong?” He asked.


“Nothing” I replied harshly. “Let's just go back home.” I said, turning around to leave.


“You said not to trust you” Raj said, following me on my way to avoid people. “But wait, if you said not to trust you, that means you're often lying so that means that you also lied when you said not to trust you... but if that was a lie that means I should trust you. But if that was true, then, you wouldn't have lied about not stealing...so that means....”


“Raj, leave it” I said, getting already annoyed because of his nonsense babbling. He complied and just kept quiet the rest of the way back home.



The next week was incredibly painful for both my head and my legs. As Raj's master eventually found out about me, I had to go and help Raj do shopping and other stuff. And this work pissed me off. This was children abuse. I mean, why didn't he move that big butt of his and do the shopping?


After the long, painful week, we eventually managed to find a skudder to take us directly to the Northern Isle. The trip was too tiresome so I'll just skip this part.


By the time we made it to the Shrine, I was already too annoyed either to notice that my headache disappeared either to ask myself what in the world were we doing here. Amazingly enough, the kids from back then were there as well. What were we doing there? I didn't get the chance to ask it out loud, because the old lady showed herself for the second time since back then...


I got a bad feeling about this.




* whew * Now I'm the one getting the headache. Anyway, hope you enjoy~ Next chapter coming soon (like tomorrow) so keep on commenting, it makes Lulubell happy~ ^__^

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