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Goodie help

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The saved games are kept in your %appdata%\Amaranth Games\Grimm's Hatchery directory.


To apply this Goodie, follow these steps:

1) From the start menu, select "Run..." (or simply press the Windows Key + R)

2) Type "%appdata%" (no quotes needed), then press enter.

3) Note the "Amaranth Games" folder... double-click on it, and then double-click again on the "Grimm's Hatchery" folder.


You'll now see the various saved games you have with names like; "Save1.dso"


If you have a saved game in your slot #3 (that is, if a file exists called "Save3.DSO" ), you'll likely want to rename it to preserve it for later.


Now, simply copy the "Save3.DSO" file that is provided in the "Goodie" into your path and load that saved game... simple as that ;)

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Thank you! I have one problem. I did the "Run" program and the %appdata% but there is only and Aveyond 2 folder. No "Amaranth Games" folder. I looked around in other folders and still couldn't find it. I'll just keep looking. Thanks again Brycej.




Could it be that it isnt there because I got the game from pogo games and not AM?

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Ok... I couldn't just leave this one unanswered :)


The Saved Game files for Grimm's Hatchery are saved in the public folder so... here's how you find them.


1) Open up your %USERPROFILE% directory (Start, Run.. type %USERPROFILE%, then hit enter)

*Note that since you are logged in as a user, the path might look something like; "C:\Users\Brycej"


2) Remove the "user name" (the "Brycej" part in the sample above), and replace it with "All Users".


3) Now, you'll see a directory called; "GrimmsHatchery" (yes, you know you're getting close now!)


Inside this directory, you'll see the DSO files with "Save" in front of them... those are the saved game slots.


To apply the "Goodie", simply rename your existing "Save3.DSO" file to another name so you don't wipe it out... and copy the Save3.DSO "Goodie" into that folder.


Now, all you've left to do is open the game and select the third slot and away you go!


Sorry for the delay... I've been rather busy working on my next free game... :)

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Oh thank you so much for your time Brycej! I truly appreciate you and everyone else who is helping me on my quest to get my goodie where it needs to be. Im not completely computer savy but I can find things with guidence. I still cannot find my save.dso files for GH. I have looked in every GH folder and I know where they should be but they are not there! Its funny cause I know what folder you are talking about but there are no save files to speak of. None!


This may be my blondeness but do I have to beat the game first to use it?


Also I know my games are saving because I can load previous played games when I open the game to play. Can I find those files on my computer though? Haha nope. I think i'll call in a PI to help me look.

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To open your Grimm's Hatchery saved-game directory, simply:

1) Select the "Run..." command from your "Start" menu (you may alternatively press the Windows Key + R)

2) Copy this line into the provided field: "%USERPROFILE%\..\All Users\GrimmsHatchery" (sans quotes, of course ;)


3) Hit enter.


This should make things a bit more simple for everyone... no matter their hair colour. :lol:


If this doesn't work for you... please reply with what Windows version you are running.

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