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Brycej - Sling-Shot!

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The idea is simple... two ships in space, each takes turns shooting at each other.


Oh, but there's one problem... those pesky planets keep getting in the way!


width=300http://smpira.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pXa6FWXQnzlXXzjxUTzpKkP-ROx0L2i-VyLcGP9nM4W4twmSogVy8O6j7cLuFbhIy6UXqw6zvTXGqXYR9SUGlRA/Slingshot.png [/img]


Endless different waves of planets...


It's not Aveyond, but it is free for you to download here!

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Err, it gives a really long name file when you try to download it.

SO I changed it to Bryce.exe :D

Edit: I had fun playing this game against myself.

Will probably be allot more fun playing it against someone.

Do you plan to make it online as well?

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Well... I suppose it could be adopted to be an on-line version.


I was thinking of adding a computer as the second player, and then... add it such that the second player was someone over the web.


If there's enough interest, perhaps that's the way we'll take it... but honestly... I'm already working on my next game... you know how it goes :)

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