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Waves of Destiny

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Skyten, a 15-year old lad has finally taken over the late captain's ship. He and his new crew, a bunch of young orphans who are as old as him set out on a journey after they found out of an island where the thing a pirate wants most can be found - treasure. But there will be some people who would get on the way. These are the other pirates. But the captain and his crew still believe that they will be able to find the treasure in the islands beyond.





Skyten: A young pirate captain who succeeded the late Captain Barge. He is young physically, but matured actually. Has a talent for leadership.

[played by:________]


Denji: Skyten's best friend since childhood. As an orphan, he considered Skyten as his older brother. He is much more as a playful person. Where Skyten goes, Denji follows.

[played by: _______]


Shira: She is also Skyten's best friend since childhood as well. She has a talent for healing and is a good dancer. She dances when hopes start to wither.

[played by: ljspence]


Leeor: A brave however boastful person in the crew. He is good in strategies and often helps Skyten in directions.

[played by:________]


Lumina: The 'leading lady' among the crew. When Skyten is not around, she overtakes and leads temporarily.

[played by: _______]


Cassenye: A tomboyish pirate. Though she hates much girly stuff, she still acts with her proper etiqutte.

[played by:________]


Elza: A gunner who has the talent with words and actions. She is one of Leeor's "bodyguard".

[played by: Stardale]


Isenet: He is the only one who knows how to heal in the crew since he is a well-known doctor.




Stardale (Elza, and be providing updates)








-Forum Rules still apply.

-Your post must be 10 sentences and above.

-No use of magic.

-Use of pirate words are greatly appreciated.

-Do not exaggerate. Be somewhat realistic.



How to join?:


-Simply PM me that you are joining. If the character you choose are the ff: Skyten, Denji, Shira, Leeor, Lumina, Cassenye - Just choose one and tell me in the PM who it is. You can make your own characters if all there is no characters available.

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You could just start it at the beginning of the festival and then continue it after the festival is over if people are interested. We did that with another festival RP.

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Would it help to say that the surprise RP is festival-related? Obviously, you don't have to give away the theme but it might gain more interest if people have a better idea of what it is.

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City of Elastquen, Kingdom of Rubina


Skyten and Shira goes back late at night at the orphanage after they went to the market, stealing sorts of stuff.


"Umm, are you sure this is the right thing to do? I mean, we are fed very well at the orphanage." Shira doubts their actions as she asks his long time partner, who is none other than Skyten.


"Of course! Yeah, we were fed by the Mistress, but what the heck do we eat? Nothing but rotten cheese! You have absolutely no idea how many times did I throw my food outside of the window!" he responded to his partner in a calm way.


They opened the door and sneaked past inside. All of the sudden, the lights went on, and the Mistress shouts as she flames in anger.


"Where have you been? Look at the time!" she points her finger at the clock. The pendulum swings normally. The other orphans looked from above the stairs.


"You left so early and return late! And what's worse?! You left without permission! No note. My pouch disappeared, what the hell did the two of you do?"


"But Mistress, we just went to the market and..." Skyten starts to explain everything until the Mistress responded suddenly.


"Market?" she suddenly went for his pockets and got four rings made up of silver, three apples and a tomato.


"How....how dare you steal! I never, and I mean never taught you how to become a thief!"


"And you never fed us all with love! What has happened to you, Mistress? Ever since our parents died, and all of our wealth was given to you, you now take care of us less? We do not deserve this!"


"You insolent son of a ...."


Suddenly, the constable knocks loudly on the door. The Mistress opens and greets the constable.


"Its already midnight and I hear shouting over here. What is going on?"


"Officer, this....brat just stole things from the market!"


The officer looks at the Skyten with wide eyes.


"You are in big trouble, boy. You're going behind bars for this. Its a shame you are still young."


The constable grasps Skyten's arms.


"Let me go! Get of my arms!"


Skyten looks at his Mistress as he was carried away to prison.


Note: The roleplay starts here officialy.

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Thwack! The thump of the belt slapping Shira’s back resounds through the small basement of the orphanage. Through the haze of pain, Shira grits her teeth trying to resist giving in to the need to scream or cry. She refuses to give the Mistress this pleasure.


Thwack! The crack of the belt resounds again and Shira expels a breath with a grunt. She is trying only to think about Skyten and think of a plan to rescue him from prison. She has long since given up praying to the uncaring gods. Only the friendship she has with Skyten has brought her through this suffering. Together they have sworn to free all of the children. Some day, they will escape and live away from this fate – someday there will be freedom on the high seas.


Finally, the pain is too much and silently Shira passes out.

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