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Getting Enemies to Re-Appear when re-entering screen

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I'm using RMXP and I think I figured out how to make the enemies walk around (like in AV and AV2) instead of just random encounters by creating events. My question is, how do I get them to re-appear after leaving and re-entering the screen? After my hero party defeats them, they just disappear. Is it a matter of switches or what? I've tried several things and just can't get it to work.

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Nope not a switch! All you have to do is first,

Make the enemy encounter then find the option "Erase Event" click it and make a random new map. So now go to the enemy, kill it, go to another map of just change the screen and when you go back to the previous map (with the enemy) he should be there again so you can kill him again.


Good luck with your game! :)

(Hope this was easy enough to understand!)

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