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Careworn: Simple RP (INFORMAL)

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I'm really new at this, but I'm giving it a shot. Hope everyone likes it. =)





The world is still recovering from the wrath of the now-imprisoned Terrors. Though even the darkest forest and the deepest cave hold no refuge for great evil, chaos reigns. Demons litter the land, monsters hold threat to the great cities, and many small villages are no longer. This is where the great hero or terrible villain enters the story. Will you rescue the ravaged land or summon the Terrors from their bonds? The choice is yours!


i. No big-boss-type villains at start

ii. There are three starting cities, but more can be created on short notice. The cities are:

Arinthia -- PORT CITY

Dawn City -- CITY OF ORDER

Telignor -- CITY OF CHAOS

iii. Small villages can be created by anyone and cities can be created by P.M.ing me with the city idea.

iv. There are three creature lairs:


Dionysus Peak -- ????

Ruins of Alnia -- The ruins of the capital from the times of old. Who lives here???

vi. Big-boss-type villains can be summoned by your own means -- OR you can try being a big villain.





The sun was just peeping over the horizon as Jadus ran through the streets of Arinthia, her brother coming after her in the grey light. Jadus knew that they had little time to escape the grasping hands of the city, so resembling Dawn City in its endless campaign for order.


Evelon was right behind his sister, but he felt a heavy veil between them. Though his mind was entwined with the attractive females, her personality was so different from his that he couldn't even understand her thoughts. He was all for the order that meant 12:00 curfews, Arinthian Royal Prince Navy troops stalking the streets, and new precautions against smuggling and thievery. But his sister, as a glory-fallen goddess of the ocean, piracy, and freedom, she felt constricted. He himself was the balancing part of the twins that made up Poseidus, the pure embodiment of the sea.


Evelon sighed. "Oh well", he thought "There is forever beyond those near gates. I just have to find it."

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