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rhen's diary

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day 1:


It has been 3 months since I've been brought here in ghalara. Today I am in the inn. Mistress rona fired me because of her son lars. but befor that let me tell you what happend in the begining.


One day before the festival a mysterious woman wearing all white clothes and calls me the "Chosen one" came mysteriously in the meadow then that's where it all started. the slave trader cought me and said that i was the Priestess(It is because of the ring that strage woman gave me). Anyway lars and the guy(teacher) went to the "shockwood achedemy"( I dont think thats the spelling; but I saw that spelling at Lars's dairy..) and I will go there too(after I slept here at the inn).


I'm going to shockwood achedemy because of the"sword magic" that Lorad said was given to me..

He saw me when I struck lars with magic using a stick. a little chitchat then they free me from slavery. I imagine Lars' red head when he saw the moment.


I'm going to tell you lars is NOT a good guy. He always let me wash his" dirty and smelly" socks.

while mistress rona always let me wash her stinky clothes. Everyday I always kill the spiders at the attic. and lars always use his "magic" to shock me infront of his friends!( it feels good when i remember his red face with his masters.) Its a good thing that i struck him.And I kinda admit, I have to tell him thanks because if he didnt bully eddy, I would't be free like know!


well gotta go, I have to wake up early to get into the achedemy.... I'm sooo excited! good night to you all!

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Well its a good start and all but i need to know is this RhenXLars or RhenXDameon? and if it is just about the adventures then it won't that Popular Cuz everyone Has Played Aveyond or Playing Here.Also did you know there is a Fanfic thread called Lar's Diary?

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A good start. But it doesn't kinda sound like a diary.



goodnight to you all!


It's actually like rhen's POV for me and some spellings are wrong like achedemy -> academy


Anyways. Great start! :3

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Dear dairy...



It has been too long since I wrote down from you.

well it has been long enough since I started studying here at the Shadwood Academy( I thought it was Shockwood achedemy.. that stupid, spoiled brat Lars...)Anyway, Sir Lorad said that I am weak at spelling, that's why I failed at the spelling test last week, well I will write down our dialogue:


"Rhen Darzon.." sir Lorad said

"here I am" I said

"Rhen Darzon, you failed your spelling test agian for 10 times! I guess your not good enough at writting exams.."

"Sorry sir it won't happen agian" I said..


Well I think that made Master Lorad challenged me. Saying that it is a trial... well I accept the challenge and luckly, I won. He said that I would be his apprentice and can graduate by doing a good deed. After that I went to a strange shop and bought the ring that the woman gave me from clearwater.(who also called me the "chosen one" ) When I was leaving she appeared all the sudden and claimed that her name was Talia, She said to meet her at the castle, then I followed her. The empress and Talia chit-chat for a while with me but I was not listening. Then a oracle appeared and said that I was destined to kill Ahriman( A wild geek that will destroy the world). The oracle also said to meet her at the sun shrine. And the worst is to let me travel with LARS!!! well I forgot I was going to tell you how Lars made my life miserable at the academy.


Day 1:


When I was talking to this student Lars came shouting "Did you know that there is a slave girl with a braided purple hair has entered the academy..." Everyone stared at me, But, good thing Master Herald said to everybody

" Ok, That's enough.. Everyone go to bed now!"

At that night I kept thinking that the sooner I graduate, the sooner I will get rid of Lars and go back to clearwater and have a happy life..

but now how will I suppose to do that If I will have a mission to kill a wild geek guy! And worst, I will do it with Lars!!!


Day 2:


When I was going to classes I heard Everyone laughing, Then I asked a guy why are they laughing. It turns out to be his a soccer and a friend of Lars. Then he said to me " get out of my sight, thief, Lars said that you were a thief in the eastern isle and that your being dropped here to be imprisoned, but instead, sold you to be a slave". I had to admit that was kinda harsh. then, instead of crying, I went up to practice...


Day 3:


The last day of the week, then It's weekend. I thought It would be nice because Lars is not at the academy because he will be going to Ghalarah. But he didn't!( guess I am so unlucky!)... I took a deep breath first and then I am ready for anything, then I end up sneaking In Lars' room... There I have found a Journal... And a calendar... and a record marked "things to do".... I first readed the "things to do" title and here is what I saw:




8:00- 9:00 = train at the soccer room

9:00- 9:30 = Go bully rhen

9:30- 10:30= Embarrass rhen

10:30-11:00= Prepare for the trap...

11:00-12:00= Convince rhen to go to the trap

12:00-1:30 = Go to the empress

1:30- 2:30 = Eat

2:30- 3:00 = make rhen Jealous

3:00- 6:00 = Train agian

6:00 above = Sleep



...Harsh Isn't it? Well The following I read about is just the same thing he does to me. Well I didn't read the dairy and the calendar because Lars came( I hid under the bed and I used my sword to cut the floor and escape).. When it is 9:00, I went to our doom when i saw Lars comming out, I saw that he is angry and try to differ his direction( I heard students saying that Lars bullied the other student)when it is already 9:30 I manage to go and train at the sword singer room so Lars could not get in( but actually I saw him angry by the door..) When It's 11:00 Lars said sorry and To make it out for me we will be having a walk... I tried to make it out to let me walk with him by exactly 12:00, so when we are walking to the corridor, Master Herald came by and he was the one who fell in the trap, not me... Master Herald shouted " Lars Tenobor".... I saw Lars' face turn red and end even more red when I said" Lars, are we still going for a walk?". And then He didn't bother me for the rest of the day and as well as in Sunday but he continues his work on Monday...



Well That's just it lars is at bath now and his going to sleep at the floor, I guess that's his prize for what he have done. he'll fell what it is like to sleep at the floor...








Zelle: I'll give the details at my second post....

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Dear dairy,


This day we are at the wildwood tavern, Lars is outside, Inspecting people, well Lars has been quite different. In our journey here at the wildwoods I noticed him staring at me time to time (I guess he has been planning a trap on me, AGAIN!).Well as long as I would remember we met a woman and a boat dealer (he gave us a quest to search for a wife, *sight* I guess he has become lonely). Well the woman disagreed to come with us.

But we made it to these woods, This has become scary! Well Talia is with us and she is outside too, eating! Well she never really ate before, She just kept on healing and healing! Imagine that! Well by the way we will be here in this woods for only a short time. Lars said that we need to find beeswax and a mirror to defeat something and graduate(I really don’t like cooperating with Lars, but if GRADUATION is the subject…. I guess it would be different.



I saw Lars writing down something on a piece of paper, half the eye on me and the other on the book. When I asked him about that, He said it’s just a letter for his mom. Then the second time he said that it’s his schedule. He always makes an excuse so that I couldn’t see it like” it’s his Planner” “it’s his spell book” and anything else. When I couldn’t bare to pretend that I didn’t see anything, while Talia is braiding my hair, I took a peak on what he is writing, then when he saw me, he flash down lightning and Talia flash down fire! That’s the thing I don’t like. I would love to be a soccer, Staffs are so cute!


Well that’s just it for today I hear footsteps on the hallway. 




Zelle: Lars is the one walking at the hallway, sneaking at rhen....

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Day 10:


We are at the inn of one of the city in the northern isle. Talia is always the one paying the money, and there are some advantages too.

Like, Talia always sings Lullaby for me, and helps me clean my sword.

anyway I had a conversation with Talia and, I, discovered her past. here is how it went:


"I am only a peasant in Elden long ago, I had a friend, and he is Devin. When I was young, I wanted to become a herbalist. But things changed when I got a mission to go to Thais."

"Thais?" I said.

"Yes it was Thais, I do not know if it still exist. But when I was young it was the grandest city ever built in all kingdoms!"

"when me, Devin, and our friends stopped Ahriman, Glehovah, The high priestess, offered me to become the dreamer. at first I couldn't help but to refuse the offer, because I love Devin, but, when I saw that he loved my by friend. I accepted the offer and met my husband. Luckily, we had a son, and he too, become a druid."she continued

"What happened to your son?" I asked

" My son is angry at me, Because I murdered his father."

"Is that true" I asked once again with a shock.

Talia said:"Yes it's true, I murdered his father because to save people."


At that very moment, Lars came out and said that dinner is ready. When we are about to leave, the walls collapsed, then Lars quickly grabbed me by hand and pushed me away. I was going to say thank you when he said:"forget it!". when I was about throw him a stone(out from the collapsed wall), he got his staff and throw it to me, just then, Talia flashed down fireball at Lars, Leaving him unconscious. When I was about to visit him at his room, I saw him not there. so I sneaked around, then the first thing that caught my eye is the thing that Lars always writes on, I opened it and then I saw, my name first. then I heard footsteps so I didn't see the Rest. I quickly jumped out of the window and luckily, escaped from a bolt of lightning...


At these rate we are finding Beeswax for the hind( we already bought the mirror at veldarah). well, It is to defeat the hind( in order to graduate). So I can't write any longer cause we are going to Aveyond Later.





Zelle: The note on Lars' paper is this:


" I try to grab rhen's hand and managed to push here away. I would blame myself if anything happens to her."

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