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The Line of Fate, It Was Destined...

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This is my first time posting a story, I hope you all will support, if it doesn't turn out to be much welcomed, I will stop writing. It might take some time for me to update because of school, in year 11 this year:S I hope I don't offend anyone by what I write, this is my own version.

But hey I'll try my best oh and if you have a better title for this story please tell me. and don't mind if there's a bit of course language,

ok here goes...


Title: The Line of Fate, it was destined...

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Romance

Audience: Mature( has coarse language)


Chapter 1


Legend once told of 5 dragons, 5 very powerful elemental dragons. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Ice. It was said that each dragon contained something within of them that could fulfill every desire, need, want and wish of a person. Over the next few years, every kingdom in Aveyond wanted to get their hands on these 5 dragons. And not soon after, 5 major towns in Aveyond got their hands on one dragon. At that time, it was a very peaceful time in Aveyond. Every kingdom got along just fine but because of greed for more power they started to overthrow each other and by the end of that year, all kingdoms were against each other. The dragons were used as a slave of war because the leaders had no idea how to get whatever it is out of the dragon. There was one dragon the fire dragon, Glaurung who did not like the idea of living beside humans and disgusted how the other dragons seem to like this life especially his sweetheart Melusine who left him saying that his idea of thinking was not right. In a fit of anger Glaurung burnt the town, Veldt to the ground. Hoping to convince the other dragons he did what he thought was the best thing to do. Burn... Thais, the town which had Eingana, the Earth dragon was lit up in flames followed by Sedona, the town which had Perluda, the Wind dragon and Veldarah where Icefyre the Ice dragon resided. The three dragons were enraged but they knew they couldn't beat the fire element let alone Glaurung. Glaurung, seeing that Melusine did not come out to reprimand or stop him, he growled in anger. Its eyes suddenly flared up.


(Dragons talk though minds...)

Melusine, don't make me regret what I'm about to do.


As Glaurung opened its big mouth to blast out fire at the 3 weaklings a stream of water choked its mouth. Glaurung gave out a hiss as its eyes turned back to a bright red. Glaurung saw before him, in all her splendor and beauty, Melusine, the Water Dragon.


You finally came. If you came any later we'll be burnt dragons!


Sorry, I was held up


Enough with the chit-chat, let's make the battle nice and quick so I can continue on.


Melusine turned to look at the red dragon.


Glaurung, I do not wish to harm you in any way but if you continue with this stupid notion of yours, I will have no choice but to teach you a lesson.


Don't sound as if you know me very well Melusine, I need to show you that humans are pitiful and weak beings. Just being with them, you have become so low.


Do you not remember that our master is a human?


He's not human, he knows sorcery and you still call him master? After he sold us off to these humans?


He did not sell us off, he told us to make friends with these humans so we'll have allies in the future.


Melusine, because of their greediness, they started wars and killed innocent lives just to get us dragons!


Look, even Icefyre says that. If that's so then why are you against me? I'm doing this for the good of us dragons!


Your good for us means the bad for mankind.


If you're here to give me a lecture, then forget it. I have better things to do.


Glaurung, wait! I'll come with you...

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Icefyre? What are you doing?




...You lied to us, Icefyre (Melusine)


I was always jealous of you Melusine. You had everything. You have master's love. You have Glaurung. Everything I wanted, you had it all...

Icefyre's wings started to have frost on them. Her eyes became blocks of ice

Icefyre, what are you doing?


Melusine turned back to see what Perluda was so shocked about.


Melusine, watch out!


As Melusine turned her head back quickly, she felt heat not some inches away from her face. She felt a dip of cold on her claw.

Glaurung hissed.


What the heck do you think you're doing, Icefyre? Didn't I tell you not to do anything to Melusine?


Why did you help her? Why? Why is it always her?


Glaurung, what's wrong with Melusine?


Melusine's left wing had turned to ice and bit by bit her body became white.




Glaurung flew to grab Melusine with his claws but as more of her body became ice, the heavier she became.


Glaurung, don't...don't hurt the

humans ...please...let...me...go...


As the last bit of scaly skin became ice, the whole mass of Melusine was now in Glaurung's claws. His claws were starting to bleed from holding onto ice. But he realized he was getting lower and lower towards the ocean.


Glaurung, you idiot! Let her go! Or else you'll drown!


You dragon of a bitch! I'll get you for that!


As Glaurung got lower and lower, his claws got tighter and tighter in holding onto Melusine. Before he knew it one of his claw nails broke off. In a moment of pain, Glaurung removed his claws which caused the block of ice to drop into the ocean below.






Glaurung flew after Melusine and was about to enter the water when he thumped into an invisible wall. Glaurung hissed and tried to dive in again but he hit the wall again.


I hereby seal all 5 dragons in 5 orbs which will be put in 5 different guardian's hearts. When one day all 4 dragons along with their guardians meet together. The dragons shall awake and the one true item that all man desire shall appear.


The old man clicked his fingers. Glaurung, Perluda, Icefyre, Eingana, the four dragons all suddenly started to shrink.




...I can tell you still have something for her...


What the hell is happening to me?


Melusine, let's meet up again very soon...


After a few minutes all that remained were 4 bright colored orbs; red, green, grey and white. The old man collected the 4 orbs then he looked down into the ocean.


You shall be in charge of restoring peace into this world. I shall be there to guide and counsel you when you need me most.


And with that said, the old man disappeared and along with him, all the flames and chaos were also gone.


End of chapter 1

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Chapter 2


"And so it is said that the reincarnation of the dragons and their guardians will appear"




"I think it might be sometime this generation"




"Or maybe they have already been born"




"What do you think?"












Aaylah woke up with a start. She rubbed her eyes.


"Grandpa, why do you keep telling me this every night? DO you know how boring this crap is? It's not like you're teaching me history anyway."


Grandpa Joe sighed.


"Young lady, watch your language. You are still too young. When you get older I shall tell you why. For now just go to bed and sleep well. You have sword training tomorrow."


As Grandpa Joe watched the young girl walk up the stairs to her room he sighed again.


"Both of them are so different when it comes to personalities yet because of fate, they are tied together." Grandpa Joe sighed.

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I made this banner, see if you can figure which dragon is which?:P



~The Next Morning~


"Parry! Lunge! Defend!"


Aaylah lazily moved her sword to avoid her teacher's movements. Her eyes wondered around when someone caught her eye. A green cloaked figure was standing outside the gate. His hood covered his eyes so Aaylah couldn't see him clearly. When suddenly...


"Ouch! How dare-"


Aaylah cried as she felt her teacher's blade cut her finger.


"You should be paying attention, Miss Aaylah"


"I was pay-


Suddenly Aaylah felt dizzy. Everything around her became a blur. She closed her eyes and fell down on the floor. She heard voices shouting around her but she couldn't make out clearly what they were saying.


What's wrong with me? Why do I suddenly feel so much pain?


Before she fell into consciousness, she saw a green cloaked figure coming towards her and picking her up then everything went dark.


"How could it happen so soon? She's not even 18 yet! What should I do? What should I do?"


Grandpa Joe was so lost in his thoughts he did not realize the young girl stirring. Aaylah opened her eyes slowly to catch her surroundings.


I'm at home? What happened?


"What should I do? Melusine must be recovering, so that's why Aa-


"Gramps, who's Mal or whatever her name is? And what do you need to do?"




Aaylah rolled her eyes. "Gramps, you're already 50 something, why do you act so childish?


"Oh My dear Aaylie, Grandpa was so worried!" Grandpa Joe hugged Aaylah tightly, planting kisses all over her face. (how embarrassing!)


"Eek, get off me! You're giving me goose bumps! Gramps, what exactly happened?"


After a few silent moments, a sigh came out of grandpa Joe's mouth again.


"I did not expect it to be this soon..."

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@reedoh-yea same, like all the special effects and everything and Glaurung flying into an invisible wall.haha


@puppis-do you think the title 'The Line of Fate, It Was Destined...' matches this story?


"What so soon?"

Grandpa Joe sighed as he stood up from the bed and walked to the window.


"My dear, you will have to set out for the adventure of your life soon..."


"OMG! I get to go to the market by myself soon?


"No dear, another adventure, one that could take your life at any time..."


"What do you mean?" (Aaylah was always a puzzled one)


A sigh escaped Grandpa Joe’s lips. "I think perhaps it is time...Do you remember Melusine?"


"You mean that dragon who's supposedly the prettiest and smartest and who died?"


Grandpa Joe sighed again. "Melusine did not die; you forget that she is a water dragon after all....."


"Gramps, please explain in simpler terms, I can't effin' understand! Didn't she get dropped by that G something dragon? And how do you know she didn't die?"


Grandpa Joe sighed. "I have taught history before so I know it very well. On book, Melusine did get dropped by Glaurung, into the ocean but as I said before you interrupted me, Melusine is a water dragon. Though she was frozen solid by Icefyre but you know what happens when ice meets water right?"


"Something happens?"


"Dear, you're 17 years old and yet you don't know this? Ice will start to melt after a few moments in water and so..."


"That's what happened to Melusine right? She melted and became water right? And that's how she died right?" Aaylah actually sounded excited for once.




Aaylah's jaw fell open. Did my grandpa just do that? Grandpa Joe cleared his throat and straightened his shirt.


"As I was saying before I was INTERRUPTED that ice will melt after being in water for a while and so..." Grandpa Joe stopped to see if Aaylah was going to shout out anything. Seeing that Aaylah seemed to be quite shocked after his reaction he was sure that she will not make a peep for quite some time.


"Melusine did not die. But the ice did not melt for quite some time either. And so she kept sinking deeper and deeper into the deep, dark ocean. She must've been sinking for around 12 days. As the last glimpse of surface light disappeared, only Melusine's head could move. When all hope seem to be lost, out of the darkness appeared a bright figure."


The master...what's his name again? I forgot...


"Master Josias was his name, dear"


"What?" Aaylah was startled. "Ho-how did you know what I was thinking?"


Grandpa Joe chuckled. "I don't, I just assumed you would have forgotten it"


...somehow, I can't bring myself to believe that...


"Anyways, moving on. The bright figure was indeed Master Josias, the master of all 5 dragons.


End Chapter 2

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Hmm.. yup, I think it fits quite well.

I think it would be better if you didn't use asterisks with the parts where Grandpa Joe sighs, and when they say "ahem". And maybe the use of internet slang isn't really advised. It would help to put more description of their surroundings, maybe some more background on the characters' personalities also. I'd hate for the characters to be so lifeless like the vampires in Twilight.

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Chapter 3

(Back to the past)


Melusine, you are quite foolish to think that you could change Glaurung. Glaurung's heart is completely black. Though his determination to save you has shown that he's not as bad as he looks. If you stayed put with me, perhaps, you would not have such a serious injury...


Serious injury? And what do you mean Glaurung tried to save me?


Yes, he almost even dived into the ocean if I did not stop him. About your injury, because you've been frozen solid for quite some time your inner state will collapse very soon for you are a water dragon and not an ice dragon. The ice that Icefyre blasted at you was not her ordinary ice. This ice, as soon as it's attached to a being will not only freeze the outer appearance but also the inner. Only ice dragons like Icefyre can live with this type of ice. For non-ice beings, this ice will attach to their inner parts and slowly break down due to moisture in the body or something else. But not all is lost, I've seen the evil in men's hearts and so I've decided to seal all 5 dragons to avoid more chaos and conflict in the future. This includes you.


Would that help my injury?


No, only when you've found your guardian then your inner state will start to recover slowly.




(Why is she known as the smartest of dragons? She's so dumb)


(...This is freaking me out! How does grandpa Joe know what I'm thinking?)


Each of the 5 orbs will be tied to a certain somebody when the time comes. When you, Melusine awaken, the other 4 dragons will awaken in their guardians as well. Each guardian will have a small mark on their upper back. However Melusine, when you reawaken, your inner state will be recovering. Your guardian must not get hurt at all for if she gets hurt, you will feel pain as well and it will slow your recovery process.


And with that said; only an orb remained where the elegant dragon was.

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@puppis-purple prose? what's that?


...If your guardian gets hurt...I got hurt just now...a small mark... Aaylah snuck her hand around to her upper back. I have one...which means...I'm Melusine! Aaylah's jaw fell open.


"No, I didn't say that"


Aaylah breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew, scared me there for a sec, YIKES! How did you know what I was thinking again!?"


"But you are her guardian"




"I did not plan on telling you this early. You have a small blue mark on your upper back showing that you're Melusine’s guardian. Glaurung, Perluda, Eingana and Icefyre have awakened. And this morning just confirmed my thoughts more that Melusine has awakened in you."


Aaylah became silent as she realized her task.


"Are you saying I have to leave by myself soon?"


Grandpa Joe sighed.


"My dear, the legend is in your hands, it's up to you whether you want to fulfill it or not...As your grandpa I really can't bear to say goodbye to you, but if this was meant to be, I have to abide by it..."


Tears started to well up in the young girl's eyes.


"Grandpa!" As Aaylah put her arms around her grandpa.

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"Your objective is to find the other 4 dragon guardians, and bring them to Mysten Far"


"Hang on, first tell me how you can read my thoughts?


A laugh was her reply "You shall find out in due time, dear one"


"I'm not convinced but anyways how can I tell if one is a guardian? Do I have to tear down their shirts and see if they have a mark as well? And where's Mysten Far?"


"Once a dragon is awakened, their powers will also come back. To protect their guardians, the dragon will do anything in its power. You can't control the power nor will it. It just happens by the dragon's will. And most of the time, the guardian's outer appearance will change to become a bit like the dragon. And the way to Mysten Far..."


"WHAT!? I'm going to end up looking like a dragon!?"


"I said a bit, but anyways dear, once you reach the city of Thais, you should be able to get someone to send you over. -ahem- Just take care, be mindful of strangers lest they are guardians"


"Grandpa Joe, will we meet again?"


Grandpa Joe smiled. "Of course! When this is all over!"


After saying a final goodbye, Aaylah started walking forward. When she was quite a few metres from the house she stopped and turned around.


"Grandpa! I love you!" She smiled as she shouted the words.


End chapter 3

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thanx to the above=D



Chapter 4




"YEEP! I HATE ORCS!" Aaylah screamed as a huge orc came charging after her. "I'm sorry for disturbing your beauty sleep, please let me go!" Aaylah cried then accidently tripped over a tree branch, her sword falling few metres away from her and falling face first to the floor. She quickly turned around with leaves all over her to see the orc with its big ugly deformed face standing over hers. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She shut her eyes as the orc raised its sword overhead ready to strike...




Aaylah opened one eye to see an arrowhead sticking out from the orc's chest with green blood oozing down. "Eek!" Aaylah quickly moved out of the way as the orc toppled forward onto the ground dead. She took a deep breath. "Damn, you one ugly creature"


"You seem to get into a lot of trouble, don't you?"


Aaylah looked to see none other than the figure in the green cloak. Damn, he's still wearing the hood... "You-you saved me yet again..." She looked down as she felt her colour rising.


The guy didn't say a work and walked away.


"Wait! At least tell me your name before you go!"


There was no reply. Aaylah felt disappointment flow into her.




Aaylah jumped as an arrowhead struck the tree not few metres from her. With great difficulty she managed to get the arrow out. On the arrow had a name, Daelan. Aaylah smiled as she looked up at the disappearing figure.

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"Far out! These crows are really effed up!" Aaylah cried as she struck down yet another black crow. "Even though I'm too good for them but they don't have to keep coming and coming. And to top it all off, this place is so big!" When the sky was almost turning black (after all the dead ends) Aaylah finally found herself standing in front of a building. Finally, a place that looks reasonable. She pushed open the door and got greeted by music and laughter.


"Good evening, missy! It's pretty dark out there. Any chance that you'll be staying the night? Only 10 coins per stay!"


Aaylah looked to see a pretty well aged man standing at the counter looking at her. She nodded and gave 10 coins to the man.


"Your room is the first one on the right, have a pleasant stay! BURPPPP"


Aaylah quickly blocked her nose and ran for her room and closed the door(take note, closed not locked) "Whew, luckily I got out of there fast enough, or else I'll have to smell whatever that man ate before, and from the looks of it, it was not pleasant." She looked around the room. No matter where I sleep, nothing will beat Candar. Aaylah dumped her bag on the floor and sat on the bed. The faint sound of music from outside could be heard. Soon the softness and music got to her and in a few minutes the young lady was sound asleep.


It was the feel of somebody beside her that woke Aaylah up. "Grandpa, didn't I tell you to not sleep on my bed?" A delayed grunt was her reply. She turned around to the other side and opened her eyes. 'Gran-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

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Waah! I missed lots! And and.. I liked them. I found some words that were misspelled and such though.


Purple prose is literary work that's described in such intricate detail with big flowery words that the author feels is elegant. Two examples of works full of it are The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Blech.

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@puppis-welcome back! we're on the second page already!!



Aaylah's scream woke up the person beside her. As he turned around she assumed he was her age though he had some old age signs. "What the heck are you doing on my bed!!!??"


"Your door wasn't locked so I just came in". His face was a bit rugged and you could see a bit of white or was it grey in his hair and oddly enough, his eyes were also a bit grey but maybe that was just her imagination but it was the little bit of childishness in his face that gave his age away.


"But you can't just sleep in someone's room without permission and especially a lady's!"


"Are you a lady? You don't look like one! I'm Kamron by the way, you can call me Kam and thank you for letting me use your bed" as he got on the floor.


"Hey you bastard! Stand right there! You should know, I, Aaylah will not allow a boy like you to trample all over me! I paid for this room, so you have to pay me money for using it!" Aaylah got off the bed and ran up to the young boy.


"Whatever! See you later girl!"


"Hey! Hey!" A shut door was her reply.


What a jackass! Aaylah put her hands on her hips. So not my type! Aaylah tilted her head and huffed.

Aaylah was still fuming over Kamron from the morning that she did not notice somebody staring at her upper back.


She has the mark...


End chapter 4

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Chapter 5


"I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with guys like him? Do they have no brains? I mean a normal man would apologize but he..."


"Get her but keep her alive! She's no use to us dead!"


Aaylah looked around to see who said that but all she saw was Kamron. "Hey! What the hell is wrong with you!?" He seemed shocked and was running towards her fast. "Wha-What are you doing!" Aaylah yelled as Kamron jumped. Then Aaylah realized that he landed behind and not on her. "Gosh, that scared-As she turned around she was face to face with a werewolf. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Aaylah fumbled for her sword and was just about to slash the creature when blood started dripping out of its mouth and it toppled sideways. "Hey! That was mine!" She yelled at Kamron who was busy fighting.


"There's plenty for the both of us! Try your best!"


His encouragement got to her and soon enough she was fighting any werewolf in her path. When all the werewolves were defeated except for one who managed to escape in the midst of fighting both of them collapsed against a tree.


Aaylah took in huge breaths. “What was all that about?"


Kamron breathed in deeply. "You have the mark of the water dragon, don't you?"


Aaylah sat up abruptly. "How did you know?"


"Purlease, only an idiot couldn't tell. You have your hair up in a ponytail and you're wearing a halter neck fully showing your upper back. Only a fool wouldn't notice the mark." He raised a bloody hand to wipe off his sweat. Aaylah seeing his hand took a first aid kit out of her backpack. As she reached for his hand, he pulled away. "What are you doing?"


"Your hand's bleeding like that, if it's not treated soon, it will get infected!"


He didn't reply and Aaylah taking his silence as an advantage took his hand and held it tightly. He tried to pull away but her grip was very strong. "Don't move! Stay Still!" As Aaylah's head was lowered, it gave Kamron a good opportunity to see her more clearly. Even though she did not look very pretty at first glance but the second time, you would be sure to find her attractive. Somehow her lips started to interest him, he leaned down closer towards her face...


"Ok, all done! Just wondering, why were you so intrigued by the mark? And who was that other guy?" Aaylah pulled out her hair band which let her hair fall down in straight strands.


"I-umm-I" Kamron swallowed deeply. “There's a sect which are after the 5 dragons. Their goal is to get you because if they have you, the other 4 dragons with their guardians will appear as well."


"A sect? Are they evil or good?


"What do you think? And I...I am one of the dragon's guardians..."


"What!? Really? Which one?"


"I am Perluda, Dragon of the wind!"

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