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You lost? Here's the maps!

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Here's the maps (UPDATED) (with area name updated that I collect in the game).

You can also download them here.

1. Elden

2. Devenshire Providence

3. Thais Kingdom

4. Animalville

5. Candar Kingdom


6. Witchwood Swamp

7. Bleached Tooth Desert (Circus)

8. Glenvale Providence


8.1. Snow Forest

8.2. Glenvale Village

8.3. Ice Caves (Sleeping Princess)


9. Mysten Far & Monster Hideout

10. Southern Peninsula & Underworld


UW01 (Entrance)


UW03 (Maze)


11. Venwood Kingdom


11.1. Fedir Forest & Town

11.2.1. Water Cave 1

11.2.2. Water Cave 2

12. Tar Vedron


12.1. Desert

12.2. Tar Vedron

12.3. Dragon Cave


13. Faiara Kingdom


13.1. Whisper Woods

13.2. Faiara

13.3. Dreamer's Cave

13.4. Dreamworld

14. World Map

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Hello :) 

I started the series again from the beginning, is there a map list with Chest marked on it? Would be really appreciated :)

Also, not related to topic but, since i've played this game so many years ago, my computer was able to display it full screen, the one i have right now does not, anybody know how to fix this? Thanks in advance !

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Alt + Enter can toggle between full screen and windowed modes.

I have noticed that older RPG Maker games are getting very touchy with new computers/operating systems.  Right click on the exe file and select Properties.  Then select the Compatibility tab.  There are boxes for "Disable visual themes", "Disable desktop composition", and "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings".  Checking any or all of these boxes sometimes gets the older games displaying properly.

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Any of these didn't help me. I tried lots of things, no good. Also, when i try Compatibility thingies, my save files gets lost, i don't know why.

Anyways, if you guys have other tips pls send me a pm so this thread won't be irrelevant. Thx again!

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