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Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS!

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Hi i'm new here but i've been wanting to do this rp for a long time now ^^. Let's start. I will update this as people enter.



Spirituallya Academy, they say it's made of pure silver. It's so white that it shines litteraly.

This uge academy, hidden in a parallel realm to all others floats in the skys of the small magical planet of Runas. Noone knows for how long it exists but every year it opens its gates to hundreds os souls, spirits, astrals, sign readers and oracles. It's controlled by a Fado, a time keeper who controls over time.

Noone imagines why she created this Academy but many legends have been out of it. It's known legend that every year at least 10 students die.

That noone ever found the dorm room 13, and that the same it disappeared the temples in the Academy grounds were destroyed.

What hides in the walls of this Academy? Care to enter and find out?


Rules:1. All characters must be original, this is not a fan-made roleplay.

2. In order to enter the Academy you have to have either a sight gift (see the future or have random visions) or interpret signs (little clues that Death leaves hidden showing something that may happen).

3. Obey the Forums posting rules.

4. You can play as much characters as u wish and enter, but if the character isn't know post his profile.



This story has three factions:


The bad:

The ones who don't care about rules, usually walk around bugging everyone else they know. Frequent mostly the classes related with dark magic and dark fighting.

The good:

The ones who follow good, usually good boys who obey all the rules and make sure others do so.

They always help newcomers and are always ready to help anyone in need.


The neutros:

Regular ones, just in the school to learn and have fun, don't care what's going on around them. Usually they stop the fights between the good and the bad.


Jobs: Each student has to have three jobs, the main job:


-Sign Reader;


And any other job he wishes.


Character profile:

This is the profile you have to post to enter the rp. If you character is already posted in the archive just give me the name of the character and where he is.



Character Name:

Character Age:




Secundary breed (if he has):

Main Job:

2nd Job:

3rd Job:

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys):

Personality (stick to it):





Elements controlled (if so):


Faction (if wishes to enter one):


Here i post an example to the first character of the rp:


Username: NightMelody (me duh ^^'')

Name: Rosalinda Fado

Gender: Female

Breed: Astral

Secundary breed: Semi-Goddess

Looks:Tall, pale skin, long black hair, cold green eyes. Wears always long dresses with a silk red cape.

Main Job: Goddess Oracle

2nd Job: High Sorceress

3rd Job: Witchqueen

Background history: unknown

Personality: Cold, feels superior to everyone around her. Knowledgeble and wise. Cruel a mean.

Likes: Jewels, money, tapestries, men, tigers and phoenixes.

Deslikes: Everything else...

Weaknesses: unknown

Strenghs: unknown

Elements controlled: Time

Weapons: Cursed Moon staff

Faction (if wishes to enter one): The Academy principle... doesn't has a faction.


Another character (my character):

Character Name: Night Melody

Character Age: 18

Gender: Female

Breed: Astral (mortal-Goddess)

Looks: Not very tall, elegant with long brown hair and brown eyes, they tend to turn purple when she's using her powers. Dresses mostly black and/or pruple.

Secundary breed (if he has): human

Main Job: Oracle

2nd Job: Sorceress

3rd Job: Dancer

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys):

Night Melody, mostly known as Melody, was born on a non magical planet and lived her life like any normal teen, till the day a foul boy accidently pulled her into his own magical realm. Since then all of her powers went out of control. After helping the boy she got free to wonder around all the realms she wished including her own, seecking for a way to control her powers.

Personality (stick to it): she's a bit shy at first and naive, but as she knows people her shyness goes away. She's kind and vary caring, but can be sometimes a bit selfish.

Likes: writting, drawing, dancing, playing music and singing. Loves music.

Deslikes: Spiders, the possibility of drowning, being alone and tight dark closed rooms.

Weaknesses: poison, mind control and she's a mortal.

Strenghs: She's agile and fast and as a very good spiritual control and very powerfull magical abilities. She's also very good at summoning.

Elements controlled (if so): time, nature, light and darkness.

Weapons: Bladed Staff and chain blade.

Faction (if wishes to enter one): neutro


People in the rp:

Academy Staff:

- Rosalinda Fado - the principle.

- Miss Leiche

- Aidan von Talen

- Mr. Kururu


The bad:

-Masana Iiyami


-Min'hira Kudarouu

-Aidan Von Talen


The good:








-Rai - faction leader-

-Elya Ravenwing

-Min'hira Kudarouu

-Night Melody


-No permanent name. For instance, when someone asks her for her name she could say "Amy", then the next day she could say "Mary."




Last edited: 22/04/09


Here i stay. Any question just ask me.

Who ever wishes to participate can do it at any time, just post ur character profile.


The new year of classes starts now.

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Whoo- seems fun. Mind if I join? I don't have anything to do in the forum lately


Username: theAdept_Rogue

Character Name: Rai

Character Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Breed: Mystic

Looks: Emotionless

Main Job: Sign reader

2nd Job: Strategist

3rd Job: Martial artist

Background history: Nothing much is known about him, except that he's not a human

Personality: Smart, but arrogant. Ignorant and very antisocial.

Likes: nothing in particular

Dislikes: Defeat and/or failure

Weaknesses: Unknown

Strenghs: Unknown

Elements controlled: The Unknown, the Infinite, Existence and Nothingness

Weapons: A long dagger

Faction: Neutros

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[very well, i will start now the ropleplay. I remember once again, everyone can enter at any time, just give me ur character profiles.

Starting the roleplay:]


Rosalinda looked gladly at the Academy gates, it had been so long since last time a student entered those gates. The academy took to long to get fixed.

She had now to invite new students and new teachers. The invitations had been sent already.

She placed the key on the gates opening them, she looked outside awaiting for any new student.

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[starting already? That's unexpectedly fast]


"Whoa, what a ghost town" was Rai's first impression of the academy he's going into, "There's hardly anyone here" he continued.

Though he know that not many people goes to Spirituallya Academy, he didn't expect to find it empty.

Wait- why do I even care about this? he thought, and walked in the gates.


[Note: I've editted my post]

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((hmm...no promises that i'll be around much, but sure, i'll be the first random necromancer floating around in the dark))


Username: Tei


Character Name: Masana Iiyami


Character Age: 17


Gender: Male


Breed: very difficult to describe. you'll see.


Secundary breed (if he has): human


Main Job: interpreter, i suppose.


2nd Job: Necromancer


3rd Job: ??


Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys):


all right, this is confusing. brace yourselves.


Masana was human, raised in a small town called Kylock. His town was massaccred and he and his sister were rescued by four royal vampires--Min'hira Kudarouu, Kamae Asama, Heiro'tama Fukaiira, and Ke'maru Itona. Masana's sister, Noriaa, was unharmed, but Masana had been wounded by a holy weapon--meaning that Kamae, who was a cleric to Kiliara, the Goddess of Death, could do nothing to heal it or it would send Masana to hell without weighing his soul to see if he really deserved it. With his goddess's premission, Kamae conducted an elaborate ritual that rendered Masana immortal. (so basically, he's undead, but not a vampire and in too good of a condition to be considered a zombie or a lich)


there, masana in a nutshell XD


Personality (stick to it):


he sticks to the rules that Kiliara demands:


-Only the light gives birth to the darkness (bonus points if you know what song that's from XD)

-Never kill the innocent, or the guilty for pleasure

-Vengeance is sweet when not executed in cold blood

-...and the unspoken rule number 1: thou shalt not annoy Kiliara XD


he also has a strong sense of justice--albeit his definition of "justice" can be a bit strange at times--and will do anything to protect his sister and the vampires that saved them.


Elements controlled (if so): Darkness and, to some degree, Death


Weapons: dual-weilds knives. Eventually, Kiliara gives him a set of knives known as Doubt and Trust. One is diamond with an ivory handle, the other is onyx with an ebony handle. both are treated with adamantine, making them unbreakable except by Kiliara's will.


Faction (if wishes to enter one): "Bad," although he really isn't. but he certainly uses enough dark magic XD



a profile with all the other details:

click here, then go to "characters," then "Masana Iiyami"


((that said...))




Masana looked around the grounds, crimson eyes taking in every detail. His eyes--so used to the eternal night of his hometown, Kylock--struggled to adjust to the new brightness. He caught himself wondering if there was some way that he could dull it a bit. It was hard to imagine where the legends about ten people dying each year--ten people being blinded he could see. But dead? Why? he wondered. That was his favorite question. Why.


His fingertips brushed the cool metal of the gates. He smirked.


"Time to find out," he said aloud, slipping otherwise noiselessly through.

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[welcome to the roleplay Tei. I remember this rp is open, enter who ever wishes to, and u can have more than one character].


Night saw the two guys walking towards the Academy. She had no idea what brought her there but whatever it was she couldn't ignore it anymore.

She went through the gates entering the Academy's main hall. The interior walls were completly black, filled with colourfull windows that spread their light through the uge staircase in front of them.

"Wow!" She said.

The principle was in the top of the staircase with her back turned on them.

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Username: PokeGal

Character Name: Kami

Character Age: ???

Gender: Female

Breed: Astral

Looks: Long white hair, red eyes, pale skin

Secundary breed (if he has): Goddess(Kami literally means "god" in Romanji. XD)

Main Job: Oracle

2nd Job: Demon Exterminator

3rd Job: Guardian of Light

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Not much known, she is immortal, and has the potential to use godly powers

Personality (stick to it):

Likes: Anything. Is very open-minded, gives retribution to evil

Deslikes: Nothing.

Weaknesses: Her kindness is often used against her.

Strenghs: Holy land multiplies her ability & powers

Elements controlled (if so): LIght, partially Life

Weapons: Holy blades

Faction (if wishes to enter one): Good




Kami stared at the gates. She was about 20 yards away. She slowly walked towards the gate. When she arrived there, she touched the ice-cold metal.


"God, bring peace to those who have died on this land before me. Give me strength, and aid me, as I discover what is behind these deaths and my gaining power to aid those in life and seeking light."


She walked through the gates, ready for anything...

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When inside the academy, Rai saw a few others, but ignored them. He wondered how many people are there going to be and hoped that there won't be too many. He walked to the main halls and wondered what to do next.

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((hmm...we all seem to be immortals...XD))


Masana glanced around. His eyes flashed back to a girl he could have sworn was someone from home, but a second glance proved him wrong. His old friend Kimii wasn't that tall. And she was at home getting ready to have her baby--when he'd left, she was making a skeleton doll instead of a teddy bear. Kimii had a more-than-mild obsession with bones.


So far, there were four of them milling about, all trying to ignore each other. He wondered when--or, perhaps he wondered if--they'd start talking to each other. He leaned against a pillar to continue quietly observing. He wouldn't allow a single detail to escape those piercing cimson eyes.


The blackness of the interior stonework was a welcome change from the brightness outside. The brilliant patches of color that the stained-glass windows threw onto the floor were more than enough illumination. Masana wondered how bright the moonlight would be here. Someone had once asked him what his favorite time of day was, to which he responded, "I don't have a favorite time of day. Night is lovely, though."


He smirked as that thought came back to him and waited for something interesting to happen. Contrary to his reputation as a Necromancer and therefore "bad," he didn't particularly like to stir up trouble wherever he went. No, others could make the trouble. He usually had more important things to do.

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(welcome to rp PokeGal, and i've noticed that we're all imortals also... well my character Night isn't for sure, though she is a mortla-goddess, key word: mortal... once again everyone is welcome here, and u can have more than one character.)


Night watched them all curious. They all seemed to be avoiding each other. She looked back and noticed the girl that just entered. It was good to see another girl that wasn't the principle.


She walked to the girl but stoped before getting too near to her. She was rather affraid to talk to her, her shyness preventing her.


The principle at the top of the stairs turned around catching Night's attention.


"Good afternoon!" The principle started "My name is Rosalinda Fado. The owner and creator of this Academy. I'm surprised to see fresh meat, in the full meaning of the expression, here so soon! I was expecting the students to get their 'invitations' late. Welcome youngstors... you're so phew though. I was expecting more. I hope more seven will come at least." Rosalinda smirked as she watched their reactions.

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Masana tried not to laugh. Fresh meat. What a word choice, he thought. He tried to listen to what else she was saying--something about wanting seven more people? Eleven, he thought. Exactly enough for one survivor, if the legends are to be believed.




all right, since you need more people...


Username: Tei


Character Name: Elya Ravenwing


Character Age: 15


Gender: Female


Breed: Elf


Looks: 5' 4", waist-length brown hair, hazel eyes, teal dragonskin bodice, blue and purple skirt. i'll post a picture sometime. (this is the costume i'm making right now)


Secundary breed (if he has): n/a


Main Job: oh, she'll be a Spirit. why not?


2nd Job: "Robin Hood" of sorts (protects the weak and keeps the strong in check)


3rd Job: Apprentice Necromancer


Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Elya was raised in a small town as a regular girl. When she started talking to the small lizards around their house, her parents knew that there was something out of the ordinary about her. Today, Elya spends most of her time with her stepbrother Kevice, chasing down tyrants and bringing them to justice. The rest of her time is spent talking to dragons and lizards and improving her sorcery ability. She is interested in learning Necromancy.


Personality (stick to it): Generally cheerful and levelheaded. doesn't like being ordered around. usually does as she's told. listens carefully.


Likes: talking to lizards and dragons, hanging out with Kevice, learning new stuff (whatever that "new stuff" may be)


Deslikes: tyrants, dragonslayers, failing


Weaknesses: she's mortal, basically. other than that, though, she's pretty well off.


Strenghs: she can communicate with anything that speaks Draconic. she also


Elements controlled (if so): air, earth, darkness


Weapons: she'll use anything you give her. Seriously. mostly she uses magic and trickery...but she likes her scimitar and longbow.


Faction (if wishes to enter one): neutral




Elya slipped into the room as quickly and quietly as she could. She hated being late. She also hated being so far away from her stepbrother, but that was aside the point. He was sure she'd be fine. She looked at her classmates--it looked like a small class. Just the way she liked it. The boys were outnumbered by two--no, by one. She'd missed the one on black leaning against the black stone wall.


I hope no one noticed that I'm late, she thought.

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(all new characters are welcome, we need at least 11 for this rp to work)


Night noticed the new girl as she entered the room silently. An elf? She thought as she looked well at her. Night walked slowly and silently to her.


"You got here just on time." Night said. "The principle just started her introduction speech. She also calls us fresh meat..."


Night smiled gently at her.


Rosalinda looked at the newcomer and smiled. "The rules of this Academy are very strict and to be kept at all time." Rosalinda said.


"For starters, due to the problems that this Academy has every single year, after eight pm no student can be alone on the Academy grounds and after ten pm, all students must be already on their dorms. Always stay in groups of two at least. We are short on teachers corrently, we're waiting for new ones, hopefully they didn't got scared of our school legends." She sighed and looked at them to check if they were paying atention.

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Masana took in every detail of this speech as well. Rules. Heh. But he wasn't going to push his luck just yet--this headmistress looked powerful, and he was almost certain she'd be able to spot his Shadowblending until he managed to perfect it. Be in your dorms at ten. Don't be on the grounds alone after eight. Stay in groups of two. That one made him frown. Groups of two? Why?


And I wonder why again, he thought with a smirk. This should be interesting.


Strict rules, eh? What a joke. Masana abided by his own set of strict rules, not the least of which was, "those who kill should prepare to be killed."


He glanced around the room again. A newcomer. With pointy ears. Elven blood, he suspected. He caught himself thinking, she's kinda pretty, before brushing away the notion. Ridiculous. But maybe he could find an excuse to hang out with her sometime...tutor her, maybe...she didn't look like she was very familiar with any sort of dark magic.




"Thanks," Elya whispered back. "I'm Elya. She called us fresh meat?" I wonder how Kevice would have taken that, she thought. She made a mental note to consider carefully before telling him anything about it.

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[i forgot to ask, but what does faction leader do?]


Rai heard the principal said something about the academy rules but he didn't bother to listen, and just stared blankly at a certain direction. He then turned around and start walking away, thinking the "oreintation" is over.


*One more thing, I'll add another character. Hope it's fine with you


Username: thAdept_Rogue

Character Name: Masamune

Character Age: 18

Gender: Female

Breed: Half-human, the other half is unknown

Looks: around 170cm tall, short, untidy raven hair, dark purple eyes. Wears an eye-patch to cover her right eyes

Main Job: Another sign reader

2nd Job: Samurai

3rd Job: Rogue spellcaster

Background history: Was found and raised by a young woman when she is very young. She seems to be talented in fighting, but always picks fight for no reason and is not happy if not doing so.

She's been to different school a few times, but have been kicked out for constant trouble making, bullying others, not paying attention in classes, showing up extremely late, and not even coming at all.

Personality: A troublemaker who shows no respect to anyone or anything

Likes: Picking on fights

Dislikes: Studying, being good

Weaknesses: unknown

Strenghs: Very skillful in using swords (katana)

Elements controlled: Wind

Weapons: Katanas

Faction: Bad. She's a trouble maker anyway


(I rarely make female characters, and when I do make one, they don't tend to look or act like one, but I don't see why it matters)

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Kami heard about partnering up. Well, it made sense. Even though the whole curfew thing didn't. She made a pouting face.


"For cryin out loud, most of us are immortals!" She muttered.


(( Yea, Kami's not so "nun-like" as expected. When she's around other people, she let's her hair down. Although that usually doesn't help her athletic skills, her hair is always in a bun coz it goes down to the floor. X3 ))

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((pokegal/kami: does the line, "those who kill should prepare to be killed" look familiar? it should XD))


((adept_rouge: is masamune the name of sephiroth's katana? or am i imagining that? XD))


Masana looked interested by that comment. Most of us are immortals, the girl had said. He raised his eyebrows. Oh, so he wasn't the odd one out. That would be like home, where he lived with a bunch of vampires.




"Most of us are immortals!"


Elya gave a start. "Immortals? Oh dear. This could be interesting...elf or not, I am mortal..."


She felt eyes fall upon her and looked in the direction from which they were coming. She found herself staring into gleaming scarlet eyes set in a pale face, framed by shoulder-length black hair. He was the one she had noticed lurking in a corner. Definately looked like a vampire. He looked away.


Both awaited further speech from the headmistress.

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Kami looked back at the elf.


"O-oh s-s-sorry about t-t-that." She stuttered.


Feeling extremely embarassed, she turned to the teacher.


Snap. I hope noone knows that I'm an Astral already...

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(@Tei: It is, but Masamune also a name of a Japanese daimyo in the past (full name: Date Masamune). Am I playing too much Samurai Warriors/ Sengoku Musou or what?)


Before leaving, Rai noticed that some of the others have already started socializing with each other. Though he has no intention of doing the same, he decided to wait a while longer.

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(all characters are welcome adept.)


"I am mortal too..." Night said to Elya. "It's good to know i'm not the only one..."


She smiled alil. Even though she was an astral she was still mortal, that was the whole meaning of a mortal-goddess.


She looked at the others, they all seemed young, she wondered what were their storys.




Rosalinda lifted her eyebrows. Imortals they say? she shrugged. No worrys...


"This realm removes imortality..." She just said plainly as silence fell in the room. "We can't have imortal students... that won't work at all, what's the fun of not dieing?"


She smirked looking at their faces.


"Everyone in this realm, no matter what they are, becomes mortal as long as they're here." She explained.


She walked down the stair stoping at the end.


"Mortality is fun for the fact that you don't have life graunted. Last year for example, two godly childs died in this academy and they were both imortal. They didn't belived me when i said that as long as they're here they can die!"




Night Lifted her eyebrow, she wasn't expecting that. So it wasn't legends, people actually died in that Academy.


(sorry guys but this won't work if noone can die -.- what's the fun of that! don't slay me for this, but i forgot to put in the rules that noone could be imortal :P)

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(No immortality huh? I guess I'll just change my post a bit- since my charcter hasn't said or hinted anything that he's immortal. BTW, you havent answered my other question about the faction leader stuff)


Rai heard the principal spoke again. This time he did hear what she was saying, but he didn't want to bother with whatever she was talking about. He just hoped that it will be over soon.

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((hmm...i may have to use a different character...if masana isn't immortal, he isn't alive. simple as that. it's a whole crazy thing with his hourglass and the gods of death. weird stuff. see next paragraph))


((ALSO! I should probably explain Masana's religion. he worships Kiliara, the Goddess of Death. It was by her will that he was saved. basically, when he was attacked by that holy weapon, his hourglass was destroyed. utterly destroyed. so basically, masana's alive, but not, so the only way to kill him, is to get Kiliara to remove the enchantment.))


((pokegal: :D ))


((Adept_Rogue: ha! so i'm not imagining it! XD all right, that's all i wanted to know))


Masana frowned. Just how could they remove his immortality? He'd die. Immediately. They'd have to go to Kiliara, and if she removed the enchantment, he'd fall to the ground with his back cut open.


But, he thought, She's far too chill about people dying. Even I normally have emotion about that. She looks...excited...about it. This did more than set Masana on edge--it almost ticked him off.


"There's plenty of fun in not dying," he said loudly, stepping out of the dark corner. "Kiliara already has more empty hourglasses than she knows what to do with. Try to kill me," he said, eyes glinting. He was sure he'd regret that challenge, but he had to see for himself how this immortality removal worked. It would be a handy trick to know, but if something happened to him...would Kiliara protect him again?




"No worries," Elya said, smiling at the girl who had made the first comment about immortals. "I can hold my own pretty well for being subject to death." She looked at the first girl she had spoken to, the one that had introduced herself as Night. "It's pretty weird when being the mortal is the minority, eh?"


"There's plenty of fun in not dying," the boy she had been watching said, stepping out of the corner. He was clothed almost entirely in black--except the red that trimmed his shirt, and the buckle on his belt that looked suspiciously like a small skull.


Then he tempted the headmistress to kill him. Oh my God, Elya thought. Could this possibly end well?

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Kami covered her mouth, but she couldn't stop a scared sob from escaping her mouth. She suddenly stepped closer to the headmistress at her tone when talking about death.


"How can you say things like that?! Like it's fun for you to think about death! What if some of us have loved ones that we wish to return to?! Fine, just attempt to end my life! It should be interesting for you, shouldn't it be?!" She was very pissed off right now. She knew she was going to get whooped till the break of dawn if her mother knew she was ranting like this so much.


((Uh-oh. Kami's gone EBIL! X3))

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(adept, i'll answer that in a while, it'll be explained in the rp.

And Tei let me explain that better, anyone who's imortal, keeps like a semi-imortality, they can still live forever, but if they're killed they'll die, that means: poison, death spells, shot in the heart/head/lungs, drowning, breaking your neck, and all other known ways to die can kill your character.)



Rosalinda just looked at the ground with her black bang covering her eyes.


"Hmph... Kiliara you say..." her voice was serious "I would gladly take your challenge Masana, probably your goddess wouldn't be able to help you though, but it would do me no well to show you that i am right, i'll leave it to you to find out on your own. Accidents do happen, so we may never know..."


Then she looked at Kami.


"And no i do not have fun on death, i do feel fascinated by the way that it works, but it doesn't amuse me."


She looked at everyone in the room, recovering her entusiasm as she smirked.


"The reason why in this realm I remove partially your imortality is to teach you imortals to not have life granted, it's not my fault that at least half of you die every year. Blame it on youselves, you're so used to the whole I can't die rutine that you take unnecessary risks. Accidents happen and some of u already forgot that..."


"Accidents don't just happen..."


Rosalinda got quiet has she heard the girl say that and just looked at her.




Night felt a shiver going through her spine, she had a feeling that the principle was hiding something, something was wrong.


She hugged herself in a protective way rubbing her arms.


"Accidents don't just happen... something is always there, in the darkness..." She just said looking at the ground.

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