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Blade got to the infirmary, with Kami tailing him. He placed Neko on the bed, then sighed. "Sun's already going down? Oh well." Kami said nothing, thinking about the torture room.


"Excuse me. I should be leaving." Kami murmered, then walked out. Blade followed her, and when she was halfway through the hall, he grabbed her wrist and stopped her. She turned around. "Kami, promise me something." He said, dead serious.


"Hm? What is it?" She asked.


"Promise me that you won't go back there. What happened to Neko...she's half immortal. Astrals like you..." He trailed off.


"That's why I'm getting stronger, don't you understand? And besides." She suddenly hugged him. "I'm worried about you. They said astrals were last. So, shouldn't you be more worried about yourself?" She whispered.


"Traditions have a tendency to end sometime, Kami." He replied quietly, hugging her protectively.


((Don't ask why I did a mushy-gushy part. It's not like me at all, I just had the impulse. X3))

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Gonzo looks down at Ghost's stomache and the bruising that's a straight mark on her side and back. "...Poor Ghost..." He mutterd to himself, and he was with no one. He growled to himself, walking slowly down the hall and up the main stairs. Reaching the top, he looks for the nurse room thing. He watches at the teacher runs past him suddenly. "What the?..." He walks in the way he ran from.

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Rosalinda took care of the students' wounds.


"I've to get a doctor in the morning, maybe someone willbe interested." She said to herself.




Night ran down the stairs to the main entrance, she stoped by the way as she saw Blade an Kami and hidbehind an full armor to hear what they were saying.


"Promise me that you won't go back there. What happened to Neko...she's half immortal. Astrals like you..." she heard Blade say.


There where? The torture chamber? It was open, Neo just covered it with a bookshelve so the teachers wouldn't see it, but anything could get in it... or out...


Night looked towards them,they were whyspering now, she couldn't hear what they were saying. Hmm...i wonder what they'retalking about. She looked to her wrist. Oh... forgot, my clock disappeared. She looked to the clock in the wall, it was almost eight pm.


Night walked away before they could see her. She looked to a sign that lead to the greenhouse and walked towards it, she needed to smell the scent of trees and plants.


She got out to the west garden that lead to the green house.


The greenhouse was huge wooden building with a small waterfall falling from an opening in one of the sides. She opened the door, it was unlocked and got inside turning on the lights. It had about 2 floors, both filled with all kinds of trees and plants, and an of artificial river and fountains.


Night sat by one of the rivers. putting her feet inside it, she heard a phew birds singing inside.


"This is good in here." She said to herself.

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Rai walked out of the library and went to the entrance hall as he heard the headmistress said so.

When he got there, he saw an unfamiliar face standing there. Hm? Who's that? he wondered. He quickly dismissed that thought.

It's none of my concern he reminded himself.

He approached the hall, only to have a blade pointed directly at him. What the hell?!

The one holding the blade was a female. From her posture, he could tell that she was an expert samurai.

He was, though, not interested in pointless fights, and shoved the blade aside. "What are you doing?" he asked, calmly, "And who are you?"

The girl withdrew her sword, and pulled out another. "I'm bored" she simply stated, "And I feel like fighting- Entertain me"

With this, she charged. Rai blocked all her attacks easily, but each blow causes minor damage to their surroundings.


(This girl is Masamune- for those who don't know, I've registered her some time ago, but have never found a chance to insert her)

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(@ NightMelody: Forgive me for what I'm about to do. width=150http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/105/l_4eb4b2aa4c8c43288d7f57e613cbd1b5.jpg[/img] I'm so so so so sorry for brutally butchering Night. T_T I forgot that she had long hair, so I decided to base he face on your avatar. -cries-)


(@ theAdept_Rogue: I also made a picture of Rai, but I based his face off your avatar as well. If you want, I can also post it. ^^)


(Guys, tell me if I have to tweak the characters a little. As said, my artistic skills are not exactly good. T_T)


Stepping out of the passageway, the girl's face was bereft of any expression. Looking at the large bookshelves, her hands trembled unconsciously. Images of the wooden bookshelves breaking into splinters and crashing down entered her head rapid-fire.


Why? she thought wearily. Why did it have to be me? She looked at the silver walls, imagining them crumbling to pieces.


"Are you alright?" Miss Leiche whispered, concern present in her ghostly blue eyes. The girl nodded numbly, heading towards the hall.


"I think... I'll just be in my dorm" she spoke softly; quite unlike her nature.


"I'm coming with you." Miss Leiche stated protectively, hovering to her side.


"Yeah. Sure. Whatever." she mumbled, heading towards her dorm.

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(@Winter: I prefer you not to- I've drew him myself anyways, though it's not colored or scanned yet since the scaner is broken. And BTW, his character is actually more like my Signature- not the avatar)


After leaving the library, Shura had transformed into air and moved towards the infirmary. She saw the headmistress taking care of the two people's injuries. "Need some help?" she asked, right after she materialized herself.

Without waiting for an answer, she moved closer towards the injured students and chanted a few words. Almost immediately, their wounds disappeared- and Shura herself vanished and glided towards the dormitory in case the headmistress might scold her for interfering.

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((winter, 1- OMG I LOVE HER DRESS! 2- she doesn't wear snicker, just boots. She looks like this))


Rosalinda watched Shura as she healled the students.


"Thank you." She said to Shura before she left. Rosalinbda had already forgot how healing magic was like.


She walked to the main hall and saw the two students fighting.


"Mister Rai, Miss Masamune!" She shouted. "It's extrictly phorbiden to fight inside the school buildings!"


She made a force field between the two students interrupting their fight.




Night stretched and got up.


"You know..." A voice started behind her. "It's dangerous to out here this late."


She looked up at a tree and saw Neo sitted on a branch. How long had he been watching her.


"Hey what time is it?" She yelled to him, he looked at the sky.


"Almost 9:30 pm." He answered. "Don't bother having a watch, they all disappear in here." He informed.


That's why my clock disappeared. She understood.


"What u doing here?" She asked.


"I sleep here and live here." He informed.


"That's od..."


"I know, but i've been expelled... from the school, so i can't be inside... the main building for long and... so i sleep here." He explained.


"Well... Good Night Neo." She said as she ran out of the greehouse back to the entrance hall.


"Likewise..." He mumbled.

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~*Aidan von Talen :: Along the hallway*~


After some hours, he went out of the room. The hallway was dark and quiet. He raised his diamond ring and it emits a sharp light. Using this light, he walked along the hallway. He made sure that no one follows him, and nobody stays up past their bedtime. He walked briskly, pointing his index finger with the ring to the hallway. He passed by the hallway fronting the main road. The moonlight shined brightly to his face. He looked outside and saw his horse outside. "What is he doing there?!" He muttered silently to himself. He went downstairs and ran towards his horse. The horse approached his master, Aidan and neighs loudly. "You want to be with me? Okay then. He rode on the horse's back and gallops away from the Academy. He gallops as fast as he can. He galloped straight to the city. To the stable, he went and locked his horse, and headed up to the tavern. He ordered a glass of ale and sat on a corner. He wore his cape as he drank his ale. He looks at the happy people, being ignorant of their problems.


After some time, he set out once again from the city and headed back to the academy. He made his horse rest at the stable. He headed towards the library, still in its unfortunate look. "I wonder what has happened here...."

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Sad'rian walked to the kitchen to raid the fridge. All that had happened that day made him hungry, he was planing to visit Neko and the other girl in the enfermery after he was done eating.


He made himself a sandwich with what was left of the steak from the lunch and walked out of the kitchen going upstairs to the enfermery, still eating. Seeing they were still unconscious he just sat down waiting.


"I'm bored..." He mumbled to himself choking on the food. He coughed. "Darn, this steak almost killed me!" He dumped out his food. "Bad steak!"


"I wonder where Mina is..."




Mina was walking on the teacher's hallway, checking on all the rooms, she was a bit of an explorer, and exploring other people's rooms was her favourite activity, though it always got her in troubles, especially when she caught.


"Nanana..." She singing as she opened the door to the headmistress's office. She ran inside to see the blur bird inside the cage. Trapped blue birdy... She just standed there looking at it.


She ran out of the office taking the cage with the bird with her, maybe Sarin-sama would free the bird for her. She opened another room door and looked inside.


Teacher's room?

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Kami suddenly started running down the hallway quickly, with Blade standing there. She got to her dorm, went inside, but instead of sleeping, she opened the window. She climed out with the border of wood on the window, and used the small crevices in the school's exterior to climb up to the top of the school. She stood up, put her hands out strait, and closed her eyes. She loved the feeling of the wind...


Suddenly, she realized what this impulse was all about. It's more than likely...that I'll never feel the breeze again.

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"Mister Rai, Miss Masamune! It's strictly forbidden to fight inside the school buildings!"

Hearing the headmistress shout, both Rai and Masamune leapt away from each other. Masamune tossed her katana and caught it with her other hand- then slipped it to its case. She stared at Rai with this expression on her face that indicates she still wanted to fight.

Rai glanced at Masamune, amused to see her expression- though he did not show his amusement- then turned to Rosalinda, expecting to hear an endless speech or hand out a certain punishment.

Not that he cared. It was Masamune who started it anyway- while, the whole time, he only dodged his opponent's attacks.

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Neko slowly opened her eyes, groaning. "What in the heck..." She muttered. She slowly lifted her head off the pillow. Wait just a second! Why is my head on a pillow?! She looked at the blanket. Why is there a blanket covering me?! She looked at Rosalinda. Why is SHE here?!


((Neko's wounds are healed, but her body's still in shock from the pain she received. That's why she's not talking.))

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(@ NightMelody: Thanks for the reference pic. ^^ But since you like the dress, I guess I'll keep that design in mind. ^^ So, boots, pixie cut, dress... 'kay, got it.)


As she lay in her dorm, she looked up at the ceiling remorsefully; as if it was about to collapse any second. Looking to her side, she saw an ancient wooden toolkit. With a swift gesture of her hand, the wood splintered slowly; sending wood chips flying everywhere. Not that she cared.


What am I turning into? she thought angrily. She looked at the ceiling once more, her eyes hardening. Is this what you meant by me making you proud? You've got a weird way of phrasing it, mom.


"What's next?" the girl muttered, looking at the now fully visible form of Miss Leiche in her room. The woman looked at her startled, as if she had been on the watch for some time now.


"What do you mean?"


"Don't play dumb," she spoke coldly. "You know what I mean. Progressing psychic powers. Progressing earth manipulation. I want to know what's next."


Miss Leiche held her amulet defensively. "Wha... Why would you want to know that?"


"Because," she spoke, shooting an icy glare at the woman. "I want to know. I hate being caught off-guard, and it seems like you knew this was going to happen all along."




"Don't 'Honey' me!" she snapped. "When I first came here, I thought I would actually find something." she pounded her fist onto the lumpy bed. "But all I found was tons of crud, freaks for classmates and useless powers! It doesn't make any sense." she shifted to her side. "Now, I'm on an unseen death row with some ghost from the past trailing me. As if my life wasn't confusing enough."


"You..." Miss Leiche murmured, concerned. "Y-you shouldn't push yourself too hard! You can't just say those things as if they were..."


"Nothing?" the girl murmured, turning back to Miss Leiche. She scoffed. "Trust me, it's not the first time I've seen my life as nothing."


Miss Leiche just stood there frozen in place, unable to speak or move. Pulling out her lighter, the girl looked at it in remorse as she made a final flick of flame. With a grunt, she threw the brass lighter down; with the flame still flicking. Slowly, it began to consume a part of the rug.


"Oh, for the love of...!" she cursed, with the fire engulfing her room. "-mn this!" she yelled, trying to put off the fire.


(Ain't trying to kill her, nope, nope. ^^ Really. Just a random thought that entered my head.)

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Wait, the students that aren't hurt are spoused to be in their dorms? Or where... can one of you tell me so I can fit Shady and Haylee somewhere

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((well it was supposed for them to go to the entrance hall but everyone went to their dorms. So everyone go to ur dorms.))


Rosalinda looked at Rai. "Please go to your dorms Mister Rai, you too Miss Masamune. We shall talk in the morning."


She walked back to the infermery and looked at, she noticed she was already awaken.


"How you feeling?" She asked looking at her.




Night walked around the school buidling, the lights outside were weak, not giving much light. She was just watching the building debating if she should go in or not. She looked at the sky, there was such a beautifull moon outside.


She opened the door and got in walking to her dorm. She got inside it but didn't went to the bed, she grabed a blanket and went to her dorm's balcony. She sat down and placed the blanket around her as she watched the moon.

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Shady walked to her dorm, Haylee behind her. She opened the door and jumped onto her bed, quickly falling asleep.


Haylee fell asleep quickly.

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Gonzo reached the nurse office... thing! He walks into the room, looking around because he still has Ghost in his arms. "Erm... Bed? Place?... Something?" He mumbled softly, hoping for someone to anwser, seems like Gonzo's needing water or has a sore throat. Ghost shifted slowly in Gonzo's arms, only getting no where, her hands on her stomache and no where to go... Glost sits up alarmed. "Wha? ... Gonzo what happend?!" She hissed, grabbing Gonzo by the shoulders and shaking his head forcefully. Gonzo tried to not mumble, but only coughs, then laughs, dropping Ghost onto the ground, thankfully she has quick refelxes and only lands on her feet. Gonzo is now snickering, coughing alittle. "G-Ghost... You passed out because you got trapped under a bookshelf." He says, nothing wrong with talking now, he only coughs a few times after talking, like little coughs, not that anyone noticed. Ghost flicked Gonzo on the ear. "You fool. I'm not the kind to pass out on all those wimpy things." She only glared at Gonzo, who was glancing up at Ghost, from the ground. "Hehe... I am a fool, silly me." 'I know you don't pass out on that kind of stuff Ghost, but you lost alot of blood.' Gonzo mumbled something to himself, only anyone around him hearing, "-ood..." Ghost glares more at him, mor likely scowling but only staring. "..." Is her reaction, she pulls Gonzo down the hallway and down the stairs. And if anyone was looking carefully at Ghost, she still was majorly bruised, from the middle of her stomache to the middle of her back, and sides. She doesn't even wince anymore...


((oh Pokegal! i think that makaxsoul is an awesome couple in Soul Eater. i know i know it's off topic sorry >< ))


((@winter: I LOVE YOUR PICS! Their so pretty and I wonder how Ghost'll turn out... X3 i suck at drawing girls so...))

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(@ Speedy: Aww, thank ya! ^^ Well, since my Photoshop trial's gonna expire in 20+ days, I don't think I'll be able to make all the characters. So I kinda decided to make the "First Generation" characters, while all the others will be "Second Generation." )


(Here's another one: width=200http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/81/l_a83670ce26db4a71bae50e7ce5da4c5e.jpg[/img] It's Kami, and hopefully PokeGal won't kill me. T_T As said, the first generation characters will be the first ones to appear in the comic. Here's a list:






















All the others are second generation. I don't think I'll be able to draw all of them, so if they have a picture in the Collegium I'll do those instead. ^^ Before I draw the second generation, the comic'll be already up. ^^)


(Sorry for the pointless post! And for future reference for Little-Miss-Nameless:width=250http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/82/l_43c1474a7fa04edba059da56196d7379.jpg[/img] There ya go! ^^)


The fire began to spread around her room, burning everything in it. No water sources could be found, thus making it quite hard to put out the fire.


"I'll get help!" Miss Leiche shouted amidst the roaring of the flames. The girl looked at her with shining topaz eyes.


"I don't need help!" she yelled, heading towards the door. She kicked it down strongly, with the smoke rolling out of the door. Miss Leiche returned to her ghost form, hovering over the girl.


"Are you alright?" she murmured.


The girl looked up at the hallway. "I'm..."


Before they knew it, the fire began to consume the hall; sending it into a fiery inferno.


"-mn this!" she cursed, backing away from it.


(Oh gosh. -_-" I put the Academy on fire. T_T)

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Gonzo tilts his head back, coughing again and again. "... Fire..." He muttered, running upstairs. He pulls Ghost, who's desperatly screaming for her life, making him drag her across the floor. "Ghost... Get... Up!..." "No! Never! I don't wanna go in the direction OF the fire if I even die, so LET GO OF ME NOOW!" Gonzo moans as her mail pants scraps on the ground, making a hissing sound. "Good lord... No I'm not letting go, I'm gonna go get the headmisstress." He drops Ghost, giving up, running at high speed to the nurse room office thing... Saying in a really loud voice. "FIRE!!!" He screamed, running back to Ghost and dragging her down the stairs, she making a face like 'What the heck?'... "..." She says after going down each step landing on her rump each time. "This has to be a classic..." She mutterd to herself, hopefully waiting for gonzo to let go.


(( oh noes ghost's gonna kill gonzo :o she dislikes him pulling her around all the time and she landed on her rump. how does she feel about that? X3 plus she's a second generation so she should be wearing a skirt and a normal modern biker jacket... Erm the school skirts that the school girls wear in anime.... Just giving advice X3 but a true artist like you shouldn't be given advice, so I'll just be quiet. >.> <.< ))



(( @ Winter: OMGosh! Kami and the nameless girl look soo cute >< I wanna eat them if they are muffins. ))

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Rai and Masamune headed back to the dormitories. As they were walking, Masamune avoided any eye contact with Rai, but said, "This isn't over yet- I just found a worthy opponent and I'm not letting you away"

Rai turned to her, "Not interested in fighting humans" he said, half to Masamune and half to himself, "Though Shura might..."


Before they could do anything else, a fire suddenly errupted. "The hell?!" Masamune yelled, as she leaped out of the way, and casted a certain spell that nullified a part of the fire that was in her range, then retreated to the dorm room.


Rai, who had, somehow, not expected the fire, calmly teleported to his own room, but not before casting a barrier around his room door so that the fire will not enter.


He walked inside the room and locked the door. Shura was inside.


"What're doing in my room? Get out!" He ordered.

Shura grinned. "That person... You sure you're okay if I defeated her instead?"

So she's been hearing the conversation the whole time, Rai grumbled. "Like I said: I'm not interested in fighting humans"

"What a thing to say" Shura's lips twisted upwards, "Considering that you were once a human"

Rai frowned at her. "You have no right to say that, as I'm no longer one" he paused for a while, then continued, "Now that you're done asking questions, get out of my room"

"Yes my lord" Shura mused.


(slighly editted my post since I have not read the precious ones)

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~*Aidan von Talen :: His Room Almost Gotten Into The Flames*~


He woke up all in an instant, feeling hot. He opened the window, and went out of the room. A dark cloud of smoke appeared before him. He coughed as the smoke ravaged through his very room. He took his handkerchief and took a deep breathe as he covered his nose to avoid suffocation. He ventured through the halls and sees flames. "Who caused such havoc?!", he thought to himself. He went directly towards the infirmary and sees if the students are okay. He opened the windows and took an empty bucket. Upon placing the bucket on the faucet, he turned the water on. He waits as the bucket becomes full with water. "Too much chaos....students here needs to be disciplined!" he shouted out his rants as he carried the bucket full of cold water. He went to the place where the fire originated and doused a part of it with water. A part of the fire dissipates, but there is still some fire remaining. He stares at the students, ten of them to be exact, and asked who is the culprit. "Tell me who started this! It is already in the middle of the night! The culprit will be sanctioned accordingly." A flash of light appeared from his hands. He had the sign of being an oracle. He looked at the fire and remembered the great purge of his homeland. He took the pail and went back to the infirmary to ensure the safety of those who were injured by the earthquake. He sat on a chair and sat down thinking of his past. "The great purge...I guess I am lucky." He stood up and walked along the hallways and searched for students who are hurt.

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Ghost stands up when Gonzo let her go. She reached in her backpack, passing a school skirt, white polo shirt, and a yellow biker jacket. She didn't need those now but later. She pulls out a cloth, and puts it to her mouth, plugging her noes."Gonzo, Get a cloth and put it to your mouth and plug your noes." She said aloud, after that, she sneezes. "Oh, and I do have allergies so be careful on me, smoke." She looks around, her eyes determend to go save the kids but no clue what to do, so she plops down on the floor and does nothing, staring at the ground.


Gonzo watched Ghost, "Naw It's fine." Ghost throws a cloth at him. "Just do it!" He puts the cloth over his mouth and plugs his noes.


A small little girl stands in the middle of a burning city, not sure where to go. She just looks around frantically, all the people of the town run around screaming, heading to a near-by plains. A little boy walks up next to her and takes her hand, dragging her softly to the woods.

--Flashback ends--

Ghost shakes her head when she saw a flashback. "What the heck was that? Fire... Uhm... Town... Uhm....." She slaps her forehead with her free hand. "Just aslong that I don't get killed, I'm alright." She mutterd to herself.


(( >.> ooh i want ghost and gonzo to do a comidy together. X3 ))

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Rosalinda run to the hallway where the fire came from. She looked to the small red rectagle saying: "press in case of fire!" and sighed annoyed, she pressed and small irigators appeared in the cielling making it rain the whole hallway and room in wich the fire started.


She walked to the room. It belonged to the nameless girl.


"Everyone to your dorms the danger is over, the one who sleeps in this dorm is wanted in my office NOW!" She walked away back to her office.




Night fell asleep right where she was, she was so tired.


((Flashback time))


Night followed the dragon while holding the flowers in her hand.


"It's kind what you're doing Mel Mel..." The dragon said looking at her. "You really belive the king has died?"


She shook her head, she didn't knew, it was hard for her to accept the fact that her best friend in her whole life, the father of her spirit, was dead.


They stoped by the cript and the dragon waited for her as she entered. In the middle there was a sealed tomb with a statue of the king over it, holding his stone spear. She placed the roses in the chest of the statue.


"Hey Aaron... Did you really died? Or was this just a skeem to get me free?"


She sighed, and kissed the statues cheek gently. How she wished it would answer her. She sat down by the statue and hugged her legs just staying there.

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