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Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS!

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((Well, you know what Kami looks like, if you check the Collegium, and Blade. If you look back far enough, you should see Neko there too. XD I should do a piccie of them soon.))


Kami tried to ignore the man, it was because of him that they were here in the first place. Neko, however, turned to him with fierce eyes. She pulled out a small extending spear, and pointed it at him. "What's it to you where we go?!" She hissed. She wasn't taking second chances anymore.


((No more Ms. Nice Neko. X3))

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Neo smiled at the girls reaction, a fighter. He went through Neko looking like if he was made of celestial black dust reforming right behind ehr. he wrapped her shoulders in a gentle embrance.


"Vampires drink blood, demons colect souls and enteties drain spirits. You are g-go-going towards a nightmare, all of... you, if you... keep going down there." Again he changed as if he was made of dust appearing ahead of all of them.


"My name is Cosmos, or Neo, b-but you can... call me whatever you... wish. I myself am an entety, but at least... i'm an entety who is trying... to help you... while what placed that passageway there... wants to kill one of you tonight... "


He looked away with a sad expression. "A girl is always first, not any girl, a special one..." He looked back at them smiling.




A girl was going to die that Night, she closed her hands togetehr as the light orb flickered behind them.


"But all of you are sp-sp-special... It's not an astral, It leaves... astrals for last... like deseart." He said appearing behind Night, and, like he did with Neko, he hugged her by the shoulders. "Someone is going to die... in the trap room... it will be... an accident... he will lead all of you into witnessing this accident... if i go with you..." He let go of her walking this time down the stairs. "Maybe... j-just maybe... It may fail on getting one more soul..."


Night watched him and followed him. "How can we know you're not wanting to kill us?"


"You don't know... you jsut have to t-trust... but don't trust anyone!" He said walking.


((anyone wants to die tonight mwhahaha. no really, who wants to die? if it's noone i'm sure we'll find a way from peventing that 'acident' from happening))

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(I dunno if the girl's ready to die yet. Though she technically doesn't care whether she dies or not, we still need to reveal her past, her real name, aand... you get the drill. -_-" Dang, she's got a lot of revealing to do.)


(Oh, and about the comic... I'm gonna do a character sheet first with all the characters first, if you guys don't mind. ^^)


"Neo..." whispered Miss Leiche. The girl jerked her head towards the woman, giving her a hostile look.


"You mean the freaky dude who stammers a lot?"


"He's nice," Miss Leiche spoke kindly. "He was nice to me during my year at the Academy."


"But you still died."


Miss Leiche laughed bitterly. "That was my own fault. I decided to wander about the Academy during nighttime." She then gave the girl a grave look. "That is why it is of utmost importance that you should form a group."


"Group?" the girl scoffed. "That'll get me nowhere. If you want something, you gotta get it yourself."


Miss Leiche then led out a ghostly sigh, one that fit perfectly with her form at the moment. The two followed the group silently, looking about for any more rooms. The girl then stopped abruptly as she saw some object on the floor.


"What the...?" she mumbled, picking the dusty thing from the floor. Blowing on it, she raised her eyebrow.


"It's a... violin," she muttered. Her eyes suddenly widened at the realization.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, give a round of applause to the legendary violinist of the century, Sir Romeo Vivaldi!"


Applause broke out the room as a young man with blond hair and blue eyes approached the stage. Giving a well-meaning bow, the applause grew louder and louder. The announcer shook hands with the man, with a big smile on his face.


"Romeo Vivaldi, everybody. As well, there are two special guest right here at the front seats. It seems the violinist has some companions! Please welcome his loving wife and daughter, Juliet and Winifred!"


The applause deepened as a young woman held up a girl roughly five years of age, the two smiling at them. The woman had curly raven black hair that cascaded down her back, with hazel eyes that almost look golden. The announcer cleared his throat.


"Now, without further ado, we shall begin our program shortly."


As the applause died down, it was quickly replaced by a fast, upbeat sonata on the violin. The crowd is spellbound, and soon, three rings are brought upstage. The young man smiles as he heads towards it still playing, getting one ring with his bow. He twirls it around as he plays, and instantly, there is a standing ovation.


"Will I be able to do that, mammy?" the little girl asks her mother. Her mother smiles, then looks back at her husband.


"I'm sure you will. But no matter what, we'll always be proud of you."


She almost dropped the violin at the flashback, confusion settling in her eyes. Shaking her head furiously, she began to frown.


Stop that, she thought angrily. You're getting too sentimental. Looking back at the violin, she glared at it as if it did something wrong. Yet afterward, she tucked it safely into hr trenchcoat without a word.

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Character Name:Sona

Character Age:16



Looks:Tanned Skin, Long Wavy Purple hair, always wears either track pants & T-Shirt or Short Dress.

Secundary breed (if he has):Half Witch

Main Job:Sign Reader

2nd Job:Alchemist

3rd Job:Enchantress

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys):Unknown

Personality (stick to it): Cynical always, tomboy somtimes, glamour girl other times.

Likes: Magic, Swordfighting

Dislikes: Pink, Girly stuff (like pink tutu's XD)

Weaknesses:Light Magic

Strenghs:Swordplay, Dark Magic

Elements controlled (if so): Fire, Dark

Weapons:Wand, Elvish Long Sword

Faction (if wishes to enter one): The Bad

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(@ theAdept_Rogue: Well, we're just walkin' down the passage way that leads to some sort of "Trap Room", if I'm not mistaken. And Neo, who's kinda the Guardian of the Academy, tries to protect us and tells us that one of us is gonna die. Hope that helps!)


(@ goldgall: Welcome to the RP! ^^)


The girl stopped for a moment as another scent caught her nose. Now that's a new scent, she thought boredly, yawning and stretching her arms out. Taking a quick glance at her back, she saw an emotionless-looking man walking towards the group. Cringing, she aimed her gun at him.


"Who the freak are you?!" she demanded, her gold eyes glowing with Night's light orb.

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((welcome to the rp goldgall))


((Lets not kill noone for now, unless someone wants to die, it's still open, a girl who's not an astral))


Night kept walking looking at the small light orb she made. She hated the fact that someone would die that Night, she couldn't let noone die, she wouldn't let.


She noticed Neo was staring at her for a while now. "What?" She asked.


He just smiled and looked away towards the nameless girl and Miss Leiche, he kept walking just staring at them.


"Where you come from? And why you have a hard time speaking?" She asked at him trying to start a conversation, he just shrugged as an answer as he kept staring at them.


"That girl, Miss Leiche, she... st-studyed with me..."


Night looked towards them and saw a man walking towards them. Isn't that Rai? She asked herself.


((Now really, are u refering to Rai?))

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{{Long time hast I have not joined a role play. I miss the Persona RP in the Tales Series forum}}


Username: Stardale

Character Name: Aidan von Talen

Character Age: 18

Gender: Male

Breed: Human

Looks: Aidan is one tall person. He has eyes whose colors are as blue as the sky. He always wear his clothes made of cotton and silk. He also appears to be particularly strong. He has spiky bangs and on his chest the archon's mark remain. It looks like small spirals symbolizing wind. It is being concealed by his black coat and also wears a charm necklace. His ears are of human beings.

Secondary breed (if he has): Half-Aegyl

Main Job: Oracle

2nd Job: Mage

3rd Job: Sky Archon

Background history:

He once lived in the sky city. Until his whole family was murdered by a pure-blooded human for using magic and other enchantments, and by the age of 15, he was accused and was sentenced to be executed as a traitor. Then such luck came that he was assisted by an unknown accomplice and led him away and was surrendered to a Druidess. Little did he know that his life would change for that. It did. He was taught of the dark arts of both wind and lightning. After three years, he decided to go out on his own, and he ended up in a mysterious academy.

Personality (stick to it):

He is more of the rude type of personality, but he knows what he is doing. He follows his own philosophy: Give up, and you are worth dying. He is often quiet and may be often seen alone, but when being disturbed, beware, for he does not like being disturbed. He always use his saliva only when it is important.

Likes: He likes being alone, and sometimes he dares to fight with other people. He also tend to play with the weather of the sky, for he can control wind and lightning.

Dislikes: He simply dislikes anything that he sees to be annoying.

Weaknesses: Earth

Strengths: He is one fast person, may it be thinking or when running away from others. He always remain concentrated to one thing, which makes him somehow powerful.He can also teleport.

Elements controlled (if so): Air and Lightning

Weapons: Knives

Faction: Bad, really bad.



~*Aidan von Talen :: The Entrance*~


He stepped down from the horse cart and took his things. He stopped right at the front of the building and nods at the magical building which is believed to be mysterious. He went to the main entrance and knocked on the door. With no one responding, he pounded on the door loudly. Isn't anybody there? he shouted as loud as he can. He starts to go white in anger until he went into the building.


((ooc: you have to tell me what has happened.))

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((hi Stardale, welcome to the rp. Spyritually Academy so far in a nutshell: we went to cementary, got attacked, rightly after got saved by sunlight and got busted by Rosalinda, who gave us the punishment of cleaning the library were we found an obituary record, a list of deaths and a skeleton. The nameless girl found a passageway and we all went down there whee we found the hooded man aka Neo, who told us a girl would die this night. So basicly now we're going down the passageway to a room full of torture devices and only god knows what else.))


"I'm here! I'm here!" Rosalinda ran down the stairs stopping by thenewcomes.


"Welcome." She said gasping. "Escuse me for taking so much time but i'm trying to avoid and annoyance. You must be Aiden." She smirked at him. Another student with black invitation.


"Please follow me i will show you the school around. I'm sorry it is so empty but some of our teachers haven't appeared yet." Whimps... she thought. "And the rest of the students are cleaning the library for breaking some of the rules." She continued.




Night arrived at the end of the stairs, infront of them was an old broken door. She walked to the door and puashed it open. The room inside was vast and dark, she couldn0t see half of it not even with the light orb she made.


"Escuse me..." She heard Neo say, he grabbed the light orb and muttered something in an unknown language, the orb started multiplying in more that he sent inside the room lighting it all up.


Night now couyld see the inside, but she wished she didn't. The walls of the room were all bloody and so was the floor. Against the wall there were all kinds of torture devices and in the middle a table. Also there were visible in the ground about 3 skeletons.


"Oh my lord!" Night said as she saw the inside of the room.

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Neko solemnly shuddered. The sight of blood wasn't new, sure, but she hated when it was spilled for torture.


"Who would do something like this?" Kami whispered, leaning on Blade's shoulder. Blade himself said nothing, but he refused to look at the room after a first glance.


((Guys, I'm tryin to decide whether Blade and Kami should get back together or not. Any ideas?))

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((i'm gonna do the game of the rp :P... Who wants their characters to be chooseble [u can chose your character] tell me. the title is posted in the arena and i will post the game details soon in the forum. I will make it with rpg maker vx.))


Night entered the room looking around. She recognized a phew of those devices, she had seen them before, had been torture by some of them before. She winced.


"God, i can't imagine what they did to people here..." She said looking at the walls.


"It isn't hard to ... imagine actually... i've seen... personaly the... f-functions of those... devices..." Neo said, leaning near the door.


Night looked away from him, she saw another book over the tablke and walked to the table.


"It's a diary!" She said looking at the locked bloody book.

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"Ah, home," Masana said darkly. These bloody devices were nothing he hadn't seen before. He'd never been laid on an iron maiden, sure, but he'd seen what they were capable of.


"Torture is such an ineffective means of interrogation," Min'hira muttered. "Neko, can you tell whose blood this is?"


Elya shuddered. "Kevice and I risk our lives to destroy those who order the operation of these machines. It might be time for the eagle and the hawk to fly once more."


((go ahead, i dare you to ask elya about her work XD))

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Gonzo followed far behind, however... Ghost gasped at the sight at the room. "Wow... This must be an-erm a dreadfun-- Dreadfull sight."

She smacked her forehead. 'Dang it why am I so stupid for almost saying that I enjoy watching people being tortured' she thought to herself. She looks to the doorway.

---(gonzo's reaction X3)

Gonzo breathed in, his eyes going wide, "AUGH WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT HORRIBLE SMELL?!" He then held his noes, "Blod smel nast-ie..." he mutterd to himself, trying to contain wheasing.


((guess what? he hates the smell of blood. why? i have no idea. hiya stardale welcome to the rp!))

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He walked along with the woman which he knew as Rosalinda. He caught a lot of mistakes regarding his name. He therefore interrupted her by presenting himself to her. "I am Aidan von Talen, not Aiden. The two are different." he protested. The two continued on walking as they converse. "I have come here, as a matter of fact, to take part in teaching." Then suddenly, he knew that some students are not following the rules and regulations of the school. He stood firmly in front of the Rosalinda, the principal, and clearly he said "..and I will make sure that proper decorum is being observed by all students according to the regulations and policies to the school. As far as I am concerned deeply, this is a school, not a marketplace." He stood firmly well and grins as hard as he can. "Now, kindly show me to my quarters? My things are becoming heavy than they were before."


He can hear noise somewhere along the hallway. He whispered to himself "Looks like these students know how to play. Itchy.....teeny....pity. If that's how they play on me, then I'd play hard then."

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Rai noticed a girl pointing a gun at him, though he ignored her. He realized she was with a ghost, but decided that it wasn't any of his concern. He continued walking and noticed that the passage lead to some kind of room. He walked in silently and saw some others inside.


(Come to think of it, I haven't got a chance to insert Masamune in this RP- but probably some time soon)

(PS: I EDITed this post cuz I was in a hurry when I posted this and I didn't have time to read the previous posts)

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(@ Stardale: Welcome to the RP!)


(@ NightMelody: Mm-hm, she was referring to Rai. Sure, you can use Nameless as a choosable character! Bu-ut... she's always followed by Miss Leiche. Just sayin'. ^^)


The girl couldn't help but wince as Miss Leiche led out a ghostly giggle. Still keeping her eyes on the guy, she lowered her gun. Just a bit.


"What the freak was that for?" she stage-whispered, obviously irked by the ghost's little whim. Miss Leiche smiled.


"He can see me," she spoke gently, with the ghost of a smile lingering on her face. The girl was confused.


"Didn't you say I'm the only one who could see you as a ghost?"


"Yes," Miss Leiche spoke, giving another ghostly giggle. The girl's blood curdled. "But it seems like he could see me too. It's a good thing to see an old friend again."


"Would you stop doing that? It freaks me out." the girl stage-whispered. She took a quick glance at the man again, and looked back at Miss Leiche.


"If he tries anything funny, you'll tell me, right?" she whispered. Miss Leiche winked in response.


"Of course! I've got your back."


Sighing, the girl then placed her gun back onto its holster; continuing with the group. Putting her hands into her trenchcoat, she looked at the torture room ruefully.


"Hey," she muttered. "What the dude said... you know, about the astrals dying last? Is it true?"


"Well," Miss Leiche replied curtly. "Since he is the Guardian of the Academy, whatever he says is either fact or accurate."


"So..." the girl looked up. "If what he's saying is true, then that means I'm really gonna die." A blank expression etched itself onto her face, giving much concern to Miss Leiche.


"I... Don't worry, sweetheart." Miss Leiche said, looking at her with concerned eyes. The girl looked blankly at her. "Even if Neo says that the astrals will be the last to fall... I swear I'll keep you alive. I'll... I'll make sure no matter what you'll live through this."


A hint of hope sparked onto the girl's face. "Really?"


Miss Leiche smiled. "Really."


The girl looked back at the group as they continued through the passageway. For a moment in all her afterlife, Miss Leiche thought she saw a ghost of a smile on the girl's face. Unfortunately, the scowl returned a little while later.


"You still watching the dude? He could kill me any minute now."


Miss Leiche led out a sigh, with a small smile a little while later. "Of course, dear. Of course."


As they entered the room, the smell of blood instantly made way to the girl's nose. Her eyes widened at the familiar smell, and instantly, she racked her brains at where she had smelled it before.


Wait a darn second, she thought inquiringly. That smells like a...


(If y'all didn't get it the first time, the girl can tell the species of someone by scent. ^^)

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"A torture chamber...?" Rai whispered to himself, "I should've known"

He had expected that something like this would expected, but somehow, he couldn't see through it as he used to.

How embarassing... he suddenly felt angry with himself for not realizing the existence of the chamber earlier.

How could he? The smell of blood felt stronger and darker than he's ever sensed. Then why did he just feel it when he got into the room?

It was the familiar, yet eerie, feeling he thought he'd forgotten.

Dammit, it's not time for this!

He raised his hand and clutched his left eye until droplets of blood fell on the ground.

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Rolalinda chuckled at the man's correction. "Aidan, Aiden, all sound the same. So what teaching position are you interested in? Fighting? Magic? Math?" She asked with a smirk on her face walking towards a hallway bellow the dorms hallway.


"These are the teacher's chambers and offices." She informed, she stoped by a door and opened it. "This shall be your dorm mister Aidan von Talen. Now if you escuse me i must go see what the students are up to."


She walked away towards the library.




Neo watched closely the converstation between Miss Leiche and the other girl. As she past by him he mumbled to her.


"I'm... h-here to prenvent the death of more..." Then he looked directly at miss Leiche.


"Many people can see... you around here... I'm sorry i failed with... you..." he said with a sad smile in his face.


He looked at the skeletons in the ground.


"I can't unlock this freaking diary!" He heard Night curse by the table.

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Sad'rian looked around horrified with the room. I had a very personal knowledge of those devices himself. He had been tortured by probably half of the machines there.


"This place looks like my father's basement!" He said. "Only cleaner!"


He laughed at his own observation. It was cleaner. The blood in his father's basement was already so incrusted in the walls and floor that people actually thought his father's painted them with red ink.


He watched the hooded man from the corner of his eye. He didn't cared others thought he was ok, he never trusted a creature in wich he couldn't identify the breed.




Mina run around the room happily, looking fascinated to the devices in the walls. She remembered them all so well.


She run to Night to check what she was doing. She noticed she was scrambling around a diaries lock.


"I can't unlock this freaking diary!" She heard Night curse.


She pulled Night's shirt gently and asked her to move aside. She juped to the table sitting on it and grabbing the diary. She removed from her collar a simple niddle and placed it on the lock moving it precisily till a click sounded from the lock as it opened. She handed back the now open diary to Night with a proud smirk.

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Upon hearing Rosalinda chuckled and mentioned that the word Aidan and Aiden sound similar, he puts his hand on his forehead in awe and whispered to himself once again. "This lady is such an imbecile. My name is my name and I don't want it to get destroyed!" Then the woman asks him of what will he teach. As they continued to walk by, he spoke to her about his profession and the things he is to teach to the students of the academy. "I shall be teaching both Advanced Magic. It includes summoning, light and dark, making illusions, and most importantly controlling the skies. It is one thing students here need to master very well and perhaps with caution. They would need adequate discipline and focus to what they are about to learn."


Time passed by and they have finally reached the the teacher's quarters. She opened the door for him and showed him to his quarters. Afterward, she left the room and headed to the library. Aidan placed his luggage on the top of the bed. He opened the luggage and placed all his clothes into the cabinet. He had the same set of clothes which he uses regularly. He also hanged up his coat and his blue cape on the wall. After removing all the contents of the luggage, he placed it at the corner and opened his kit. He took out his thick notebook which half of the thing is empty. He also took out his ring which has a diamond on it, and wore it on his index finger. He opened the window and pointed it outside, to a bird specifically, and mumbles a spell. "Exjace!" With all his might, he unleashed a bolt of lightning to the bird. The bird fell on the ground. He closed the window and changed from his travel clothes to his regular clothes. He took again his notebook, an old pen and walked towards the table and starts writing.

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Rosalinda entered the library and saw it pretty much empty, she noticed the skeletoon on the ground and walked to it.


She sighed.


"I've to report you appearance." She said to herself. She looked around. "Where did they got to now?"




Night smiled at Mina.


"Thank you." She said as she opened the diary.


She started reading it. "February 22nd. I've been traped in this torture chamber for the past two days, today while looking for a way to break the door to get out, i found this notebook behind one of the torture devices. My name is Jameson Leeves, i'm 18 and i'm the only survivor of a group of 4 that fell down a hole in a basement.


March 12th. I've been losing consciousness alot cause of hunger, i' starting to belive i'll be force to turn to canibalism. That wouldn't sound so bad if it wasn't the fact that the corpses of my friend are already in half of the decomposition process.


March 25th. I saw a guy who died last year here, he talked with me. We had a nice talk about dark magic and the uses of those torture devices.


March 3th. I eaten my mates corpses, used one of the devices to cu..." Night stoped abruptuly the reading. "Oh my goddess... the guy got insane.


"Read the entr... entra... what he writes... in April." Neo said, he was still staring at the skeletons.


"Ok... April 2nd. I did it! I did what the ghost told me too, i broke the door and got out, they left me here to ruten and die, now i'm gonna do the same to them, starting by Genna. I've tested the devices, now it's time to use them on her and the others i got... I can hear the simphony already! They're begging me to free them, i will, after i bring some colour into this chamber."


Night closed the book nauseated. She noticed there was an inscription in the back of the book. "Skeletus golus?"


Neo hissed angerly.


"Get out of here! All of you! Now!" He shouted.

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Gonzo walks up the stairs calmly, hand still pinching his noes.


Ghost however... looks in the room, eyes wide at the facinating equipment.(if she dies, alright with me X3) She didn't move, standing with awe looking top to bottem with the stains all around the room. "Awesome..." she mutterd to herself, giggling.


Gonzo turns around, looking for Ghost... Not there...



((muahaha kill Ghost, I don't mind but she'll be hard to get. really hard to get, she gets acrobats from her cousin. ;) ))

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A girl's gonna die... thought Haylee. Okay, that's downright unfair! What should gender matter? she was scared, and any little bit of bravery she had was gone.


I would LIKE either Shady or Haylee to be the one to die, I like it when my characters in games die, call me wacky, but I do.

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Blade took Neo's advice and grabbed Kami's hand, but instead picked her up and ran. For a split second, Blade looked at Neo, with a worried look on his face. Neko ran next to the door and pointed to it.


"I want all of you running like hell's flames are chasing you! Understand?! You do not stop running until you are out of the library, and in your dorms!" Yelled Neko, as she sheathed her staff again. Suddenly, the spear-point started to glow.


((:3 Neko's got a big-sister complex.))

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Sad'rian looked at Neo. And took his advice and ran to the passgeway, making sure Mina would go ahead of him. He picked her up and ran upstairs also.


He looked around the library and saw the headmistress. "Oh, oh..." He mumbled to himself.

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