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Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS!

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((It's--it's really hard to explain. i'll see if i can twist masana's character into something more managable for this. but i'll preserve his orginal character--he's a character in my game--as much as i can))


((masana says: welcome to the dark side, kami XD))


"If you're that fascinated by death, then why am I the High Necromancer, not you?" Masana demanded. The fire he felt rising within was only fed by Kami's outburst. "I do not take life for granted. I, of all people, know how delicate it is, and how easily it can be stolen."


"Even those of us who are mortal take risks," Elya said, stepping forward. This mysterious boy spoke in such a way that his spark of enthusiasm caught her heart on fire too. "My brother has a saying that, "if you aren't living on the edge, you're taking up too much room." All of us take risks. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. Coming here, knowing the legends--it's all a risk."


"Perhaps Kiliara wouldn't save me again," Masana said, fingers closing around the hilt of one of his knives. "But she's taught me enough to hold my own. I don't go into a fight advertising my immortality. Perhaps I'm not immortal at all. It's less of immortality and more of a simple lack of mortality. I can still feel pain--and this can be worse. I'll live forever--but that could mean an eternal hell."


He looked at Kami.


"We all have loved ones to return to. Family, friends--I don't know how old we all are, but perhaps some of us even have a spouse and children."


"Accidents don't just happen," Night said. Masana looked at her.


"No. They don't," he agreed.


He knew he was overstepping his bounderies. He knew he was playing with fire, and it was only a matter of time before he was burned.


He knew death was a possibilty again. This Academy was a poison to the mind, to the spirit.


He had half a mind to leave then.


But I won't, he thought, eyes glinting with determination. I will show you, Rosalinda Fado. This school well reflects the way it is built--glittering light on the outside, stone as black as pitch within.


Kiliara's Chosen, Masana "Shadow Weaver" Iiyami, was alone now. No Flame Singer, or StarChaser, or Dream Runner, or Sky Dancer to back him up this time.


And perhaps not even Kiliara herself.


He looked at his classmates--none of those who had spoken seemed to like this woman's rules much.


He bit his lip. Arguing would get him nowhere. He and Elya had come to the same conclusion: grabbing the bull by the horns wasn't the best way to go about this problem. Beating around the bush probably wouldn't get them anywhere either. They had to tread carefully. This woman was not to be crossed further.


"I apologize for my outburst," Masana said, nearly choking on the words. He bowed deeply. "It will not happen again, headmistress."

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"Routine?!" Kami growled. Now would've been a good time for Blade to be here...




New char! X3 This is the perfect timing for Blade!


Username: PokeGal

Character Name: Blade

Character Age: 16 (though he's been it for a while, he doesn't age XD)

Gender: Male

Breed: Half Vampire, Half Astral

Looks: Very dark red hair, crimson eyes, somewhat pale skin

Secundary breed (if he has): Goddess(Kami literally means "god" in Romanji. XD)

Main Job: Sign Reader

2nd Job: Weapon-maker

3rd Job: Guardian of Fire

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Found Kami when she was barely even 5, and became her guardian. (Now he's her boyfriend, too ;D)

Personality (stick to it):

Likes: Kami, anythign unlucky

Deslikes: Anything lucky

Weaknesses: Whenever Kami is injured, he often focuses on only her

Strenghs: Being near Kami gives him motivation to fight

Elements controlled (if so): Fire, Metal

Weapons: Dark Claws

Faction (if wishes to enter one): Good



Blade walked in, surprised to see Kami ranting. Well, not all that surprised. She often got ahead of herself when he wasn't around to keep her calm. He walked to where Kami was standing, looking at who he assumed was the headmistress. He looked to Kami.


"So, what'd I miss?" He asked quietly.


Kami turned. She immediately smiled. "Blade!" She hugged him really tightly.




"Oh yeah, sorry about that." Kami muttered.

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((Pokegal: betwen you and i we'll be running this RP XD XD XD))


Elya smiled at this exchange. She'd done the same thing to Kevice when he came home safe from a mission everyone thought had killed him.


She caught herself wishing he was there. This headmistress seemed unnervingly like the type of tyrant the two teamed up to bring down. She scolded herself for that--she needed more proof before she sent for her personal assassin.


Masana retreated back to his dark corner, swearing softly in Feral Vampiric. He definately didn't like this. At all.




and i have another character, who might be able to tame Masana a bit. pokegal...you'll recognize him ^^


Username: Tei


Character Name: Min'hira Kudarouu


Character Age: 53--appears in late teens/early twenties


Gender: Male


Breed: Vampire


Secundary breed (if he has): human


Main Job: interpreter, although i still really don't get this "main job" stuff.


2nd Job: Advisor and father of current Vampire Queen


3rd Job: Cartographer (map-maker)


Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys):


Min'hira was creating an updated map of the isle of Vanisa Elitra when he got into a fight and was pushed of a cliff, thereby breaking his back. He was rescued by two royal vampires--Kamae Asama and Ke'maru Itona--and bitten, saving him and making him a vampire. He fell in love with the Vampire Queen Onyixa, and is the father of her daughter, Nakela.


Personality (stick to it): was slightly emo after he was bitten, but since saving Masana and Heiro'tama, and being appointed the legal guardian of Nakela, he's considerably less morbid about being a vampire. He dislikes people who abuse their power, and people who are prejudiced.


He follows the same rules as Masana, and is of the same religion.


Weaknesses: Min'hira cannot wear armor. He's also a vampire, so he has the weaknesses and strengths granted by that. What are those weaknesses? you'll have to look it up in one of my stories. (don't worry, i'll let you know if you do something that affects one of them)


Strengths: typical vampire strengths as well. He also resists mental attacks better than most (even than most vampires) and is a skilled herbalist.


Elements controlled (if so): less of a magic-user and more of a figher, but he can channel his spirit into some pretty powerful attacks. he's also capable of basic necromancy (darkness and death) and some other assorted basic sorcery.


Weapons: whips. swishy, snappy, leathery things. His favorite whip, StarChaser, is woven from the leather of an unknown creature and was given to him by Kiliara.


Faction (if wishes to enter one): neutral


a profile with all the other details: click here, go to characters, then "Min'hira Kudarouu"




Min'hira slipped into the back of the room just in time to see Masana bow. Masana bowing was rarely a good sign. It usually meant that he was agreeing to something he didn't want to, and things Masana didn't agree to, Min'hira generally didn't either.


He watched quietly and wondered vaguely what he had missed.

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(( Sweetness! Dang, I hate having three characters in one stories, but I really wanna bring Neko in now that Min'hira is here! Might as well...:evil: ))


Username: PokeGal

Character Name: Neko

Character Age: 14 (though she's been it for a while, she doesn't age, like her cuz)

Gender: Female

Breed: Vampire

Looks: Neon green hair, crimson eyes, somewhat pale skin

Secundary breed (if he has): none

Main Job: Sign Reader

2nd Job: Spear Wielder

3rd Job: Necromancer

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Made a promise to her cousin, Blade, to never hurt Kami (even though she doesn't want to-Kami's the only person outside of her family that understands her and sticks up for her)

Personality (stick to it):

Likes: Killing evil people

Deslikes: Killing innocent people

Weaknesses: Only acts tough, hates killing. She thinks of herself as a monster, even though she never kills without a reason.

Strenghs: She intimidates people easily, and is just plain creepy most of the time.

Elements controlled (if so): Blood (as in, she can make someone die, by literally making their blood boil or evaporate)

Weapons: Her teeth :evil: and a spear

Faction (if wishes to enter one): Nuetral




Neko walked through the door, and looked at everyone. Some new faces, she saw her cousin, Blade, his girlfriend, Kami, but then...


"Oh, Min'hira. What a surprise." Neko chimed. She was feeling a little better. More than one vampire. She leaned against the doorway, looking outside for anyone else who was coming.


((I promise, this is my last character! XD))

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Masana looked up.


"Min'hira?" he asked.


Min'hira glanced around warily. Two familiar faces--Neko and Masana. He and Neko had fought side-by-side to protect the humans that had accidentally found their vampire-inhabited village. Masana had been wounded in a massacre and Min'hira had assisted Kamae in caring for him. He didn't recognize the others--three other girls and two other young men. One of the girls reminded him of someone he'd once met, but he couldn't place her name.


Elya looked at the newcomers--several of them seemed to know each other. She wanted to get to know Masana better--he had mentioned being a necromancer, and she wanted to learn necromancy.


"Neko, you look well," he said, nodding in her direction. "And Masana, you look annoyed."


"How unusual," Masana said sardonically. Min'hira smiled slightly.


"More so than normal," he added.


Masana cast a significant glance in the headmistress's direction. "I'll explain later."


"You're Kevice Wolfswift's sister, aren't you?" Min'hira asked, looking at Elya.


"Stepsister," she corrected automatically. "Elya Ravenwing."


"Min'hira Kudarouu," he said, holding out his hand. She gave a start when they touched.


"By God, your hands are cold," she said. She looked carefully at his face--pale, cold skin, reddish eyes...he too looked like a vampire.


"Yes, I am," he said. She blinked. "I have some minor telepathy. Nothing to really get excited about."


((i too intend to keep this as my limit of characters, although if i need kevice to come in at some point, he will. not as a full-fledged character, though XD))


((side note: has anyone looked at my website? if so, what do you think?))

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((I like the website. Looks cool, and I like how you described your characters. ^^))


"As do you." Neko responded to Min'hira.


She followed Masana's gaze to the headmistress.


"Burn the witch, burn the witch..." Neko muttered in a melodic tone.


Kami turned around. She stared at Neko, curiosity all over her face. She looked to the boy who she had talked to.


Blade only moved his eyes to look at her. "That angry one's name is Masana, the other one is Min'hira."


Kami turned to him. "How did you...?"


Blade smirked. "Having someone like Neko for a relative has it's benefits."


((Alright, now I'm gonna explain how Neko told him their names. Neko controls blood. Well, Neko "imprinted" the memory of their names into Blade's blood. When the blood reached his brain, the memory was transmitted to his memories. She can only do this with relatives, or particularly familiar people.))

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(u all can have the number of characters u feel necessary, and anyone can enter at any time.

I looked at it Tei it's good.)


Rosalinda watched Masana closely. She felt that boy could be a complication to her in the future or usefull.


"Apolagies accepted."


She saw the comotion away from him and watched the three newcomers, two males and one female. More people, that was good for the shcool.


"Welcome newcomers. I am not going to repeat myself, so please ask ur fellows collegues what i said previously."


She walked up the stairs and looked at the student and counted them, still not enough people, she needed more students.


"Please follow me students. I'm going to show u to the dorm house."




Night watched the three newcomers. Aparently they alreasdy knew people in there. That was good, but it made her feel missplaced.


She looked at the principle as she heard her ask to follow them.


She looked at the others to see if anyone else would follow, than she looked at the school entrace to check if anyone more would come.



(one more character of mine :P will enter but it'll be in phew paragraphs ahead.)

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Kami didn't want to follow, but figured she might as well. She was just about to start walking, when she felt she already was. Blade was walking, pulling her along by holding her hand. She saw ahead of him was Neko.


Neko was reeeaaal tempted to kick the headmistress in the back. She inched closer.


Blade growled quietly. He tried to warn her. Luckily, it worked. Neko faltered, and slowed till she was beside Blade.


"Thank God. I was worried." Blade muttered.


"Oh? I don't remember doing anything, but your welcome." Kami said innocently. Neko stifled a giggle.


((Kami likes saying that. XD))

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Username: Speedy

Character Name: Gonzo

Character Age: 15/ish

Gender: male

Breed: vampire

Looks: blonde-ish hair looking like dyed because some red streaks splot on his head, light-purple eyes. (Weird huh??... :P)

Secundary breed (if he has): elf

Main Job: Rouge

2nd Job: Herb master

3rd Job: none

Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys):

Gonzo was small, almost 5, caring for his garden, taken by his home. Left out to care for his own self, watching his family and town burn to ashes.

A vampire came and invaded the second town he was living in, biting him when he was tending his garden.

Personality (stick to it): quiet.

Likes: quietness.

Deslikes: anything to irritate him, like annoying responces...

Weaknesses: vampire stuff, immune to sunlight. Holy lights.....

Strenghs: nothing

Elements controlled (if so): none

Weapons: two daggers, and small daggers to be thrown.

Faction: Good: Doesn't bite humans/non-vampires on pourpouse.



((i'll edit and fill in my rp post once i finish reading the whole RP to date ^-^))

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((:P thanks. YES KICK BUTT VAMP STYLE!! first boy RP char, gonna see how this'll work...))


Gonzo follows the others quietly untill he trips clumsily over his own foot. "Ouch.." He stood up, wiping off the dust from the ground... "Gah..." He flicked his pointy ear, then looks up to the others. "Uhm... Hi??.." His tone of voice is scared-almost laughing.

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Night looked at the boy who had fell and rushed to his help.


"Are you alright she asked?"




Rosalinda also looked at him cought by surprise. He seemed young.


"Clumsy, clumsy child." she whyspered, though it was pretty audible for everyone.


"Lets go? Night, not the girl named Night, but night time is coming." She said walking away.


Rosalinda walked to hallway at the left of the top of the stairs, the always was empty, the walls where midnight blue with paintings of deciesed or best teachers and students on the wall on the left and bright long windows on the right.




Night blushed at the comentary. She smiled alil shyly at the boy.


"I'm Night Melody, and you?"

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Kami turned around. She smiled at the newcomer, and went to him. She helped him up.


"Hey there. My name's Kami. And yours?"


She continued to smile. Blade, still next to Neko on the stairs, smirked. Neko on the other hand, frowned. "Not another one. Another life, doomed for this to be their final resting place..." She whispered to herself. She turned back and continued walking up the staircase.


The only question is, which one of us will live to tell the tale?

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"I'm alright. And I'm Gonzo, Pleased to meet you, Night Melody, Kami." He bowed a deep bow, looking up, shooting a glare at the principal. "I'm not... A Child..." He mumbled quietly.

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Rosalinda laught at the boy's coment.


"I'm sorry dear, it's just that i'm so used to call everyone child, I only start calling someone something else rather than child when they look older than twenty years old." She explained.


She kept walking through the hallway, it was a very long hallway.




"It's nice to meet you too Gonzo." Night said with a smile. "Just ignore her with the coments ok? She seems to enjoy upseting people."


Then she went after the those who were already following the principle, staying alil behind.


"The dorm rooms are right after this door" Rosalinda explained pointing to a brown door in the end of the hallway.


Night watched outside the windows, the sun was setting already. It was already so late. She looked at her wrist but saw she had no watch.


Odd she thought, I never leave my watch behind... wonder where i must have placed it.


She looked again outside and noticed there was a person outside in the Academy's garden looking at the Academy, more pricisely at that set of windows. Hmm... Wonder who that is.


The person just kept there as a statue watching. Night stoped and got near to the window placing her hands against the glass and stared at that strange person. He looked like a man, a tall one, wearing a hood.


Strange... i've a feeling i've seen him, before...


The odd man just kept looking.


(i'll keep his indentity unknown for now... i'll post his profile very soon, honest!)

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"Hrm, 'Kay..." He runs through the hallway to catch up, nearly tripping again... "Urgh.." He mutters something to himself, keeping on running to get closer to the group.

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Kami helped Gonzo up, giggling.


"Like Night said, don't worry about the headmistress." A scowl formed on her face. "I don't know about you, but she's suspicious to me." She smiled widely again. "But, other than that, everyone else here is nice."


She ran back to the front of the line, and was about to start up a conversation with Neko, when she noticed Night staring out the window. She walked over, and looked over her shoulder. She knew what she was looking at. A hooded man seemed to be staring at the window.


"Hm..." Kami whispered.

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"Neh!!" Night jumped back scared. "Sorry, you scared me!" She explained. "I didn't saw u behind me..."


She got up and looked back at the window, the man was gone, no sign of him around. It seemed like he just evaporated. A shiver ran down her spine and she hugged herself.


"We better go, Kami? Isn't that you name, Kami?"

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"Right!" She turned to the crowd. "Yeah, I guess we should go."


Kami turned to Night. "Well, Night, it was nice to meet you!" She ran back to Blade and Neko.

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((dear god, this is going to be like scimitras's RP, isn't it? XD))


Elya stayed close to the others, and Min'hira and Masana trailed behind, whispering rapidly in what must have been Vampiric. She watched the newcomer, and noticed his ears were pointy. Like hers. She wondered if he was an elf.


"Yes, I'm sure!" Masana hissed in Vampiric, louder than he'd intended. Min'hira nudged him.


"Quiet," he said softly. "I have no doubt that she speaks at least a little Vampiric. Indeed, we might be safer with another language."


"Suggestions welcome," Masana said.


"She's Astral, correct?"


"Think so."


"Infernal, then."


"Know the language of your enemies," Masana said. "No. Draconic."


Elya turned. "I speak Draconic," she said, in Draconic.


Masana gave a start. "So you do."


"It's how my parents knew I had magic," she said.


"What type of sorceress are you?" he asked.


"Just basic stuff so far. I haven't committed to a subject yet."


"Necromancy?" Masana suggested. Min'hira half-laughed. "What?"


"I saw that ocming a mile away," he said.


"Necromancy sounds interesting," she said. "Can you teach me?"


"Sure, but not now. It looks like we're being shooed off to go to bed," he said, looking at the door to which they had been brought. "Min'hira? What's up?"


Min'hira had stopped and was staring through a window, standing over the left shoulder of the girl Elya recognized as Night.


"I thought I saw someone," he said, frowning. "Perhaps I was imagining it."

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Neko looked creeped out, but she didn't show it, she hid her face away from the others. Blade looked to her, recognizing the shivers up her spine.


"Is something wrong, Neko?" He muttered.


"...It's...it's.........well, it's kinda creepy!" Neko half-smiled.


Kami walked up, and put her hand on the doorknob. She held it there for a good minute or two. Without taking her hand off the doorknob, she turned to Neko.


"Really? It seems fine to me." She asked out loud.

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Night walked after the others, looking outside through the windows. She went through the door.


The hallway they were in now was wider than the other, the walls on the left where blood red and the ones on the right were midnight blue. The floor was paved with gray and purple tiles, making odd tribal patterns on the ground.


There where about 30 doors on each walls on the left and right, all numbered from 1 to 29. Night noticed that between the door 12 and 14 there was missing ones, dorm 13. So the legend about the missing dorm was true.


"These are the dorms room, there are three floors with dorms rooms, this is the first floor, there's another over this one. The dorms at the left are female dorms, the ones to the right are male. The last door is the bathroom, left female, right male." Rosalinda explained. "having in count that corrently you are the only ones still here, you have full freedom to chose your dorm. Chose your dorm and pleave your stuff there, i'll be waiting for you at the main hall to show you the dinning room and the kitchen."


Rosalinda walked out of the hallways leaving them on their own.


Night looks at the doorms.


"Dorm 10 is mine!" She said sticking her tongue out playfully.

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"I call dorm 4, lucky number!!!!" Neko yelled. She ran playfully in front of dorm 4 and guarded it.


"I GET NUMBER ONE!!!!" Kami cheered. She ran to the door.


Blade sighed. "I call the door nearest to the toilet." He said. Neko and Kami looked at him like he wanted to smell crap in the morning.


"Hey, when a dude's gotta go, a dude's gotta go." He said casually.


((Edit: Hey guys, I'm bored and wantin to do some drawings, but I'm getting bored with my 1-2 people in pictures. -_-" So, if it's okay with you guys with girl characters, I was wondering if I could do a pic of them. If you don't want me to put yours in, just tell meh. <3))

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((go ahead. i'll try to find a pic of elya for your reference))


Elya picked the room next to Neko--room five. Masana and Min'hira looked at each other, Min'hira nodded, and they picked rooms twelve and fourteen. Masana was particularly eager to find out about the missing room thirteen.


"Damn it, Neko, you stole room four," Masana said. "That's the other number of death, you know."


Min'hira rolled his eyes. "Ignore him, Neko, he's more than mildly obsessed."


Masana shrugged. "Necromancer is as Necromancer does," he said.


The three quickly deposited their belongings in their respective rooms and met in the hallway.

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