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"Don't... come near me..." the girl continued to sob silently; her face obscured by her dark bangs. Miss Leiche walks into the scene serenely, a soft smile etched upon her face. Turning to Mr. Kurukuu, her smile deepened.


"I guess the poor girl will have to skip lunch." she spoke, interlacing her fingers. "I'll take her to her dorm to rest, sir."


"Ah, if it isn't the elusive Miss Cada Vere Leiche," Mr. Kurukuu mused. Holding her hand, he curled his mustache. "The beautiful teacher who teaches the youngsters the three most essential subjects! If it wasn't for the beautiful Rosalinda, maybe I would've fallen for you."


Miss Leiche just laughed. "I wouldn't want that!"


"Oh, don't play hard-to-get!" Mr. Kurukuu stated, firm in his belief that any lady wold fall in love with him. "We all know that no one could resist my charm!"


"Typical," Miss Leiche muttered, still smiling. Withdrawing her hand, she gave him one last smile before she headed towards the sobbing girl. As she approached her, however, she couldn't help but catch a glance at the two sisters. Her right eye twitched.


It's real, Miss Leiche told herself. She was right. The school... is alive.Gently carrying the sobbing girl, she slowly turned to the two sisters.


"You should get some lunch, dearies," she spoke gently. "Maybe then you could help solve this little predicament. I fear this little one," she looked at the girl "Has found much too much information than her little soul could bear." She then chuckled bitterly. "Unfortunately, she's too headstrong to admit she needs someone by her side. Times like these call for a team who would be able to hold each other up just enough to break this curse."


Then, giving one last smile at them, the woman brought the girl back to her dorm.

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Night walked to the greenhouse, she loved that uge building, she sat by the small water stream putting her feet inside the water.


"This school is alive..." She mumbled to herself.


"It's not the school." A voice said behind her.


She looked back and saw Neo sitting again on the tree branch.


"If it's not the school... than what is it?" She asked.


"Buildings don't whysper." He said, she noticed he was talking perfectly well, with no gagging or stoping.


"I know... people do..." She said the last words very slowly as she realized what he meant. "It's not the school is it?"


"It's what is in it." He said getting up and looking outside. "It's going to rain. You should go back inside before it starts raining."


He jumped to the window and opened it leaving the greehouse. She got up and walked outside as like he said started raining.


"It's what is in it?" She asked her self and ran back to the school, she heard a noise and looked back. The noise was heard again, it sounded like a groan.


She run towards it and stoped by a fountain, she looked inside and saw a shadow in, she steped back stepping on the same black goo that appeared in the library, a hand got out of the fountain and grabbed her arm pulling her in.


"Aaaah!" She fell in.


((I'm not trying to kill Night don't worry.))

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Gonzo's head shot up, "Night's in trouble..." He said, jumping down the stairs and out the main door. Dropping his books in the proccess... He reached the fountain where the scream was heard, "Night?! Night?!!!?" He shouts, looking into the fountian and seeing Night being pulled under... He reaches into the water hoping to get her without killing himself in the proccess.


(( Well I'm going by what Tei said, vampires under water for 30 seconds without gasping for air would die immediatly... So Gonzo go poof if he goes under water for 30 seconds... Scary huh?? X3 ))

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Night came to the surface gasping. "Gonzo! HE...! Aaah!" She was pulled again under trying to hold on to the edge of the fountain but failing.


What ever was pulling her pulled her till the vry bottom, she opened her eyes as she saw a passage underwater, whatever was pulling her stoped, she tried to get to the surface again but was pulled, she turned back and froze swiming up as fast as she could.


"Aah! I'm being pulled by a freaking zombie!" She shouted as she got to the surface.

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Ankoku slightly nodded. "Hai." She whispered, and helped Kami up. They walked out to the dining room, and sat down.


"Everyone's had their bad pasts, ne?" Ankoku murmured.


"I guess so." Kami murmured, then grimaced.


"What's wrong?" Ankoku asked, worried that her sister would have another attack like the one in class.


"What I did...I made both of us look bad. Sorry. But it wasn't me. Someone took over my body. He told me that...he was getting revenge." Kami slightly shuddered.


Ankoku looked at the ground in concentration. "This school...whether it's alive, or it's something alive in the school, it's trying to tell us something." She muttered.


Suddenly, a loud hiss echoed through the school.




((Hope it's okay that I did that. X3))

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Night was pulled again underwater, she kicked the zombie/monster/spirit thing away from her, she swom away but the water started being pulled away. She was pulled along side with the water till the bottom and the underground passageway she saw before.


She was conducted throughgout a series of tunnels till she fell inside an empty tank.


"Aaah! Oof...!" She groaned as she lost consciousness.

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Gonzo gasped for air for the third time after loosing Night's grip. "Shoot... Grr..." He took a deep breath and dives down to the bottem. he sees a passage and goes through it, reaching the end and trying to reach a surfas, he sees Night's feet, falling near her and gasping for air. "Glad she's alright, nearly would drown if you stay under water for a long time..." He smiles, his fangs showing once and then he flips on his back, sitting up. "Man that was a fall..."


Ghost picks up Gonzo's books and walks to his room, setting them on his bed and walking to the cafiteria.


((Ghost walked to Gonzo's room, and she's a girl :P hope you don't get confused! ))

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~*Aidan von Talen :: The Classroom*~


He entered once again back into his classroom, as the next set of students were there making silly noises. "Awright! Shut your traps!" he shouted out to the class. "I'm Aidan von Talen, your Advanced Magic teacher from today forward! First things first! Just because its spring, doesn't mean you can swoon over each other like love-struck baboons! Long as I am around, you students are going to be as pure as the driven snow." The students look at him, staring at him, watching at him. "Now I hate wasting my time, but I better introduce this new student. Apparently, I got thrown out from the city to middle of nowhere like yesterday's garbage. And you guys also are much of a bunch of losers here as he was there, so you people better not have any ideas about me hitting on you. Tell me your names and make it quick." One stood up abruptly, shouting, "...You calling us a loser?!" The students were surprised, but it angered him very much. "That's it. You're on my crap list. Effective immediately. Now listen up! This school is miles away from the big city of drunkards and bastards, in more ways than one. Don't even think about getting involved with another trouble, nor with my patience. Let alone abusing it! But what do I know? Its not much like the old days. Even here you kids grow up so fast. Every time I turn my back, you keep checking on everything which is not allowed." He continued blabbering on and on. "Come on people, look alive!"

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The girl seemed limp as Miss Leiche carried her to her room. She seemed to be an empty weight, like a person who had given up at life. A small wrinkle edged up her nose at the morbid thought. Then again...


The girl was strangely submissive. As Miss Leiche laid her down her burnt bed, a bereft expression replacing the pained one she had a while ago. Sitting on a little chair that seemed to survive the fire, the woman gave a soft smile at the girl as she politely folded her hands.


"Are you feeling okay?" the lady asked, face ghostly pale. This only garnered a blank/bereft look from the girl. The woman smiled, as if smiling would make the situation better.


"Well, I'm pretty sure you've been through a lot a while ago. Although it seems rather harsh, can you tell me your story?"


A blank stare.


"Ah, well." the lady muttered, interlacing her fingers. "Sorry about that, then... I guess that was just wishful thinking. I had hoped..." Looking up again, the woman's face glowed with like a person who had a bright idea. "Tell you what. If I tell you my story, will you tell me yours?"


Blank stare.


"Ah, I guess there are no guarantees on your part. Very well, then." She clapped her hands together. "Let's start. My real name is Vera Lockwood..."


(I cut it off 'cause it would be too long. -_-" )

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Night coughed sitting up.


"Ah hell..." She shook her head again looking around. They were in a basement, a very big one. The basement was crowded with old chairs and desks.


It had ropes on the ground. Night looked around and saw she was in an empty old water tank. She then saw Gonzo.


"Gonzo! What you doing here?!"




Neo looked down at the fauntain where Night had fall. He was in the highest part of the school, st standing there in the rain.


He looked at the sky as it rained more.


"When it rains... the dead wake up." Neo mumbled looking at the sky.




Rosalinda walked out of the dinning room. Classes where starting again. She opened the door to her dorm and closed it again.


"Why is there a zombie in my office!?" She asked herself.


((Mwhahaha! Now zombies will appear all over the school!))

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Kami looked up and dropped her fork on the ground.


"Holy hell! Is that a zombie?!" Kami yelled.


Ankoku immediately grabbed a dagger from her coat and threw it at the zombie's head. It disintegrated, leaving a pile of dust on the ground. Ankoku walked over to it and whistled. "Woah. That's some zombie. Look at all that dust! This thing could've ripped the school apart!" She muttered.


((As far as I've heard from where I live, zombie's turn to dust if you stab their head. Also, I've heard the more dust they leave behind, the stronger they were.))

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Gonzo turns his head from looking around the room to Night, "Oh, tryin' to save ya..." He rubs the back of his head, grinning and showing his fangs again, his grin dissapeared when he heard shuffling. "Someone's coming..." He stands up, grabbing his backpack and throwing on his belt with the daggers on it, unsheathing the daggers, "Who goes there?!" He yelled and it echoed... His ear twitched, dropping his daggers and falling to the floor, holding his stomache. "Good lord I think I should've drank the blood headmisstress offerd..." He mutterd to himself, biting his finger and hoping that his own blood will sustain himself. "Night I would rather you not to come over here, I actually might bite you..." He mumbled through his fingers and some blood drops to the ground.



(( Gonzo never drinks blood for a week... Then his stomache hurts and he starts to get annoyed... ))

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Night looked at Gonzo worried and looked away. She walked past him looking at t set of stairs that led to a door.


"I think that's an exit." She said.


A mona caught her atention, she looked back and saw a figure rising behind a couple of cardboxes. The figure limped to them.


"Gonzo... is that a zombie?!" She asked imediatly.


Steping away to near Gonzo. "Lets get out of here!"


She grabbed Gonzos hand and pulled him after her and she run upstairs to the door and tried to open.


"Neh! It won't open!"

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Gonzo is yanked away. He's still biting his own finger. Looking behind him and his eyes growing wide, running to get a dagger where he dropped and runs tward the door. Screaming like a little girl and bashes into the door.


(( dunno if the door breaks, so i'll stop here X3... oh and gonzo's hands are only cold as a stone wall so not many like to hold his hand, but he'd scream alot... i mean... ALOT... he's like ghost when scared. ))

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The woman laughed bitterly as she continued her tale. "As shameful as it is to admit, I was quite wild when I was young. I always got into trouble and lived to tell the tale... well, I guess it got me in the end!" the woman spoke, smiling as she attempted humor. The girl just stared at her with gaping eyes.


"Ah, yes... sorry there." the woman muttered sheepishly. "I just get carried away sometimes... but anyway," the woman continued, interlacing her fingers. "I remember a time when I was sixteen... I was with a group of friends down at a local lake. We were going to prank some girl at our class who always was so soft-spoken. Everything went all wrong and... we accidentally killed her. We didn't know what to do with the body, so we dumped it into the lake and promised to keep the secret until we died."


"But to tell you the truth, I was guilty. Because deep down, I knew it was my fault that she died. If I hadn't... well, that's getting off-topic, now isn't it?" the woman spoke, bowing her head down. The girl seemed to listen, looking up at her charred ceiling thoughtfully.


"After that day, something inside me kind of... snapped. I didn't know what I was doing, yet I knew that others got hurt because of my actions. Even my own family... my own family was afraid of me. That's the whole reason why I first arrived at Spirituallya. It was my personal confine."


This time, the girl didn't budge from her position. She just stared at the ceiling with intense, sauntering eyes. The woman laughed all-of-a-sudden.


"To say the least, I got the name 'Miss Leiche' here. I guess the others were able to guess my predicament here... because to say the least, that was what I felt like. A living corpse. A person who only existed and nothing else. It was quite fortunate that older-term teachers like the Headmistress and Mr. Kurukuu never caught on!" the woman spoke, all cheery at the end. The girl looked at her once more.


"Oops... I apologize for my obvious lack in humor." the woman spoke sheepishly, covering her mouth. "Yet the point is, sweetheart: you are not alone. The people around you... they're so vibrant, so full of life... ready to help you when you need them. I thought that everyone was out to get me all the time. Maybe... maybe if I actually let someone in, I probably would survive. Because quite frankly, dying with remorse is the most loneliest thing in the world."


The girl focused her gaze at the lady for a while. She seemed to contemplate, reflect; even with her tiger face. Then, looking back up, her face seemed blank for some reason. Miss Leiche smiled.


"Maybe one day you can tell me your own struggle. I'd listen, and I'll do my best to help." then, looking at the charred doorway, the woman clasped her hands together. "We should get going to the lunch room. If you want to stay for a little while, it's fine. Ah well. I'll see you later." And with that the woman left.


(Of course, we need someone to steer character development. In the girl's case, that person it's Miss Leiche. ;))

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Gonzo drops his finger in scarednessly, the door didn't break... Instead two zombies were standing infront of them, screeching he pulls Night down the 'fun' way and jumps to the ground from the stairs. "Meeeehhh! I hatte zombieeeesss..." He puts Night on his back like a piggy back ride and ran at a high speed. "Hold on tight, don't wanna fall!" He smiles sheeplishy, trying to laugh but then he turns a corner and runs into a zombie, crashing into it like a bowling ball. "EEEEKKKKK" He screeches, running right through them. "Heh... Sorry but they reallllllyyy..... Scare me..." He reaches a corner with no zombies in sight (now)... He drops Night and sits down in exaustion. "I've never felt this way for a long time heh..." He mutterd, looking around and began biting his ring finger.

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Night looked at Gonzo worried. She looked back, no zombies at sight had they disappeared. A glinch of light caught her eye. She ran to a wall and saw a tiny mouse hole, she kneed down.


"THE GREENHOUSE!" She shouted. "It's the greenhouse's basement!"


Night ran to Gonzo and placed her hands on the ground, plants emerged from the ground charging at the hole and breaking it open till it was large enough for a person to go through.


"We can leave from there Gonzo." She said looking at him.

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Dying with remorse...


The girl closed her eyes.


... is the loneliest thing in the world.


She lay there for a while with closed eyes, running those words through her head. For some reason, the woman's words made sense. And yet, to the girl, there were far worse things than dying. Listlessly, she let her hand drop to the floor; feeling the smooth wooden finish of the violin underneath her bed.


A crash from the lunchroom called her to her senses. Her eyes widened at the urgent sound; automatically springing her to her feet. It was a sound of danger, this crash.


Heading to the doorway, her blood ran cold as she heard a whisper.


Where do you think you're going, little girl?


No! she thought resentfully, instantly running towards the lunchroom. I have to keep running...


Ohoho... you think you could escape your past, little one? I just want to greet you!


"Go away," she muttered, still running towards the lunchroom. It was happening again. And after that embarrassing incident a while ago, she couldn't afford it to happen once more.


Come now, little girl... don't you miss me?


A force pulled her backward suddenly; making her face the opposite direction. She froze at the sight.


Don't you want to be with your old man again?


"No!" she yelled, pacing away from the blond man. He's not him, she told herself, brandishing her pistol. The figure inched closer to her.


Would you really want to hurt me, little Winifred?


"You know I would never hurt him," she muttered, closing her eyes as she shot. She then started to run again to the lunchroom; not turning back.


But Winifred, didn't you destroy countless lives in the past?


Weren't you the one who killed fifteen people in an inn?


Weren't you responsible for the murder of Constable Gordon, the one who killed a town's hope of leadership?


You're a cold-blooded killer.


Why couldn't you do the same for your own family?


"Shut up," she muttered, still running. It was getting to her again. She was starting to lose her ground. Looking forward, the lunchroom was just a few feet away from her.


Oh, wait... you did.


The words rang in her head like an alarm clock.


You killed your own father.


Letting out a desperate cry, she shot one more bullet behind her; listening as she heard it bounce on the walls with a metallic ping. Panting, she rested herself on the door as she tried to drown out everything in her head.


The sound of banging echoed from the doors, causing her to jump back in concern. Yanking the door open, she was immediately pounced upon by what seemed to be a zombie.


"What the...!" she muttered, with the zombie thrashing at her. She immediately shot it at the head; reducing it into a layer of fine dust. Coughing some out, she looked across the cafeteria for any more of the miscreants. One of them was heading for the astral, whose back was turned at it.


"Shoot," she muttered, darting towards it. Jumping in front of the zombie before it touched the astral, she shot it at the head; sending a horde of zombies surrounding them.

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((@Adept_Rogue: 1. Classes started, Aidan tried to suck everyone's energy with his pens, he's evil!

2. He dismissed us, we had mrs Kurur's class, but then the nameless girl snaped and we went to lunch time.

3. It started raining and zombies appeared.

4. Night and Gonzo fell in a fountain and fell in a basement.))


The rain fell in the graveyard where he, from the angel statue, watched the zombies wandering around.


You sent me to the wolves...A malevoice rang behind him. Neo didn't even turned.


"I know very well you're not him..." He said.

Then why don't you look back Cosmos? The voice said.


Neo flinched. Even though he knew the spirit wasn't the one that was trying to impersonate, it always struck him the phisical and spiritual resemblance.


You sent me the middle of the wolves? Why? The voice said. I wanted to make you happy, i didn't want you to feel lonely. Why? Why did you left me alone in the end? Why? Why Cosmos?


He flinched and closed his eyes.


"I'm sorry... i'm so sorry..." He said.


You can't remember it? Can you? I lost my name cause of you... I did everything to make you happy, remember what i asked? The voice asked.


Neo looked back at the spirit standing in a grave stone behind him. "You are a very good copy... but he would never torture me with this." Neo said.


The spirit started laughing as it took another shape, a shape of a black haired man with gold eyes.


Are you going to help them?


Neo shaked his head.


"There's no use, the monsters will disappear after it stops raining." He looked at the sky. "And that will happen now."


As he said that it slowly stoped raining as the sun shined between the clouds hitting the Academy walls and being reflected. The zombies in the graveyard and every elsewhere started to disapopear as if they were just ilusions.


"See..." He said and smiled at the spirit who looked unpleased. Neo bowed and disappeared.




Night went through the hole in the wall. She could see light coming from the windows, had it stoped raining. It didn't seemed to be any zombies around.


"I think it's safe Gonzo, lets go." She looked at him as she spoke.


((Note: Spirits and ghosts can't appear in the dorms because of a barrier that's in it.))

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"...'Kay" Gonzo stands up weakily, two of his fingers had bite marks on them and followed Night, however he forgot that he left one of his daggers there in te basement...


((@Night: You can make one of the zombies who appear at night take the dagger and use it agenst the students... :P ))

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Kami turned back, just in time to see a zombie to explode into dust. She saw that the nameless girl had shot it.


Ankoku nodded, and ran off to check other students.


Kami's face turned emotionless, as she turned to the girl.


"I never told you when we first met that teacher...but...I did have a request." Kami murmured to her.


"My wish..." She slowly quieted her voice.


"Is to die."


((I guess you can say Kami's emo now, she feels no need for life. ;-; Poor Kami.))

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"My wish... is to die."


The girl cringed at that. Something about what the astral said... irritated her, to say the least. Maybe it was the fact that she knew about that feeling... all to well, to say the least... and how the astral said it.


Her hand soared as it made impact with the astral's cheek.




"Now listen well and listen close," the girl spoke, clenching her teeth. Her topaz eyes blazed with anger. "I don't care if you say you've lost countless lives before, but even if you did, you don't know a thing about dying. I know you've lost your boyfriend and all that garbage, but no matter how many lives you've lost, you've never had it rough like me."


"Do you know the feeling of waking up to your worst enemy? I live with my enemy every day, every freaking moment... every time I look in a mirror I see her. That person took everything away from me... she took ten years of my life and threw it to the ground like it was nothing. She took away the life I will never have."


"And no matter how much I want to get rid of her, I can't. Because I am my worst enemy. You," she pointed at the astral. "You still have a sister who loves you. You're one of the lucky ones who has someone to lean on. I have no one to turn to. Simply because my worst enemy likes to push them away."


With that, the girl stormed out of the lunchroom.


(Just wanted you guys to know that the comic's already in the works. ^^ Oh, and @PokeGal: If Kami's emo, then mine's the Emo Queen. XD)

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Kami looked down. "To have one life...that is what I want. I'm sick and tired of living the same life over and over, dying the same way." She whispered.


Behind the door, Ankoku hid, listening in. When the girl ended her little speech, she ran off.


Sister, eh? Yeah right. These people believe that?


((O.O Plot twist with Kami and Ankoku!! X3))

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