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Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS!

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It's hard to exsplain what happened... I'm trying to make sense of it, too.


"So, aren't you going to invite me to eat with you to?" asked Lela. "I rather that zombie kills you." said Shady calmly. "Real funny, Shady. Serouisly- Umph!" For, Shady had not been lying or joking. A zombie really was behind Lela! It had hit her, and Lela, seeing nothing else to do, mumbled something under her breath. The zombie wailed as Lela's staff hit its head, and turned into a small amount of dust. "The zombie wasn't even that tough!" said Lela to herself. How weak am I? she thought.


Lela enchanted the staff to hit the zombie without her touching it. It only works on her stuff through.


Haylee, who, did not know what to say at this time, just said, "Well, Lela, would you like to eat with us?" she wondered if anyone would see her slip posion into whatever food Lela choose... I can't get carried away... Haylee thought. Yet


Shady, Lela, and Haylee walked towards the dinning hall. None of the three girls spoke.


I wanted my characters to face a zombie too. Lela has an intresting past, before she dies (Oh yeah! She will die, as long as I get to chose what happens to her still) I think she'll have a flashback or two.

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Night went through the hole to the greehouse, she went up the stairs to the outside. She looked around, the day was shining it had stoped raining. No zombies at sight.


She looked back at Gonzo.


"We should go talk about this with the headmistress!" She said.




Rosalinda opened the door to her office. The zombie was gone as usual. She sighed, it was weird though, they only appeared at the end of the year, never the beggining, and only when what was killing the people felt threatned.


She grabed her speaker and announced. "All classes are suspended for today. All students are phorbiden to leave the school building. Teachers please report to my office."


((@adept well i exp0lained as well as i could.

When the sun starts shining,like now, all spirits and ghosts and zombies disappears, just tolet you know.))

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Ankoku came back to the dining room, half-smiling.


"Nee-chan, we should go back to our dorm. Rosalinda sounds serious." She chimed.


"Hai." Kami muttered, then followed Ankoku back to their dorm.

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Gonzo nods slowly, his eyes to the ground and only following Night's footsteps. The greenhouse is outside... And the headmisstress announced for no students to go outside... So... There might... Scarry!! He thought, his fingers twitching alittle...


(( Gonzo is scared of Zombies as you have noticed, but vamps and ghosts don't scare him at all, he just feels fine and i have a plan on trying to get gonzo to find a crush. not sure if Night can be his crush... (yet...) ))

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"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go back through the hallway. Darnit." the girl mumbled as she walked back through the hallway. She still felt irked at the incident, and as she was known to do, carried a grudge. For some odd reason, the hallway was dimmer than ever.


" Attention! All classes are suspended for today. Students are forbidden to leave the school building. Teachers, please report to my office."


Just my luck, she thought grudgingly, the scowl on her face increasing by the minute. Screw this school, the darn hallways and whatnot... monsters appearing at random, what the freak is with that... darned voices breaking in and out into my head like I was some empty shell... whatever's here's playin' with me like I was some sort of do-


Her breath caught up in her throat at a well-lighted area in the hallway; interrupting her train of thought. In her mind, she knew that her blood had run cold.


Although the area was well-lighted, what it did light up was less than... expected. the sound of dripping came from the bare wall as what seemed to look like black ink dripped down on it. But that wasn't the unnerving part. The black ink collected into places like spindly handwriting... with the same thing written over and over again.








Over and over again, against the lighted wall.


"Who..." she held back her own impulse to yell, with a sudden thought of what could've caused this. Come to think of it, she didn't hear the voices for a long time. Okay, whatever the freak you are, she thought casually. I'll play your little game.


Slowly, she inched towards the wall with her hands outstretched to the front. As she made contact with it, a small jolt of magnetism went up her spine as a psychic wind twirled some of her hair about. Slowly, images of the school's depths began to enter her mind rapid-fire.


Hello again, Winifred.


What are you? she thought quickly, demanding an answer. And why do you keep on breaking into my thoughts? she continued.


Hahaha... that's quite rude of you, Winifred. You know you shouldn't interrupt someone when they're talking.


Don't call me Winifred, she thought angrily.


Touchy, aren't we? Well then, I might as well answer your questions. I am merely a soul trapped within the wretched depths of the Academy, waiting for the precise moment to be free. You understand, right Winifred? You too are trying to escape from a past you cannot...


Shut up, she thought even more angrily. And I told you: don't call me Winifred! she added.


Very well, little one. You see, the problem is that I cannot escape by myself. I need someone with enough power to enable myself free out of my wretched prison.


Whoa, take five. she thought. Imprisoned, ey? Wait. So you're saying... you caused all this? The zombies? The shadow creatures?


All just meant to grab attention. For thirteen years, I've been stuck here with no one to help me out no matter how much I've tried to...


You killed people, she interrupted. Turned students crazy and took out their corpses. Why should I trust you?


You've killed too, remember? Baffling security, politics in twelve sectors... As well, I merely needed something to feed on. You killed on whim. You see the contrast.


Shut up! This is getting off-topic! she thought angrily.


Haha... I see. Well then, if you want all of this to stop, I have a little proposition for you.


Propo... what? the girl asked, confused.


The brown-haired astral. She has the power to free me from this wretched prison. All I need you to do is to bring me the astral, and everything will fall into place.


Yeah, help some ethereal being who likes to jump into my head at random moments just to scare me into submission. Get real. she thought, threatening to stop the conversation.


What if I told you I could bring back... say, ten years of your life back if you help me escape?


She was stunned. "What?"


(Ooh. >.< Long post is long. And I've been playing with the storyline a little too much too. -_-" Oh, and @ Speedy: Crush, ey? Y'know, when I was doin' the Gonzo and Neko pics my crazy mind just pictured them together. Then again... -_-" Weird, huh?)

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(( @winter: they do look like a cute couple hmm? X3 *cackles evily* yes yes a good couple!!! >.> X3 yus... >.> my crazy mind is actually laughing at that idea, dunno why... :D ))

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((Lol poor Neko...oooh, we can say their crushes? Naaaah, I shouldn't. XD))


Ankoku walked down the hall, Kami slowly following. Suddenly, she stopped.


"Hey, you get it now, don't you?" Ankoku muttered.


Kami slightly nodded. She pulled out her sword.


Ankoku turned, amused. "You still have Mrovai?" She mused quietly.


"Hai." Kami murmured. "And I'm going to use it to destroy you..."




Kami snickered. Ankoku grimaced, then sighed. "Oh well, you got me. But, then again, there's only one person who could reveal my identity...Shinsei."


Kami/Shinsei growled in frustration. "Dammit..." She put her sword back, and looked Ankoku/Karasu in the eyes.


"I'll keep your secret, you keep mine." She muttered.


Ankoku waved with her eyes closed. "Whatever."

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(@ PokeGal and Speedy: Oh yes. The pairing shall be EPIC. XD Neko would keep on beating up on Gonzo... wait. I guess in that case, it should be 'Poor Gonzo' XD By the way... what did happen to Neko?)


The voice continued talking, much to her dismay. Yes, dear... I can do that. If you bring the astral to me, I can do all that. We've meld minds before, right? What you really want... to regain the life you never had.


A life with your mom and dad.


A life with no more sorrow, betrayal or suffering.


Haven't you always wanted that? The only desire that burned in your heart for ten long years?


For a moment, even in her tranced state, her now-glowing eyes looking down to the floor; head bowed as in an act of submission. The voice laughed.


Now that's a good girl. Remember, I'll be watching you...


As the voice faded away, the girl felt slightly numb. Feeling a cold clammy hand on her shoulder, though, she instantly jerked towards its direction in shock.


"Miss Leiche!" she spoke, surprised at the woman's appearance. The woman seemed relieved.


"I was wondering where you ran off to!" Miss Leiche spoke, wiping her forehead. Grabbing her hand, the woman dragged her towards her own room immediately. The girl was about to protest, but Miss Leiche was too quick for her words.


"I'll have to go to the Headmistresses' office later, so we have little time to talk." arriving in front of the girl's charred room, the woman touched the doorway cautiously. She led out a relieved look. "Good. The charm is still here."


"What charm?" the girl inquired.


"No time to explain!" Miss Leiche interrupted, pushing her into her room. Closing the door, the woman spoke before she closed it immediately. Her face was deathly frightened. "It's growing. I can feel it growing. I don't know what it is, but I can feel it. You'll be safer here."


With that, the woman left for the office with a seemingly baffled girl. And yet, the woman didn't know that she was thinking about one thing.


Haven't you always wanted that? The only desire that burned in your heart for ten long years?


(Oh noes! Will little miss nameless turn... ebil? OAO)

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(( O_O'' Nuuuu...... *gonzo skitters across the room* Runn! I've been caughttt... Scatter! *he dissapears in thin air* -.-'''' ... yes that's scardy cat gonzo... meh X3 ))

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Neko stood in her dorm, her hands clasped as if praying.


"Blade...why the hell did you leave? Especially now that I need you...your jokes would help in this time." Neko murmured.


She looked out the window, and she shuddered as a wave of energy was flung from somewhere.


I've felt this before...it was...


She gasped in alarm.


It was when we first met Kami!


She ran down the hallway, to Kami's dormroom, and hissed when she opened the door. Her hiss was directed towards Ankoku.


"You! Are you here to kill us or something?!" She spat.


Ankoku shrugged, and fiddled with her hair.


"Nu-uh. I'm here with Nee-chan." She mused.


Kami sighed, then fell back on her bed.


"Neko, this isn't that girl. This is my younger sister, Ankoku." She muttered.


Neko shifted in embarassment.


"O-okay...sorry bout that." She grumbled, then ran back to her room.


Sister...as if.


((Actually, it would be poor Neko. She's really got a sweet disposition, and doesn't like to fight. Timid...:3))

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(( :o poor nekoo!! *cries and pats neko* it'll be alright... gonzo likes to joke around too... you really can't tell if he's joking or not. ))


Gonzo looks up from the ground, looking at the grass that's outside of the greenhouse. "Hey... Night?... Can I go ahead?..." he asked, his voice seeming cracked. "I think it's ... Lunchtime and I really don't... Wanna bite anyone... So I'm hoping if I can..... Get something from the kitchen..." He took heavy breaths in between the words.


Ghost reaches the lunchroom, smiling, her smile drifting away when she only sees a few students in the kitchen... Room... Thing... She walks slowly to a chair, sitting down and hugs her books tightly, "I hope Gonzo's alright..." She mutters...


(( BTW!!... who is in the lunch room? :D X3 ))

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Well, let's just say my characters are.


Shady and Haylee sat down, and Lela decided to sit near them.


"Could... you... leave... me alone... for... fifty mintues? Or how about as long as I'm alive!" Said Shady, getting up. Lela rolled her eyes.


Haylee was curious about Lela. She knew something had happened between her and Shady, or Shady just did not like her for some reason. Probually, by the way things had gone, Lela was not the... considerate type? The kind type?

"Shady... seems to know you..." she said at last.

"Yeah, we meet a few years back."

In truth, Haylee was a bit... dissapointed that Shady had known someone longer then her, but had never told her about them.


I'm lost at the whole Neko situatation... oh well.

Haylee is jealous!

Of... Lela? Huh? What the heck? I wasn't orignally planning this...

I'll see how this plays out!

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((sorry for being away for so long. School work.))


Rosalinda opened her desk to remove some paer, she turned around and jumped back startled.


"What the..."


"Hi Rosal..." The man behind her started, his gold cold eyes staring at her. "When will you make me company?" He asked.


She steped away scared and threw book at the man, it went right through him as she expected. He was the only ghost who wasn't free that appeared in plain light.


"You can't fool me! You're not him!" He said.


"Rosal, sissy." The ghost started appearing behind her and wrapping his arms around his shoulders. "Of course it's me. Rememeber our dream? Be the owners of our own school, a school were everyone had fun. What happened sissy? Noone has fun here..."


Rosalinda yelled jumping away from him. "Shut up!"


"Oh Rosal..." The man walked to her "You became bitter."


"How do you do it? How do you do it your demon? How did you become so similar to him?!" She asked steping away.


The man started laughing. "Isn't it obviuous Rosal, i'm so similar to him, because i'm him! I hope you'll make me company soon, i've found a new realm for us to rule together, but in trade... well..." he looked through the window. "You better get more tombstones!"


The man disappeared.


"Damned spirits..." She mumbled.


No... damned demon. The man's voice ecoed on her head.




Night looked at Gonzo and noded. "Go ahead. I'll stay here."


She sat down on the greenhousepatch and stayed there thinking. Ghosts, zombies... what more will appear here? I need to figure out what's happening.


She closed her eyes tight concentrating, trying to find the stronguest spiritual energy from the non living. It didn't took her long to feel it, deep in the heart of the Academy, an energyu full with hatred and sorrow. A flashback started forming in her mind.



"This is dangerous! You of all people should know! What if it goes wrong?" A woman was asking, she couldn't see who it was.


"Then if i die, i'll stay trapped in here for ever." A man answered, she could just see his smile, it was tender but sad.


"No. Don-t do that!"

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Maybe remembering was the worst part. How it felt to feel so helpless as you throw your fate back to some other person who'd probably betray you. But was it worth it? Was it worth to believe this... monster?


To live a life... I've never had.


Lying on the charred remains of her room, she looked up numbly at the ceiling; reliving a moment of her life. It would probably be the same thing all over again: maybe like that time when she was left for dead with a long sword through her shoulder pinning her down in a pool of her own blood. Or the time when she was little and was sold to some kind of syndicate. She furrowed her eyebrows as she remembered all this.


It's probably stupid to believe... whatever the freak it is.


Looking to the side, her eyes narrowing at the pristine violin safely tucked underneath her bed. Her father... her father used to play it beautifully. He'd play with her mother, who would be able to bring out a note or two. And she'd just dance to the beat like the wind blew beneath her feet.


Good times.


Kind times.


The moments she would never forget.


It's painful to remember, she thought, hand falling limp to her side. All those times... gone, destroyed, shattered to the ground. All because of her.


I won't mess this up again.


Walking down the hallway, Miss Leiche was with a group of teachers heading towards the Headmistress' Office. Mr. Kurukuu was part of that group, humming contentedly as he walked along. Miss Leiche smiled. During her time in the Academy, she always slightly favored him over other teachers. Though, his short stature was always made known.


"Perfect day for a walk, hrm?" the man spoke in his high-pitched voice. Miss Leiche chuckled, blue eyes sparkling.


"You can't even see the sun in the hallway." she replied, still walking. The man smiled.


"Haha! Straightforward as always, right Vera?"


Miss Leiche was stunned. Eyes widened, she looked at him in shock. The man merely smiled, eyes twinkly smugly as if he knew it all along. Her lips slightly quivered, and she began to giggle nervously.


"Haha! Vera? That's queer. Who is this Vera which you speak o..."


"I'm not as old-fashioned as you may think, dear!" Mr. Kurukuu spoke in his cheerful demeanor. "I'm actually quickly up-to-date. You must really think of better aliases, Miss Lockwood."


Suddenly, it was as if the school shook slightly; the two teachers noticing this instantly. At once, a whispering voice suddenly erupted from the depths of the school.


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -

Only this, and nothing more.'


Startled at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken,

`Doubtless,' said I, `what it utters is its only stock and store,

Caught from some unhappy master whom unmerciful disaster

Followed fast and followed faster till his songs one burden bore -

Till the dirges of his hope that melancholy burden bore

Of "Never-nevermore."'


"Of all the years I've been teaching here, I've never heard of the school reciting poetry!" Mr. Kurukuu mused, looking at Miss Leiche. A look of fear came up to her face as she looked onward to the darkened part of the hallway. Mr. Kurukuu, with the smile on his face, looked onward in curiosity.


Here comes the Raven.


An image then came up, startling the group of teachers. Miss Leiche gasped in horror, while Mr. Kurukuu made an astonished "Ooh!" It wasn't that frightening to say the least... but it was intimidating. And the fact that the face was so familiar...


"No," Miss Leiche muttered, hands clasped in anticipation.


For the image was none other than the girl. The girl with no name.


(Uh-oh. 0A0)

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Gonzo nodded, looking over to Night, "Don't get hurt..." He starts off, running to the school, still soaking wet but he doesn't seem to mind the cold air. He slides on the stone walkway "To... The... Kittcheenn" He cackles to himself evily, shaking his head violently. "No... No" He runs to the kitchen.


Ghost turns her head to the door, Gonzo standing there. "You need some water or-- Oh... You're soaking wet... Come and follow me to the kitchen, Gonzo... Gotta get you some... Stuff..." She and Gonzo walk to the kitchen. Ghost bandages his fingers tightly, and gives him a glass of blood, pluging his noes and draining it down his throat.


(( gonzo won't acutally take any blood though, so the only way ghost can get blood to him is to plug his noes and give it to him when he's in a daze of some sorts. ))

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"No..." Miss Leiche muttered, heading towards the girl. "No... no, no, no! You can't do this!" she yelled, about to run towards her before Mr. Kurukuu came to halt her. Her expression dropped.


"S-Sir! You don't understand! She could be-"


"No, Vera." he spoke plainly, looking at her as if she was a little child that didn't understand what she was doing. A spark of indignation came within her.


"What do you mean?"


"Vera. You're dead." he spoke softly so that the other frightened teachers couldn't hear. "And if you're a soul at the Academy, you and whatever is within the Academy have a connection."


"Connection?" she spoke in a ghostly whisper.


"It's growing. The both of us know whatever it is is growing more powerful as each minute passes, and if possible, could trap each one of our souls in here as it had kept on doing. Vera, I know you want to help the child, but she'll be okay on her own."


"How can you say that?" she burst out. "She's just a child, for Heaven's sake! The Academy could be controlling her, doing bad deeds and messing with her head until-"


"She'll figure it out on her own." Mr. Kurukuu stated plainly. "Just let her go, Vera."


Miss Leiche looked at him with downcast eyes, doubting every word he said. Looking back into the darkness, she then submitted and began to understand as she slowly bowed her head.




"Now don't be so glum!" Mr. Kurukuu beamed, returning to his cheerful demeanor. "Right now we have to gather the students for the fight! Remember, dear! No man is an island!" he spoke enthusiastically, floating around as he headed towards the other hallways. Looking up, the woman's face beamed with determination before she followed suit.




As much as she hated it, the voices swirled inside her head like she was some sort of communicator. They kept on talking to her, lest she lost all motivation for her mission. Stomping around the darkness with merely her lighter for light, she looked around for the brown-haired astral they called Night. To say the least, she was slightly frustrated.


"I can't see her," she muttered sharply, her tongue like a sword. She was seriously getting irritated that moment. "What, am I just gonna go all Marco Polo and she'll come to me?" she spoke sarcastically.


Relax, my little Raven. The Nightingale is just bathing in the sunlight outside Academy doors.


"Mmf," she groaned, walking until she came across what seemed to be a round window that overlooked the cemetery; as well as the greenhouse. Narrowing her eyes, she blinked at the sudden burst of light from the clouds. "Ugh..."


See, little Raven... our friend the Nightingale is waiting for us in the greenhouse.


With squinted eyes, she glanced at the greenhouse; noticing through the mesh a figure sitting in the middle. Her eyes narrowed, squinting at the window for an opening. Spotting a hinge, she swiftly pushed the window backward, and attempted to scramble to the roof of the building. The sun reflected on the silver walls, temporarily blinding her.


"Pfft... darn silver." she cursed under her breath, jumping up to the roof. The voice cackled beneath her.


Do your best, dear Raven. I, for one, cannot follow you outside the Academy...


Jumping from roof to roof, she rappelled down the walls in a fluid manner.


... yet if the astral refuses to come with you...


Jumping down as she neared the ground, she finally arrived in front of the greenhouse.


... I will not hesitate to come to your aid.


Scowling, the girl headed for the greenhouse.


(Three words: RUN, NIGHT! RUUUN!!!)

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((is @Falleno going to come back?))


Come on, find the last memory, you need to see it. A female voice rang on her ears.


She was still sitted by the small stream in the greenhouse, she had been seeing for quite some time now, the memories of someone, memories hidden deep in the heart of the Academy.




A man was running down the main hallway, but the walls were different, they were white this time.


"Come on Rosal! We're gonna be late." It was the man from all the memories, a tall man with black hair and gold eyes. Chasing him was a woman, a younger, less darker a bitter version of Rosalinda.


"Aaagh! Fred! You know i can't run that much! Wait up!" She said running as fast as she could after him.


He stoped midway till she caught him and run again, he was so happy, his dream had finnaly realized, he had made a school, not any school, Spiritual Academy, a school of magic to teach those who had his sister gifts to control them, so that they wouldn't suffer as much as she did.


"Fred! Watch you step!" He heard his sister yell. He looked back at her as he felt his feet hit something hard, he fell forward seeing the set of stairs in front of him.




Night opened her eyes getting free from the flashback, she shivered and rubbed her neck, it was hurting, badly, she tried to convince her own brain that it was just an ilusion provoqued by the vision, no use though, it would stop hurting when it understood it itself.


"The last memory, the last memory he had while he was still alive..." She said as it went through her eyes. "The understanding that he had just lost his dream forever." She sighed. "No wonder Rosalinda is so bitter, if she hadn't called his atention to the step, he wouldn't had triped, she feels responsible for his death."


"You should leave." A voice called her, she looked back and saw Neo sitting on the usual tree.


"Huh, hi Neo. How long have you been there? And why should I leave?" She asked looking at him.


"A while, and just leave for now. Ghosts can't reach you in the dorm's wing." He said. "Only one."


"It's Frederick? Isn't it?" She asked. "He's the one behind this isn't it?"


Neo sighed and jumped of the tree.


"I don't belive there's much left of him anymore." He said.


"You're talking fine english now, by the way." She said with a smile.


"I'm not talking english." He just said, she flinched surprised. "Now go. Leave! If you get caught i'll come to help you." He disappeared rightly after.


She run out of the greenhouse towards the main building.

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Gonzo turns to Ghost, "... Hey thanks again..." He mutterd to her.


She nodded and her expression changes when she looks outside. "Gonzo, do you know if this school has been robbed or some thing?"


Gonzo plays with his fingers, "No, why?"


She shakes her head, blinking again and the figure on the roof of the greenhouse was gone, "Nothing nothing. My imagination is playing with me." She grabs his hand and drags him out of the room.


"Hey! Why're you pulling me around?!"


She turns around, her stern face turns into a smile and she giggles sweetly, "You'll know."


Gonzo moans, being dragged down a few hallways and into a darker hallway than before.


"You know... This is a dangerous hallway... Furthermore, it's a dangerous school" A voice echoed.


Ghost giggles, "Hello there Mister ghosty!" She waves her hands in hello. "I am your friend, Mister ghosty and I want you to ask your friends to stop tourturing other people please?"


The voice cackled, "Sorry, no can do little girl. You see... I'm very busy...... And you see I'm not able to help 'Anyone' in this school."


Ghost pretends to cry, her head dropping and tears fall to the floor.



(( ooh! long post. ah, anyone can controll the ghost that Ghost is trying to convince to let the girl with no name go and stop tourturing everyone else... btw... Ghost can feel the presence of ghosts and she doesn't really like the feeling but she's never scared of anything.... good luck trying to break Ghost for you :evil: ))

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Ankoku sighed, then turned to Kami.


"Listen. I hate you. You hate me." She said.


"Let's get together and kill Barney..." Kami whismically whispered, looking at the ceiling.


Ankoku covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. "N-not exactly what I was goin for." She coughed, then continued. "Don't get the idea that I had anything to with Blade." She explained.


Kami waved her hand. "I know, Kara-er, Ankoku." Kami coughed, then muttered something incoherent.


Ankoku looked at Kami's hair. "I liked your old hair better." She randomly noted.


Kami sat up. "In our last lives, we tried to kill each other multiple times. And you're telling me that you paid attention to my hair?" She asked.


Ankoku shrugged. "I've been considering shaping mine up like old times. Why don't you?" She asked.


Kami sighed. "I...I don't know..." She muttered.


Ankoku lit up. "We could give each other makeovers!" She giggled.


Kami facepalmed. "Great..." She muttered.


Ankoku immediately pulled a suitcase from under her bed, and set it on top. Kami walked over, her face curious.


"What's in there?" She inquired.


"Makeover stuff, silly." Ankoku chimed, and opened it. There were folded up dresses, t-shirts, mini skirts, and hair supplies. Ankoku got a brush and a pair of scissors, and turned to Kami.


"Pwetty pwease?" She asked with a puppy dog face.


Kami sighed in defeat. "Fine." She answered simply.


Ankoku smiled, and started brushing her hair.


An hour later, Ankoku directed Kami to the mirror in their room, and Kami gasped.


"You...you did it!" She gasped. She had shoulder-length hair now, and the front two strands of hair on the sides were curled at the end.


Ankoku smiled, and handed her a brush, scissors, and a band. Kami immediately got to work, and in half an hour, it was done.


Ankoku turned, and giggled. "Yaaay, you did it!" She had her hair in in a ponytail, which went slightly further than shoulder-length. Her bangs, once messy and long, were now straight and just above her eyes.


Ankoku pounted to the suitcase with outfits, and mischeviously smiled. Kami gulped. "Oh, crap..." She muttered.


((Extremely long post, huh? XD))

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"I'm going to my dorm." said Haylee. She was in the hallway, right about to come in her dorm when she heard something a loud noise.




Huh? What the heck is going on?




She heard Shady's voice. She decided never to reapeat the words Shady was screaming.




I better check this out. thought Haylee.






A girl is sitting under a tree, She's crying. She looks about, eighteen. While she's crying, she takes her green hair and begins to twist strands of it.


" Who are you?"


The girl looks up. In front of her is a girl who looks about seventeen. Her long black hair is tied loosely in a bun.


" Le- Lela." the girl says.


flash back ends.


"I was so stupid..." said Shady to herself. In truth, Lela had done much more to her then annoy her.



Hmmm... I changed a bit about Shady and Lela now.

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"Oooo-weee!" Mr. Kurukuu squealed as he came upon the two 'sisters'. He instantly began swooning, heading towards Kami; pulling her pigtails. "Auu, you're such a cute astral!" he squealed. Glancing at Ankoku, his eyes turning into hearts.


"UWAAA! Pree-ety!" he yelled, giving Ankoku's ponytail a considerable yank. Floating around the girls in a lovestruck manner, Miss Leiche poked her head in on the scene.


"There you are Mr. Kuru... ooh." she spoke, her look turning into one of embarrassment. Giving a good look at the whole scene, she laughed nervously. "Ahaha... sorry about that, girls. But I do believe we have to get outside right now, right Mr. Kurukuu?"


"Oh yes!" he exclaimed, knocking himself out of his lovestruck trance. Shaking his head violently, he took the girls' wrists and began rushing them through the hallways.


"Leave these two to me, Miss Leiche! Look for the others and bring them outside!" Mr. Kurukuu commanded in his naturally cheery voice. Miss Leiche nodded.


"I'll do my best, Sir!"




As the three disappeared into the dark hallways, she looked backwards at the voice with a fear-stricken face. At that moment, she knew that she had to find the others before it was too late.


Poor child. You really think that a little thing like that will interfere with my little muse? Dear me, you are mistaken my little duckling! the voice spoke to Ghost, ending its statement with its ghostly laugh.




Do not let her escape.


"Shoot," she cursed under her breath, running towards the girl in such a fluid motion that as she stopped in front of her, dust flew everywhere. Her topaz eyes gleamed.


Subdue her and eliminate any chances of escape.


Going into fighting stance, she raised her hands up in a pulling motion; with a crown of rock surrounding her instantly. Snatching up her lighter, a ring of fire engulfed it with utmost animosity. She looked on at the chaos with cold eyes, as if she could care less about the fate of the astral.


Finish the job, little Raven. The Flock arrives.

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Ghost looks up and giggles, "Just what I wanted to hear." Her eyes have no puiples amymore and she is now holding a polearm that's cold, hard steel. She then looks back to Gonzo, where he was already down the hallway in the dusk...



"Don't go near Ghost when that happens... She'll kill anything moving in sight..." Gonzo noted outloud.



Ghost cackled at the situation, turning around back to the ghost. "I'm gonna try wheather you like it or nooott..." She screeched when something touched her, turning around horrified it was just Gonzo... "GONZO!!!" She screamed, falling over laughing and crying at the same time... Gonzo blinks, looking down at Ghost. "Can we go now? I think that the ghost went a bye bye..." He mused softly.

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Night stoped looking at the fire the girl had brought against her. She lifted her hands into the air making a ice barrier around herself hoping that would stop the girl for now. The fire was put out by the ice and she looked forward facing the girl, she seemed so cold, almost crazy.


"What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?!" She yelled grabbing her key and freeing multi bladed chain that she held tight, she started executing a strange dance as the chain started going around her descriving multiple circles around her, till it went so fast you could barely see it.


The chain barrier she was making would stop the girl from attacking her. As long as she kept dacingthe girl would be able to atack without grtting cut or even killed. That is, as long as she would keep dancing.


"What you want?" She asked the girl as she kept dancing.




"The two of them would make a good team." The man appeared on the top of the Academy watching the scene. "The muse of music and the muse of dance together, they could create so much chaos." He smiled watching.


"You've to stop..." Neo's voice rang behind the man's ghost, he looked back at Neo. "There's no use for this, it won't make you come back. Is your dream really worth all of these deaths?"


"Yes..." The man disappeared.


Neo sighed and looked down.


((Aparently everyone can control the Master ghost :P, the one tht's behind all of this.))

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Ankoku giggled. "Why thank you, Mister!" She chimed, gleaming at the fact that she had arranged the makeover for both of them.


Kami blushed in embarrassment. "So...what's going on?" She asked, as soon as she had regained herself.

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(( Looks like no one heard Ghost's screech... X3 well then! I shall make 'em walk further int othe dark... dark... hallway... ))


Ghost cackled again, "You scared me." She turns around, facing the darkend hallway. "To... The dark hallway!" She yelled, it echoing and pointing forward and begins marching.


Gonzo follows her... "Oh brother..."

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