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Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS!

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Kami looked at the teacher. "What's he doing...?" She whispered to Ankoku.


Ankoku shrugged slightly. "No idea. Maybe, getting ready? Maybe Neko did more than defending?" She guessed.

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Gonzo huffs, pushing himself up and jumping down the stairs and twards the door. "I'm tired of waiting."


Ghost looks over to see Gonzo walking twards the group. "Gonzo! Look what I got! It's sparkly." She yawns, streatching.


Gonzo blinks, yawning too, covering his mouth. "What? Oh that thing! It's very.. Pretty?" He says, as though he can't see the crystal, shrugging.


(( Gonzo's blind! WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO?! ))

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(Hey guys! I took longer than I expected... but I've got bad news. I don't think I'll be able to continue the comic, since, well... I'm kinda trying to experiment with Photoshop, plus some new projects I was thinking of. Sorry if this is quite a downer. :( )


"What's this crystal called? It's pretty!"


Mr. Kurukuu smiled at that. The girl seemed to delight in the simplest of things, and was a cutie too. Ruffling his mustache, he walked towards the middle of the greenhouse. "Activation crystals, dearie. These crystals helps trigger the 'G.I.F.T' mechanism in the others. Give it to those who hadn't received the gift yet, would you?"


"I wish each and every one of you the best of luck. I will be standing ground over here, in case anything bad happens here. Do tell our 'little friend' that I send my regards."


Winifred nodded, a feeling of impatience running through her veins. "Yeah yeah, yada yada... let' just go already!" she yelled storming out of the greenhouse. The teacher smiled, watching everyone go their own respective ways. As they left, Mr. Kurukuu's stomach jolted violently from side to side. This garnered a little bemused look from him.


"Oh, be quiet, dearie... I had quite the experience getting you from that little nekomata! Don't be so rude!" he mused, chuckling as he laid in wait.


Winifred was irritated. No, not just irritated, she was also quite frustrated. Heh, all that negative energy stuff with the mind blocks and whatnot... heck if I know that it'll work or crud...


She paused for a moment as a slight foreboding entered her as she slowly approached the Academy. It was like a spell at first, yet she quickly brushed it away. Aw, c'mon! Don't tell me that I'm turning soft! I ain't afraid of anything...


Her conscience perturbed her for a nanosecond, just to remind her of a certain thing.


'Cept for the fact that you might never forgive me.


(Little known fact about Winifred: she has two fears in life. One is that she might lose everyone important to her. The second is that her parents will never forgive her after what she's done. ^^ Oh, and her second name is Anne. Yeah. >.< )

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Night nodded an looked at Winifred and run after her.


"We should go to where the headmistress was captured, maybe we can find something usefuill there. I think she was captured at the graveyard."


Nigth ran towards the graveyard. She looked at the stone Mr. Kurukuu had given them, what would that do? He said it would awaken some 'gifts'... Like she hadn't enough troublesome gifts.


She placed the jewel in her pocket and ran towards the graveyard stopping ast the entrance.




Neo watched the students break into small groups and scather around the academy. That was both a good and a bad idea. He looked towards the graveyard. A sound behind him captured his atention, he looked back seeing 'him' again.


"What you doing here?" He asked at Neo,


"Watching like you are."


The ghost laughed and looked down.


"Only with different intentions." It said disappearing. Neo closed his eyes and disappeared himself.

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