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@Qwillie: Thanks for pointing that out. I'll go change it now.

@Calixte: Well, I don't like first person that much and third person isn't my thing too. So, I decided to do first person for the main character and third for the others. Since I like different emotions and viewpoints. So, I guess I'll try to stick to first person.

@Twiceth: Thanks and welcome!

@Enchantress: Thanks!



Chapter 5



Shards of glass flew everywhere. I held up my hand to shield my face. A person with dark robes flew in. A magician. The magician held up a hand and a glowing ball appered just in front of the hand. I lowered my hand and saw the thin, scarred face of the man. He was smiling. The hand on my forehead was trembling. I peeked at Aunt, she was shaking and her face had gone pale. I heard high pitched, terrified screams and realized they were coming from me.


“Egraine, hand the creature over.” The robed magician said, his tone sending shivers down my spine.

“Creature?” I echoed.

“She’s a child, not a creature! Mind your words!” Aunt shouted to the man.

“She will be when she awakens.” The magician retorted.


Aunt stared at him with narrowed eyes. Her mouth moved, as if she was chanting. Suddenly, a bolt of electricity was hurled towards the magician. He dodged it easily.


He laughed. “Egraine, I’m a master magician. Hand her over! I have no time for games!” All traces of amusement were gone now.


Aunt gave no reply and continued sending bolts of magic towards the man. Slowly, trying to be inconspicuous, I crept out of bed amidst the confusion. As Aunt fired another bolt, I maneuvered myself behind Aunt. The man was dodging every bolt but was distracted when I moved and got hit. He sent a ball of cracking electricity towards Aunt, his eyes blazing with fury. The ball hit Aunt at a startling speed and I barely got hit. Aunt was flung across the room. The man cackled. I rushed over to Aunt and saw her moving her lips, but I could not make out the words.


“Aunt!” I shouted into the night.

“Stupid woman. Come with me, you demon.” The man grabbed my wrist and started pulling me.


I jerked my hand free and my heart exploded with anger. My mind was in confusion. All my feelings came rushed into one big heap. My terror disappeared and all I could feel was anger. Anger. My heart boiled. In my anger, I let out a scream that shook the house. My legs formed into a tail and I was floating in the air, my tail whipping up ferocious air. The magician just smiled. My hands formed fireballs and I sent them everywhere. My long brown hair whipped my face in the wind and I felt so confused.


“Morgan!” Liana.


That shout broke through my confusion and I fell, hurling towards the ground. The impact sent a sharp pain through my left shoulder. I grimaced. My tail was gone and I returned to normal.


“Morgan.” Aunt whispered my name in pain.


Blackness filled my vision. I surrendered to the darkness.

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Whoa, how long has it been since I updated? Really sorry! There was ideas all over, but I couldn't seem to connect them. But finally, after rewritting it lots of times, Chapter 6! Right?


Chapter 6


I walked towards Aunt. She was washing vegetable silently in the kitchen. I frowned. She had refused to disclose anything about the man last week. She simply brushed it off saying it was a madman. I was in doubt, for ample reason. I stopped in front of her. She did not seem to be taking any notice of me whatsoever.




The vegetables she was holding flew out of her hand and landed on the floor.


“Morgan!” She cried.

“Sorry. Where’s Liana? “

“She’s watering her flowers.”


I took some vegetables and started washing them. The awkward tension held in the air.


“Aunt, can you-“

She interrupted me. “Morgan, if this is about last week I told you already, it was just a madman.”

“A madman who could do magic?”

“Maybe he was a crazed wizard.”

“He called me a creature. He seemed to be as sane as you and I.”

“Seemed to be.”

“What about you? I didn't know you could do magic.”

“I was doing it for self-defence!”

“No! You weren’t! And why did I change into… why did I change?!”

“You were hallucinating!”

“Aunt, tell me the truth. Please.” I said with an exasperate tone.

“Morgan, I told you it was a mad-”

“Aunt! Please. The truth!” I interrupted.


She closed her eyes.


“The truth.” She repeated. “I’m sorry. Okay. I’ll tell you the truth.” She smiled weakly. “Your grandmother was a Duchess. Duchess Ingraine. Ingraine the Beautiful. Your grandfather was once the most envied man. Of course, the King grew jealous. He couldn’t stand having someone more envied than him. So, he sent a wizard. He sent Besaner’s father. But something went wrong. Besaner’s father was supposed to curse my sister, your mother. He failed. He cursed someone else.” She took a deep breath and turned to me. “He cursed you, Morgan.”


I felt like someone punched me in the gut. Even though I was expecting something like this, when it came, I couldn’t accept it. I shook my head violently and forced a smile.


“Aunt, you’re kidding, right? Everything failed, right? Aunt! Answer me! Say yes. Please. I’m not cursed! I’m not!” The tears spilled from my eyes. I knew that I was cursed. But something inside me desperately wanted that to be false.


“Morgan, Morgan.” Aunt tried to hug me but I pushed her away.


“No! How? Mother was just a little girl! How? How do you know it’s me? It could be Liana! Or… or… Mother!” I cried.


“Morgan, you know it’s true. The fact that Besaner came here means it’s true. Besaner’s father was dying. He must have been confused.”


“Who told you this? How did you know that?”

“My mother told me. And someone else.”


Aunt turned away. “I do not remember.”

I knew she was lying. “Aunt-“


At that moment, a knock on the door interrupted me. I frowned and went to the door and opened it. Immediately, a smile broke out on my face.


There stood Thomas.



I had to find some way for Thomas to come back into the story! This was the best way!

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