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The following are some of the main differences between versions 1 and 2.

* You cannot save a game in version 1 and load and play it in version 2.

* version 2 provides an introduction giving more insight into the Snow Queen's rise to power and to Iya's disappearance

* sequence of events prior to reaching Thais is completely different

* much more interaction between party members – Emma and Rye can marry, Ava and Gavin can marry, Nicolas can see the error of his ways and become a nice guy

* addition of a difficulty level – EASY (equivalent of version 1 difficulty – HP/MP recovered when levelling up after a battle), NORMAL (monsters have 1.5 x strength and abilities) and DIFFICULT (monsters have 2 x strength and ability)





Unlike the walkthrough for version 1, this walkthrough will go into detail with all of the quests, whether crucial to the storyline or not. In addition, opportunities for party interaction will be explained. Those activities not essential to the completion of the game will be shown in italics, so you can skip them if you wish. The assumption is being made that you are playing without using any of the goodies, so they will not be referred to at all. Should you wish to use them, check the Goodies section of the Amaranthia forum for their locations.

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Aveyond II: Ean's Quest is, strangely enough, the sequel to Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest. Three generations after Rhen and her party defeated the dark lord Ahriman, and she began ruling in Thais, we focus our attention on Ean, a young elf who lives near the Oldwoods (familiar to Aveyond I fans).


Ean's best friend Iya suddenly disappears, and his family and friends have no recollection of her existence. To find her, Ean must leave his secluded Vale and journey to the dangerous Land of Man in search of the Snow Queen. When he arrives, he learns of the Snow Queen's plot to take over all the kingdoms and turn the world to ice, and her plan to take Iya's magical abilities as her own by sacrificing her at the Ice Ball, currently in progress.


Although Ean saves his friend from an untimely execution, Iya's spirit has been almost completely drained. To restore it and save her life, she must seek out, and receive blessings from, the Six Nymphs who weave spirit into every living being. While helping his friend, Ean also faces the task of uniting the kingdoms against the Snow Queen, by joining the resistance movement forming against her.


Thus Ean and Iya embark on their twofold mission. Along the way they form friendships and alliances with people who are willing to join and fight with them, and they also recruit one or two not-so-willing accomplices. They earn the gratitude of many people they meet along the way, and get ample opportunity to brush up on their physical and magical battle skills.


Aveyond II (hereafter referred to as Aveyond) has a darker, more serious theme than its prequel. There are some occasions where the player may choose to do things in a different order to that listed in this walkthrough, and side quests, which are included in detail in this version of the walkthrough, may be omitted. There are wonderful team dynamics to provide endless amusement, and multiple endings not only for the game, but for several of the main characters, depending on choices you make as your journey progresses.





Party Members


The following characters can join your party...


EAN OKHO, the Shapeling


Ean, a young elf who is learning how to become a forager in Elfwood, is small and thinks he isn't strong. His best friend, Iya, whom he has known all his life, disagrees. When Iya disappears, he must brave entering the Land of Man to search for her. Ean's love interest is Iya.


IYA TIKI, the Singer


Iya, Ean's best friend, is a young elf interested in forest magic. She greatly desires to become a respected singer in the Vale, carrying on her mother's and grandmothers' heritage. In previous attempts Iya has failed the singing test, and when she falters again, she is distraught and considers herself a complete failure. The night following the test something wondrous yet strange happens, and Iya disappears. Iya's love interest is Ean.


RYE ZOYLE, the Ranger


Rye, a quiet lad with a good hand for a bow, spends most of his time in the forest. He feels more comfortable there with the forest animals than with the villagers in Ryva. He has recently grown tired of Ryva and wants to leave and explore the world. He will be the first to join Ean and Iya on their journey. Rye's love interest is Emma.




Nicolas, the younger brother of Prince Uthar, is a young man caught up in his looks and titles. He is a powerful but arrogant healer, who willingly uses his skills to help nobility, but scoffs at helping dirty peasants. He absolutely detests witches, and refuses to be in any group containing one. He is the great-grandson of Rhen Pendragon (and, one assumes, Dameon Maurva, which may explain his remarkable healing talents). Nicolas hates Gavin. During the game, it will be possible to teach Nicolas humility and turn him into a much nicer person.


GAVIN MORVEN, the Warlock


Gavin, a warlock, is very good at magic. In his village of Bogwood, all of the witches are in love with him, which he finds quite funny but tiresome. He has a wicked sense of humor and he is a little diabolical. Gavin dislikes nobility and will not travel with Nicolas. Gavin's love interest is the reluctant Ava.


EMMA WILLOW, the Fighter


Emma, who has been a servant for several years in the city of Candar, loves sword fighting and desperately wants to attend the School of War and Magic in Thais. A brave and determined girl, she likes to perfect everything that she learns. During the game, Emma has the opportunity of climbing to the rank of Sword Master and becoming a role model for many. Emma's love interest is Rye.


JACK, the Thief


Jack, a street urchin who thinks everyone is a fool, is a thief with a quick tongue and fast fingers. Not having the best of luck, he is always getting into trouble. However, he can pick almost any lock, which is a valuable ability, and his nimble fingers may help you obtain more spoils in a battle.


AVA ONE EYE, the Pirate


Ava One Eye, whose allegiance is to Uthar Pendragon, is an agent for Thais. Having spent her life on a ship, she is an experienced captain. Being very smart, little impresses her. She has a hard hand and doesn't care for the weak of mind. Uthar calls her Rip when she is spying for him. Ava's love interest, though she takes some time to admit it, is Gavin.



Non-Player Characters


The following characters will not join your party, but each plays an important role in the game...


UTHAR PENDRAGON, the Prince of Thais

Uthar, the older, more level-headed brother of Nicolas and heir to the throne of Thais, remains to look after the castle while the King and Queen attend the Ice Ball. After the Snow Queen puts her evil plan into action, Prince Uthar takes charge of the situation and leads the rebellion in its fight against her. His many contacts, as well as his extensive knowledge of the history of Thais and of the adventures of Rhen Pendragon, his great-great-grandmother, make him invaluable in providing direction for the elves. Prince Uthar's love interest is Princess Ella IV of Candar.



HEPTITUS, the Nymph of Wickedness, lives in Bogwood on the Mainland. True to her nature, she will not give her blessing willingly.


CERI, the Nymph of Love, lives in the Secret Garden behind Candar Castle, on the Mainland.


SERENDIPITY, the Nymph of Luck, lives in Stardale Glen, on the island called the Wildlands.


AISLING, the Nymph of Hope, lives in Fairytale Forest, on Storybook Island.


NUHA, the Nymph of Wisdom, lives in Eredar, on the Land of the Lost.


ISHTAR, the Nymph of Compassion, lives in Shaenlir, but though she is in the first city Ean reaches, hers will be the last blessing to be received.

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When you arrive in a new village or city, talk to everyone and read everything (if you are using the mouse your cursor will turn into a speech bubble or a hand icon or magnifying glass when you hover over something or someone who might be of interest). Some quests may only be triggered or progressed if you speak to a certain person or read a certain sign or note. You can learn things that can make you less reliant on the walkthrough, making the game more interesting and satisfying. You can also meet people who will become more important later in the game, and you'll need to remember where they are.


Try to carry a good supply of restorative items. These can be used before, during and after battles if your strength or skills are growing weak. Monsters will not continue moving around on the map while you are in the menu.


Save your game regularly (and in multiple slots) – when entering new, unfamiliar territory, and prior to battles. Early in the game your health and resources are low, and later in the game you never know what an enemy is going to throw at you. Regularly saving in multiple slots ensures you will not have too much to repeat should you – er – not make it.


When you arrive in a new wilderness area, you may fare better if you stick to the path and follow it all the way through, when you know there is a town or city on the other side. Often you will be able to buy better equipment and restorative items there that will help you survive against the local enemies. You can also use inhabited areas as a base from which to explore, returning to use inns or stock up on necessities.


Apart from the “bosses”, the monsters are smart – which means all monsters in an area will try to get to you as soon as you enter a map. Some may be prevented by being on the other side of a forest or river, or at a different height, but they will keep trying. On some maps, you can stand close to where you entered (especially if you just left a city or town where supplies are handy), and if you don't mind waiting for them to reach you, you can battle most of them in that spot. This can be an advantage if you're in a difficult area and aren't sure you can survive long. Otherwise, when you're running to escape too-tough monsters further on in the map, you could run right into others coming from the opposite direction! Monsters will respawn if you leave the “map” and return (going out to the world map and back in, ducking into a cave entrance and back out, etc).


During battle with multiple enemies, unless you know your party is strong enough to defeat them quickly, have everyone attack the same enemy. If you try to spread your party out assigning them to handle different enemies, each one will take longer to defeat, but the strength of their attacks does not decrease as they lose health. You will receive less damage if you have everyone target the same enemy, and only move onto the next one when the current one is defeated. If there are different types of enemies, you will have to decide whether to concentrate on the more powerful ones first (they cause more damage to your party, but they are also harder to overcome), or to pick off the weaker ones more quickly so there are fewer doing damage as you focus on the stronger ones. It is debatable whether one approach is better than the other.








When you begin a new game, you are prompted to choose your difficulty level.


EASY means all monsters are at their default strength, and when your players gain a level after a battle ends, all health (HP) and mana (MP – the resource that permits magic and skills) are topped up. Any ailments (poison, curse) inflicted in battle will be removed.


NORMAL means monsters have strength and defenses 1.5 times their default. HP and MP are not topped up when gaining a level after battle. Ailments inflicted are not automatically removed.


DIFFICULT means monsters have strength and defenses 2 times their default. HP and MP are not topped up when gaining a level after battle. Ailments inflicted are not automatically removed.


Unless you have experience with similar games and are looking for a challenge, I suggest you choose EASY, or at the most NORMAL.



You then choose whether to play the introduction or not, and the game begins.





The Snow Queen calls for her magic-weilding imp, Wart. She is looking for a kingdom to rule, and he has found one, named Shaenlir. Instead of giving him his reward, the Snow Queen transforms Wart into a human – her Master of Arms – and he is forced to serve and protect her during her rulership. After 10 years, the Snow Queen's overwhelming hunger for power results in an evil plan to take over the rulership of all kingdoms and turn the world to ice. Her own magic, and that of her enslaved imp, are not enough to accomplish her purpose, and so she sends Wart to find someone whose magic is strong enough to meet her needs, but who is too weak to resist her spells. Wart returns with news of a young elf with great potential, who has not yet come into her power.

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The game begins by introducing you to the protagonist, Ean, an elfling wo lives on a secluded island called The Vale. His (your) friend Iya is taking a test to see if she can become a magical singer for the village. You promised to meet her in the forest when she finished the test. This is your first quest.


To view your quests, press the S key, or press Escape or the right mouse button to open your menu, and select Journal from the list. If you are ever stuck during the game, or something is not working as you expect, your journal is the first place to look – perhaps you do not have the quest you are trying to complete, or you must complete one of your quests before you can proceed.



Elfwood – Time to Explore


The other two people in your house are Mom and Dad. Speak to them. Mom tells you Iya should be at the Elder Oak, in the Oldwoods. Leave the house and explore around the village a little. Your house is in the northwest of the village, and Iya's house is in the southeast. Talk to people in the village by clicking on them with the mouse, or by using your arrow keys to walk to them and press the space bar or enter key. If you are using the mouse, take this opportunity to get comfortable with the “pathfinding” ability – click in an open spot a distance away from Ean, and watch as he navigates his way around objects and people to reach his destination.


Side Quest: Talk to the boy just below Ean's house. This is Row, and he tells you Nisa has stolen his teddy bear. Find Nisa, the little girl running around on the Village Green, and when she gives you Row's teddy bear, return it to him. He gives you some shiny coins that he found as a reward, which is very useful at the start of the game.


There is a chest in the village, near Ean's house. Use the arrow keys and space/enter, or the mouse, to open the chest, which contains 25 gold coins. Go to the General Store (just up the steps) and buy a pair of leather boots and some loaves of bread.


Note the statue of the goddess to the southeast of the General Store. If you choose to make a donation, you will need 10 gold coins. For now you have more urgent things to spend your money on, but you should donate here when you have more money, as you will not have a chance to later in the game.



Oldwoods – Finding Iya


Leave Elfwood by following the path that runs beside Ean's house. This exits to The Vale, where you should go straight ahead to enter Oldwoods. Feel free to explore here – there are no enemies to fight, and there are three chests containing gold, items, weapons and armor that will be needed shortly.


Follow the path to the east and around into a small clearing. In the middle stands the Elder Oak, where prospective singers take their annual test. Iya is here, despondent after failing her test once again. Continue talking to her until she agrees to come with you. Now return to Elfwood and talk to Ean's mother (this gets added to your journal automatically after Iya joins you).



The Hive – Getting Honeycomb (Battle Tutorial)


Ean's mother is making honey-butter biscuits, but has run out of honeycomb, so she asks you to find her some. Before doing so, you must equip the weapons and armor you found and purchased earlier. Go to the menu, select Equip, and for each slot (weapon, shield, armor, helmet, accessory) see if something appears in the list. Press space to compare the stats of the new equipment with the item Ean is already using, and if it will increase anything, press space again to equip it. For now, have Ean equip everything, and leave Iya with just her stick (if you feel the need you could take some of your newfound gold back to the General Store and buy another hunting knife for her). Also buy more bread.


Follow Ean's mother's directions, “to the west of the Oldwoods”, to reach the bee hive (return to Oldwoods and follow the path to the west this time, until it exits back to the Vale map). Save your game, then step into the bee hive and walk up to a bee (the mouse cursor will change to a sword indicating an imminent battle). You can initiate a battle by walking into an enemy and clicking or pressing space/enter. Or you can just let it come to you.


The battle screen opens, and you are presented with four options – each option uses a “turn” for your battler. ATTACK deals a physical attack to a single enemy, using the weapon you currently have equipped. SKILLS allow you to use magical spells or skills, sometimes to cause damage to the enemy, other times to heal or protect your allies. Some skills affect the whole party, while others only apply to an individual. SHIELD allows you to defent for a turn, taking less damage from the enemy. ITEMS allows you to use something from your inventory – a scroll or other item to cast a spell, a food item to restore health or mana, or a number of other items with different purposes. Some items you can only use in the heat of battle, and others may only be used outside of battle.


For now, just have Ean and Iya use ATTACK on the bees. If either starts to get very low on HP (health), have Iya choose a loaf of bread from ITEMS, and move the arrow over the person who needs it, to give them a little health boost. Keep Ean attacking, as his hunting knife causes more damage than Iya's wooden stick.


The bees die after a few hits, and you return to the main game screen facing what remains of your foes. In Aveyond, you don't automatically get money and items by killing monsters. You have to loot the corpses! So remember, after every battle, to walk up to the remains of any monsters and press space/enter, or click on it with your mouse, to see what you can obtain. This is also a good time to top up HP and MP (and save) in preparation for the next battle.


And on with the bees. You have a few more to get through before you face the Queen Bee and her two drones. She is a “boss”, so you need to initiate the battle with her, rather than wait for her to come to you. Fight them as you did the others. After the battle, the Queen Bee and her drones have been scared away (so there are no corpses to loot). Walk up and “touch” the mound of honeycomb she was guarding, to pick some up.


If you wish to have Ean a little stronger before facing more difficult enemies, you can leave the Hive and come back in – the bees will have “respawned”, so you can fight them all again (apart from the Queen Bee) and gain some more levels. Each time you gain a level you will get stronger, but keep an eye on your HP and make sure you have enough bread to keep topping up (if you play on EASY this is not so important as you will get an automatic HP top-up with each level increase). This is also a way to accumulate more money for better equipment and items. This technique is commonly known as “levelling up” - going back into an area you've already completed solely to battle monsters to gain levels and spoils.


Once you are done at the Hive, return to Mom. It is late in the day and Iya needs to return home (which is why we didn't go to great trouble to give her any equipment or weapons). After she leaves, go to Ean's bed and click/space/enter on it. Answer “Yes” to the “Sleep?” question. Sleeping also restores full HP and MP to everyone in your active party.



Iya Disappears


In a dream, Iya is transported to a lonely, snow-covered area where the Snow Queen appears to her. She offers Iya the chance to learn greater magic than all her ancestors combined, and in return asks Iya to join her as her “daughter” and return with her to her castle. At first hesitant, Iya eventually agrees, then immediately reconsiders her decision. Too late now, her cries of protest are ignored as she is magically carried away to Shaenlir.


Ean also dreams – of wind and the cold, and a strange, white substance – frozen rain? What is this? In his dream, Iya calls to him for help, but when he calls back, there is no answer. Ean wakes, feeling like he didn't sleep at all. Only Mom is in the house. Something amazing has happened. For the first time ever, it has snowed in The Vale! Ean's mom sends him outside to enjoy the snow while it lasts, and gives him a honey-butter biscuit to take along. When Ean asks for another to give to Iya, strangely, Mom doesn't seem to know who Iya is!


Leave the house and explore around the village – how different and beautiful it looks covered in snow! As you go, talk to some of the villagers. None of them have any memory of Iya! Make your way to Iya's house and speak to Lia, her mother. Even Iya's mother, sister and grandmother do not know who she is! Ean wonders how it is that nobody remembers his friend. He thinks to search Iya's room for any clues as to her disappearance. Go into the bedroom with the small bed, and Ean automatically goes to Iya's secret hiding spot, where he finds a ribbon he gave to her. This proves Iya exists, and Ean realizes the snow and Iya's disappearance are signs that something terrible has happened!



Journey to the Land of Man


Ean decides to speak to the village elders about these events. Leave Iya's house and follow the path to the west and down into the clearing in the trees. There, Elder Leyr advises Ean to take his important matter to the Elder Oak, who will awake for an elf with great need (sit back a while and listen to the beautiful music during this conversation).


Return to the village and make a donation at the statue of the goddess, if you have not already done so. You still have time to return to the hive and fight some more bees, if you want to level up a little more or get more gold. Sleep again to restore any health you may have lost.


Now go back through the Oldwoods to the Elder Oak. Walk up to the tree and “talk” to it. After the tree awakes, Ean receives instruction to go to the Land of Man, and climb a mountain covered in ice, where he will find Iya. The ancient Oak reveals a portal. Step into it to be transported away from The Vale and into the Land of Man. From this point, there is no turning back (so if there is anything you have yet to do in Elfwood, now is the time to do it).

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The Crossing - Getting Transport


Ean finds himself in a dark, likely drizzly clearing. This is the Land of Man, and Ean is in The Crossing. Behind him is an Elder Oak, but as Ean is not a singer and his great need has been met, he is not able to talk to the tree. Open the chest to find a canoe – Ean's initial means of transportation.


Leave The Clearing through the lower exit, and Ean walks to the stream and throws the canoe in. Get into the canoe by walking up to it and pressing space/enter or clicking on it (on the World Map the “pathfinding” ability with the mouse does not work very well so you will have to go in little stages, or resort to using the keyboard here). Explore the river – you can investigate the first cave as you travel north (the “person” in there is not a threat), see how far you can go before you have to turn back. Eventually, the only place to go is into the snowy mountain, as mentioned by the Elder Oak (you CAN go into the woods just below it, but for now let's just follow the instructions provided, as we do want to live to see Iya again).



Spire Mountain


Save your game and step into the mountain entrance. Immediately upon entering Spire Mountain, you are face to face with two Snow Frogs, and have to battle them to continue. Sometimes you can duck around enemies, but it is usually better to face them, unless you are desperately weak and low on restoratives – fighting enemies makes you stronger for things yet to come. Fight as you did earlier, remembering this time there is only one of you, so you may have to use a turn every now and then to restore HP with a loaf of bread. Make sure to check for spoils after the battle is complete.


Continue west, and when the path branches, follow it south into a cave, fighting another Snow Frog on the way. Inside the cave is a chest containing an Ice Amulet, which you should equip as an accessory (it doesn't add to your physical defense, but it does lessen the impact of ice- and water-based attacks and spells). There is also another inner cave where you can buy more supplies from a merchant. If you have enough gold, buy some haunches – they are slightly better than bread as far as value for money goes, and in battle it is better to have few items that restore more HP, than the other way around, as you use a turn every time you choose something from Items.


Using the merchant as a base, keep going out further and further, battling, growing stronger, getting more money (and opening any chests you encounter), until you reach the top of the mountain. The exit takes you back to the World Map, giving you access to the snowy city Shaenlir.





Explore around Shaenlir, talking to people and ducking into shops as you go. At the city entrance is the General Store, and along the back wall are the City Weaponry, Amy's Jewels and the City Armory. Nearby is another statue to the goddess. Make a donation (each donation is 10 gold coins). Continue across to the east of the city, and through the southern archway. In here is an Inn (look in the chest upstairs), and beside that a currently unoccupied house (look in the chest here as well), and below them both another house where you should look for chests. Continue talking to people as you go.


Side Quest: In the larger house in the southeast corner of the city, Dora is a distraught young girl who has lost her music box. Talk to her mother to discover what has happened to it. Return to the General Store and ask the merchant about the box. It costs 10 gold coins to purchase, and in exchange Dora gives you an item that can be used in future battles (it is better if you use it in areas other than the snowy mountains).


Buy a Leather Claw and have Ean equip it as a weapon, as well as Leather Armor. When you unequip items that you will no longer need, you can sell them to get a little more money (note, when you sell an item, you only get back half of what you paid, so spend wisely early in the game when money is an issue). If you are short on funds, buy what you can, then return to Spire Mountain and battle some more against the Snow Frogs and Ice Birds, collecting money and levelling up until you have enough for both pieces of equipment. Stay at the Inn if you are low on HP – sleeping fully restores HP and MP, and once you have gained a few levels it becomes much cheaper than buying haunches and other restoratives (you should still buy these though, but use them when an Inn is not close by). When Iya joins you, she will have basic magic abilities and will require MP restorers as well. Covey Balm is the only one available in Shaenlir, so buy several of those as well. Once you have upgraded your equipment and purchased sufficient food and restoratives for the coming journey, head to the east of the city again, and this time go through the northern archway, into Shaenlir Castle (do not spend money on the Inn this final time as there is a special provision waiting for you when you leave the castle).



Shaenlir Castle


As you attempt to enter the castle, the guards block your way. Only nobles and rich folk are allowed through the front entrance, and only castle servants may use the side door. If you explored carefully enough, you have a servant's uniform. Go to your Items menu and select it from the list, to have Ean change his clothes. Now enter through the side door.


Make your way through the icy hallway, through the kitchen and dining room and into the throne room. The Snow Queen is hosting an Ice Ball, and dignitaries are attending from all the far kingdoms. Speak with them if you wish – they do not help progress the game, but some of their names will be mentioned during your journey, and you will visit some of their homes, so you can at least learn who they are now.


When you are ready to continue, go through either of the doors in the hallways beside the throne room. Iya is standing in her bedroom, beautifully dressed in a manner befitting a princess. Talk to her, but though she begins to remember her past life (despite the Snow Queen's attempt to make her forget), Iya refuses to come with you. Leave her for now, and walk along towards the other bedroom. As you get close to that end of the hall, you overhear a conversation between the Snow Queen and her Master of Arms. They are plotting the demise of the kingdoms, and her plan to sacrifice Iya in order to take her powers! As they leave, a small mirror falls from her pocket. Go and pick it up, then return to Iya and show the mirror to her. Finally she agrees to come with you, and the two of you must escape Shaenlir Castle together.


After a brief encounter with the Queen's guards (which I will not detail – you can enjoy that without any foreknowledge of what is to come), follow Iya's directions to the kitchen, where she reveals a hidden door leading to the sewers. Go through, and on the other side Iya will seal the doorway with magic, giving you some protection – for now.



Shaenlir Sewer


Open the chests and have Iya change into her traveling clothes (select them from the Items list in the menu). One of the chests is the earlier-mentioned “special provision” which tops up your HP. Now save your game, and venture into the sewer, continuing around to your right all the time, opening chests as you go, and equipping Iya with any weapons and armor you retrieve (Ean should already have his new claw weapon and leather armor equipped). As you encounter rats, have Ean and Iya both Attack with their weapons, or if there are more than two of them, use Iya's new-found skill, Raw Magic, which attacks the entire enemy party and at her current level will likely wipe out the entire party with a single hit. If Iya starts getting low in MP, top it up with Covey Balm (preferably out of battle so she doesn't use up a turn).


When you reach a bridge going across to the east, go over it and explore that area. It contains a “level up” chest and further around a switch that opens a door, giving you an escape route. Then return across the bridge and continue around to the south and west until you reach a barred room. Grab the contents of that chest, save once again, and make your way through the door in the back wall.



Wyvern Pass


Congratulations! You have managed to escape the Snow Queen's clutches – but unfortunately, it's “out of the frying pan, into the fire!” Ean and Iya are in Wyvern Pass – this is Ice Wyvern territory and these guys really take some beating and do a lot of damage.


The chest right at the entrance is another “party restore” chest, so check your stats (go to the menu) and judge whether you are better to use this now, or to use Haunches and Covey Balm to top up and come back to the chest after fighting a few Ice Wyverns. When you are ready, save again, and venture out to meet your first foe. During the battle, have Ean Attack, and Iya use her Raw Magic. This time, Iya does more damage, so if anyone is growing weak, or if Iya needs an MP top-up, have Ean do the honors and let Iya keep battling away. Take care of the next Ice Wyvern in the same manner. If you haven't used it already, now return to that chest and get Ean's and Iya's HP and MP restored. Save again. You only have two more Ice Wyverns to battle, but the final two will fight you together. If you have Flame Scrolls available still (you should have collected some from chests in your journey so far) have Ean use them by selecting them from the Items list, and have Iya use her Raw Magic.


Once you have finished here, looted corpses and opened that last chest, continue south into a clearing with a little forest cottage. As you pass, Iya's strength suddenly gives out, and Ean drags her to the cottage, an old woman coming to let them in. The “old woman” is the Oracle of Aveyond, coming to help during their greatest need, as the Elder Oak had promised. After restoring Iya's health, though only temporarily, she explains the prophecy Iya is now caught up in, and informs Iya her spirit has been completely drained by the Snow Queen, and she must seek out the Six Nymphs who weave spirit, and obtain their blessings, if she is to live and return to Elfwood. Ean, also playing a part in the prophecy, is given the duty of uniting the kingdoms against the Snow Queen, and in support of his friend. The Oracle instructs them to go east to the city of Thais, where a small resistance is forming against the Snow Queen. She provides a book on Nymph History, where you learn the names of the six nymphs, and gives Iya a shield – a Song Sphere – which will help her improve her magic abilities as she gains experience. Take the item from the chest in the Oracle's house (you should already have one of these, so you can sell this one) and talk to the Oracle and ask further questions if you like, then leave her house and continue east, taking the exit just below the cottage.


You find yourself back in Spire Mountain, balanced precariously on a ledge. There is no other way down, and you have no desire to return to Wyvern Pass. Press the down arrow, or click below the ledge, and Ean and Iya jump to the ground below. Battle your way through the Snow Frogs and Ice Birds, and proceed back down Spire Mountain and out to the world map.

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Following the Oracle's instructions, get back in your canoe and head eastwards. A large boulder blocks the river entrance, so you will have to find somebody on this side to help. Leave your canoe in the same spot again, and this time go past the icy mountain entrance and down into the Woodlands area below. Follow the path all the way south, dodging the Crows and Wild Chickens for now, and cross the lower bridge that will take you into Ryva.


When you arrive, once again walk around exploring, talking to people, going into houses to see who is here. There is an Inn (with a chest containing gold) and a General Store, where you can buy more restoratives and upgrade equipment. Find the donation box (just inside the village entrance) and make another donation. Across the small bridge at the back of the village is a young green-haired lad named Rye. He is about to leave for Thais, and invites you to travel with him. Go to the General Store and upgrade his equipment before you leave.


Side Quest: In the house in the northeast of Ryva (follow the path around from where you found Rye) lives Aidan, a young boy who loves reading. He has lost his favorite novel and asks you to keep an eye out for it. One of the men you passed on the way to his house claims to have seen Aidan reading by the waterfall that morning. When you leave Ryva you have the opportunity to find Aidan's book and return it to him.


Familiarize yourself with Eamon and Great Aunt Tilda, and bitter old Great Grandma Nora, in the house behind the General Store. Also explore the southern side of Ryva and make note of the people selling chickens and milking cows. You will return to Ryva later in the game, and may want to talk to all of these people (or most of them) again.



The Woodlands


With Rye in your party, start venturing out into The Woodlands, using Ryva as a base to use the Inn, upgrade equipment, and stock up on food and restoratives.


Spheres: At this point we divert to learn about the Shield given to Iya by the Oracle. As Iya gains experience and levels, she learns new songs from her Song Sphere (as long as she has it equipped as a shield). After she has five new spells, growing stronger will cause these spells to be upgraded – up to two times for each spell. Some of them will allow her to attack the entire enemy party, as did her Raw Magic spell, but others will only target a single enemy. Iya may optionally receive up to two more Spheres, each with five spells that can be upgraded, in the course of her journey. This subject will be mentioned again a little later.


Just across the bridge is a small hill with a cave. Inside you find a crystal in the middle of the cave, a note and a switch on the back wall, and a small donation box. This is the Magic Express, a way of quickly moving from one region to another on the Mainland. For now, read the note and flip the switch into the down position. You can only go to other Magic Express stations that have been activated by turning on their switches, so at the moment it won't take you anywhere, but you are enabling this station, should you need a quick trip back to Ryva later.


Continue exploring The Woodlands, battling monsters to level up and get more gold, and opening chests as you go. On the way back to the world map, you may notice a ladder going down beside a small waterfall, with a damp clump of loose earth near the base, where it looks like something grows once in a while. Remember this spot, as you will have to return here later.


Side Quest: On the Magic Express side of the bridge, follow the little river along to the east, keeping close to the water. You will eventually reach a waterfall – the same waterfall where Aidan was reading his novel, and lo and behold – here is the novel still sitting where he left it. Pick it up and return it to Aidan for a little reward.


When you have finished exploring and have found all chests, it is time to return to your canoe and continue on your way to Thais.





Back at the rock blocking the river entrance, Rye produces a stick of dynamite and clears the path through. The only place to disembark is at the eastern end of the lake, on the southern shore. You can now either go through the cave into the mountains and head for Thais, or follow the coastline south to another small village. Go south, as the monsters you will encounter here are slightly easier to handle than those through the cave, and you will get a few items here that will be of use later.


In Ravenwood there is another Inn (with another chest containing gold coins) and a General Store where you can upgrade equipment once again. Explore around to find another “level-up” chest, make a donation at the statue of the goddess, and talk to villagers. Make note of a young woman named Linia, who has come to Ravenwood to get away from her crazy Great Grandma Nora. You will need to return to her later in the game. As you talk to everyone, you learn the villagers are in fear of a beast in the woods that has been killing people.


With new equipment and the party restored, head out into the Shadow Woods south west of Ravenwood, returning to rest and get further equipment upgrades as necessary.



Shadow Woods


At the entrance to Shadow Woods is another Magic Express station. Duck inside to flip the switch, then continue exploring the area, finding chests and battling Green Dragonflies and Foxes as you go. Have Ean and Rye attack, and Iya use the strongest spell from her Song Sphere. When you eventually reach a small cabin in the woods, go inside.


The woodsman here also mentions the beast that the villagers spoke of earlier. He tells you he has a plan and a trap, and is determined to rid the woods of this creature. Then he abruptly leaves, allowing you to find your own way out. Note the chest in his cabin – you will not be able to open it yet, but remember that it's there.


Leave the cabin and continue your explorations. At the end of one of the paths is a cave that leads you into the lair of this beast. When you get a message saying “This is a dangerous cave. Would you like to save your game?” you know you're at the right spot. You really do want to save your game – perhaps in more than one slot.


Inside, you discover the woodsman, lying on the ground and injured. He urges you to finish the task he started. Go up the first set of stairs, across the bridge above the trap, and up the second set of stairs. Walk around to the boulder on the upper level, stand on the right side of it and step towards it. The boulder falls off the edge of the upper level, onto the second boulder below, and both are smashed to pieces. Though free to come out, the beast will stay where he is until you go back down the stairs onto his level. You may have to walk a little closer to him before he will start following you, but when he does, you need to be quick. Run back across the bridge to the switch on the other side. If the beast is a distance behind you, take advantage of the little time you have up your sleeve to save your game again – if your timing is a little off and you release the trap before the beast is in the right spot (or even worse, AFTER the beast has gone past the right spot), this will be a good restore point so you can try again. Now, as the beast chases you, wait for him to get onto the bridge just above the trap, and flip the switch. If your timing is right, you now have a trapped beast and can stop holding your breath (you WERE holding your breath, weren't you?) If your timing was off and the beast is on the other side of the bridge, you can wait for him to step back, reset the trap, and when he starts across the bridge flip the switch again. If your timing was off and the beast is on YOUR side of the bridge... well, our condolences, and there IS that saved game that you made just a moment ago.


At some point, even if it takes a few attempts, you find yourself with a beast in a trap. Go down to the lower level and take a look at it (click on it or press space while facing it). Ean thinks the villagers in Ravenwood will know what to do with it. But when you try to leave, the woodsman tells you to retrieve “the relic” first. Reset the trap and cross the bridge again, going all the way into the lair. A small wooden statue sits on a table. When you touch it, the woodsman appears at the cave entrance, ordering you to pick it up. Ean goes to pick up the relic, and suddenly transforms into the beast and back into his own form again! The woodsman insists Ean take the transfigurine, stressing that assuming the form of the beast may be the only thing to save Ean “in this cursed world”. Succumbing to his injuries, the woodsman falls down, dead. Pick up the transfigurine, and leave the beast's lair. Just a few steps above the cave, another transfigurine now sits in the middle of the path. This one is in the form of an elf.


Transfigurine: During his quest, Ean may encounter a number of creatures who have been similarly trapped in different forms by transfigurines. By collecting these small statues (you will have to fight for any future ones, initiating the battle yourself as their “protectors” will not come to you) and selecting them from the list of Items, Ean, who happens to be a shapeling, has the abilitiy to transform into any one of these creatures (he must transform prior to a battle, as they are not available when battles are in progress). Each form gives him a special battle ability, listed under Skills. When using these abilities, Ean will begin to use up his MP reserve, so now you need to carry enough MP restoring items for both Ean and Iya.


Use the Beast Transfigurine now to change Ean into his beast form, and practice with his Claw skill (which is not related in any way to the claw weapons he can equip), as you explore any remaining areas in Shadow Woods then make your way back out. Remember to stop off at the woodsman's cabin on your way – in his current state, he probably has no use for whatever is in that chest.


Return to Ravenwood and cross the bridge near the entrance, as well as the one on the other side of the Inn. Enter the house there and talk to Hector. After telling him where to find the beast, make use of the Inn if needed, then leave Ravenwood and follow the coastline back up to your canoe.



Green Weed Plains


Enter the cave in the mountains. At this point, you may be levelled up enough to fight the monsters here without having to upgrade equipment. Save your game and try a few battles – if it proves too difficult, leave this area and continue to Thais, coming back here to fight, level up, get gold and search for chests, after getting better weapons and armor. The path going north out of Green Weed Plains leads to a chest on the world map. If you go here, remember the monsters will respawn when you go back, and you will have to fight at least some of them again.


To reach Thais, follow the path all the way to the east, stopping at the small cave near the end to turn on the switch in the Magic Express. When you leave Green Weed Plains and return to the World Map, there is a cave in the mountains to the east, and an entrance in the forest to the north, and you also have access to the large city you saw from the canoe. For now, go into the city – you will get into the other areas soon enough (you CAN go into the entrance for both areas but you will see that neither will allow you to go far at this stage).

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Thais is a bustling city, and there are many things to see and do here. To the east of the city entrance is the Armory, and directly south of the entrance is the Weaponry. Buy new equipment for everyone (sell items as you unequip them, and return to Green Weed Plains for more battles if you are short of money).


Side Quest: There is a door just a little east of the City Weaponry, leading down into a sewer. Inside is a thief keeping watch over a statue of a young boy. Talk to the thief, who tells you who the statue is. For now you can do nothing to help young Jack, but later you will have the means to save him, and can have him join your party if you like. Jack will be able to open locked chests for you, which always contain good things.


Talk to the villagers and make note of some of the things they tell you. The buildings on the upper level west of the city entrance include a General Store where you can by HP/MP restoratives, and a merchant who sells scrolls and spells. Buy a Serpent Amulet for each member of your party, and as you can afford it, buy up on Lightning Bolt Scrolls.


Continue west to find the Inn (with a chest upstairs) over the aqueduct, then south to the donation box (make a donation). In the building east of the donation box is the Chaos Master, who invites Iya to join the Chaos Guild, which practices weather magic.


Guilds: During the quest, you will encounter four guild masters. Iya may join any one of them, but only one, so you will need to choose. Before joining a guild, Iya must fight the guild master, and if successful, becomes a guild member, and receives a gown representing her new guild, and a special Sphere that can be equipped in place of the Song Sphere, allowing her to learn new spells based on that guild's theme. Be wary – Iya faces the guild masters alone, so she needs to be well levelled up, with the best equipment, and strong spells or purchased scrolls. Keep her HP topped up during battles. Save first if you wish, but if Iya loses a battle, she is allowed to leave, train a little, and return for further attempts (you will need to revive her with a Cassia Leaf).


Side Quest: In the mansion at the water's edge (below the donation box) lives Raquel, who needs help to prove the deed to her deceased father's mansion, which his arch-rival Mordock claims to have, is a fake. Go upstairs in her house and notice the clock that seems to be running fast. Take the key from beside the bed and use it in the clock, then return to Raquel with your discovery. The reward she gives you will be very useful if you choose to take Gavin, the warlock, into your party later (otherwise you can sell it).


Finally make your way to Thais Castle, west of Raquel's house, and speak to Prince Uthar (he is the one busily pacing in the throne room). After discussing recent events, he invites you to join the resistance that is forming against the Snow Queen. Accept his offer, and he gives you your first mission – to deliver a letter to Princess Ella IV of Candar.


Return to Green Weed Plains to battle some more if you haven't yet covered that area or don't have enough funds for the best equipment available for all your party. The bridge to Candar, which was broken if you stepped into the forest north of Thais earlier, is now repaired, but you are possibly not strong enough to handle all the enemies in that area yet. So for now, head east into the cave leading into the mountains for some more levelling up.



Graystone Pass / Graystone Caves


The entrance to Graystone Pass is blocked by fallen boulders. However, if you checked the woodsman's cottage in Shadow Woods and opened the chest, Rye will quickly take care of the obstacle.


There is little to do in this area but battle. The Cliff Spiders and Hawks in the open areas should be reasonably easy for you to defeat, but the Poison Snakes and Cave Rats inside will be more difficult. Make sure everyone has Serpent Amulets equipped.


As you explore, make note of the locations of the Rare Magic Dealer, the blue chest and the giant chicken (so that guy in Thais wasn't telling stories!) as you will need to return to at least some of these later. You may also find your way back to the world map with access to a desert or a swampy area. For now, just try and remember the route, as both will be visited later.


Transfigurine: If you encounter a large Cyclops character, he is guarding a transfigurine that you may obtain for Ean. Should you choose to battle, make sure everyone is well equipped and HP/MP are all topped up, and save your game. There is a chest just below him that will restore the entire party, but if you are almost topped up you may choose to use items instead, and save that for after the battle. You may also choose to leave him there and return when you have a fourth party member.


Return now, rest at the Thais Inn if necessary, and head through the forest entrance on your way to Candar.



Brightwood Forest


Uthar warned that the Snow Queen's guards were blocking the main road to Candar, so for now you should not travel on the main path heading west. Instead, follow the path to the north and east, and after you cross the second bridge, leave the path and continue north. You will encounter an enemy band around here, and if you wish to avoid a conflict, you can lead them back down towards the path, then duck around the trees and run past them. If you do fight them, you can go all the way north into a small clearing, where a golden orb hovers above a pedestal. This is the Phoenix Sphere, which will become Iya's most powerful shield and give her her greatest spells later in the game (if you have been dutifully making donations at the statues in each town). Just north of the enemies you passed or fought, there is a set of steps in the cliff. Climb them and go west, then go down the steps on the other side of the plateau – unfortunately you will not be able to dodge the enemies waiting for you here. When you are through with them, continue north and follow the route up and around to the west. Stop at the cave to activate the Magic Express, then go west again and when you meet up with the main road (you have gone around the Shaenlir soldiers) follow it north.





Above you on the world map is the beautiful Candar, the city of love. Enter, explore around, talk to people. Leave upgrading your equipment until you are ready to leave, as you will find a few things in here that will save you some money.


Party Interaction: In the broad way immediately north of the city entrance, Selena is selling golden rings for 600 gold coins. If you have Ean buy one for Iya, they will gain an attraction point. Attraction points are needed to have your players marry at, or towards the end of the game. You can see attraction points in the menu, when you choose Profile from the list.


Side Quest: In the grassy area below the city wall is Ivanna, a romance novelist who has lost her manuscript. Speak to her, then go through the city and after climbing the stairs head east to the large, impressive mansion. Inside, talk to Beatrice, who denies any knowledge of the manuscript, then leave her house. Exit the city and return again, and now Beatrice is standing in the broad way signing copies of her latest romance novel. With her out of the house, slip back in and inspect the book on her little table. Then return to Ivanna below the city.


Go back into the city, this time following the western footpath. When you find the statue of the goddess, make another donation.


Side Quest: In the charming little house south west of the statue lives Rothwell, a jeweller. His tools have rusted and he is unable to cut stones. You cannot help him now, but during your travels you may be able to aquire a new toolkit for him.


Go up through the steps on the main thoroughfare again, and this time go to the house on the west, where you meet Emma, the young maid who dearly wants to attend the School of War and Magic in Thais. If you offer to pay for her schooling (500 gold coins), she will come with you on your quest after she graduates.


Finally, make your way into the castle and deliver Uthar's letter to Princess Ella. She gives you another to take back to Uthar. Before you leave, wander through the palace looking for any chests. Eventually you find yourself in the Royal Garden. Speak to the woman there, then try to open the door in the back wall of the garden. When you discover it is locked (you still have to try it first), speak to the man nearby. Ulric, the groundskeeper, refuses to let you through to his secret garden, but will consider changing his mind if you find him an “amazing sonnet”.


Return through Candar, visiting the remaining houses (including those you may have gone into earlier – some of them have chests), and upgrade your equipment and buy any other items you might need.


Now that you have better equipment, head back into Brightwood Forest again, this time prepared to battle any foe you meet (except the Shaenlir guards, who you still want to avoid). Locate the Phoenix Sphere, if you chose not to fight when coming through the other way – just so you know where it is when you're ready to collect it. If you follow the original path all the way through to the east, you arrive at Grimm's Farm. For now you are just sightseeing, but later you will be able to purchase the farm and sleep here free (top up HP/MP for all the active party), and can even buy pets to keep here (free eggs and milk, anyone?). Continue exploring Brightwood Forest, remembering when you leave it for the world map, monsters will respawn. There are a good number of chests to locate here, and you will level up nicely in the process.


When you are done, return to Thais and deliver Ella's letter to Uthar.

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Finding Uthar's Agent


Ella's letter gives details of a secret weapon that can be found in Eredar, on the Land of the Lost. Uthar orders you to travel to the desert oasis Seri, and find his agent, Rip, who will assist with transportation. Talk to Uthar again, and he advises to take his younger brother, Nicolas, along. Nicolas is the best healer in the land, and as you still only have three active party members it would be advantageous to take him at this time, even if you wish to replace him with Gavin later.


Nicolas can be found in the castle, through the left door. The door on the right leads to the School of War and Magic, where Emma is learning the art of swordmanship, if you offered to pay for her schooling when in Candar. She will not come with you yet, but her progress indicates she will graduate early.



Grimm's Farm


Party Interaction: Anytime from now you may return through Brightwood Forest to Grimm's Farm. When you arrive, observe the notice stuck to the sign at the front gate – read it. Now go inside and talk to Gisselle, who offers to sell you the farm for 3,000 gold coins. If you buy the farm you may sleep here at any time for no cost, and you may purchase animals to keep here. Remember the folks in Ryva who were selling chickens and cows? Buying these will give you free eggs and milk (after collecting eggs and milk, it takes an hour of game time for “restocking”).


Buying the farm is essential if you want any of the special endings for the characters (Ean/Iya marriage, Emma/Rye marriage, Ava/Gavin marriage, Nicolas becoming a nice guy), but is not necessary for completing the game.



Toadstump Marsh


Head into Graystone Pass, but take a few detours before going to Seri.


First, if you have Nicolas and plan on keeping him, return to the Rare Magic Dealer (in the small cave above the first set of steps) and have him learn some shielding spells. There are six to learn, each one more expensive than the last. There is no delay between learning spells.


Now head south in Graystone Pass, through the narrow walk-way made by the cliffs, and the well-hidden exit immediately below. Have one of your party equip the Lucky Charm if you helped Ivanna in Candar – the Flying Toads here have an awesome Frog Song spell that puts the entire party to sleep, and if they manage to cast it, you could dream your way to a peaceful death! Lucky Charm protects against may states, including sleep. If you have Nicolas equip it, he can then use his Awake spell on another party member.


If you choose to explore and battle in Toadstump Marsh rather than making your way through to Bogwood immediately, save in two slots before entering the area, then regularly save over one of those before each battle (two slots in case you decide you need to leave to level up more – you don't want to be stuck in the middle of Toadstump Marsh with few restoratives and have to battle your way back out again).


To go straight to Bogwood, head east and cross over a bridge, then take the first branch south and continue going south until you have to go around to the east again. Stop in the cave and activate the Magic Express station as you pass.





On entering Bogwood, the first house you see belongs to Heptitus, the Nymph of Wickedness. This is one of the blessings needed by Iya. Read the sign in front of her house (this is essential) then go in. Heptitus refuses to provide the blessing, but may reconsider if you find her an acting agent. The acting agent is in the large building in the southeast of Bogwood (you may also use the Inn here if necessary). She requires an Actor's Guild card, so you need to return and see if Heptitus has one. After leaving Heptitus again, speak to people in the area. Gretel (in the northeastern corner) claims Mimpsey Mara, the famous child actor, stole her report card, because her mother, Agatha, only allows her to act if she gets good grades. Find Mimpsey Mara's house (above Heptitus') and look at the report card on the table, then return to Gretel. To prove the report card was stolen, enter the Bogwood School of Witchcraft (the building in the northeast) and speak to Professor Drake. Before he assists you, he requires some swamp slime for an experiment. If you battled some Swamp Slimes on your way through Toadstump Marsh, you may have picked some up already – talk to the Professor again – otherwise you need to return to Toadstump Marsh and battle Swamp Slimes until you collect some when looting. Once Professor Drake has his swamp slime, he leaves to talk to Agatha. Return to her house and talk to her to obtain the Actor's Guild card. Give it to Heptitus who, true to her nature, refuses to grant the blessing and leaves. Search around her house after she has gone, and you will find the blessing.


In the building housing the Acting Agent and the Inn you find the warlock Gavin. All the witches are in love with him, and he tires of their attention and asks to join you on your quest. At this point you need to decide whether to take Gavin along or Nicolas, as both detest each other and will not travel together. Should you change your mind at any time, you can simply return to Thais to have Nicolas rejoin, or to Bogwood to recruit Gavin. If you take Gavin, stop at the merchant and get him some good equipment, and also have him learn the spell you received if you helped Raquel in Thais (select it from your list of Items).


Side Quest: Helga can be found between the houses of Agatha (Mimpsey's mother) and Heptitus. She has entered the Scariest Witch pageant, but her warts have suddenly disappeared! Find her a warty toad (in the northeast of Toadstump Marsh), and as a reward, receive softening cream that can be used on a certain statue in a Thais sewer.


Side Quest: Hilda is wandering around below the acting stage. With Calliope's Wand, she can put a spell on “that hunk Gavin” to make him fall in love with her. Calliope's Wand is in Toadstump Marsh – go right back to the original entrance, and head south and then east to find it. You must find Calliope's Wand if you wish to have Ean and Iya, or Ava and Gavin, marry.


Return to Thais and get Jack if you have the softening cream. When he runs away, go and look for him in the obvious place a thief with his bad luck would end up – Thais Jail (near the castle). With Jack in your party you will be able to open locked blue chests.


Go back into Graystone Pass and into the cave guarded by the two Cliff Spiders and the Hawk. Climb the steps and head northwest through the inner cave. This will be a “return” spot as there are a couple of little tasks you may need to do here.


If you have Jack and Gavin, follow the caves to the north and east out into the open, go up the steps and over the bridge (there's that giant chicken again) and down into the other cave, and collect the item from the blue chest, then go back to your “return” spot.


Transfigurine: If you haven't yet tackled that cyclops, having four in your party now will give you a better chance (he is almost immune to Chicken Curse, so don't waste your time or your scrolls). To reach him, take the caves to the south and east and follow through until you get back out into the open, then return to this point again.


Finally, back to Uthar's original task – reaching Seri and finding his agent, Rip. From your “return” spot, follow the caves southwest and once you get into the open area, head right (it may look like the map ends, but when it does you reach the world map).


Enter Seri Desert and immediately follow the path all the way to the east (ignore any detours), dodging around the Salamanders and Scorpions until you get better equipment – you will very likely do badly against them in a battle at this stage (it may be a good idea to save, just in case you can't dodge some). Enter the cave and turn on the Magic Express as you go.





In Seri, explore around looking in buildings for chests, make a donation at the statue of the goddess, and wander through the open-air markets in the east of the city (at this stage, wait until you're ready to leave Seri before upgrading equipment, as you can find some armor and save a little bit of money).


Side Quest: In the north of Seri, above the marketplace, two thugs are about to cream poor Rasmen. You can offer to pay his debt and save his life, even if you have to go and collect the money and return later. After you save him, go south to the market, and look for him standing up against a wall there. He will give you something that may be of use later in the game (only of interest if you own Grimm's Farm).


In the house in the northeast corner is Firoz, who laments that the Sultan stole his love from him. Go into the palace and find Simini through the door on the right. She begs you to convince the Sultan to set her free so she can marry Firoz. Speak to the Sultan, and he will agree to let her go if you can find him something “more exotic” than Simini. Search through the palace for chests then leave. Continue exploring the city.


One of the buildings below the palace is the Mage Guild quarters, where, if Iya has not already become a Chaos Mistress, she has the opportunity to become a Mage. Mages practice battle magic.


The tavern, in the southeast corner of the city (beside the Mage building) is where you meet Rip. Talk to the purple-haired woman wearing a patch over one eye. Follow her into a smaller room where you can talk about your mission. She leaves, telling you to meet her in a cove in the Seri Desert. Return to the marketplace, buy any additional equipment and items necessary, rest at the Inn, save, and head back to the desert.



Seri Desert


To find Rip (aka Ava One Eye), follow the path back through the desert, but when it branches, go south instead of up the steps. Continue south until you reach an opening heading east and go that way. Enter the cave near the water's edge, and talk to Ava, who is waiting for you inside.


She orders you to find an anchor, some dynamite and some pirate sails. Leave the cave and follow the shore south to a chest, which contains the anchor. Dynamite can be found in a chest in one of the Seri buildings. The sails can be purchased from a merchant in the Seri marketplace (he will not sell them to you until Ava asks for them). You can choose to buy either white Imperial sails, or black Pirate sails – your choice has no effect on the rest of your journey. While at the market, look for a woman dressed in blue who sells ropes, and buy one from her. You will need it to complete another quest shortly.


Side Quest: Sabriyya is an old hermit woman living in a cave in the northeast of Seri Desert (go up the steps and leave the path, heading northwest). She is on the lookout for salamander egg. If you have purchased Grimm's Farm, you can find a salamander in the nesting grounds in the southern part of the desert (back down the steps, continue all the way south). Return it to her, then go and find something else to do for another hour, before coming back. If the egg hatched a golden salamander you can buy the armor Sabriyya made, but if it hatched a red salamander you can have it taken to Grimm's Farm.


Party Interaction: If you wish to marry Emma and Rye, you MUST get the red salamander for Grimm's Farm. After you get the egg and before giving it to Sabriyya, save your game in a new slot and leave that slot untouched for the next hour. If a gold salamander hatched (a 1 in 5 chance), you need to load your saved game, give her the egg again, and find something to do for another hour then come back. Even though Sabriyya asks you to bring any more eggs you find to her, this is the only salamander egg you can obtain.


With dynamite, sails and anchor in hand (and the rope), return to the pirate's cave and give them to Ava. Allow her to join the party and you now have a new form of transportation. Ava wishes to talk to Uthar before you begin searching for the Land of the Lost, so return to Thais to the castle. With the ship, you can dock anywhere you like, as long as there is a bare area to climb out onto.

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If you offered to pay for Emma's schooling, she has now graduated, and is happy to come along and help you on your quest as she promised. If you wish to recruit her, go to the School of War and Magic through the right door of Thais Castle, where she is waiting.


Party Interaction: At this point you should decide whether you want the Ava/Gavin or the Nice Nicolas ending, as now is where you start putting things in motion for interaction between party members, and you cannot have both of these endings. Some of the things below can be done while you are taking care of other quests (see the section “Tidying Up Loose Ends” below), to save you going back and forth.





After some catching up about old times (just what DID Ava and Uthar get themselves into?), Uthar asks Ava to teach his younger brother to have some respect for commoners. If you wish to make Nicolas a nice guy, go and find him if he is not already in your party (door on left), and have him join you (Gavin, if you recruited him, will return to Bogwood). Nicolas must stay in your party now, in order for Ava to “gently guide” him.


Leave the castle and return through Thais towards the entrance. On your way, notice a beggar standing against a wall (he's hard to miss – he's the only new person there), and talk to him. After Nicolas responds, talk to some other villagers and see how his actions are now affecting the citizens. In particular, the people you need to talk to are:


* the woman with the red beret and green cloak walking near you

* the young woman near the castle discussing with her friend how handsome the princes are

* the man whose friend claims he saw a giant chicken (they are near the large town clock)

* the young man in blue clothes with brown hair, walking around near the town clock

* the woman in purple clothes with black hair, walking around near the town clock


Return to the beggar, and at his request, give him cheese, and hand cheese out to the other citizens as well (go and buy some if you don't have at least 6 rounds of cheese in your Items)


Go back to Bogwood and talk to Dredel, the witch giving away presents.



Ava and Gavin


With Ava and Gavin in the party, go to Grimm's Farm (buy it now, if you haven't done so already). Enter Grimm's Cottage, change your leader to Ava, and talk to Gavin.


Go back to Bogwood and talk to Dredel, the witch giving away presents.



Emma and Rye


When you return to Seri Palace, go through the door on the left, and find the tournament sign-up sheet. Emma will enter and can immediately face her first opponent. When Rye scoffs at her, accept the wager she offers.


Seri Tournament: The Tournament is optional – it is not necessary in order to complete the game, but it is necessary for Emma to enroll, and fight, in order to have her and Rye marry later in the game. If you wish Emma to win the whole tournament, save the game before each round – if she loses one round, she may not take part in any others, so you will need to load a saved game and try again. Emma and Rye can marry whether she wins or loses, but she must see it through to the end – one way or the other. Tournament rounds are 45 minutes apart (game time, not real time – you must be doing something in the game while this time passes). Note that ALL of the entrants in the tournament are susceptible to Chicken Curse, so you may want to make sure you have a few scrolls spare each time you return for another bout, just in case you find them a little hard to handle.

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You still have to find that “exotic something” for the Sultan, and what could be more exotic than a giant chicken, or its egg? Return to Graystone Pass and find your way back to the nest (through the cave near the waterfall, up the steps and go northwest, then from the large opening go northeast). When you arrive, the chicken has left her nest, leaving an egg of massive proportions behind. Attach the rope to the wooden stake, then climb down and retrieve the egg.


Return to Seri and deliver the egg to the Sultan, who happily allows Simini to go. Find her in the house with Firoz, north of the marketplace, and collect your reward – a love sonnet. Hmmm – don't we know someone who is looking for an “amazing sonnet”?


While in the area, take the ship east to the Land of the Lost. The only place to dock is at the very southern tip. At Dead Man's Canyon, walk right up to the cliffs, to initiate a conversation between Ava and Ean, resulting in the need to return to Uthar again for further direction.


Sail around the top of Seri and visit Candar, where you can give Ulric his sonnet and gain access to the secret garden, and Iya can receive a blessing from Ceri, the Nymph of Love.


Party Interaction: If you seek an Ean/Iya marriage and have purchased Grimm's Farm, visit Renna, whose kittens will now be old enough to leave home, and get one (for Iya, not for Ean). It will be taken to the farm.


Side Quest: Stop in to see Lenora, the dressmaker. She has run out of silk and cannot finish a wedding dress. You will be able to help her later in the game (you must talk to her and learn that she's run out first though). This quest is necessary for the Ean/Iya marriage ending.


Transfigurine: Sail down the eastern coast towards Thais, stopping at Grimm's Farm on the way. A giant chicken is terrorizing the workers! (Wonder where that came from...) Talk to Bedella, then go up to the chicken and initite a battle.


Finally, sail down to the clearing near Thais and return to Uthar with the news that there is no entrance to the Land of the Lost. He tells of an Oracle, of Aveyond, in the writings of his great-grandmother, Rhen Pendragon, and gives the order to search for her, believing she holds the key to reaching Eredar.

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Stardale Glen


Sail south of the mainland, and dock at the closest large island, The Wildlands, on the northern shore. Go into the forest there, and read the sign you see beside the pond. This is the home of Serendipity, the Nymph of Luck, but she is nowhere to be seen.


After a rather unexpected series of events, go back to your ship and follow the coastline around to the east, stopping at the small village on the other side.





In Verashema, make a donation at the statue of the goddess, walk around, talk to people, look for chests in buildings.


You will have much more to do here later in the game, so when you meet someone named Gulliver, remember where to find him again.


Upgrade your equipment and top up on supplies (Elixir, only sold here, is the top-of-the-range HP restorer aside from the few valuable Tinctura Hypericum vials you might find, so stock up), then leave town through the cliffs behind the General Store and the Inn.



Shivendale Woods


Explore around the woods, fighting Purple Dragonflies and Red Fairies as you go (Chicken Curse works wonders here, as does Nicolas' LULLABY spell if you have him and he is at a high enough level).


Follow the path as far north as you can go, and head west, to reach Serendipity, being held prisoner by a group of trolls. Fight them and free her, and before she leaves, she tells you to meet her back in Stardale Glen.


Transfigurine: In the very southwest of Shivendale Woods is a Griffin – another unsuspecting soul trapped by a transfigurine. Fight it to add another form to Ean's growing collection.


Party Interaction: If Gavin is in your party and you have followed the directions above concerning Grimm's Farm, talk to the man who grows magic mushrooms for another scene (and attraction point) between Gavin and Ava.



Jewel (Dwarf) Mines / The Burrow


The Jewel Mines are accessed from the southeast area of Shivendale Woods. Explore through, looking for chests, battling to level up. There is a merchant hiding in a cave here, and also the Burrow, overrun with mini-dwarfs.


Side Quest: Search thoroughly through The Burrow, and in a chest is a jeweller's toolkit, which you can take back to Rothwell next time you visit Candar.


When you have finished exploring these areas, remember to go back to the north side of the island and visit Serendipity, to receive Iya's blessing of luck.


If it has been 45 minutes since the last tournament round, you can now go back and have Emma face a new opponent (remember to save first if you want her to win all five rounds).

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Happily Ever After


Sail to the second large island, further south, and dock in the southwest area. Enter the forest there, and follow the path all the way east, avoiding conflicts where possible. To get across the bridge, lure the Kings of Hearts towards you and when the bridge is clear, run up and around them. Other enemies will be easier to dodge.


When you arrive in Happily Ever After, once again explore and talk to everyone. Make a donation, look for chests. There is a lot to see and do here.


Side Quest: Near the town well is a warthog who is looking for a wife. You need to find someone who would be interested in a husband who is hairy and covered with warts. Perhaps a trip to Bogwood is in order? Specifically, Hilda, who earlier requested Calliope's Wand. You will have reason to head back to the mainland a little later, so don't make a special trip – just keep it in mind. Hilda will ask for a picture of the prospective husband, so return here, get a portrait from the warthog, and take it back to her. Then meet them back in Happily Ever After for your “reward”.


Party Interaction: Talk to the woman selling fairy love spells, and buy one from her, to gain an attraction point between Ean and Iya.


If you bought Grimm's Farm, saved Rasmen from the thugs, and spoke to him in the Seri market afterwards, he would have given you some magic bean seeds. The girl in front of the Magic Shop in Happily Ever After will give you her goat in exchange for the seeds. The goat is useful for keeping the grass and weeds down on the farm.


Immediately below her is the Enchanters' Guild – the entrance is on the other side of the building, so you do not see a door to go through. Simply follow the path down as far as you can go. If Iya has not joined the Chaos or Mage guilds, she now has an opportunity to become an Enchantress. Enchanters use the power of persuasion to overcome their foes.


Side Quest: Doyle, the tailor in the southwest house, has lost his tailor's kit and needs help finding it. You may be able to locate it later in the game and return it to him.


Make note of the house where the apothecary resides – you may need to return to her later in the game. At the Inn, talk to Rapunzel, who tells you where to find Aveyond, and that you need a guide to reveal the way.


If you haven't already found it, look for a chest behind the Enchanters' building. Upgrade your equipment (the General Store is southwest of the Enchanters' building) and buy what you need from the Magic Shop (Blizzard Scrolls will come in very handy later, so if you can't afford them yet, at least remember they are here). Leave Happily Ever After, and either venture back into Dogwort Plains, or go north into Fairytale Forest.



Fairytale Forest


In the southeast corner of the forest is the home of Aisling, Nymph of Hope, but she, too, is missing. Explore around, and find a cottage belonging to a Wicked Witch – no doubt the same one who turned the prince into a warthog. The mirror at the back of her house will be of interest, but you need to come back when she is away.


Side Quest: In the southwest of the forest is a small cave inhabited by a Black Widow spider. She invites you in. Go and talk to her, and she asks you to find some glow moths to light her cave (if she only winks at you, it is because you have not spoken to Lenora in Candar since getting Ava's ship).


There is little more to do here, other than battle. However Fairytale Forest is an excellent place to level up and get valuable loot after defeating enemies, so you may want to hang around here a little longer, returning to Happily Ever After as needed, to gain a few levels and a respectable amount of gold. Remember any gemstones dropped can be sold.



Dogwort Plains


Explore around Dogwort Plains – with equipment from Happily Ever After you are now in a much better position for battling in this area. Some of the Spoon monsters will drop silver spoons. If you sell them, make sure you keep one for yourself, as you will need it for another quest soon.


The path leading out of Dogwort Plains to the north takes you to Mirror Mansion, but at this point the door is locked. Remember how to get here, as you will return later.


Side Quest: In the southwest area you encounter a troll standing on a bridge, refusing to let you pass. You need to find something strong enough to move him, if you wish to get at whatever he is guarding. This does not add a new quest to your journal, but it is related to another side quest. Remember where he is, as you may find something a little later that is strong enough to move him.



The Mists


Take your ship around to the west of Storybook Island, and go into the forest there. This is a quiet place, and by now you will easily defeat the few Fairy Toads that come to meet you.


Explore around – the Guide mentioned by Rapunzel is not here, but there is a cloak belonging to Gulliver that has been dropped, leading Iya to think perhaps Gulliver might know what is wrong with this place. There is also a blue chest which, if you have Jack in your party, opens to reveal a magic picklock. From now on, you can also open red chests, which contain the best weapons and armor available – most of which cannot be purchased in shops.


Continue exploring, and when you find a Moon Rose in the southwest area, take it with you. There are also glow moths here, but you discover you need to have something to catch them in. There is also a sign here announcing the supposed location of Aveyond, but anything that once existed has been caved in now.



Finding the Guide


The only clue you have as to the whereabouts of Aveyond and the Guide, is Gulliver's lost cloak. Return to Verashema and take it back to him. When questioned about The Mists, Gulliver feigns ignorance, abruptly dismissing you. Talk to the woman in the other room in his house. She offers to help you find the Guide, if you first help her. You should already have the Moon Rose, Nectar and Silver Spoon she requests so talk to her again straight away (if you don't have them, the Moon Rose is in The Mists, the Nectar is in a chest in Happily Ever After, and the Silver Spoon is looted from a Spoon monster in Dogwort Plains). When you follow her directions, you realize you need a way to get Gulliver out of the house.


Note: if you return to Verashema and Gulliver is not there, you have likely not gone to Land of the Lost and Dead Man's Canyon after getting the Ship. Return and do that now, then talk to Uthar who will tell you to find the Oracle. By the time you get back to Verashema, Gulliver will have returned.


Return to one of the cities or towns on the mainland and look for a flyer advertising the Ravenwood Beast.


Side Quest: If you have the quest to help the warthog find a wife, take this opportunity to go to Bogwood and talk to Hilda near the Casting Agent's building. Also collect a beast flyer, pinned to the wall outside Mimpsey Mara's house.


Take the flyer back to Gulliver, who immediately departs for Ravenwood. With him out of the way, go into his workshop and mix the potion, and give it to Phoebe. Suddenly she transforms into a unicorn! Identifying herself as the Guide, or Guardian of The Mists, she tells you to meet her back there, then vanishes.


Side Quest: If you spoke to Hilda in Bogwood, return to Happily Ever After now and get a portrait from the beast. Take it back to Hilda, then go to Happily Ever After once more to meet them. Collect your reward from the warthog/prince before making your way to The Mists again, where you may now collect glow moths for the Black Widow.


Party Interaction: If you have Gavin in the party and he is persuing Ava, talk again to Hilda when she is in Happily Ever After, for an additional attraction point between Gavin and Ava.


In The Mists, return to the Aveyond sign where Phoebe, the Guide, is waiting. She reveals the way to Aveyond. Enter the temple to find the Oracle. Talk to her, and she advises a dragon is the only way to reach Eredar, and gives you an ancient tablet to open the way into Fire Rock where the dragons dwell. As you leave, she calls Iya back, offering her an apology for concealing an important piece of information about her quest. The Oracle had earlier explained the necessity to receive blessings from the Six Nymphs – Heptitus for wickedness, Ceri for love, Serendipity for luck, Aisling for hope, Nuha for wisdom, and Ishtar for compassion. What she had failed to reveal, is that Ishtar...is the Snow Queen! Iya is devastated – the Nymph of Compassion, from whom she must receive a blessing, is the very woman trying to kill her! The Oracle explains that Ishtar is also a prisoner and in need of saving, and that Iya must find it within herself to defeat that which would destroy her.





Return to the house of the Wicked Witch in Fairytale Forest. She is nowhere to be seen, so inspect the mirror at the back of her house. Break it, to reveal a hidden a hidden cove containing a mirror key. With the key, return to the Mirror Mansion in the north of Dogwort Plains. Inside, looking through mirrors will transport you from one room to another (only the clear mirrors – the “foggy” ones, where you can see faces, do not do this). Look through the rooms for chests as you explore. For the direct route to Aisling, who is imprisoned here, go through the mirror on the left side on the back wall. Walk down and around to the right, and again take the mirror on the left of the back wall. Climb the stairs, walk down and to the left, and take the mirror on the left of the back wall once again. Walk down, right around to the left and into the room at the back, and through the mirror there. Climb the stairs to reach the room where Aisling is being held. After defeating the Blue Blaze and setting Aisling free (she also tells you to meet her back in her glen), walk through the mirror at the back of that room, to be transported back outside.


Go back to Fairytale Forest and find Aisling near the pond in the southeast corner, and Iya receives her blessing of hope.


Side Quest: If you collected glow moths from The Mists, return them to the Black Widow spider in her cave in Fairytale Forest.


Party Interaction: If you have Nicolas in your party and Uthar asked Ava to teach him to show more respect to commoners, return to the house of the Wicked Witch, and look at the green mirror on her table.


Side Quest: If Lenora told you she had run out of silk and you have given the Black Widow her glow moths, take the bolt of silk she gave you as a reward back to Candar to Lenora. Give the ribbon she hands you to Iya for an additional attraction point.


Side Quest: If you found the jeweller's toolkit, take it to Rothwell. Leave Candar then return immediately to get the gift he has made to thank you for your trouble.


If it has been 45 minutes since the last tournament round, you can return to Seri and have Emma face a new opponent.


Side Quest: Go to Ravenwood and meet Gulliver, who is disgusted to find the “magical creature” he expected was no more than a man who had been trapped by a transfigurine. While he refuses to change him back into a man, he tells you an alchemist would be able to create an antiwere salve that would do the job. Return to Happily Ever After and talk to the alchemist there, then go to Ravenwood to get the beast hair, and to The Woodlands (the quickest way is to use the Magic Express between Shadow Woods and the Woodlands), where Thistleroot is growing in that damp clump of loose earth near the waterfall between Ryva and Spire Mountain. Return to the alchemist in Happily Ever After, then take the antiwere salve to Ravenwood and pour it on the beast.


Phoenix Sphere: If you changed the Ravenwood Beast back into a man and made a donation to every statue of the goddess you found, you should now have 10 Karma points (go to Profiles in the menu, and select any party member). If so, you may now return to Brightwood Forest and claim the Phoenix Sphere and equip it for Iya, so she immediately starts learning her most powerful spells.

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Brimstone Underpass


Sail to the volcanic island (southwest from The Mainland, northwest from Storybook Island) and enter the volcano. Use the ancient tablet given by the Oracle to open the entrance to Brimstone Underpass.


Explore the area, using Blizzard Scrolls if you purchased them in Happily Ever After, looking for chests.


Transfigurine: Brimstone Underpass is home to the Behemoth, who guards another transfigurine. This form is a favourite of mine (shaz) as, apart from the initial Beast, it is the only one whose Plague spell attacks the entire enemy party.



Brimstone Village


Finally, you have arrived at the home of the dragons! While they fly around above you, search through Brimstone Village for chests. Then select a dragon, “talk” to it and answer “Yes” to the “Do you want to capture this dragon?” question. You find yourself back outside the volcano, with the dragon behind you, waiting.


To ride the dragon simply walk under it and press space, or click on it. To dismount, fly over a flat piece of land and press space, or click on the land under the dragon (this can be a little touchy – you may have to try a few times).

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Mount Siren


Now that you have the means of entry, it's time to get back to the earlier task of locating the secret weapon in Eredar. Fly your dragon to the Land of the Lost, and disembark in the grassy area above the city (you have to land above the mountains – you cannot land in the little spot to the immediate north of the city). Enter the cave in the northern mountains.


You are in the northern part of Mount Siren, where there are no enemies to concern you. Step on the glowing “teleporter pads” to zoom up and down to different levels.


Side Quest: At the top of Mount Siren is the Wind Lab, the home of Obert. The troublesome North Wind recently escaped from its bottle, and Obert enlists your help to try and find it. He suspects it is hiding somewhere in White Pass.





Return to your dragon and fly to the grassy area on the other side of the city. Again go through the northern cave into the mountains – to the southern part of Mount Siren. This time there will be beasts to defeat – Hippogryfs and Three-Headed Snakes (equip Serpent Amulets). Make your way to the top using the teleporter pads, searching for chests as you go. Follow the cliffs all the way to the right, back to the world map and Eredar.


When you arrive at Eredar, you find a city deserted and in ruins. Look around for chests, make a donation if you don't yet have 10 Karma points. Find a silver key and pick it up, and also a book lying on the ground. When you open the book you suddenly hear a voice calling for help! Nuha, the Nymph of Wisdom, whose home this is, is trapped inside the empty pages, and needs your help to be set free.



Littlerock Plains


Return to the bottom of Mount Siren, and now take the lower entrance into the trees. Explore around Littlerock Plains.


Transfigurine: When you go down steps and arrive at a small cave, cross the bridge over the stream and go north again to find a Dragar – another transfigurine protector.


When you finish exploring, go into the small cave.



Old Ways


Walk through the caves, fighting and searching for chests. When you arrive at an old doorway, use the silver key from Eredar to open it.


You find yourself in the well-preserved Lost Library. Apart from more chests, the main item of interest here is a sheet of paper sitting on a table in the middle of the room – blueprints for the secret weapon. Browsing through the books on the shelves makes for some interesting reading, and gives a clue as to the missing inhabitants of Eredar.


There is nothing more to do here, so return to your dragon, and fly back to Thais. Uthar's battle engineer, Rayad, glances over the blueprints. He announces that though he will have no trouble building the machine, it appears it can only be manned by a squirrel, who were the apparent inhabitants of Eredar! Not one to be turned aside from the task of defeating the Snow Queen, Uthar gives the order to find a squirrel and bring it back to Thais.






In order to save Nuha, you need to find someone to fill the empty pages of the book with her story. It has to be someone who knows about the history of the Nymphs. In Thais, in the building below the Chaos Master, is Ru, a well-known historian. Give him the book, then leave Thais. Return immediately and he will have finished writing Nuha's story. Read the book to free Nuha, then return to Eredar to meet her and receive Iya's blessing of Wisdom.


By now you should definitely have 10 Karma points. If you haven't already collected the Phoenix Sphere for Iya, go to Brightwood Forest and get it now. Make sure she has it equipped.


If another 45 minutes has passed since the last tournament round, it is time to return so Emma can face her next opponent.



White Pass (The Mainland)


If you feel up to the challenge, stock up on restoratives and head to White Pass (land your dragon near Candar and head into the snowy mountains in the west). This is a very difficult area, though Iya's Phoenix Sphere spells and Nicolas' Lullaby will help. Look around for chests, and enter the Ice Caverns. Here you can find Ean's best weapon among other things.


Personally, I leave White Pass until the very last, just before I return to Shaenlir to face the Snow Queen. The monsters here are stronger than anywhere else in the game, with the exception of the return to Shaenlir. Some people prefer to do White Pass before Land of the Dead, and complete the side quest for Doyle, to receive the smelly shoes, which is why I mention it now.


Side Quest: If Obert has asked you to find the North Wind and you helped the warthog and have a bottle, you can capture the North Wind when you make your way to it through the Ice Caverns (if you filled the bottle with glow moths and took them to the Black Widow, you will still have the empty bottle). After you fight the North Wind and capture it, you need to decide what to do with it. You may return it to Obert, but it also happens to be the only thing strong enough to move that troll off the bridge in Dogwort Plains, so you could use it for that purpose instead (you cannot do both). If you return the North Wind to Obert, he will give you a powerful spell for Gavin in return. Or you can use it (the north wind) to move the troll, and you will find Doyle's tailor's kit, and in return he will allow you to choose between a pair of magic shoes (to increase Ean's magic defense) and a pair of smelly shoes (that, when worn/equipped by Ean, disgusts monsters and drives them away, giving you easy access to the remaining areas).

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Now it is time to go searching for Uthar's squirrel. With White Pass covered, that leaves only one place on the mainland that you haven't been able to fully access – the Underworld Entrance. You may have stopped here straight after getting the canoe, and met the eerie spectre who holds out his hand, waiting for something.


Return to Ryva, to the home of Great Grandma Nora. Eamon tells you Nora just recently passed away, and asks if you will deliver a letter to his sister, Linia, in Ravenwood. Take the Magic Express from The Woodlands to Shadow Woods (or ride your dragon), find Linia near the General Store, and give her the letter. Go back to Ryva and into Eamon's house, and look at the piece of paper on the floor in the bedroom. A death certificate – just the thing to gain entrance to the Underworld!


Take the death certificate to the spectre in the Underworld Entrance, and proceed through to the Land of the Dead.






Cursed Woods


Explore the Cursed Woods, aware that the Vampire Bats and Ghosts require different tactics in battle. Vampire Bats have high defense against magic attacks, and ghosts have high defense against physical attacks, so you need to use a combination depending on how many of each you face.


Transfigurine: In the southwest of Cursed Woods is a Vampire – the final transfigurine protector you will encounter in the game.


Make your way through the winding path back to the world map, and Casket Hill.



Casket Hill


The first building you reach in Casket Hill is the Necromancer guild. This is the final guild, and the most powerful, and if Iya has not joined one of the other three, she may now fight the Necromancer and gain entry into the guild. Necromancers use death magic, and their mere presence can instill fear in an opponent.


The building above the steps is the General Store. It is important to note that the weapons and armor you purchase here are cursed (enemies in Two Moons Plains also drop cursed armor sometimes). Cursed weapons inflict the cursed status on the opponent, unless they are immune. However, cursed armor inflicts the curses status on the wearer! So you should think twice about using cursed armor! The one benefit is when you remove a piece of cursed armor, the cursed status disappears as well (if you carry one piece of cursed armor with you that all party members can equip, if anyone is inflicted with the cursed status during a battle, afterwards you can have them equip the cursed armor then change back to their previous armor, and the cursed status will be removed – though Gavin and Nicolas both have spells that give the same result).


Beside the General Store are a couple of eternally-young “lovebirds” who will bring back fond memories for Aveyond I fans.


Side Quest: Below the Inn is the recently-deceased Great Grandma Nora, and her beloved Haliburt, who does not recognize his now-old wife. Nora asks you to retrieve a love letter Haliburt wrote to her before he died. Return to Ryva and search through her room (or ask Great Aunt Tilda who is standing at Nora's graveside), then bring the letter back to Nora. Suddenly she is transformed to her youthful self, and you gain an additional Karma point as a reward (this, and the “change the beast back into a man” quest, are useful in case you forgot to donate at a statue somewhere, or, heaven forbid, stole from one).


Party Interaction: The house in the northwest of Casket Hill is the Human Parts Lab. If you have Ava and Gavin in your party, Gavin offers to give one of his eyes to Ava to replace her missing one. (Have you ever noticed how good a match it would be?)


Return to the world map, cross the bridges above Casket Hill, and proceed into Two Moons Plains.



Two Moons Plains


Follow the path down the stairs, and after just a few steps you reach a cave entrance. Inside, you find the Militant Squirrels, the former inhabitants of Eredar, and designers of the secret weapon. Speak to the Squirrel Commander in the middle of the hideout (why is it that squirrel encounters always begin with ten lashings?). Speak to him again and he asks you to convince the Lord of Souls to let him and his troops leave.


Return to Casket Hill and the Lord of Souls. He agrees to release the Squirrel Commander if you find him a lost memory of his mother. You may have learned already that lost memories can be found at the Cliffs of Remembrance, accessed via Two Moons Plains, so it's time to head back there and spend some more time exploring.


To reach the Cliffs of Remembrance, follow the path right through to the south. Pick up the “glowing” memory rose, and on your way back, if you haven't done so already, take a good look around Two Moons Plains – some of the best weapons can be found here in locked chests. In the northeast corner is Rembrald, selling evil oxen, and if you own Grimm's Farm you can buy one (an evil ox can restore Gavin's HP and MP).


Take the memory rose to the Lord of Souls and he gives you a soul orb in exchange. Give it to the Squirrel Commander and he agrees to come with you and help you on your quest. Return to The Mainland.










Party Interaction: At this point you can take the final steps to have Emma and Rye marry, and also marry Ava and Gavin, or finish Nicolas' transformation into a nice guy. (Marrying Ean and Iya needs to wait until after the final battle)





By now, you should have completed the following activities:


* the beggar and the cheese in Thais

* the present from Dredel, the witch in Bogwood

* return to the Fairtale Forest witch after saving Aisling, and use the green mirror


Now, return to Grimm's Farm, change the leader to Ava, and talk to Nicolas. The final result of Ava's “training” will now become apparent at the end of the game.



Ava and Gavin


By now, you should have completed the following activities:


* gone to Grimm's Farm, changed the leader to Ava, and talked to Gavin

* the present from Dredel, the witch in Bogwood

* the magic mushroom in Shivendale Woods

* spoken to Hilda in Happily Ever After, after completing the quest for the warthog

* the Human Parts Lab in Casket Hill


Now, return to Candar to the chapel, and Ava and Gavin will be married.



Emma and Rye


Emma and Rye can only marry if the egg you returned to Sabriyya provided a red salamander, and if you took it from her for the farm. If Emma has not yet completed the tournament in Seri, return and face any remaining opponents (there are five altogether). Now, follow the steps below:


If Emma WINS the tournament

* go and have a closer look at that cyclops dung you saw earlier in Graystone Pass

* wander through Shadow Woods towards the woodsman's cottage

* return to Bogwood and visit the woman making soup at the inn

* go to Grimm's Farm and follow the path towards the barn (something will happen as you pass the salamander's pen)

* go into Grimm's Cottage, change the leader to Emma, and talk to Rye


If Emma LOSES the tournament

* walk up behind the thug in the northeast corner of Seri (the one who was beating up Rasmen)

* follow the path through Seri Desert towards Graystone Pass

* go to Candar and talk to the little girl singing in the area below the donation box

* go to Grimm's Farm and follow the path towards the barn (something will happen as you pass the salamander's pen)

* go into Grimm's Cottage, change the leader to Rye, and talk to Emma


Now, return to Candar to the chapel, and Emma and Rye will be married.

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The Secret Weapon


Return now to Thais and to Uthar – find him in the battle room (the School of War and Magic through the door on the right). The weapon has been built and is ready for its pilot. Watch as the Squirrel Commander takes it and destroys the shield surrounding Shaenlir – perhaps this scene might shed some light on Eredar, the secret weapon, and the squirrels' current situation.


After the shield is destroyed, Uthar takes his troops and marches on the castle, leaving you behind in Thais. Iya now realizes she must go too, and face the Snow Queen – Ishtar, and receive her final blessing.



Facing the Snow Queen


Make sure you have plenty of restorative items (you will not be able to use the Inn or buy anything in Shaenlir), and leave again for Spire Mountain. This time instead of battling Ice Birds and Snow Frogs, you must make your way through Shaenlir soldiers. Once inside the city, look around for Thais soldiers who might need some assistance. If you try to go to the castle and a Thais soldier blocks the way, telling you to help the others, continue looking for battles still being waged, and join in. When all Shaenlir soldiers in the city are defeated, go through to the entrance of the castle.


Check your party's equipment and HP/MP levels – top up if necessary. Save your game in several slots – for two reasons. If the final battle is too much and you don't make it, you want a save to return to so you can level up some more. The second reason is immedately following the final battle, Ean will be given a choice to make, which leads to one of three (technically four) endings – you have no opportunity to save before making this choice, so if you wish to play all endings, this is the latest spot from which you can resume (and yes, you will have to go through the final battle again each time).


As a suggestion, for this battle I like to have Ean in either his Dragar (fire-norting) or Behemoth (plague-inflicting, multi-enemy) forms, with his Ice Claw equipped. Note the Ice Claw will HEAL the Snow Queen, so do not use Attack on her; but she is not the only enemy to defeat, and the Ice Claw works very well on the others. Iya, if she has the Phoenix Sphere and has learned Radiance Song and Siren Song, can simply use those throughout the battle, depending on whether she faces one enemy (Siren Song) or multiple enemies (Radiance Song). Other party members can do whatever they are able, and use restorative items to keep Ean's and Iya's HP/MP topped up.


Enter the castle through the front door, take a few steps forward, and watch the confrontation unfold between Iya and the Snow Queen. Immediately you go into battle. I will not discuss battle events here any further – if you haven't played through yet and haven't read anything on the forum, I do not wish to spoil the surprise.


After the final battle the Oracle appears and you learn all the nymphs, including Heptitus and Ishtar, are her daughters, and that she is the person people in most of the communities you visited refer to as “the goddess”. She tidies up Ishtar's handiwork, unfreezing all the nobles and royal guests, then takes her daughters back to Aveyond.







Final Goodbyes


With the final battle complete, the party gradually disbands.


Ava has business in Seri, and takes her leave.


If you have Gavin, he is next to depart. If he and Ava are married, he follows his wife to Seri. Otherwise he returns to Bogwood, eager to see how all the witches have faired without his handsome face to look at.


If you have Nicolas, he leaves next. If he is now a nice guy, he follows Ava, hoping she can continue to kick him into shape, as she did his brother, and gives a curteous, if still uncomfortable, farewell. Otherwise he once again expresses his contempt for commoners and leaves, advising not to bother visiting him again in Thais.


Emma is next to go, returning to Thais. If she and Rye are married, she encourages Rye to talk Ean into coming back as well, then she leaves.


Jack departs after Emma, with his usual “Later, fools!”


Finally only Ean, Iya and Rye remain. Now it is time to choose your desired ending.



Go with Iya


Rye departs, inviting Ean and Iya to visit if they ever return to Thais.


Leave Shaenlir. If you wish Ean and Iya to marry, return to Candar now. If you have completed the following tasks:


* bought a ring for Iya from Selena in Candar

* given Iya one of Renna's kittens in Candar

* given Iya a ribbon after taking a bolt of silk to Lenora in Candar

* found Calliope's Wand for Hilda in Bogwood

* bought a fairy love spell from Gwendolyn in Happily Ever After


you can now go to the church in Candar and have Ean and Iya marry in a simple ceremony.


If you wish to explore further and see what has become of your friends, do so, and then return to The Crossing at the southern end of the river. Iya sings to the Elder Oak, and a portal opens (she receives her final blessing of compassion while in Shaenlir). Walk through it and return to Oldwoods in The Vale, and make your way back to Elfwood.


Talk to Ean's father then Ean's and Iya's mothers. If Ean and Iya married in Candar, they can now have a more elaborate ceremony now that they are home.



Go with Rye


Iya leaves and makes her way back to The Vale. The Elder Oak at The Crossing will not open a portal for Ean, so he must now remain in the Land of Man.


Leave Shaenlir and explore around with Rye if you wish, before going to Thais Castle and speaking with King Teor (Uthar has remained behind in Shaenlir with Princess Ella, to stabilize the city now that there is no longer a ruler there).



Go alone


Rye escorts Iya out of the mountains before they go their separate ways, Iya back to The Vale, and Rye to Thais. Ean is now alone, and may explore to his heart's content.


For this choice, there is no ending to the game. Wander around the Land of Man, visit friends, see what has become of people.

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And so ends Aveyond II: Ean's Quest. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the game, and if it has left you with an emptiness that craves to be filled, here are some suggestions:


* go back to that saved game you made prior to the final battle, to see each of the different endings

* play the game again, choosing different party members

* play the game again on a different difficulty level, or using (or not using) the goodies

* if you haven't already played the prequel, download Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest, and embark on a new journey

* Ahriman's Prophecy is the game that started it all – you could try that as well (freeware, downloadable from the same location)

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