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All lights off!

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i turned off all my lights from like 7:30 when i went outt last night, and they're still off now at noon the next day :] the sun's out anyways, so i just opened my curtains, and it's bright with out turning on lights. it was really easy for me, because i didn't need the lights on while i was away from home, and once i got home i just brushed my teeth and went to bed, so i didn't really need light either (although it would have made things more convenient lol)


i think earth hour is a good idea. it helps to raise awareness about wasting energy, and the simple things people can do to help conserve it. it also does help the environment. it may not be the biggest difference, but even if it is only for an hour, it is still a period of time where people weren't using as much energy as they would have if earth hour had not happened.

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