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Restarted unexpectedly

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Okay, this is a computer related issue that I need help with. If you have no idea what RAM is, please ignore this topic (I'm not talking about grumpy billy goats)


I have a good news and a bad news regarding my dying desktop (Which I've been talking about for like... one and a half year ago)


Good New is:Turned out that my driver wasn't spoiled when I reinstalled a new one. I just rollback the driver and it works like normally. Also I found the cause of my screen flicker was from the evil dustbunnies that turned my monitor's inside into their very own haven. So that driver thing aside.


Bad New is:*cough topic title*

Okay, sometimes my desktop will restart suddenly without me touching the restart button (I don't have telekinesis either and why the heck I would restart for no reason?).

One time when it restarted it gave me a blue screen error which I stupidly mistaken it as the modem error so I restart manually without jotting down the code.

The next restart it gave me some sort of weird boot code that mentioned "FAILED"* several times with all those slashes and backslashes. The next next restart it gave me a repeated short beeps and stuck at the first boot page (that appears when I restart). The next thing was a blank screen and several click click sound from the CPU.

I left it rest for half an hour and it works normally again. Weird


*- It goes something like this







I consulted my friend about this and he said its the RAM problem (No, I don't have any Billy Goat problem!) and told me to get it repaired (I didn't know RAMs can be repaired).

I checked the error beep list in the internet, it says that the cause of repeated error beep was because of something loose or power box problem.


So, now what should I replace: the power box again or the RAM this time? Or is it a virus or a sort? But I just cleaned my desktop from any threats. ._.

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Look up some details on your computer and find out how to run a BIOS check (F2 when you turn it on?) If you can get that far, you'll be able to run diagnostics, and it will tell you what's wrong. Let it go through ALL its checks as far as it can, and it'll stop when something fails.


If it's just RAM, you'll be able to replace it (not repair it).


I've had two instances where computers have done similar to what you're describing. Once, it was my laptop, where the hard drive died. The other time was my PC, which ended up needing RAM replaced and an internal cable which was also replaced.

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So its the RAM after all. :o

Well, my friend told me RAMs can be risky to purchase when there's a lot of them that aren't compatible with some computers.

(Mine using the AMI motherboard).


Oh well, I think I'll try to preserve my CPU to last longer until I get a whole new one. My desktop still usable but the restart might happen anytime.

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I didn't say it WAS the RAM - I said to run a BIOS check and let it tell you. Or did you do that, and that was the result?


If your computer is really old you could probably pick up some RAM for it from another old computer. You just need to know what kind you're looking for, and make sure you get more of the same. Unfortunately my hubby is more familiar with that sort of thing than I am, so I can't even tell you how to find out what sort of RAM you have. Unless it's listed in your system specs. Perhaps Bryce's DXDIAG might give you that information...

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"Bryce's DXDIAG". *giggle* I got a good chuckle out of that phrase. :)


I've used dxdiag many hundreds of times over the years, anytime there is a possible problem with my computer, but even more for information. It gives detailed information about pretty much every system on your computer, and will even let you print out or save the report. I have often recommended people here and elsewhere use dxdiag to try to find system problems. It has many tests you can run, for sound, display, etc. It is helpful when you're seeking help for a problem, in that you can automatically eliminate quite a few possibilities. That helps the person helping you.


I'm almost positive any Windows system has dxdiag.exe, and if not, I believe installing DirectX should make it available. If one plays computer games, keeping updated with the latest version of DirectX is a very good thing. :)


I highly recommend everyone run it and all the tests it can do from time to time, just to keep on top of any problems that may have developed.


So, I agree with Bryce's recommendation to use DirectX, just not that it is 'his' ;)




Wait a minute! Bryce works for MicroSoft, so maybe he DID write the program years ago. If so, way to go, Bryce!!! It is an extremely helpful program. Thanks for it!!

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I have no idea how to use the BIOS although I did take a look at it. I think it was set to run the computer with minimum application since most of the functions are disabled by default. Well, in any case my comp still running fine for now except the flickering thing cause by clogged dust.



Yeah, I used that DirectX thing too but never update it though. There's one time I tried to install a better one but my computer couldn't handle it and resulting in a malfunctioning. I tried to have it updated too but it doesn't work because of this error code 10 thingy which require me to open the BIOS to enable something in order to proceed but couldn't find that option. In the end I have to rollback to the old one lol.

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