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Whisper of a Rose

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Whisper of a Rose released!


Download it now at RosePortalGames.com!

You can play the first hour FREE. I hope you enjoy it!







by RosePortal Games



This is my game. It's been in progress for over a year. I have personally done almost all graphics, and three musicians have written most of the 50 OST tracks.


LQ YouTube w/o sound; of some gameplay (item farming). (Very old vid.)




Follow the story of Melrose -- an introverted girl who seems to be only unlucky with life. Seeking happiness, she one day steals a gadget that draws her into a happy dreamworld.


But once she is there, the dreamworld is revealed to be a dangerous place instead. A mysterious fairy godmother appears and offers to help Melrose leave. Suddenly the fairy is kidnapped, and Melrose must set out on a journey to find her. This journey takes her from underwater cities and Aztec temples to the moon and even pirate coves.


Whisper of a Rose is a unique and moving game. It features a strong cast of characters that will stay with you for years, and many puzzles and quests.





Release date: April 2009!


Original Soundtrack!

Download some tracks from the OST!

Seize The Day (game's theme song)

an army of One (tune for common battles)

Dreams (dreamworld song; by Koda Kami)









An introvert teenaged girl, thrown into the role of a swordsman.

Having been raised by two incompetent parents, she's grown used to being on her own. She doesn't allow anyone to get close to her, but she isn't afraid to push someone back either. She has a love for defenseless creatures, as she subconsciously feels attached to them.




The loving witch daughter of an evil wizard.

When growing up, her parents tried to force her into becoming a vicious witch. She struggled over the years to resist them. Then one day, her father killed her mother. When she found out, she took her mother's pendant and ran away.

But then why is she so eager to join Melrose's journey that takes them to the Mighty Wizard, her father?




A courageous ladybug with the task to save his entire village.

He has always been the weakest ladybug of the village. His time magic was never up to par with that of the others. He had no friends, and was unimportant. So he dreamed every day of an adventure that would allow him to prove himself. To prove himself to be important, and not dispensable.

Then one day his village was attacked by trolls, that captured all ladybugs. Diamond managed to escape, and decided that this would be his chance to prove himself once and for all




An arrogant ex-prostitute and agent seeking revenge on her previous boss.

Her mother had died when she was young, and her father had no job. Over the years, however, she taught herself seductive skills and she got into a university to study criminal rights. After graduating, she started a new life as a secret agent for the government. She was assigned to investigate suspicions regarding the iDream development. However, because an unknown cause, she fell into a coma while at CareTech. And she has been a coma until this day.






Hellena's evil mother.

Being murdered by her husband did not take away her power. The evil witch Lisetrix still roams the lands of the dreamworld, and seeks revenge.



Bubble & Mr. Purr

A mysterious girl and her cat, making opposing Melrose's goals a fun game.

Bubble is the incarnation of envy and loneliness that are within little girls. She is jealous of Melrose's powers and of Melrose making friends with Hellena and Diamond, whilst Melrose is a very unpleasant girl. Bubble feels that she deserves friendship more than Melrose, and so she hinders Melrose's journey as much as possible.














(Please excuse the graphical error in the above screenshot of flying market city Kairo. It's been fixed.)











Simple and fun!

The classic RPG elements are present in this game. However, all the superfluous elements around it have been removed so that the game is fun for everyone -- RPG fans and newbies alike! STR, DEX, VIT, INT, etc.: no more those complicated abbreviations and statistics.



Battles are side-view. The character's don't take the same order in turns all the time. It's more dependent on the speed of each character, whether he or she gets a turn now or later.



Each character has two to three category of skills, varying between 6-9 skills. Each skill is unique and has its own purpose. You can upgrade a skill's power and properties.



Melrose, the main character, is able to summon allies to aid the party in battle. Once summoned, the allies will enter the battlefield and cast magic and use attacks on his or her own. Each Summoning has a unique set of skills and all are fantastical creatures. These include: unicorns, Humpty Dumpty, baby dragons and more!





99% original graphics.

50 unique and beautiful music tracks.

30+ hours of gameplay.

Mouse control.

Summon dream creatures!

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I love this game!

I saw it on RMXP.org a couple of times,I think it's the same one.

I'm really looking forward to this game!

(I hope you'll need beta testers soon!) C:

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Thank you so much for your very kind replies! ^^ It's great to hear that you like my game.


PerryFan, this was indeed made with RMXP. It's good to hear you got them confused, 'cause that means it looks different from the other XP games. :)


@Melody: Actually, the game will be released on Amaranthia real soon! ^^;

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@Aislin: The cursors came from the programmer of the mouse system, who also programmed for Aveyond 2. :)


@Stardale: All the materials came from me~ ^^ (With some small exceptions like a couple of monsters, etc. But it's 99% Whisper of a Rose unique.) I'll make a full credits list in a bit. Gotta get everyone's full real name first.

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@whoooopdeeeedoooo: Thank you!


@mila: Well today I heard from a friend of mine that apparently three years ago I was doing sketches of a character that she still remembers, so, three years I guess! But the last 6 months I've completed most of the graphics: the actual conversion from sketches and designs into game content and sprites.

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