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***Updated September 1, 2017 with working links***

- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (compiled by tiniponi - several contributors)

- WALKTHROUGH – version 2 - Complete Text Guide – includes all quests, sidequests, party interactions, etc (shaz, whisperingmist, tiniponi)(read on forums)

- Checklist (PDF) for Aveyond: Ean's Quest (SubData)
- Quest Hints and Spoilers (shaz)
- Battle Strategies (various members)
- Party Interactions & Marriage (shaz)
- Shop Guide - version 2 (shaz)
- Magic Express (Locations, Destinations and Prices) – versions 1 & 2 (shaz)
- Equipment Guide (LadyMeowlet, whisperingmist, shaz)
- Chest contents – version 2 (shaz) - correlates with map numbers
- Monster Guide – version 2 – (shaz)
- Guide to Skills, Spells, and Magic Items – (shaz)
- Extra Effects of Transfigurines - (Kronos)

HINTS & TIPS - w/ screenshots if needed
- Navigating the Mirror Mansion Maze Inside (Jolien)
- Routes through Graystone Caves (tiniponi)
- Routes through Graystone Pass (tiniponi)

Link to download of all maps files in one ZIP file --- HERE~ Thanks Krazykat
- WORLD MAP – version 2 (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Beast Lair (amaranth, tiniponi)

- Bogwood (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Brightwood Forest (amaranth, tiniponi)

- Brimstone Underpass (amaranth, tiniponi)

- Brimstone Village (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Candar (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Casket Hill (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Cliffs of Remembrance (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Crossing (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Cursed Woods (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Dead Man's Canyon
- Dogwort Plains (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Elfwood Map (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Eredar (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Fairytale Forest (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Goodie Caves (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Graystone Caves (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Graystone Pass (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Green Weed Plains (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Grimm's Farm (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Happily Ever After (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Hive (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Ice Cavern (amaranth & tiniponi)
- Land of the Dead (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Littlerock Plains (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Mini-Dwarf Lair (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Mirror Mansion - outside (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Mirror Mansion - quick route (amaranth, Jolien)
- Mists (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Mount Siren (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Old Ways (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Oldwoods (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Pirates Cave (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Ravenwood (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Ryva (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Seri (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Seri Desert (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Shadow Woods (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Shaenlir (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Shaenlir Sewer (created by amaranth, captured by shaz, marked by tiniponi)
- Shivendale Woods (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Spire Mountains (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Squirrel Hideout (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Stardale Glen (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Thais (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Toadstump Marsh (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Two Moons Plains (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Underworld Entrance (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Vale (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Verashema (amaranth, tiniponi)
- White Pass (amaranth, tiniponi)
- Woodlands (amaranth, tiniponi)
- WORLD MAP – version 2 (amaranth, tiniponi) (same as one at top of list)
- Wyvern Pass (amaranth, tiniponi)

Although we highly recommend you play the game through at least once without Goodies to get the full experience of the game, we will give you the locations here. Now that Amanda has released the locations, we can publish them. The caves are on the following maps, and are conspicuously marked.
WEAPONSSpire Mountains – cliff face where you first enter from the World Map (Mainland).
Woodlands, in southeast corner (as far southeast as you can go).
Green Weed Plains – southeast corner, north of the chest with bears guarding it.
GOLDSeri Desert, in Cliffside southwest of Pirates Cave and north of anchor chest
(LOL … since the weapons cave moved to Spire Mountains, all the regular goodie caves are in the southeast part of their maps.)
HIDDEN MERCHANT: There is also a merchant in a hidden cave, on the snowy island northwest of the Mainland. He sells fairly high-level items & spells.
- Goodie Caves map & where to find them

* - items with asterisks before url have not been found and moved to this site yet. If found and re-posted here, I will add the correct links.

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Please do not post questions in this topic. If your question has not been answered in another thread, create a new one for it.

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MAP LINKS ONLY have now been fixed for this new site. 


If you see any problems with the maps, please post it in this topic.


Please do NOT ask game questions in this topic ... ONLY post problems with broken links or maps showing incorrectly.


I will try to find links for the guides after I finish fixing all the Aveyond Games map links.   If you know the correct links for any of them, please [post the link in this topic, and I will fix it in the list.  Thanks.

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I'm not sure if this is the right one, since I clicked on it from this site, but the URL bar had a URL in it (as it does occasionally :P) that may be of assistance.


That's to the Party Interactions guide, I believe.

Thanks.  There is a problem connecting to the database right now, so, although I found the correct URL for the guide, I can't fix the link.  I'll try again later.


BTW, the URL you were/are seeing is just the URL for the forums home page.  It is what one sees if the current URL is still linked to the former site.

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My goodie 'Zip" file for Multi shield" 002map bit disappeared. And am in need of down loading another Shield Goodie Zip file.  Where might I find this?  It's been ages since I've visited the sites and nothing is where it used to be! 

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